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“Daniel King represents a new generation of missionary evangelists…he brings a tremendous spiritual heritage to his ministry, where integrity and faithfulness are the norm.”

– Pastor Billy and Marianne Allen – Christ for the Nations Church – Dallas, TX


“I have known Daniel King for many years, and I have seen a real evangelistic call on his life that is very rare. Very seldom do you come across someone as committed to the gospel as Daniel. He is not only anointed but wise beyond his years. I would highly recommend him ministering at any event that glorifies Christ.”

– Pastor Tom Brown – Word of Life Church – El Paso, TX


“I have seen Daniel King in action…Whether standing on a large platform, preaching to a vast multitude, or reaching out to one person, Daniel cares for people and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the gospel to those who need it the most.

– Dr. Peter Youngren – Toronto Celebration Church – Canada


“Daniel King is a young man on fire for God…He is doing the ministry of healing. He is full of Jesus and passionate to share God’s love everywhere.”

– Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty – Victory Christian Center  – Tulsa, OK


“I am greatly impressed with your team. It is certainly unique. God is using you to reach so many tens of thousands of people.”

– Dr. T.L. Osborn – International Statesman and Evangelist


We believe in working closely with other evangelists to reach people for Jesus!

Daniel is on the board of the Global Evangelists Alliance, a ministry of Empowered 21 with evangelists Daniel Kolenda, Jean-Luc Trachsel, Ladonna Osborn, Todd White, Andy Byrd, Donna Schambach, Nathan Morris, Michael Koulianos, Teo Hayashi, Chris Overstreet, Nick Hall, Ben Fitzgerald, Bernie Moore, Stephen and Anna Christiansen, Joe Oden, Rubens Cunha,  and Travis Holownia.

Daniel is a Cabinet Member of the Global Network of Evangelists (formally the Next Generation Alliance), a ministry of Luis Palau with evangelists Keith Cook, Scott Dawson, Alan Green, Desmond Henry, Bob Lenz, York Moore, Andrew Palau, Kevin Palau, Reid Saunders, Mike Silva, Steve Wingfield, and Jose Zayas.

Daniel is a founding member of the Soul Winner’s Alliance, with evangelists Kevin Wagner, Josh Wagner, Will & Jennifer Jones, Michael and Christina Lusk, Chris Mickkelson, Rob Murdock, Jack Myers, Kevin Stark, Nate Tanner, and others.

What are People Saying about Evangelist Daniel King?

I am so glad to be connected with the ministry of Daniel King. He is an amazing evangelist. He serves on the Empowered21 Global Evangelist Alliance Executive Committee. We are excited about what God is doing in Daniel’s ministry as he takes the Gospel to every person around the world. – Ashley Wilson, Empowered21 https://empowered21.com/

I’m so grateful to be here today with evangelist, Daniel King. I’m so thankful for the ministry that is in his stewardship. He has seen abundant fruit in multiplied, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, perhaps now in the millions of people who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ because of the message. Proclaimed Daniel has been faithful over many years now to keep the message, the main thing to keep the gospel central in all that he does. Now there are new innovations that Daniel is employing for the advance of the gospel in different fronts and in different ways. All of that is absolutely wonderful. So I want to commit to you, the ministry of Daniel King, let me encourage you to pray for him to pray for his beautiful family. And also to personally be involved financially in helping Daniel get the gospel to the world. This is a ministry that can be trusted. It’s been proven through the years and I encourage you be a part of this wonderful ministry. Daniel, thank you for your faithfulness to the war and to this wonderful ministry that is in your stewardship. – David Shibley, Global Advance https://www.globaladvance.org/

I’ve known Daniel King for about two decades. And he was young at the time we believed in him. We give him an opportunity to minister in our church, and we’ve never regretted. He’s tells us that we’re one of the early first supporters of his missionary activity. I give a rousing endorsement to Daniel King. I encourage you to support him as well. – Pastor Tom Brown https://tbm.org/

Hi, I’m Andrew Palau. Daniel King and I are together once more. We are proud to serve on the Global Network of Evangelists leadership team and to serve together in cities…all around the world with so many other evangelists…Keep praying for Daniel and the ministry…we are so proud to serve together with him. The best is yet to come in Jesus.  – Andrew Palau https://www.palau.org/

Bob Lenz here…I’m with my friend Evangelist Daniel King in Malawi. He got to share Christ last night. I got to share Christ tonight. I’m so glad he went first…this guy is the real thing. He has a heart for Jesus, a heart for people, a heart for evangelism. If you are looking for someone who is going to bring it down to the heart, understand clear in your mind, but in your heart, and come to a point in responding to the Gospel, Daniel King is your man. – Bob Lenz https://lifepromotions.org/

Daniel King is a great friend. I believe in my brother. God is using him in a powerful way. I encourage you to listen to his podcast. Tell a friend. God is moving and Daniel King is a man of God. – Reid Saunders https://reidsaunders.org/

Here in Malawi I met Daniel King and I am so impressed with what he is doing. I just read his book about all his crusades and I was like “Wow, isn’t it amazing how God is using him.” Last night he was preaching and so many people got saved. So listen to the Evangelism Podcast. – Werner Nachtigahttps://www.gomovement.world/en


I’m the director of Joshua campaign here in Ethiopia. I have known Daniel King for 11, 12 years. Now we have done about seven crusades together to being a great privilege to partnering with him. And even though I’m his elder, he has taught me a lot and trained me with a lot of things that I didn’t know before. I appreciate Daniel King and King Ministries and what they do around the world. And especially here in Ethiopia. – Per Akvist  

I so appreciate Daniel King’s heart for evangelism and everything that he’s doing for the kingdom. If you want to invest in souls, today is the day to invest in Daniel King Ministries. You can be a part of what he’s doing around the world. Today is the day to act. God bless you. – Donna Schambach

I am so privileged to talk about my friend Daniel King. Listen, Daniel is a great missionary evangelist Daniel and I met several years ago and he was so integral in his leading and guiding and coaching me as a new evangelist. And I give honor to my friend Daniel King, because he is a master teacher communicator and an evangelist for God. God’s used them to do so many great things around the world.  I want to let you know if you want to learn how to do evangelism. If you want to learn how to do international evangelism, us evangelism, whatever kind of evangelism, Daniel King and King Ministries is where you want to connect with. They’ll help you connect with your purpose to live for God on mission. – Will Jones, Awakening Ministries International  https://www.awakeningmintl.org/

Hi, my name is Michael Moonoo. I’m the pastor of Destiny Life church in Northeast, Texas. And I’ve known Daniel King, I guess we’re going on five years, maybe. I’ve been a part of many meetings that Daniel has been in here in the United States, in my area and here today in Houston. However, probably one of the biggest things that I enjoyed the most was working with Daniel and his team in the nation of Belize. Daniel put on this massive national festival called the Festival of Hope and the logistics of this thing was major. I applaud him on how he put it all together. I appreciate Daniel King and I appreciate as an evangelist, as a missionary, what he does his heart for souls and his heart for pastors, it’s a huge blessing to the local body of Christ and the body of Christ globally. Thank you. – Pastor Michael Moonoo 

