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Muslim Camera Man Gets Baptized in Sierra Leone

At our evangelistic outreach in Pendembu, Sierra Leone, we ministered to over 5,000 people. A total of 1,740 people made commitments to follow Christ.

One testimony of a life changed forever is the story of a Muslim cameraman.

His name is Abdul B. Kamra but he is often called by his nickname, Dulkish.

Dulkish is from the Mandingo tribe (also known as the Mandinka people), a tribe that is 99% Muslim. He was born into a Muslim family. His mother grew up in the north of Sierra Leone, but Dulkish grew up in Freetown. He has been Muslim his entire life because culturally everyone from his tribe is Muslim. He is 30 years old, married, and in his house are eight people that he is responsible for.

Dulkish works for a TV station in Freetown and since we needed to capture pictures and video of the crusade we hired him to come to our outreach to take pictures.

Each day our team did five or six services at schools, churches, and in villages. At every service, our team shared the story about how Jesus died for our sins and provided for our salvation. We preached that Jesus, the Son of God, is alive today.

In each service, Dulkish was there taking pictures and listening.

At one service, I preached on healing and prayed for the sick. Dulkish was suffering from a bad back. He explained, “I edit lots of videos for the TV station and because I sit in a chair for so many hours, my back has been hurting.” As I prayed for the sick, Dulkish was healed!

Because so many villagers were saved at our meetings, we decided to have a baptism service on the last day of our ministry. We invited all the villagers down to the river to be baptized.

The night before the baptism service, Dulkish came to one of our team members and said, “I want to be baptized.”

“Why do you want to be baptized?” we asked.

“I have decided to become a Christian,” he explained.

We carefully explained the meaning of water baptism to him and asked him to consider the cost of becoming a believer in Jesus. He prayed with us for salvation and indicated that he wanted to follow Christ.

We baptized him. As he came up out of the water he had a huge smile on his face.

Afterwards, we sent a pastor to his house in Freetown to talk to his entire family about Jesus.

He came to our outreach to record video, but now his name is recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

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