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Books for New Believers

At each of our Gospel Festivals, we print and distribute thousands of pieces of literature to new believers. This is an important part of following up on the new believers. Daniel’s book “Welcome to the Kingdom” teaches the new believer the basics they need to know in order to live a successful Christian life. In the back of the book is a tear-off decision card that helps the local churches to follow up on the new believers. We have given away over 600,000 copies of this book in many different languages.

Some of the topics the book covers include:

  • God Loves You
  • Sin Separates Us from God
  • Jesus Died for Your Sins
  • You Can be Saved
  • You Can be Healed
  • You Can be Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • You Can Enjoy Abundant Life
  • You Can have faith in God

Why is it so important to invest in books?

1. Books help new believers grow spiritually. One of the challenges of every evangelist is to turn converts into disciples. How can a new believer grow from saying a salvation prayer into a strong follower of Jesus? One key to solving this problem is putting a book in the new believer’s hands.

2. Books continue to preach the Gospel long after we have returned home. Books can go farther than I can go, stay longer then I can stay, and impact lives I can never reach. By giving away books, I am imitating God. Our heavenly Father sent his Son (Jesus) for a season, but He left His book (the Bible) forever.

3. Books are often passed from hand to hand and read by many different family members and neighbors. After one of our Gospel festivals, we did a survey and discovered an amazing fact. Each book that we gave away was read by an average of ten people.

Can you give a financial gift today to help us print books for our next Gospel Festival?

For your gift of $30, we can print 100 books. For a gift of $300, we can print 1,000 books. For a gift of $3,000, you can be responsible for disciplining 10,000 new believers.

Give Books to New Believers NOW


The Power of the Written Word

T. L. Osborn writes in his book, Soul Winning Out Where the Sinners Are:

  • The written Word knows no fear and flinches in the face of no man.
  • It preaches the same message to the rich and to the poor, to the king and to the commoner.
  • It never loses its temper and never retaliates in anger. It takes no note of scoffs, jeers, or insults.
  • It never tires, but works 24 hours a day, even while we sleep. It is never discouraged but will tell its story over and over again. It will speak to one as willing to a multitude, to a multitude as readily as to one.
  • It always catches a person in just the right mood to be receptive, for it only speaks as he chooses to listen. It can be received, read, and studied in secret. It gets undivided attention in the quiet hours. It speaks without a foreign accent.
  • The written Word is more permanent than the human voice. It never compromises and never changes its message. It continues to speak and make its message plain, long after audible words have been forgotten and their sound has faded.”