We believe the potential worldwide harvest of souls is so big that we need thousands of evangelists who are working together in the harvest fields.

Our goal is to recognize the evangelistic calling upon individuals and through a structured mentorship program cut months, years, and even decades off the learning curve of becoming a master evangelist. Each level of evangelist will be responsible for mentoring and training other evangelists.

Where are you in your evangelism ministry?

1. Beginning Evangelist
- Has a heart and calling for evangelism.
- Has participated in one-on-one evangelism.
- A believer who wants to be used by God and desires to learn more about evangelism.

2. Apprentice Evangelist
- Has a written testimony.
- Can clearly present the Gospel.
- Has been on one or more mission trips in a serving capacity.
- May be a Bible school student who is seeking mentoring, training, and evangelistic opportunities.

3. Intermediate Evangelist
- Has co-sponsored at least one Gospel festival.
- Demonstrates a proficiency at communicating the Gospel in a variety of settings.
- Has begun to develop a network of ministry partners.
- May be an ordained missionary, pastor, or minister with a strong evangelist gift.
- Has five or more years of ministry experience.

4. Expert (Seasoned) Evangelist
- Ordained evangelists who hold the Office of the Evangelist according to Ephesians 4:11.
- Has fifteen or more years of experience and is recognized in the Body of Christ as an evangelist.
- Has conducted 25 or more Gospel Festivals 
- Has a proven record of ministry fruit.
- Demonstrates maturity and commitment to ministry.
- Has demonstrated the ability to raise funds.

5. Master Evangelist
- Mentors and disciples other evangelists.
- Has demonstrated consistent ethical and moral behavior.
- Proven record of fund raising.
- Done national level events or a series of events that have impacted a nation.


We have a network of master evangelists and crusade directors who have been appointed as coordinators in each target nation or region. The national coordinator has oversight of a particular region.




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