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Proof God is Real

Is there Evidence for God’s Existence

Is there proof God is real? Is there evidence of God’s existence? How do we really know Jesus was raised from the dead? Can we trust the Bible? Do miracle happen? How can a person prove God is really there? Does God care about me as an individual?

Your questions about God, answered! In this powerful, easy to read book, Daniel answers the most important questions you will ever ask:

Is God THERE? Atheists say there is no God. Evolution claims we are here by chance. People wonder if God is real. In this book, Daniel provides seven convincing proofs of God’s existence. You will learn about the evidence of cause, design, logic, morality, Scripture, miracles, and religious experience.

Does God CARE? If God does exist, is He interested in your life? Are miracles possible? Is God up there in the sky ignoring you or does He have a plan for your life? If God is there, why do bad things happen to good people? Did Jesus really live? Was Jesus the Son of God or just a crazy preacher? How can we know Jesus really rose from the dead? What does the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus tell us about the God who cares? In this book, Daniel proves that God caresfor you.

Do I DARE? If God is there and if He does care about you, are you willing to put your trust in Him? In this book, Daniel shows you how to take a leap of faith and start a relationship with a God who deeply loves you. You will discover how to take the first step on your adventure with a God who is there and who cares for you.

God is THERE and He CARES for You!

Dr. Daniel King is a missionary evangelist who does massive Gospel Festivals around the world. His goal is to lead 1,000,000 people to Jesus every year. He has visited over seventy nations and speaks on apologetics at churches across North America. He earned his Doctorate ofMinistry from Oral Roberts University. Daniel lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife Jessica and their two children, Caleb and Katie.




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What are people saying about Proof God is Real?

This book is essential at helping answer three of life’s most important questions. I have known Dr. Daniel King for over 20 years, and he has lived out the PROOF of this book that he shares on these pages. If you’ve ever had a doubt about God or His existence. This book is for you. If you need help explaining what you believe. This book is for you. Don’t just take my word for it. Read it and see the PROOF!

Caleb Wehrli – Executive Director, Empowered21 – Founder of Inspire International – Tulsa, Oklahoma

We all have a worldview that informs how we see, experience, and make sense of life. In Proof God is Real, my friend Daniel King has provided us a clear, well-researched way to help all of us answer the three greatest questions of life: Is God there? Does God care? And do I dare? (to choose to follow Him). How we answer these questions shapes us in countless ways, now and for eternity. Whether you’re a skeptic struggling to understand whether God can possibly exist or a believer looking for ways to better share the hope you’ve found in Jesus, this book is for you!

Kevin Palau – President and CEO of Luis Palau Ministries – Portland, Oregon

In Daniel King’s latest book, Proof God is Real, he sets out to tackle several age-old questions like: Is there a God? – If there is a God, does He care about me? and, if there is a God who cares about me, what is my response to Him?  As Daniel lays out his evidence for God, case for His caring, and hope for everyone to respond to Him he does so with insightful proofs from everyday life, common sense analogies, and well documented facts. Only then does he move to complex evidences and solid Biblical examples. This is a phenomenal read that you will find yourself wanting to underline, highlight, or make a note so you can remember these truths forever.

  Keith Cook Sr.On the Go Ministries – Nashville, Tennessee

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Every Parent Needs Their Teenager to Read This Book…Before They Leave for College!

I was preaching at a small church in Missouri.

During the prayer time at the end of the service a mother came forward and begged, “Please pray for my son!”

“What does he need prayer for? Is he sick?” I asked.
“No, he’s an atheist,” she replied with tears in her eyes.

“How did he become an atheist?” I asked her.

“I raised him as a Christian. We went to church every week. But he moved to Austin, Texas for a new job and he met a group of atheists. They convinced him that everything he had learned about the Bible was false. Now he started a blog about atheism and every time he calls me he says all preachers are liars.”

I grabbed her hand and bowed my head, “Dear God in heaven, I pray for this woman’s son. I pray that You would remove the blinders from his eyes so that he can see the truth of Your existence.”

As I said ,“Amen” she gripped my hand tight and asked, “Would you call him and convince him there is a God? I don’t want him to go to hell when he dies.” I agreed to talk to him.

The next day, I called him and we talked for over an hour. It was during this conversation that I realized the importance of preparing our Christian young people to live in the real world. That woman’s son grew up in a Christian home, but he had never considered his faith. The first time someone questioned his childhood beliefs, he lost his faith.

That’s why I wrote this book.

