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Core Values of the Soul Winner’s Alliance

1. We believe in holding Gospel Festivals for the unreached. Our goal is to conduct Gospel Festivals where we preach salvation and miracles. We expect God to confirm His word with signs and wonders. Paul said, “I make it my ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ is not known” (Romans 15:20). In order to go where other campaigns have not been held, we often target small and medium-sized cities.

2. We believe in planning and coordinating strategies for reaching entire cities, states, and nations. Our strategy is to have a network of Festival Coordinators in different nations. By working together, our network will multiply our long-term impact in each area.

3. We believe in working closely with local church planters. In conjunction with each Gospel Festival, we do a Soul Winning Conference to train and equip local pastors and leaders for evangelism. Our goal is to work with churches and ministries that can effectively follow-up after each Gospel Festival is over. Our goal is for new believers to begin attending local churches and for new churches to be started as needed.

4. We believe in raising up new evangelists. Our goal is to take inexperienced evangelists with us on trips. Our goal is to train people on how to be good evangelists in the areas of preaching, character, and fundraising. Our goal is to give young evangelists opportunities to preach at our events and to mentor them. Our goal is to give beginning evangelists realistic opportunities to start doing their own Gospel Festivals with budgets that they can feel are attainable.

5. We believe in mutually cooperating, inspiring, and encouraging one another. Our goal is to work together to fulfill God’s strategic vision. Our goal is to develop mutual respect and trust through good relationships. Our goal is to learn from one another and to teach others. We are a team of independent ministers who work together for common goals.

What is expected of members of the Soul Winner’s Alliance?

  • To attend conferences and training events.
  • To be willing to be mentored and to mentor others.
  • To be in agreement with our Statement of Faith.
  • To give quarterly reports in order to maintain accountability and to help us keep track of how many people are being saved.


How is the Soul Winner’s Alliance financed?

  • Each member of the Soul Winner’s Alliance raises their own funds for traveling to or conducting a Gospel Festival.
  • We ask business leaders and pastors to invest in our soul-winning activities.
To Join the Soul Winners Alliance, please send an e-mail to: daniel (at) kingministries.com