Video Resources

What is an Evangelist?

How to Publish Your Book World-Wide for Free

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Ministry

How to Train Counselors for Gospel Festivals

Creative Evangelism Ideas


Interviews with Evangelists

Evangelism in the Local Church - Pastor Chas Stevenson

Evangelism on the University Campus - Bryan Citrin

Evangelism in Indian Villages - Benny Moses

Soul Winning Books

1. The Call of the Soul Winner - Daniel King

2. Soul Winning: Inspiration for Winning the Lost - Daniel King

3. You Can Become a Master Soul Winner - Daniel King


Evangelism Training Resources from Members of the Soul Winner's Alliance

The Office of the Evangelist - Michael Lusk

Impact: Rescuing the Lost with the Gospel - Per Hyldgaard

The Young Evangelists Handbook - Mike Smalley


Ministry ToolBox Books

1. How to Write a Book

2. How to Book Speaking Engagements at Churches

3. How to Raise Money for Your Ministry

4. How to Grow Your Church

5. How to Minister to Children

6. How to Start a Clown Ministry


Healing, the Sign of the Evangelist

Healing Power - Daniel King

Healing the Sick - T.L. Osborn


Inspirational Reading

T.L. Osborn's books on Soul Winning and Healing are must-reads for the Master Evangelist. Mike Francen has conducted evangelistic crusades around the world. Billy Graham has given his life for evangelism. Reinhard Bonnke has led over 50 million people to Christ on the continent of Africa. Luis Palau is one of the greatest evangelists from Latin America. Their stories will build your faith for evangelism.

Soul Winning: A Classic on Biblical Christianity - T.L. Osborn

I Dare to Believe - Mike Francen

Living a Life of Fire: An Autobiography - Reinhard Bonnke

Just as I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham - Billy Graham

The Impact of Luis Palau on Global Evangelism - Hongnak Koo

A Passion for Souls: The Life of D. L. Moody - Lyle W. Dorsett


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