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The “Living Water” Church Building Project

Can you help us build a church in an unreached village?
In the middle of a village near our Gospel Festival, we purchase a plot of land. On that land, we build a beautiful church building. In front of the church, we dig a water well.

The villagers often do not have running water; they are forced to trudge a long distance to the closest river, carrying their water buckets. By digging a well in front of the church, we will be a huge blessing to the local community.

Our prayer is that as the villagers come daily to get clean, fresh water, many of them will receive the living water that only comes from Jesus.

Jesus said, “Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst” (John 4:14).

In addition to building the church building, we send a graduate of a local Bible school to the village to serve as a pastor. Part of the cost of building the church goes towards paying the pastor’s salary for the first year of his ministry.

The cost of doing a “Living Water” Church Building Project is different in each nation, but generally we can build the church, dig a well, and support a local pastor for $12,000.

If you sponsor a church, we will put a plaque with your name on the front of the church.

Would you give a gift today to help us build a church?