The Secret of Obed-Edom Audio CD

Each person who hears this powerful message will learn:
How to activate God's blessing in every area of life and ministry.
What it means to be addicted to God's presence.
The link between God's presence and the power to live a holy life.
Seven stages of spiritual promotion.
How servanthood prepares for leadership.
The #1 secret to having a family that serves the Lord.
How to release unprecedented wealth into your life.

You will learn the explosive growth principles that allowed me to go from ministering to crowds of 50 people to crowds of 50,000 people in under three years.

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7 Reasons to be a Soul-Winner Audio CD


Do you long to see hell empty, heaven full? On this CD you will: be inspired to tell people about Jesus, learn how to be an effective soul winner, discover how to lead your relatives to Christ, and find your role in world evangelism.

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Think Outside the Box Audio

God is not inside the box...In Old Testament times, God was angry at those who broke the law. But Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law. God is not angry anymore. God is not judging America. God is not judging you. His mercy triumphs over his judgment. We must learn to reject Old Testament concepts...we must learn to think outside the box!

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Crowns Audio CD

The Bible mentions five crowns which will be given as special prizes in heaven! Will you receive a crown? Listen to this CD to find out...

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Ignite Audio CD

Do you want to be on FIRE for God? On this powerful CD you will learn:
* How to CATCH the fire of God
* How to KEEP the fire of God
* How to SPREAD the fire of God

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You Can be Healed Audio CD

In this powerful sermon Daniel King reveals how you can be healed by God. These truths have healed thousands of people around the world...the blind see...the deaf hear...the lame walk...and you can be healed too!

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