Daniel King is one of my colleagues and evangelism is not only a colleague, but he’s a friend. We love him and his family. And they are people that are 100% dedicated to the purpose of taking the gospel of Jesus around the world. They’ve done it faithfully for years and years, really Daniel, since he was just a child with his family. And they’re continuing in that. And so I just want to encourage you partner with them. Join with them, strengthen their hands as they go. Maybe you can’t go, but you can send someone like Daniel and his ministry. They’re changing the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Join them. – Michael Lusk, Vanguard Evangelism 

I’m Jonathan Shibley, president of Global Advance, and just want to endorse my friend, Dr. Daniel King, just so grateful for the work and the ministry that you did around the world to bring the good news to hurting people all over the world. So God bless you and thank you for the work that you’re doing. – Jonathan Shibley 

“I had the privilege of traveling to Caico, Brazil with Dr. Daniel King. I was so impressed with his studious nature as he studied for his doctorate. He was meticulous at carrying for souls. I learned so much from him. It was a pleasure to meet him and work with him and see his heart and his passion for souls.  It was a blessing to get to know Daniel & Jessica King. Their ministry is doing great things throughout the world.” Brad Mayer, Canadian Fire Missions, https://www.canadianfire.org

Here at the training of Christ for All Nations Daniel King was here and he imparted to me some of his teachings on how to preach the gospel. I took that and I readily followed the notes of what he said. The fruit of it has been amazing. – Travis

I was a guest evangelist to Nigeria. I was there for five weeks, four weeks of those was ministry, and I was a part of over 150 outreaches, mainly schools and truck outreaches, and six to six to nine schools a day, plus a market outreach in the evening. With 40,000 that I personally was able to speak to during that time. And Daniel King was one of our trainers. He was core speaker for the training and the training that he gave us and the practical tips and tools that he taught us were absolutely invaluable. I’ve been preaching for a number of years and doing outreach and as an evangelist for a number of years, but I’ll tell you my preaching and my evangelism effectiveness went up about 10 times, no exaggeration, just from the simple experience that was just pure goal that Daniel King shared. In fact, before I actually left, we had about a month between the training and the time that my feet hit the ground in Africa. And I watched his training from the previous year that was recorded here at the CFAN headquarters. I must have watched it over 30 times over and over and over and over to get down. And just so that his training was like second nature to me. And I can’t say enough how effective Daniel your trainings, Ben helping flyin and what an incredibly invaluable gift you are. And also I’ve been through Bible college. I’ve been through BSSM, so I’ve done training, but the practical training that I received from him was unlike any training I’ve had before. So thank you so much. And I’m blessed. – Evan Threlkeld

My name is Michael job. I am so blessed by Daniel King’s ministry. I got some wonderful training on especially crusade evangelism. You know, I know how to do one-on-one evangelism, but as far as crusade evangelism, this was the first time that I was going to step out. And the training that I received was huge. It was awesome. One of the things that really blessed me is, is to keep people activated all the way throughout the message. So by the end of the message, people just come forward and receive, I mean, so many times, how many times have you ever been in a church where, where there’s no response and they asked for an alter call and no one comes forward? Well, that doesn’t happen in any of my meetings because Daniel, I had this awesome, awesome ministry that he imparted. And so I am able to get people activated. They have fun all the way throughout the message. And by the time the alter call comes, they just run forward to receive Jesus, which was great. He taught me about the, the value and how to use a translator, which is if you’re in a foreign country and many of us are when we’re preaching, there’s no more valuable information you can do than that. And also to keep people activated all the way throughout the message. There’s other encircled parts of faith that he taught us in his training. I encourage you. If you have not taken his training, you do not want to miss it. You can not afford not to be there. So be there, it’ll be awesome. Some, some, some results we saw, we went into Kenya, me and some other evangelists. We, we actually saw, you know, in schools, we saw hundreds of thousands and this is not an exaggeration. This is written down like results. I have done my own crusades in Kenya and saw hundreds in each city give their lives to the Lord. There, there, there was a great activation that he activated in us in, into the nations. And I encourage you to step out by faith. Please join with Daniel King, support his ministry, not only financially, but get his resources, let them soak into you and share the gospel with everyone in the world because Jesus died for them to have the gospel. Will you go with the gospel? You need Daniel King’s training. Get hooked on it. It’s awesome.  – Michael Job, https://www.jesuslovesyouevangelisticministries.com/

“I recently got to sit in some classes and evangelism training with Dr. Daniel King. We went to the mall after his evangelism training and everything that he gave to us as a tool to walk up to strangers and share the love of Jesus with them is highly effective and very easy to use. It empowers you to take a risk and helps you witness to people. If you are excited about evangelism, I highly encourage you to check out the tools on his website.”  – Macoby Donaldson, CFAN Evangelism Alliance  

Hello, my name’s Robbie Leef, and I was recently in some training and some classes with Daniel King and I just want to let you know that I learnrd so much from Dr. King and a lot of stuff, all of the materials and just the teaching that he gave me, continues to help me when it comes to evangelism and going out, whether it’s one-on-one evangelism or crusade, evangelism, or even fundraising, there’s so much I learned through his classes and through his teaching. And I completely love Dr. King’s ministry and what he has offered. The teaching that he’s given me and continued to use the resources I have, I’ve gotten from him. I totally encourage you, whoever it may be. Who’s listening to this, that just check it out for yourself. Just his way of expressing evangelism. It just like helped me so much. And it continues to help me so much in my evangelism. – Robbie Leaf

Hi, my name is Joe Franklin, and I recently took a class with Dr. Daniel King and it changed the way I do evangelism. Dr. King always gives everything. He leaves it all out on the table. When he preaches, even if he’s preaching to a room of only five people, he still preaches like he’s preaching to over a hundred thousand. And when you take his class, I believe that your life will be forever changed. Dr. King is just an amazing evangelist, amazing teacher, and I’m so glad that I took his class and that I let him just teach me and train me how to go deeper into this calling of evangelism that God’s placed in my life. Thank you so much and have a good one. – Joe Franklin 

I just want to tell you how valuable Daniel King is for the kingdom of God. I have know [Daniel] for many years ago, he was a very young person when he came to my life talking to me about doing crusades and he proved himself through the years that he has a passion and has a strong gift from God to write in that passion. I recommend you read Daniel books. – Rigo Galvez

Hi, I’m Brenda Wood, pastor of word of life, ministries international and Riverside, California. And I just want to let you know how much we love Daniel King and his ministry and what a blessing of God he is not only to our nation, but the nations of the world. – Pastor Brenda Wood

My name is Dan Corse and I would really like to recommend Daniel King’s book with regard to reaching out to atheists. Those are a group of people who live in darkness. God loves him. There’s no question about that. And I believe God can use his book to reach many people as God reached me through a minister many, many years ago when I was an atheist. – Daniel Corse 

Hi, my name is Marianne Tiger and I love missions and I encourage you to hook up with Daniel King ministries. I’ve had a chance to, to support them financially in the past and go on a trip with them to believe it was awesome. We did crusades in 11 cities around that country with the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I encourage you to support them financially, support them in prayer. And if you have a chance to go with them on a mission trip, it would be wonderful and it would change your life. – Marianne Tiger 

