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Apologetics in Evangelism | Daniel King

Helping Ministers Prepare for Retirement | Ryan Lawrence

Russell Abbot | From New Zealand to Africa with Love

Alejandro Arias | Boy Preacher from Costa Rica Used by God

Emanuel Rusu | Russian Church Wants to Reach English Speakers

Fernando Fleming | Apostolic Leader in the Dominican Republic

Josh & Esme Haver | Faithful Youth Pastor Becomes Missionary

David & Donna Blanchard | One Million Bibles for One Million Souls

Duane & Sue Kershner | Roca Blanca Mission Base

Joshua Freeman | Embark on an Adventure with God

Garth Peterson | Reaching a Changing World with an Unchanging Message

Philip Renner | Worship Evangelism

Ticha Willibroad | A Voice Worth Hearing

Report from Iringa Tanzania Crusade | Jay Smith & Rachel Smith

Daniel Smenes | Jesus to All Nations

Gary Smith | Know Your Identity

Roselyn Ayeola | Can God Use Women Evangelists?

Winfried Wentland | Risking Your Life For the Gospel

Robbie Leaf | Death Creates an Urgency to Evangelize

Christina Perera | A Passion for Revealing Jesus

Richard Hislop | Harvest the Nations for Jesus

Paul Lodato | Evangelism Through Christian Television

Michael Job | He Carries Jesus to the Nations

Waldy Bershe | On-Fire Evangelist from Germany

Jack Myers – Revivalist, Evangelist, & Pastor Who Loves Evangelism

Finu Iype | A Passion to Reach the Lost

Will Jones | Report on Sierra Leone Mission Trip

Mark Sesay | Missions Director for the Assemblies of God in Sierra Leone

Allison Kliewer | How to use Administration to Build a Ministry

Mike Shreve | How to Reach People in the New Age Movement