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Humanitarian Relief

Join Us to Feed the Hungry

Around the world, people live in abject poverty. Children starve. Masses die from a lack of medicine. Freshwater is unavailable. Food is scarce. Orphans struggle for existence. We cannot preach the Gospel without demonstrating the love of Jesus in practical ways. We have found that people cannot hear the Gospel if their bellies are empty.

Can you help us bring practical relief to the poorest nations of the world?

In addition to preaching, we provide food for hungry bellies and love for empty hearts.

  • Tons of food have been given away in Africa and in Central and South America.
  • Over 100,000 Christmas presents have been shared, free of charge, with the poorest of the poor in Juarez, Mexico.
  • We dig water wells as part of our “Living Water” campaigns.

Your giving makes it possible to genuinely touch lives.