It is vital for Christians to prepare their young people to deal with common objections to Christianity. We are in a battle and we must not send our teenagers out into the world unarmed. By the time a person is fourteen or fifteen, they are already old enough to need to know how to defend their faith from the attacks of the enemy.

Parent, please, for the sake of your teenager, buy this book and give a copy of it to your son or daughter. Read the book yourself and discuss these important truths with your young person.
If you wait until they leave home for university it might be too late.

Is there Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ?

What are ministry leaders saying about Proof God is Real?

“We’ve all had questions about life, God and truth at some point in our lives. In his most recent book, Dr. King presents classical truth in a timely fashion. The threefold division of this book makes it easy and logical to follow the arguments set out. This book is both academically credible and easy to read and understand. You would be remiss not to have a copy on your shelf and one to give away!

Dr. Desmond Henry – Director, Global Network of Evangelists – South Africa

Atheism is increasingly becoming a problem, especially among young people. Through so-called “higher learning,” people think they have outsmarted the obvious truth that God exists. God does not call atheists intelligent, but calls them a “fool.” Atheists don’t want to believe in God because belief in God logically leads to accountability to God, and that is the real motive behind atheism. They don’t want to be accountable to God. Daniel King does a superb job countering the attacks against God’s existence. I fully endorse his book Proof God is Real.

Tom Brown – Word of Life Church – www.tbm.orgwww.charismatic.org

Atheists Are Attacking Christianity…That’s Why Christians Need to Read “PROOF God is Real”

The state where I live is considered to be “the buckle of the Bible Belt.” That’s why I was stunned when I saw an advertisement that said the annual conference of the American Atheists would be held in Oklahoma City. An atheist conference held in New York City or San Fransisco would be no surprise, but a conference for atheists right here in mid-American was like an alarm bell going off. It felt like the devil was coming right up to the pearly gates and attacking heaven.

“What should I do about this conference,” I wondered, “should I denounce it? Should I try to get churches to demonstrate against it?” Finally, I settled on a novel approach. I decided to attend the conference.

Why did I decide to go into the lion’s den? Well, my name is Daniel and I like to imitate my Biblical namesake. But, more importantly, I wanted to hear what atheists were talking about. What made them atheists? Why do they refuse to believe in God?

For three days, I attended their workshops and listened to their lectures. I met many of the most well-known YouTube stars who post videos about atheism that are watched by millions of viewers. I bought their books and talked to them.

I found out that militant atheism HATES Christianity. They want to strip us of our religious rights. They deny the Christian origins of our nation. They are adamant that there are no objective morals and they push unfettered sexual liberality including homosexuality, polysexuality, and abortion. (Just one week after their conference was over, they were forced to fire the president of the American Atheists for making unsolicited sexual advances to various woman).

After the conference was over, I wrote a blog post about everything that I had learned. Most of my blog posts are not that popular. Three or four comments on a typical post is all I get. But, my blog post about the atheist conference received hundreds of comments in a few hours. Most of the comments were from atheists who were pointing out how stupid I am.

That’s when I knew I had to write this book

This experience showed me how important it is for Christians to confront militant atheism. The atheists at the conference want nothing less than the death of Christianity. The dogmas of atheism are the quintessential threat that is facing the church in America at this time. If we are not careful, America will become like post-Christian Europe where churches are being turned into apartment buildings.

That’s why I wrote this book. I want to give every-day Christians the ammunition they need in order to defend their faith. When an atheist challenges your beliefs, how will you reply? When atheists try to take away your religious rights, what will you say? This book will help you defend your faith and prepare you to confront the biggest threat Christianity faces today.

What are people saying about Proof God is Real?

There are three reasons that I recommend Daniel King’s book, Proof God Is Real. First, although there are several excellent books on Apologetics, this book exhibits these unique aspects: Dr. King’s passion for Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit can be seen throughout his entire book. His words have the ring of a heart alive with the presence of God. Second, you sense that this book is not written as a treatise concerning a relevant topic like apologetics but more than that. Daniel’s passion to reach men and women comes from one of the leading mass evangelists in the world. This unique perspective creates a manuscript that goes beyond the “if the person asks this question, then say this” approach. Daniel clearly understands that apologetics clears the misconceptions about God and Christ while dealing with the questions caused by doubts. Third, Proof God is Real is written by a Christian leader who regularly relates to atheists, agnostics, non-believer’s, and believers dealing with doubts. His words are not shared in a ministry vacuum, but shaped by the heart of an evangelist who ably explains that Christianity is a factual faith. I encourage you to read and study this material so you can be “ready to give an answer for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). You will be tremendously encouraged in your faith in Christ.