I am Luis Carlos from Columbia and I am a student at Oral Roberts University. In this semester, I am doing my practicum with King Ministries, with Dr. Daniel King.. I learned an amazing amount in this semester. I learned about engaging people and reaching people outside. Also, I read a lot books [of his] books about evangelism, and [his book] about proof God exists. So Dr. King is doing an amazing job in his ministry. So I recommend you to listen his podcast. I recommend you to go and see the website, and I recommend you read every book that Dr. King wrote for you, for me, for everyone who are interesting in evangelism. So don’t forget, read the books… – Luis Carlos 

I’m here with Daniel King. We just got through a recording, a podcast session. If you would like to know more about the evangelism, his evangelism podcast is something that would really recommend. He’s got a lot of great experience and there’s a lot of great information there. He’s been doing massive evangelism for quite a long time and in a number of different continents. And so tune into that podcast and you will learn something and enjoy it. God bless you. – Vidar Ligard www.safarimission.org

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how awesome it is to know Daniel King and to be a partner in King Ministries. My wife and my family, and I have been able to support this ministry for many years. Now, we have seen so many thousands of people come to know Jesus Christ through what God is doing through Daniel King. We have seen miracles come to pass and been able to use the stories of those miracles, even in our own ministry to let children know how awesome his power is in the world. If you don’t know Daniel King, please take a moment to find out all about him and about King Ministries International. – Matt Wells 

I am the academic dean here at Christ for All Nations Evangelism Bootcamp. I just want to say that evangelist Daniel King was one of our instructors and he was actually with our students more than anyone that we brought in as an outside guest. He has a phenomenal passion and not just a passion, but also, a great amount of understanding training and academic work in the field of evangelism. Coupled with years of experience of doing evangelism in the field, he was one of our students’ favorite instructors, and I know that he is just remarkably skilled and learn it in this area of evangelism. And so I’m just thank you so much to evangelist Daniel King for the work that you have done with our students. – Levi Stewart

I just want to say Daniel King is a dear friend of mine as an evangelist. He’s poured into my own life personally and helped me grow as an evangelist. Now, after just several years, we’ve seen over 1 million people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. I thank God for evangelists like Daniel King, who poured into my life. I believe that he can help you and he can, uh, equip you to see thousands. And even millions of people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. I recommend him highly. – Chris Mikkelson, https://chrismikkelson.com/

I’m the founder of the Voice of Freedom Ministries, where we reach out to the Muslim world. Specifically, the Farsi speaking Muslims, I’ve known Daniel King and his ministry for several years. That commitment that he has to reaching the lost and the impact he’s having around the world through his ministry is unprecedented, highly recommending his ministry and his heart. Most important, the heart. He has to make sure that the body of Christ is equipped and the loss is reached is unprecedented. I love this man and his family. He’s a family man, his entire family’s in the ministry. And I appreciate them very much and I highly recommend them. – Kamran Karimi 

I am so excited to tell you about my friend and one of my teacher’s Evangelist Dr. Daniel King. I had the privilege of being with him in the Evangelism Bootcamp at Christ for All Nations. I learned so much from him. I could spend days telling you all the resources that he gave us, but even more than that, I was able to witness him preach and minister here in Tanzania, where he preached on the crusade stage and saw thousands of people saved, set free and delivered. And I can tell you, he is, he is probably one of the greatest evangelists that I’ve ever heard personally. I love him and I adore him and I continue to learn from this man. So if I were you and you are looking to become an evangelist, you need to get connected with this man, get connected with his ministry, get connected with his resources. And I promise you, you will not regret it.  – Jacob Ebersole, www.jacobebersole.com 

“You don’t want to miss The Evangelism Podcast with Daniel King. It is fire.” – Levi Lutz 

We had the privilege of going in 2012 down to Juarez, Mexico, and doing a crusade children’s crusade and a Christmas outreach where we saw about 700 children received Jesus first time. And my family was impacted and we, it was a tremendous time. In fact, as a result of that, it was one of the catalysts that forced the challenged our family to step out into full-time missions. So we’re grateful for our relationship with Daniel and I highly recommend King ministries. These guys are awesome. – Chris Walsh

I know Evangelist Daniel King, and he’s a great evangelist and a hard worker, and he’s always doing something and he’s always going somewhere and I want to recommend him.  – Mac Barnes 

I just want to endorse Dr. Daniel King. He’s really made an investment to my life. I’ve learned so much from him about the practical end of how to practically preach the gospel, how to open crusade meetings, how to pray for the sick. He’s got such incredible insights and things I’ve never learned before. I’ve been able to implement my own ministry and seeing tremendous fruit come from it. So I encourage you to be a part of his network. He could get his books be a part of what’s happening. He’s an incredible teacher and mentor, and I highly recommend the ministry of Dr. Daniel King. – Paul Mauer, www.convertheearth.com

I am friends with Daniel and Jessica King. I want to tell you how much I love this couple and how excited I am about the call of God that they have on their lives. As I’ve watched them over the years, I’ve seen them be faithful to the call, to evangelize the nations and bring in the harvest. They have been relentless in it. They have been faithful in it and they have endured. And I believe that what they’ve seen so far is just the precursor to what God has in stores in the day ahead. – Adam Culp, For His Glory to the Nations 

Today at our Sunday morning service, we had Daniel King with us. He’s a prolific evangelist. He’s been in 70 different nations and see 2 million people come to Jesus. The Lord is using him mightily and his ministry. We highly recommend as a local community for you to drop on his ministry and to get them to speak at your church. I think it’s going to highly impact you. – Pastor David Grams 

I met with Daniel King day, the evangelist, and whenever he was coaching me a day, I learned so much that I’m not only able to learn today, but apply towards the future. I would encourage you if you can, to go online, to look at his resources, resources, whether it’s podcasts or YouTube videos, it’ll help you so much. – Daniel Patterson 

For the last 36 years by the grace and the mercy of God, I’ve had the privilege of carrying this cross on foot, around all the world. It’s been the greatest honor that I can imagine, but along the way, I’ve had the other honor of meeting people who are incredibly and passionately in love with Jesus and his purposes in our world. And one of those is Daniel King. I’m so thankful to know Daniel, a man who I’ve known for years, and who I’ve watched as a young man pursue not only Jesus, but Jesus call on his life. I love the way that Daniel lifts up Jesus so that all men may be drawn closer to him.  – Keith Wheeler

Just want to let you know, I’ve known Daniel King since he was 12 years old. I’ve always seen a growing, growing heart for evangelism and touching people with what God has done in him and his family’s life. I I’m very glad to endorse this man and the character of God and his life. – Daniel Keith Amerine 

I was on the Evangelism Podcast and I recommend anybody that listened subscribe to pastor Daniel King and follow him because it is an incredible ministry and how our heart and his heart is to touch people’s life, change people’s life. Please enjoy it and share it with other friends and subscribe to it. Thank you very much.

