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“Daniel King represents a new generation of missionary evangelists…he brings a tremendous spiritual heritage to his ministry, where integrity and faithfulness are the norm.”

– Pastor Billy and Marianne Allen – Christ for the Nations Church – Dallas, TX


“I have known Daniel King for many years, and I have seen a real evangelistic call on his life that is very rare. Very seldom do you come across someone as committed to the gospel as Daniel. He is not only anointed but wise beyond his years. I would highly recommend him ministering at any event that glorifies Christ.”

– Pastor Tom Brown – Word of Life Church – El Paso, TX


“I have seen Daniel King in action…Whether standing on a large platform, preaching to a vast multitude, or reaching out to one person, Daniel cares for people and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the gospel to those who need it the most.

– Dr. Peter Youngren – Toronto Celebration Church – Canada


“Daniel King is a young man on fire for God…He is doing the ministry of healing. He is full of Jesus and passionate to share God’s love everywhere.”

– Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty – Victory Christian Center  – Tulsa, OK


“I am greatly impressed with your team. It is certainly unique. God is using you to reach so many tens of thousands of people.”

– Dr. T.L. Osborn – International Statesman and Evangelist


We believe in working closely with other evangelists to reach people for Jesus!

Daniel is on the board of the Global Evangelists Alliance, a ministry of Empowered 21 with evangelists Daniel Kolenda, Jean-Luc Trachsel, Ladonna Osborn, Todd White, Andy Byrd, Donna Schambach, Nathan Morris, Michael Koulianos, Teo Hayashi, Chris Overstreet, Nick Hall, Ben Fitzgerald, Bernie Moore, Stephen and Anna Christiansen, Joe Oden, Rubens Cunha,  and Travis Holownia.

Daniel is a Cabinet Member of the Next Generation Alliance, a ministry of Luis Palau with evangelists Keith Cook, Scott Dawson, Alan Green, Desmond Henry, Bob Lenz, York Moore, Andrew Palau, Kevin Palau, Reid Saunders, Mike Silva, Steve Wingfield, and Jose Zayas.

Daniel is a founding member of the Soul Winner’s Alliance, with evangelists Kevin Wagner, Josh Wagner, Will & Jennifer Jones, Michael and Christina Lusk, Chris Mickkelson, Rob Murdock, Jack Myers, Kevin Stark, Nate Tanner, and others.