Dr. Jim Burkett – Director, Apologetics-on-Fire Conferences and The Oklahoma School of Apologetics & Practical Theology

I want to enthusiastically recommend this book by Dr. Daniel King. The book itself is a presentation of the Gospel at the highest level, disproving most of the excuses people have for not accepting Christ. In your reading you will also find arguments that will not only support your faith, but also provide very concrete and irrefutable evidence about the Resurrection of Christ. God revealed Himself to Dr. Daniel King with this masterful book. I sincerely hope that it be greatly used and disseminated to make many know God.

Jorge Ovando – IBEM Church – Argentina, South America

Dr. Daniel King writes with warmth, breadth, and courtesy. Rather than side-stepping objections to faith, he addresses many of the toughest issues with well-informed arguments and candor. Yet he is never combative. Every assertion he makes is embedded in his concern for the reader’s spiritual wellbeing. As I read this book, my immediate thought was to get it into the hands of family, friends, pastors, co-workers, and honest seekers. The contents of this book are so rich, so helpful, it is surely destined to become a classic. How Dr. King packed such a treasure trove of insights and information into less than 200 pages is truly amazing.

David Shibley – Global Advance


Christians are Leaving the Faith…That’s why they need PROOF God is Real 

His name was Geordon and he went with me on a mission trip to Panama. He grew up in a Christian family and he was excited about serving the Lord. But, after the mission trip he decided to go to a secular university to study philosophy. While he was there, he started reading books by militant atheists.

He read books by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. By the time he finished his degree, Geordon was an atheist.

He wrote me an e-mail regarding his new-found lack of belief. He asked me a variety of pointed questions about the Christian faith. He accused me of being a menace to society because of my beliefs in God. He demanded to know, “What PROOF do you have that there is a god?”

I answered his e-mail and lovingly addressed his concerns. My heart was breaking as I typed that reply because Geordon was a young man with tons of potential for the kingdom of God. The answer I sent him that day became the opening chapters of this book.

Of course, Geordon is not the only young Christian who became an atheist after reading a few books. In our society, there are millions of young people who are confused about the Christian faith.

The problem is that their faith is built on a foundation of feathers. They believe in God but when a slight wind comes along it knocks down their faith.

The truth is that there are very strong reasons for believing in God. But it is vital to build a solid foundation in the lives of young people before they leave home and get exposed to non-Christian philosophies. If we wait until questions are raised, it is too late.




That’s why I wrote this book.

I want young people to know why they believe in God and to be able to offer concrete proofs for His existence. When a believer is properly prepared, it becomes more difficult for Satan to blow his or her faith away.

Who is Proof God is Real written for?

Proof God is Real is essential reading for anyone who wants to know if God exists

  • Pastors
  • Christian Teenagers
  • Believers
  • Homeschoolers
  • Atheists
  • Skeptics
  • Agnostics
  • Humanists
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Bible School Professors
  • New Believers
  • The Curious



Atheists Need Jesus…that is why they need to see Proof God is Real

I have a friend and his name is Rex. He is a prominent atheist who lives in Dallas, Texas. He grew up in a Christian cult but the strict legalism of the cult caused him to become disillusioned with the Christian faith. Now he is a lawyer by profession and he speaks at atheist events as a hobby.

Rex became very interested in visiting Christian churches. Every Sunday he attends Sunday school at a different church. During these Sunday school classes, he is open about his atheism. He has found that most churches welcome him.

In these Sunday school classes, he asks, “How many of you believe Jesus physically rose from the dead?” Traditional fundamentalist churches often reply in the affirmative. In some churches, they admit they have never really thought about the question. Often liberal churches explain they do not believe Jesus rose from the dead physically, instead they think his resurrection was a spiritual or metaphorical event.

I met Rex after I wrote a blog post about the annual conference of the American Atheists. He read my blog post and we were both on a podcast together. Rex invited me over to his house for a drink. I went to house and we talked for several hours (I drank a coke).

Many atheists are mean. They think Christians are idiots and they are not shy about saying so. But, Rex is not mean.

I wrote this book for Rex and for other atheists like him. I think dialogue is helpful. Obviously, atheists are interested in God or they would not talk about Him so much.

It is important for Christians to be clear about what we believe and why we believe.

I genuinely care about Rex. I do not want him to spend eternity in hell. I want him to go to heaven with me. I wrote this book to try to convince him that there is a God and that God does care about him.

Perhaps I will not be able to change Rex’s mind, but if I can change the mind of even one atheist, this book will be worthwhile.