I was on the  Evangelism Podcast with Pastor Daniel King. I want to encourage you to subscribe. I’m also to be a part of it and watch and listen to it because it will empower you. And it will build your faith to win souls for the kingdom of God.  – Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe 


I highly recommend Dr. Daniel King as a teacher of evangelism, I sat in his class several times and learned a whole lot about evangelism, about reaching the lost about how to conduct a crusade, how to interact with the crowd. I highly recommend him. – Joshua Hall 

I took some classes from Dr. Daniel King and I got the craftsmanship of communicating the gospel from him. I learned that from him. If you’re also looking to communicate the gospel in a very clear and concise way, I couldn’t recommend him more highly to you. He will take you from here where the anointing is burning on your heart to where where you can communicate the gospel so that others can come to Christ Jesus. – Michael Seth Clifton 

Daniel and I have been friends for just a little over 10 years. Since I’ve known Daniel, his heart for evangelism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ has just been outstanding. His desire to bring people to saving knowledge in Christ is his best attribute in the Lord. Daniel, your ministry is very awesome. It’s good to be a friend of yours and a fellow in Christ. – Pat Kendall

I met Daniel when he was a teenager here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He’s a good man. His mission was to minister the Gospel as a missionary overseas primarily in open-air crusades. I want you to know: he walks his walk, he talks his talk. He’s already led a million people to be born again and he’s working on his second million. He’s a great man of God and I really appreciate what he’s doing. – Brad Stine, Harvest for the Homeland 

This is a good, wholesome man of God. For those of you who know me or may not know me, I don’t give compliments easily. But what I see in him and what I’ve met in him and what I’ve seen him do – some people talk about it, other people be about it. I want to let you know that I’ve seen Daniel King be about it. I’ve seen him minister, I’ve seen him do what God has called him to do, and he’s done it faithfully. So I want to encourage you to get behind his ministry, to support him in prayer and finances. I want to encourage you, when you live and give to God, people like Daniel are praying that God will give back to you in the spiritual, physical, and financial realms of your life. I promise you, when you get behind a man of God like him and you give to his ministry in prayer and in finances, God is going to give back to you. I know the Word says it, you’ve heard it – pressed down, shaken together, and running over. In other words, when you support ministries like his, God’s going to give back to you. He’s going to press it down, shake it together, and so much is going to be running over in your life. So I’m thankful for Daniel, I’m thankful for his ministry. I’m thankful for his evangelism and I hope that you get behind him and support him. It was a blessing to minister with him in Belize, seeing him speak to thousands of people in attendance and giving them the Word of God. I’m thankful to be able to lock arms with him and let the world hear our mission cry together. – Jason Woolford

I’ve known Daniel King for a long time and he’s doing some incredible stuff overseas. I recommend that you get to know his ministry more and that you invest in what he’s doing because he’s truly impacting the nations. So reach out to Daniel King, partner with his ministry – become a prayer partner, become a financial partner – because with your help, he can make a bigger impact in the world. – Bryan Citrin, author of Wild Expectance

Daniel is a powerful, mighty evangelist. I’ve seen Daniel do crusades all over the world where literally hundreds of thousands of people are touched. I’ve recently had the privilege of helping Daniel preach the Gospel on worldwide live television in 182 nations, and when he got the chance to pull the nets in, tens of thousands of people came to Christ in that message that he preached and many miracles took place. I would encourage anybody that’s looking for an evangelist that will leave a deposit in their churches or in their communities to contact Daniel King. He’ll be a blessing to you. – Eric Smith, the Smith Media Group 

 I want to recommend the ministry of Dr. Daniel King. Daniel is one of the most generous men that I’ve ever met in my life. He is an anointed servant of God. I’ve worked with him on the crusade field and have seen souls come to Christ. I’ve seen miracles of healing and deliverance. I want to encourage you to support Daniel in every way you can. He’s got crusades coming up even in the next few weeks and months that you can be a partner with Daniel in. You can help him in reaching the lost for Christ. Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. You might not be able to go; not everybody can. But you can send Daniel and Jessica King to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God bless you for helping my friend, Daniel King. – Dr. Larry Martin

I’ve known Daniel King for over ten years. He is a mentor, he is a great evangelist that I’ve learned a lot from. I fully endorse his ministry. He is personally taken me and allowed me to see the behind-the-scenes of evangelism – not just the enjoyable part of evangelism. I’ve learned a lot from him and I definitely endorse and enjoy his ministry as it has affected people all over the world. – Justin Bell

It’s amazing what Daniel King’s family has done. We first connected in Costa Rica and he was there with us and a crusade – an outreach with T.L. Osborn. We’ve watched his ministry form and grow over the years with education and wisdom. We heartily recommend Daniel to your nation, for your outreach, and for your ministry. Take the opportunity. He’s a great guy. He’ll change your world. – Kevin & Leslie McNulty, Christian Adventures International 

I am so excited about what God is doing through the life and ministry of Daniel King. We’ve reported on him in Charisma. I’ve been a guest on his evangelism podcast. I just so admire his fervor, his excitement, and his passion. I just encourage you to support his ministry, listen to his podcast, and find out what God is doing through this amazing man of God. – Stephen Strang, Charisma Media 

It’s such a joy to have Daniel King as part of our council. We love his passion for evangelism, for reaching the lost, and for seeing the kingdom of God come right now in this time. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Daniel and his ministry and we love his heart, his humble posture, and his desire to collaborate with other evangelists as well. – Desmond Henry, Global Network of Evangelists 

 A few years ago, I met up with brother and evangelist Daniel King. It’s been awesome, I’ve learned a lot from him. I went to Brazil with him and I would highly recommend if you need to learn and you need to soak up the anointing that’s on his life, that you check him out. He can help you out and train you. He will be a blessing to you.  – Evangelist Tim Sutton

I want to recommend that you listen to Daniel King’s podcast because he’s got some great people on there and he is a great evangelist himself. Contact him, you’ll be glad you did.  – Michael Duseau

I just want to recommend Daniel King and his ministry. He’s doing great work around the world. He’s not only doing works around the world, but he’s also blessing other evangelists. He’s had evangelist training for people like me and other young evangelists growing in the things of evangelism. Plus, he’s written many books that have reached thousands of people. The best thing about Daniel is that he has a heart for the kingdom. His heart for the kingdom is not about making money or even making a big name for himself. It’s about presenting the Gospel of Jesus and seeing thousands and thousands get saved – as much as he can do in his lifetime, however long that is. So I just thank God for him and his ministry and his heart for the kingdom. – Michael Ross

I want to recommend not only the podcast of Daniel King and his world evangelism ministry, but I want to encourage you to watch the podcast and support this ministry. Participate with him anywhere in the world where he’s putting the sickle into the harvest. You’ll be blessed to work with him. – Jesse Leon Rodgers

I want to recommend my friend Dr. Daniel King as an evangelism coach for you. If you have a calling for evangelism, you need to contact Dr. Daniel King. He has been doing campaigns in many nations around the world for decades and God has been using him with a great anointing to lead souls to Christ and also for signs and wonders. So if you want to learn, I fully recommend Daniel King as an evangelism coach for you and your ministry. Get ahold of him. – Rubens Cunha

Daniel King is a great friend of mine, a great evangelist, and a great man of kind. I really recommend you check out his book, “Proof That God is Real”. – Alan Greene, The Global Network of Evangelists 

 I really appreciate Daniel King and his hard work for the kingdom and how God’s using him. He’s got a real vision. His goal is every soul and I’m with him there. I love him, I believe in what he’s doing, and I really see God’s hand on him, his life, and his ministry. His wife and his kids are with him in this. I would encourage you to work with him, to support him, to be behind what God’s called him to in King Ministries. – Rob Welch, For His Glory Ministries 

