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“Jesse” Leon Rodgers | Who Is Guarding the Gates of Our Society?

Rob Welch | Training Trainers For His Glory

Dave Jones | How to Develop a Strategic Plan for Your Ministry

Dave Jones | How to Build a Great Board for Your Ministry

Is Mass Evangelism Effective? | Caicó, Brazil Crusade Report

Rubens Cunha | What is God Doing in Brazil?

Alan Greene | LifeLight Music Festival Uses Music to Reach People for Jesus

Michael Ross | Can God Use a Bi-Vocational Evangelist?

Michael Duseau | What can an Evangelist Learn from Clinical Psychology?

Tim Sutton | Can God Save the Bikers at Sturgis?

Desmond Henry | The Global Network of Evangelists

Ben Jack | How to Advance the Gospel with Advance Groups

Kevin & Leslie McNulty | Are the Days of Tent Evangelism Back?

Justin Bell | 7 Things Evangelism is NOT

Michael D. Butler | How to Launch and Market a Book

Michael D. Butler | How to Publish a Book

Michael D. Butler | How to Write a Book

Charles F. Parham | The Topeka Outpouring of 1901 – Pentecostal Origin Story

William J. Seymour | Azusa Street Revival Spreads Pentecost Around the World

Larry Martin | Pentecostal Historian and World Evangelist

Eric Smith | How to Build a Massive Ministry Platform

Wes Carter | How to Start a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

Bryan Citrin | Merging Marketing and Ministry Using the Power of Leadflows

Bryan Citrin | From UCLA to Haiti to Vietnam

Jason Woolford | Sending Books and Bibles to the World

Brad Stine | How to Host a Fundraising Banquet for Your Ministry

Brad Stine | How to Develop a Masterplan for Your Ministry

Pat Kendall | Evangelism Explosion in the Local Church

Brad Mayer | Canadian Evangelist on Fire for Jesus

Working in a Restricted Access Country