Please, help me put this book in the hands of as many atheists as possible.

If you know someone who is questioning their faith or if one of your family members has become an atheist, get this book into their hands. Their eternal destiny might depend upon it.




If you are struggling with your faith and want to know God is Real, this book is for you.

Sociologists today are saying that we now live in a post Christian culture. The past several decades have brought no end of confusion as postmodern philosophies have dominated our public schools. The reality is that these philosophies are nonsensical, but we have lost the ability to reason that western society was founded upon. It was that incredible reasoning ability that caused them to found the United States on biblical principles. But now, truth is seen as relative. Enemies of truth use reason in an attempt to destroy reason. They use their existence to disprove existence. They make truth statements in an attempt to say that truth does not exist. It seems crazy that they would get away with it. Who would fall for such fallacious arguments?

The answer to this question is a sad one: nearly everyone. Beginning with our public intellectuals, our institutions have fallen to these fallacies. The result is that God has been undermined, and His ways, once the moral bedrock of the West, have been discarded. On the plus side, many in the postmodern generations have begun to feel the spiritual void left by the exit from truth and the Church. But sadly, without a firm grasp of cosmic reality, those same seekers are stumbling into demonic and false religions such as New Agism, and some chic and repackaged versions of ancient unbiblical eastern religions. And then there are the new atheists. Atheism has become a religion in itself, complete with its own creeds, cults, and “evangelistic” plan to convert the world to irrational unbelief. “Evangelists” like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, or Christopher Hitchens, are not content to revel in their own disbelief, but see the need to crusade against belief in God. Another phenomenon lately seems to be the mass exodus of high profile pastors from the Christian faith. Nearly every day there is a news article on another one who, after decades of faithful ministry, just seemed to change their mind about Jesus, often succumbing to personal sin, or cultural pressure from an unbiblical worldview. What was their faith built on? We are finding out that shaky, easy-believism is not enough when beliefs and norms begin to be challenged, and once common moral standards become unpopular.

What is needed is a thorough understanding of belief in God, the Bible, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



People Need Proof God is Real

Daniel King has written a book and study guide on the apologetic arguments for, not only the existence of a Creator, but of the Creator, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Starting with logical premises, Dr. King draws a map on which all possible roads of inquiry lead to the astounding truth that Jesus Christ is truly who He claims to be. He is the Son of God, the Savior of the broken and fallen world, who will return at the end of days to gather His Church and bring about our eternal existence in the New Heavens and the New Earth after judging the world, and vanquishing Satan, sin, and death.

Christians are called to live by faith, but it is not the blind faith that the world accuses us of. Rather, it is a reasonable faith based on the evidence of objective reality. After reading Dr. King’s great book by yourself, with a small group, or with a youth group, you will be able to not only believe, but be well aware of exactly why you believe. Not only that, but you will actually have the answers to the questions posed to you by unbelievers who are crusading for their atheism. You will be able to point them to the Bible and to the logic of belief in the Creator of the Universe, the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.

As you work through Dr. King’s book you will build a case layer by layer for the necessity of belief in a Creator, then you will see why that Creator must be The Triune God of the Bible. The Father, and the Son, Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit.


Here’s a few Secrets You’ll Discover in the Book (FREE)

Here is a sneak peek of What’s Inside

Section 1: Is God THERE?