I just want to give a big shoutout to Daniel King, for his soul-winners alliance, and for the amazing work Daniel is doing around the world in reaching men, women, boys, and girls for Jesus Christ. He’s got a fantastic podcast. If you’re not involved in that and checking it out, please do. Check out his website. Daniel is just a great man of God and a great evangelist. I’ve known him for a couple of years, I’ve spoken at his soul-winners alliance, and he has a real tremendous passion for mission, evangelism, and soul-winning. – David Jones, The Global Network of Evangelists 

Daniel King is one of the most incredible evangelists of our day, sharing the Gospel all over the world. He is one that many other evangelists look up to and this is a man that you need to partner with. God is doing amazing things through his ministries. He’s not limited to COVID-19, he’s not limited to other issues. He is still going out even when there are countries that are locked down and when there are limitations. He is still going out and preaching the Gospel. So I want to encourage you guys to partner with Daniel King. God is doing amazing things with him. – Aaron Perry

I have known evangelist Daniel for decades and it has been a thrill to see how his ministry is growing and how he’s touching millions of lives with his powerful messages. He’s not only preaching the Gospels during crusades, but he’s also impacting many people who have a call for ministry. So I can highly recommend Daniel from the bottom of my heart. – Per Hyldgaard

I’ve admired many people through the decades who have a great outreach and one of them is Daniel King. I urge you to get connected with his ministry. Listen to his evangelism podcast. It’s going to inflame your heart to win the lost and to reach out and advance God’s kingdom in this world. It’s been my blessing to be interviewed on that podcast and I would just encourage you to listen to it religiously with a good connotation on that word. – Mike Shreve

I just want to take a moment to say that Daniel King is a friend, but he’s also an inspiration. His ministry is making a difference around the world in reaching tens of thousands of people with the Gospel and he is an equipper through his books and the media he produces. I highly recommend King Ministries International. – Finu Iype

It has been a privilege for me to work with Daniel King. I’ve known him for about 15 years. He has gone to many of the places where we’ve started Bible schools. Even some of the places that he’s been, we’ve started Bible schools there. It’s such a blessing to work with him because of the great work he’s doing for the kingdom of heaven. I want to encourage you to be a support and pray for Daniel King and his ministry. I just appreciate Daniel and the great work that they’re doing. He’s willing to go wherever God tells him to go and he’s seeing millions come to the Lord. – Ron Stafford

Today, I had the awesome experience of listening to Dr. Daniel King talk on evangelism. As someone who is equipped and trained in evangelism, I loved that he really desires to equip the next generation of evangelists. If you have a heart for evangelism, he’ll not only give you spiritual tips, but he’ll also give you very practical ways to build your ministry, start it, and have it be successful for the kingdom of God. – Felicia Brown

Today, I heard Daniel King speak and train us on evangelism. He literally laid out everything so perfectly and now I feel way more equipped to go out into the harvest field to win many for the kingdom of God. – Frank Cortez

Daniel is the type of person that always gives it to Jesus. It’s His ministry and He’s working mightily through you in over 70 countries. I want to encourage you to partner with this great ministry and this man of God. It’s a privilege to be able to sit down and interview him across the Christian Television Network. This is good ground that you’re connecting with. Daniel, his wife, and their team really know how to not only do mass crusade evangelism but they are burdened for America. When you invest in this ministry, you’re not only helping to change nations of the earth, but you’re helping to reach America which needs the Gospel now more than ever. – Paul Lodato

I heard Daniel King speak today on starting a ministry and putting together a plan on how to grow a ministry. It really has changed the direction and where I’m going to go in life. It’s given me a plan to step forward in and to really move forward in where I’m heading. It’s given me that direction and that confidence to step forward into the field of ministry. – Ryan Fishburn

 I really want to recommend the ministry of Daniel King. We went to Egypt together and we had outreaches in Egypt in Cairo and Alexandria and also held pastors and leadership seminars. He taught me a lot – he taught me how to be an evangelist and how to be on fire. He’s also a teacher at the Christ For All Nations bootcamp and I highly recommend him. He has a Ph.D. in Evangelism. Follow him, follow his ministry, and support him. – Waldy Bershe

I just want to take the time to highly recommend to you evangelist Daniel King. He’s been a leader and an evangelist in the body of Christ for many, many years, and the Lord has raised him up as well as the evangelist podcast to really shout the message of the Gospel to the nations of the world. I also highly recommend that you check out his evangelism podcast as well as King ministries. You should come behind them and support what they’re doing because he burns with a passion for lost souls and for Jesus Christ to be made known among all the nations of the earth. So I couldn’t recommend Daniel enough. I’m such a major fan myself. Check him out, check out the evangelism podcast. You’ll be so glad and grateful that you did. – Richard Hislop

Reverend Daniel King is a very dear friend of mine. Him and Jessica has a wonderful family. We’ve known him for 20 years and I highly recommend him. Pastor, if you’re looking for a crusade evangelist, if you’re looking for an evangelist or somebody who is going to come and stir your people up or stir your church up, I highly recommend him. Please have him in your church. –  Jack Myers

I was one of the students at the Christ For All Nations bootcamp in 2021 and Daniel King has been one of the instructors, giving us really useful insight, especially when it comes to starting your own ministry – the ins and the outs of that. That is a huge thing when you want to start an evangelistic ministry and I loved the way that Daniel was teaching us and showing us step-by-step, even giving us whole lists of things that we need to think about when it comes to starting our own ministry. He is resourcing people with books and I personally have many of Daniel’s books already which I highly recommend. Daniel King and his ministry are for you. They want to build you, they want to resource you, and they want to see you succeed in your walk as you follow Jesus. – Daniel Smenes

 I attended the Evangelism Bootcamp at Christ For All Nations in the year 2020, the very first class. I want to just say that it was a great honor for myself to have learned really great tips on mass crusade evangelism from Dr. King. He taught us on how to fundraise, how to preach, how to use stories, how to use illustrations in mass crusade preaching, and that really helped me. So I just want to say thank you to evangelist King for coming to the bootcamp and for teaching us. I really appreciate that and it really touched my life. Thank you so much. – Roselyn Ayeola

I am a recent graduate from the Christ For All Nations Evangelism Bootcamp and Evangelist Daniel King was one of my instructors. I just want to say that when he came and he taught our class, what he gave us was so practical on how to start an evangelist ministry. He gave good tips on how to preach the Gospel, how to share your faith, and he gave us resources to take with us. I’m super excited to look back over my notes. I just know that I’m going to be taking the things I learned in his class with me for the rest of my life. The resources that he gave us are so valuable, so I just want to tell you to invest your time to really take from evangelist Daniel King what he has – his experience being a crusade evangelist has so much to offer and what I learned from him will last me for the rest of my life. – Rachel Smith

 Daniel King was one of my teachers at the bootcamp teaching us on evangelism. This was very practical and very detailed. He’s even given us his notes which I still have on my laptop to this very day. They’re going to help me for years to come. He goes into very specific detail. There are many questions that people don’t answer, but Daniel King answered many of the questions that I had in terms of ministry, starting your ministry, and living through your ministry. He’s been incredible. In fact, he was even the preacher in our city. He’s a very down-to-earth person. He likes spending time with people. He’s just a very good guy to be with and learn from. So I would encourage you to take everything from Daniel King that he has to offer. He’s very experienced, he’s been in ministry for a long time. You cannot go wrong with him. I endorse him and I encourage you to listen to him. – Jay Smith

