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The Story of Ronmel in Honduras

“In Honduras, thousands of people prayed with us for salvation. One story that stands out in my mind is my taxi driver Ronmel. One day someone was supposed to give me a ride but never showed up. I flagged down a taxi in front of my hotel. As Ronmel and I rode around, we listened to the radio. Suddenly, an advertisement for our crusade started playing. I asked the taxi driver if he was going to attend. He said he was not a Christian but that his mother was praying for him.

I offered to pray for him. He asked, ‘Are you a pastor?’ I told him I was with the team that was doing the outdoor event that night. He started to break down and tell me about the problems he was having in his life. His wife had recently left him and he was facing health issues. Right there in his taxi, he started to cry. I prayed for him and then led him to the Lord. I gave him my book for new believers. Thousands of people got saved last week, but my taxi driver will be the one face that I will remember.”


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