  • Proof #1: You will master the Cosmological Proof, or, the evidence from cause, which states that everything that exists must have a cause, that cause must have an ultimate cause, and that cause must be God, proving that He exists.
  • Proof #2: You’ll learn about the Teleological Proof, or, the evidence from design, that what is designed cannot randomly exist. If “something cannot come from nothing, then there must be a designer who created all things. Therefore since the universe and life have a designer, that designer must be God.
  • Proof #3: You will be able to explain the Ontological Proof, or the evidence form abstract reasoning. In this proof, all perfection belongs to God, existence itself is a perfection, therefore, God is real. You will consider what great minds like, philosopher Alvin Plantinga, and Anselm about a “maximally great being” that must exist in every possible world. You will come to see that being is God.
  • Proof #4: You will wrestle with Morality Proof, the evidence from right and wrong. Drawing from the greatest thinkers of the past such as C.S. Lewis, and of the present, such as philosopher, Dr. King starts with the incontestable fact that humankind was born with an innate sense of morality. Since objective moral values exist, then the God of morality exists.
  • Proof #5: Dr. King dives into the Scriptural Proof, the evidence from the Bible. If you have never approached the Bible from the vantage point of an investigative journalist, you will now. Dr. King makes a profound case for believing that the Bible is a book that is true, and that we can believe what it says about itself. He also deals with the usual critiques of this argument and demolishes any claim that this is merely circular reasoning. Additionally, if you have never considered the sheer amount of accurate historical information contained in Scripture, these chapters will bring you face-to-face with it. Dr. King also stacks up the enormous mountain of prophecy in the Old Testament that was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. This alone will be enough to give any true, thinking atheist pause.
  • Proof #6: Even for rationally minded Westerners, the next chapter, Supernatural Proof, the evidence from miracles, will be convincing. Like in the rest of the book, Dr. King does not build straw men from his opponents, but faces their most compelling arguments against the existence of miracles. He takes on David Hume, the atheist philosopher, and destroys his every argument against the existence of miracles. The fact is that God used miracles many times in history, and still today in order to authenticate the gospel. Dr. King even tells exciting personal stories of God’s miraculous work in his own ministry.
  • Proof #7: You will consider Redemptive Proof, the evidence from religious experience. It is a fact that many people in history and today have experienced the life-changing power of God. Their transformation forces one to consider the source of this great change. If we can bear witness to the metamorphosis we have seen in a person, it stands to reason that a life-changing God is behind it. Even the fact that humans throughout history have been religious and searched for supernatural realm and a god shows that we are made for the God who truly exists.


Section 2: Does God CARE?

  • Proof #11: Dr. King tackles the problem of evil. So much unbelief is grounded in the question, why do bad things happen, or “why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?” If God was good and powerful, wouldn’t he put a stop to all evil? Dr. King does a masterful job of explaining that God absolutely does care. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good, but He has given humankind the gift of free will. Humans have taken that gift and used it to disobey God time and time again since the first sin of Adam. “All evil in the world can be traced back to sin. Sin is an abnormality” (pg. 104). Because of sin, there is general evil, and specific evil in the world, and this is the source of all pain and suffering.
  • Proof #12: You might think that God would deal with sin and evil by taking away the cause, free will. But that is not what God did, and Dr. King reveals God’s solution. Jesus was and is the answer to the problem of evil. First, he is the proof that God cares for us. The birth of Jesus, the life and miracles of Jesus, and the death and resurrection of Jesus are incontrovertible proof that God cares for us, and has a plan to eradicate evil from the world.
  • Proof #13: Not only does the existence of Jesus prove that God cares for us, but the recorded history of the life of Christ adds further proof that God is real. Dr. King shows that there is more evidence for the existence of the true, historical Jesus than for any other in ancient history. Beginning with this fact the author moves into the next chapter with the argument that since we know Jesus existed, and that hundreds of witnesses corroborated the fact of the resurrection, we must take his claim to divinity seriously. Dr. King brings up the argument made by C.S. Lewis that for Jesus to have claimed to be God he must have been either a liar, a lunatic, or indeed, God the Son. Showing that Jesus was not a liar, nor was he a lunatic, Dr. King concludes with Lewis that Jesus was divine.
  • Proof #14: You will consider the resurrection of Jesus. By giving the evidence and by pointing out that only God could rise from the dead, King draws the only possible conclusion that Jesus is God. Every argument in part 2 (as well as the rest of the book) is eloquently and systematically laid out so that anyone can follow the logical conclusions. Every objection is raised, and then expertly dealt with until one is left with only two choices: ignore the obvious, that Jesus Christ is God the Son made flesh, come to seek and save sinners and restore the world, or lay down one’s life and follow Him as Lord.


Section 3: Do I DARE to follow God?

  • Proof #21: You will consider the very existence of truth. In this age of relativity and subjectivism, few want to seriously consider reality, resulting in a lack of choosing and a floating through life with no real convictions until one day you face the end and objective truth catches up to you. But the reality is there are timeless and unchanging truths, and this chapter will prove that these truths are the product of a timeless and unchanging mind who is Truth itself. As Dr. King points out at the end of the chapter, “Jesus is truth personified.” To choose Jesus is to choose Truth.
  • Proof #22: You will think about the necessity of choosing faith. Dr. King explains again that the faith of Christians need not be blind faith. We have all of the evidence and logical proof already laid out in this book. Nevertheless, it does require the choice to leap into the arms of the God who you reasonably believe to be there. It requires the will to choose to follow and trust Jesus. There are still those who will see the evidence, will know they cannot refute it, and for some reason, fail to choose salvation.
  • Proof #23: Finally, you will consider the high stakes of the most important choice a man or woman could ever make. As God says, ” I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life.”—Deuteronomy 30:19