While I was at the evangelism bootcamp, Dr. King came to teach our class. We learned so much from him, it was incredible. Then he came here to join us in Aringa and he preached to the crowds on the first night and on the last night, so he bookended the crusade. It was incredible. We saw people saved, healed, and delivered. It was fantastic. – Abby Macaskill

I would just like to recommend my friend Daniel King and his materials, his books, his podcast, and the things that he does. He has such a heart for souls and for people and for Jesus most of all. He is an inspiration to me and he has been an inspiration to my family and I’m so grateful to call him one of my good friends. I encourage you to check out his material. You can see him on YouTube, you can check out his books on Amazon, and I encourage you to see what Daniel is doing and be a partner with him. – Garth Peterson

I’ve been so blessed by the evangelism podcast. If you haven’t heard it, tell your friends about it, and you will feel – not only feel, but be a part of an encounter that God will just give to you through this podcast. It’s going to be powerful. – Philip Renner

 I want to encourage you to go look at Daniel King Ministries and begin to partner with him. He’s an amazing man and an amazing evangelist. I’m here to tell you today that you will not regret sewing in, praying with, and believing and standing with his ministry each and every day. – Joshua Freeman

We’ve had Daniel King down with us before and his wife Jessica, and we just wanted to recommend Daniel as an evangelist. He’s called as an evangelist and we’ve known Daniel for many years. We’ve known his parents for many years. We were in mission school with him, and he’s a young man of integrity, he and his wife Jessica. Any of you who are considering an evangelistic crusade, Daniel’s a man who moves in the Word of God, moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and we encourage you to just to step out, invite him, and let the Lord move. It’s tremendous to see God at work through His called ones and His equipped ones and Daniel is one of those evangelists. – Duane & Sue Kershner

Daniel King is working all over the world to see people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and we want to recommend him to you. Get involved with him and get connected with him because he is doing great and mighty things for the kingdom of God. Put souls in your goals wherever you go and be a part of Daniel King Ministries. We also want to mention his lovely wife Jessica; what a wonderful team. We want to encourage you, if you want to learn more about winning souls, if you want to be a part of this in-time harvest, they’re the ones that you need to get connected to. – David & Donna Blanchard

We had invited Dr. Daniel King to speak and it was such a powerful time. The church really had a blessed time. We heard the Gospel, we heard the importance of evangelism, it was really powerful. I just recommend you pastor, invite Dr. Daniel King over. You and your people will be greatly blessed. – Pastor Emanuel Rusu

I have known evangelist Daniel King since I was 12 years old. I met him at an event in Costa Rica, at a TL Osborne evangelist seminar, and let me tell you something – that experience really inspired me. He blessed me, and when I saw Daniel at his young age serving the Lord, he really inspired me to serve the Lord as well. Both Daniel and I have been serving the Lord as young evangelists for many years, and I’ve been encouraged by his journey, watching all the miracles and the things that God has done in the last few decades in his ministry. So I want to encourage you to connect with him and check out his evangelism materials. – Alejandro Arias

I am very excited to be recommending Daniel to you. He took me from a zero to a hero. He’s been one of my first tutors in Bible School. He has walked alongside me and mentored my ministry till we were reaching the hundreds, till we were reaching the thousands, and now we are reaching hundreds of thousands of people in East Africa. Thank you, Daniel. Your ministry, your training, your heart and passion are excellent and you are a great reason for our success. So I wholeheartedly recommend anybody to come on board with what Daniel is doing, to join his training programs. You will be blessed and it will set you up for success. – Russell Abbot

I’ve been supporting Daniel for probably five or six years. We started supporting him and his wife years ago after we got to know them; after we saw the fruit of their ministry, and we continue to support them because we feel that they are good ground, and of course, they have a heart for the lost. Daniel’s a great husband and a great father, he cares about his family, but of course, he cares about what he’s called to do and he has sacrificed his life to make sure that he’s fulfilling the call of God. So I would strongly encourage supporting his ministry. As I said, they are very good ground. – Ryan Lawrence

I’m a student at the Christ For All Nations evangelism boot camp. Over the past couple of days, we have had the pleasure of having evangelist Daniel King here and he shared with us life lessons that money cannot buy. We have learned tips on ministries, setting goals, achieving those goals, and above all else, how to do crusades for God. So in Jesus’ name, be blessed, and we thank you evangelist Daniel King for tips that money simply could not buy. – Amina Claasen

 I’m so excited to see you and Ghana is waiting for you. Daniel, you are invited to come to Ghana. We need you, African enterprise, we need to work with you. Please come. – Ben Sachie

I want to encourage you to listen to The Evangelist Podcast with Daniel King. – Bryce Kwant

 I’m here at the CFAN evangelism boot camp. The last few days, I’ve been learning from evangelist Daniel King, and it’s just been amazing the wealth of knowledge he has; all these practical skills. I’ve got two books here with me – How to Grow Your Church and How to Raise Money for Your Ministry – as well as so many other things. So if you are an aspiring evangelist, I highly encourage you to check out Daniel King at King Ministries. He is just a wealth of knowledge and one of the only people in the world who has a doctorate degree in mass crusade evangelism. – Daniel Webster

 I’m here to recommend my brother-in-Christ, evangelist Daniel King. He’s such a humble man of God, and my brothers and my sisters, if you have a heart for Jesus, if you have a heart to reach people in your area, this is the man to go to. He had so many lessons and so many things. I want to encourage you to get in touch with him – go to his website. It’s called King Ministries. You will be amazed by the things that he will teach you. So I request you partner with this ministry. Find them online and you can donate as little as one dollar. So help him to reach people for Jesus Christ and he will help you to reach people for Jesus Christ. – Deepak Holkar

What I received today from Daniel King and his teaching at our evangelism boot camp was so powerful and so practical. I’ve been trying to teach people what he’s doing. He put it all into a list of 350 things. I’m telling you, it’s so practical. You need to get on board because it’s a to-do list, it’s an action plan for getting your ministry started. Don’t we wish we had that at the beginning! It would have saved us a lot. We really really highly recommend Daniel King and his teaching on how to evangelize and how to be an evangelist. Listen up, you’ll learn a lot. – Lloyd and Marie Tsuruda

 I know Daniel King and I recommend you listen to The Evangelism Podcast. – Marc Randall

I’m here at the boot camp, Christ For All Nations, and we had the privilege and honor of hearing from evangelist Daniel King. Through these couple of days, it’s been awesome because we’re learning the practical steps of how to start a ministry. You know, many people, they don’t have the opportunities and they don’t get to hear how different ministers start their evangelism ministry. They’re lost, you know. Especially us, when we’re starting out, we’re like, “What’s the next steps? What do we do? How do we get connected with people?” And evangelist King really puts that in practical steps. He really puts it in just these visual steps of how to do it and it’s such a blessing because it’s just free. It’s a free giveaway and he’s helping the body of Christ, and that’s what I honor about him and his ministry. He’s helping younger evangelists to get raised up and grow in their gift, you know, and it’s such a blessing and honor to hear from these kinds of people, especially from this ministry, and it’s definitely a blessing. There’s so much more that I could talk about that I learned over these past couple of days, but I may just probably take too long. But it’s definitely a blessing and it’s really just an honor to receive from this kind of man of God. – Mark Andreak

