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Soul Winner’s Alliance

The Soul Winner’s Alliance
is a network of evangelists.

Dedicated to Promoting Evangelists
and to Serving Their Needs

It is harvest time all over the world. There are millions of people who are ready to enter the kingdom of God if someone will go and preach the Gospel to them. This harvest of souls is so big that no preacher can bring it in by working alone.

That’s why I am committed to training up a new generation of evangelists. We need more preachers who are dedicated to preaching the Gospel.

Several years ago, our ministry started the Soul Winner’s Alliance. This is a worldwide organization dedicated to the encouragement, equipping and networking of evangelists.

It all began when a few of my friends wanted to meet Dr. T.L. Osborn, the great missionary evangelist. It took me several years to develop a friendship with Dr. Osborn and I knew other evangelists would benefit from meeting him. We set up a meeting in our living room with Dr. Osborn and we invited a few fellow evangelists to come and spend time with him. Over thirty evangelists flew into Tulsa from all over the world. For several hours, we asked the grandfather of mass healing crusade evangelism questions. Afterwards, all the evangelists spent time together and fellowshipped.

During this time of fellowship I realized that evangelists need encouragement and training. Sometimes evangelism can be lonely. Evangelists travel on airplanes all the time, they preach to thousands of people, and when they get home, they are exhausted. Often people at home who are consumed with must-see-TV and soccer practice do not understand the alluring call of the lost. Evangelists need a place to get together and to talk about what God is doing on the foreign mission field.