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The Story of Abraham in Costa Rica

One humid evening in Costa Rica I preached on The Prodigal Son. I announced from the platform, “Even if you are one thousand steps away from God, it is only one step back.” When I gave the altar call I asked everyone who was living away from God to come home to the Father’s house.

One man ran to the front and fell to his knees weeping. As I knelt down beside him, I smelled alcohol. He was half drunk. He told me his name was Abraham. As we prayed together, he gloriously repented and cried out to Jesus for forgiveness.

A local church member told me later, “Everyone in the city knows Abraham. Many years ago, he used to pastor a church here, but then he fell away from God. Nowadays he is known as a public nuisance because he is always drunk.” News spread and the whole city was astonished to see him return to his heavenly Father. 

After the service, Abraham told me God had also healed him. He said, “Three years ago, I was in an accident and my shoulder was injured.  I started to drink alcohol to dull the pain, but now the pain is gone. Jesus has healed me.” I prayed with him and told him that God wants to restore him completely.


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