I’m here at CFAN boot camp in Orlando, Florida, and we had the honor to receive from evangelist Daniel King. It was a powerful time together with the students. We all really received a lot of different information, but there was a lot of knowledge, and a lot of keys that were given to us that a lot of people really don’t talk about when starting a ministry. A lot of evangelists out there want to start ministries, but there’s so much headache and pain and all of these difficulties when you’re starting it off. We really enjoyed receiving all the information, not just with love, but all the information with that evangelistic fire. We got the whole list of how to start a ministry and it’s definitely helping many of us, but one thing that I personally received is just the way that Daniel King carries honor for the different pastors and the different churches that he visits – just remaining pure and keeping your motives pure when traveling when ministering. You know, making it about relationships with these different leaders and pastors, not just to go and speak or not just to go and receive an offering like many people do in today’s time. – Mark Moroseph

I’m here with a best friend of mine, Daniel King, and I’m telling you guys, if you have not connected with his podcast, you should get connected because I’m gonna tell you – not only that it will bless you but I know it will bless others. Trust me, this man of God is doing great work and he’s using the technology that Jesus saw a long time ago when he told the disciples to go to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel. There were no airlines, there was no Facebook, there was no Instagram, but He knew it was coming. So you need to check him out on the podcast. It will bless you. – Mark Young

 I’m a student here at CFAN boot camp and what Daniel King has taught us in the last couple days is priceless. Literally, you cannot purchase it. It’s practical – we need the practical. We don’t always need the spiritual, but we definitely need the practical. The evangelists and the ministers just starting out – we need to know the hows, the whys, and the how comes, and how to do and how to implement and that’s what he’s done. This is priceless. It’s like he’s a walking encyclopedia. He’s filled with so much knowledge, it’s going to take me a couple of months to unpack it all. If you ever have a chance, dive in and hold your breath because it’s like water coming out of a faucet. – Pamela Coons

I had the privilege to have this school with Daniel King – he’s coming to our boot camp. He taught us how a simple Gospel is where it is. It’s a simple Gospel. Don’t confuse the matter, just make it simple. He taught us the steps, and you just follow those steps and you follow the Holy Spirit as well and you’ll begin to see the harvest. You’ll tend to see great harvest, actually, and you’ll begin to see that you can do it with just the simple steps of the Gospel presentation. – Evangelist Peter Elijah

 I’m a part of the CFAN evangelism boot camp and I’m telling you right now, if you are looking for the best evangelism training, Daniel King is your man. The wealth of information he brings to the table is bar none, hands down the best you’ll ever find. Contact Daniel King right now if you’re looking for that evangelism training. Go now! Hurry up! – Tamika Green

I’ve been hanging out with Daniel and I’ve been so inspired. I remember that verse, you know, iron sharpens iron. If you want to learn how to evangelize, how to share your faith, and be inspired, hang around this piece of iron. He will really sharpen you and teach you how to evangelize. My friend, Daniel King, is the best at what he does. – Evangelist Wesley Paul

I was a student at Christ For All Nations boot camp and I first heard Daniel King when he came and spoke to us. He talked about how to start your own ministry and gave us a spreadsheet of all the details included and I’m so grateful for everything that he’s given me. Then we came here and I did an internship, and his wife has just been pouring into me and giving me information about different aspects of having a family as a minister or being a wife and just being an evangelist. So i’m so grateful for Daniel and King ministries and everything they’ve given me. – Abigail Hines

Daniel King came to CFAN boot camp and he taught us many practical things. One of the things I learned from Daniel was the fact that he taught us about other revivalists like John Wesley, DL Moddy, Jonathan Edwards, and all of these great men of God that used to preach the Gospel. Other things that I learned from Daniel were how to evangelize, how to preach the Gospel, and he wrote a couple books that he gave us for free. One of the books he gave us – How to Book Speaking Engagements – I love that book, I read it myself. It’s very practical and very useful, especially if I want to preach at different churches. Other books that he gave us and offered us, other material, I just devoured it, I soaked it in. I learned so much from Daniel and I’m so thankful that he came to boot camp. – Roman Nechay

I’m launching a new ministry called Love Ministries International and Reverend Dr. Daniel King has been helping me to launch this and guiding me and mentoring me and I’m so grateful to him. He’s a wonderful servant of God, thank you so much for helping. – Pastor Sei Touthang

I’m a friend of Daniel King and he’s an excellent friend and ministry partner. I want to encourage you, really, to listen to his evangelist podcast. It encouraged me also a lot. It will help you in your ministry, it will give encouragement, it will fire up more passion in you to continue your ministry and your ministry can become much better. – Roland Bartl

 I attended the CFAN evangelism boot camp in the spring of 2021 and let me tell you, it was life-changing. One of the special guests, evangelists, and teachers that we had was Daniel King, and we learned so much about building your own ministry and budgeting. We learned a lot about booking speaking engagements in churches, and I honestly feel like I am equipped to go back into my own city or even use that information while I’m in the field in Africa and other nations to put those things into practice. So I feel like I have more knowledge on how to be an evangelist in the area that I need to be in but also I’ve grown as a person and it has matured me as a person. So I definitely recommend this ministry and I’m so grateful that Daniel King was one of my teachers that came. – Sarah Nyanzi

“I’ve been friends with Daniel King for decades. Daniel has been in the forefront of sharing Jesus with people internationally for as long as I have known him. If you want to help him financially, befriend him, support him. I wholeheartedly endorse Daniel King.” – David Kulolec

“I have been a friend of Daniel King and King Ministries for many years. We have been supporting him as he has been having mass crusades to unreached people groups all over the world. I encourage you to make a sacrificial gift and support him on a monthly basis.” Aaron Antillon – Legacy Leadership Academy

Today we had such a great opportunity to be interviewed by Daniel King on The Evangelism Podcast. Do watch it; it’s so good. – Daniel & Carmen Hale

Me and my husband have been supporting Daniel and Jessica for many years. They are good, trusted friends of ours. They are doing work all over the world and really sacrificing to spread the Gospel. They love doing it and the light really shines through them. I just really encourage you to also come on board and support them and their work so they can continue their work and they can grow their work. – Simone Puccinelli

I’m here with my friend Daniel King and I just want to give a plug for his work in ministry and in evangelism. I probably first met Daniel a number of years ago in another country and he was telling me about how he helped evangelize; worked to evangelize Belize in a day which caught my attention because I have a home down there and I just appreciate his heart for leading people to Christ. – Lewis Alexander

We are partnering with Daniel King and King Ministries to go out and reach the lost – Ben King-  The Circuit Riders

 I’m Anne Christiansen, and I’m so thankful to be in Tulsa, and I’m in a place now that I am so thankful to be. I am with Daniel King and his family, Stephan and I together, and we highly recommend Daniel and the ministry that God has given him. I mean, we’ve been knowing Daniel for many, many years now, and we’re standing together in the harvest. These are the days when we have to link together and stand together. And we’re so thankful if Daniel would ever consider even starting coming to Europe. We’ll see, he’s around the world, he’s in every place, but maybe he will even consider coming to Europe. We would really recommend Daniel to come, and we really recommend Daniel for the European church. We need the Gospel in Europe and we need strong evangelists. We don’t have too many of them, but this is the time for the re-evangelism of Europe, so we really recommend Daniel King Ministries also to really make his footprint on European soil and win many, many Europeans for the Kingdom of God. – Anne & Stephen Christiansen, Jesus Church, Jesus Revolution 

