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Sarah Nyanzi | Can God Save the United Kingdom?

What Do Muslims Think About Jesus?

Escape from Afghanistan

Vision for a New Year

What is an Evangelist?

Roland Bartl | Spreading the Love of God

Jako & Karin Hugo | Visiting Schools Across Africa

Lloyd & Marie Tsuruda | Reaching Children Around the World

Deepak Holkar | Evangelist With a Heart for India

Bernard Sachie | African Enterprise in Ghana

Francis Mkandawire | General Secretary of the Evangelical Association of Malawi

Action Sports Outreach | Attracting the Lost with Bike Tricks

Wesley Paul | Connecting People to Jesus

Andrew Palau | Continuing the Palau Legacy

Mark Young | African American with a Heart for Africa

Holy Keane Ammoti | Reaching Street Kids in Kampala, Uganda

Bryce Kwant | Ministry in South Africa and Zambia

Marc Randall | Silicon Valley Guru Becomes Evangelist

Bob Lenz | The Dignity Revolution in America’s Schools

Reid Saunders | Making Your Life Count for Christ

Werner Nachtigal | Global Outreach Day

Stephen Mutua | Reinhard Bonnke’s Crusade Director

Apologetics in Evangelism | Daniel King

Helping Ministers Prepare for Retirement | Ryan Lawrence

Russell Abbot | From New Zealand to Africa with Love

Alejandro Arias | Boy Preacher from Costa Rica Used by God

Emanuel Rusu | Russian Church Wants to Reach English Speakers

Fernando Fleming | Apostolic Leader in the Dominican Republic

Josh & Esme Haver | Faithful Youth Pastor Becomes Missionary

David & Donna Blanchard | One Million Bibles for One Million Souls