"Daniel King is a young man on fire for God...[He] is doing the ministry of healing. He is full of Jesus and passionate to share God's love everywhere."

-Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty - Victory Christian Center  - Tulsa, OK


"I have seen Daniel King in action...Whether standing on a large platform, preaching to a vast multitude, or reaching out to one person, Daniel cares for people and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the gospel to those who need it the most...Recently Daniel and I spent some time together in Congo. He shared how at the age of fifteen, he read a book where the author encouraged young people to set a goal to earn $1,000,000 before the age of thirty. Daniel re-interpreted the message and determined to win 1,000,000, people to Christ before the age of thirty...and he is well on his way."

-Dr. Peter Youngren - Toronto Celebration Church - Canada

"I am greatly impressed with your team. It is certainly unique. God is using you to reach so many tens of thousands of people."

- Dr. T.L. Osborn - International Statesman and Evangelist

"The keen spiritual sensitivity of Daniel King has made him an extraordinary instrument in the hands of God. His obsession to heal the broken has opened more doors than he will ever be able to fill."

- Dr. Mike Murdock - The Wisdom Center - Fort Worth, TX


Daniel King represents a new generation of missionary evangelists...he brings a tremendous spiritual heritage to his ministry, where integrity and faithfulness are the norm.

- Pastor Billy and Marianne Allen - Christ for the Nations Church - Dallas, TX


[Daniel King's book] "The Power of the Seed" is a valuable tool in being able to transform your life. As I read it, I was impressed with the understanding Daniel has on this subject."

- Dr. Robb Thompson - Family Harvest Church - Tinley Park, IL

To Whom it may concern:

This letter is my recommendation of Daniel King’s ministry. I have known Daniel King for many years, and I have seen a real evangelistic call on his life that is very rare. Very seldom do you come across someone as committed to the gospel as Daniel. He is not only anointed but wise beyond his years. I would highly recommend him ministering at any event that glorifies Christ.


Pastor Tom Brown - Word of Life Church - El Paso, TX


"The Power of the Seed" by Daniel King...is an interesting read as well as being a great textbook on the Seed..."

- Dr. John Avanzini


"Daniel...I'm very proud of your whole team. Keep up the good work."
- President Richard Roberts - Oral Roberts University - Tulsa, OK

Evangelist Daniel King

I wanted to be sure to briefly follow up with you to let you know how much our entire congregation enjoyed your ministry here at Abundant Faith World Ministries.

You were sensitive to the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit as you shared in Word and song, and related to the people in a way they could understand easily. I believe you gave them realistic ways they could appropriate the Word of God for specific areas of their lives to begin to see the answers they have been seeking.

While I am careful of who stands behind the pulpit to minister, rest assured that I felt very comfortable as you broke the Bread of Life to the people, and look forward to your return soon to minister as God leads. If you are in need of any kind of recommendation or endorsement of your ministry, please do not hesitate to contact me, or have any pastors contact me directly. I assure you of my highest recommendation.

Again, thank you for blessing this congregation with your ministry.

In Christ,

- Dr. Larry Smith, Bishop and Founder - Abundant Faith World Ministries - Nashville, TN

Thank you for your time and devotion to ministering to our congregation recently at Victory Christian Center of Southern Illinois. As always we are so blessed to have you fellowship with us...Thank you for dedicating your life to serving Christ with us.

- Pastor Doug Cherry - Victory Christian Center of Southern Illinois

I would like to recommend a young man, Daniel King, as a guest speaker. He was raised on the mission field and has won thousands of souls to Christ in crusade over a large portion of the world. He is in the process of breaking into the traveling ministry here in the States. He has ministered in our church and did a great job. He has a handle on the healing ministry with great results in foreign lands. I believe this is an opportunity to be instrumental in launching a new ministry that I believe is a world changer.

- Dr. James A. Jones - Regional Director - International Convention of Faith Ministers (ICFM)

" Daniel was a complete blessing to our church family. His teaching on Obed-Edom is the best I have ever heard. The response from our people was awesome. Without a doubt Daniel will bless Pastors and Churches across America."
- Pastor Dominic Russo, Oakland Christian Church, Oakland Township, MI

Daniel King has not only clearly presented healing truths [in his book “Healing Power”], but he has demonstrated them in his own life and ministry.

- Dr. Mike Francen - Francen World Outreach -Tulsa, OK

Daniel King’s teaching was very simple but profound so everyone could understand it and act upon it. He preached the word of faith with great boldness. We were very pleased with his ministry. The people really received from it and you are welcome back anytime.

- Pastor Chuck Kennedy - Florida

Daniel, Thank you so much for coming and ministering at our Camp Meeting. We really enjoyed our time with you!
- Jesus Our Jubilee in Salem, OR

"Daniel King just recently ministered for me while my family and I were gone on vacation. He did an outstanding job encouraging our people to get involved with his message on Obed-Edom. Our people were stirred to do something. He ministered on healing in the evening service and lives were touched. Daniel's humility and heart to help pastors and local churches grow is the reason I would encourage any pastor to consider having Daniel minister in their church.
- Pastor Bracken Christian - Family Harvest, Lubbock, Texas

Brother Daniel,

Just a line to let you know how very much all of our people at Liberty Church were blessed while you were with us. You are an amazing young ambassador for Christ. The stability and sensitivity you demonstrate when you preach, teach and minister to people are phenomenal, especially for your young age. You remind me of Timothy but quickly developing into a Paul. I truly miss you not being with us now, as I am sure others do as well. I know that wherever you go you are a blessing.

Thank you so much for your notes, I have read them once and have received even more revelation and I know I will read them many more times.

I do so want our church to grow and am continually praying and asking our Father what the hindrances are, which keep us from moving forward in His plan for us. I was somewhat disappointed that more did not attend the services while you were here, but I have to remain in faith and believe that all were there that were supposed to be and if anyone was disobedient it is between them and God.

Please stay in touch with us. We all became so bonded in spirit and love with you, it is hard to let you go.

In Christ we all send our love and prayers for you and your ministry.

-Pastor Carole Lowe and your Liberty Church Family - Perkins, OK


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