Hey, my name is Evangelist Ann Maria. I went to Bootcamp 2020 and Evangelist Daniel King was my instructor, and it was so good. It was so amazing. I learned so much from this man that here I am going around the world and preaching the gospel. I invite you to join us, do the work. God bless you. – Evangelist Ann Maria 

My first ever mission trip, I was a young man, I was so on fire for souls, and I felt the Lord tell me, like, I’m very called to mass crusades and everything. So I preached for a man of God in the Dominican Republic. His name was Pastor Fernando Fleming. And he told me, well, if you feel called to mass crusades, let me show you a man of God that I know personally. So he showed me days worth of film on crusades from Evangelist Daniel King in Haiti and the Dominican Republic because I feel called to the Caribbean. So he showed me all of the Crusades from, you know, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I would not stop watching that. Even this year, that was a long time ago, your crusades over there, yeah. And just, I mean ever since I was a young man, just watching your film, everything on the crusades in Haiti, miracles and all of that. And that film, all of those films encouraged a young 15 year old to go into the world. – Evangelist Jeremiah Ferrufino

Hello, friends. I’m Slava Golovatyuk from Solid Rock Mission. Two years ago, I went to boot camp in Orlando, and Daniel King was teaching there. And it’s amazing what God is doing now in Ukraine. We’re doing fire camps. We’re preaching the Gospel. From the age of 12, we’re raising up disciples. And we’re going to the front lines where there’s war, where there’s destruction  we’re bringing the message of hope. We’re also bringing physical food, but most important, spiritual food, salvation to people. And revival is taking place. – Evangelist Slavik Golovatyuk, Solid Rock Mission 

Hello, my name is Manuel Guardado. I am from the country of Belize. In 2017, I had the blessing to meet Daniel King from King Ministries. We did the Festival of Hope in different cities of our country, nine to be exact. I will recommend you to invite Daniel King to your nation. If you have not been working with Daniel King, I invite you to be a part of the ministry in different kinds of ways. I have worked with Daniel. Daniel is a man of integrity, loves the Lord and loves the souls. Please be a part of King Ministries. Blessings. – Manual Guardado, Belize 

 Hi, this is Zach Linton with Overflow Ministries, and I just would like to give a shoutout to a friend of mine named Daniel King. He’s an evangelist. He’s been traveling the world preaching the Word of God for over a decade now, and he and I have known each other through various evangelistic networks, such as the Palau Association. If you’re looking to get trained in how to share your faith, how to pray for the sick, and you have a heart for ministry and missions, I’d like to encourage you, check out his resources. His ministry is doing work all over the earth, and it’s a great place for you to plug in. – Zac Linton, Overflow Ministries 

 Hello, I am Dr. Ladonna Osborn. Yes, I’m the daughter of Drs. T.L. and Daisy Osborne, and I am a friend, a personal friend, of Dr. Daniel King, his family. We are in cooperation together for the sake of evangelism. I love their ministry. Daniel was a friend of my father and had a lot of time and discussion, and I can see through his ministry that the influence of my father’s priorities have been invested in him. Daniel, we love you. We believe in your ministry. Everywhere you go, Jesus is seen. – LaDonna Osborn, Osborn Ministries International 

Hi, I’m Beat Baumann working with Go Movement based in Switzerland and I’m amazed that we can partner together with Daniel King, working together to mobilize and equip believers to share the good news, but also working together to see masses hearing the gospel. And I really recommend you the Evangelist podcast.Just subscribe today. It’s good to be encouraged, to be updated and inspired. You will hear best practice so you can apply in your own life and ministry. Beat Baumann, The Go Movement 

Hey guys, my name is Nick Hurst. I’m a young evangelist. I love Jesus. And if you love Jesus, I want to tell you the guy that you should be following is Daniel King and his ministry that he has been doing for a long time. He is a man of God. He loves Jesus and he is the real deal. You know, some years ago, I came across Daniel’s content scouring YouTube, which I’ve been on for quite a number of years. I’ve got to tell you the immediate thing that stuck out to me was Daniel’s ability to share the story and not only a story, but the story and how it connects to Jesus. I believe a master storyteller is someone who has the ability to bring an audience in, connect them and then point them to hope. I’ve got to tell you, Daniel is a master at that. I look up to him in so many ways, and I know that you will too. I hope that you’ll get connected and I hope that you’ll learn as a young person, a middle-aged person, or even an older person from all the valuable insights and all the valuable years that he has given to Jesus and the things that he’s learned along the way. –  Evangelist Nick Hurst 

Hey, what’s up, man? This is DJ Mose from Nairobi, Kenya, and I work with a ministry called Kubamba. And I want to say thank you so much for listening to the Evangelism podcast. You know, Daniel is doing an amazing job and, keep encouraging him, you know, follow, subscribe to his podcast. And why don’t you encourage him to make sure that he comes back to Nairobi, Kenya. We go around different high schools and universities just sharing the gospel with the young people because I do believe that he has something for this generation, so go ahead and challenge him to come back here. Support him. Push him. Kick him out. Tell him to come. – D.J. Moz, Kumbamba 

Hey, I’m Tom Miyashiro from Faith to Faith Ministries and I’m super excited to be part of Daniel King’s ministry, being on his podcast. And I want to extend the same invitation to you to get connected to what he’s doing. He’s doing so many amazing things to reach young people with the Gospel. But not only that. He sees the value of raising up evangelists of the next generation. So if you’re a young person, Gen Z or younger, and you want to get involved with sharing the gospel, and you want to learn from a seasoned evangelist, get connected to Daniel King, King Ministries – Tom Miyashiro, Faith to Faith Ministries

My name is Brandon Bartz, and I just finished an internship with Daniel King at King Ministries International. If you want to develop as an effective evangelist, I highly recommend being an intern. And I have learned so much about evangelism from Daniel King. From simple ways to share the gospel, to creative ways to share the gospel, and just being bold in outreach. So much to learn from Daniel, and I highly recommend learning everything you can from him. – Brandon Bartz

 I’m Lucian Mustata from Romania. I’m leading one of the largest Christian festival crusades from Romania, from East Europe, and I would love and am excited to invite Daniel King, to be one of our preachers and evangelists to help us to do this ministry in the other level. We are very happy with our friendships. I think nothing is accidental and we’re praying our friendship will help us to do this ministry together. We are inviting Daniel to be one of our Christian preachers and evangelists in our ministry. – Lucian Mustata

Hey, I’m Reggie Van Dinter. I’m an evangelist and the founder of ARM International Ministries and I’ve just had the privilege to be part of the Evangelism Podcast with Daniel King. So I want to encourage you, if you want evangelism material, evangelism resources and want to be equipped to reach, you know, the nations with the Gospel, I want you to listen to the Evangelism Podcast with Daniel King. – Reggie Van Dinter 

What are Pastors Saying About Inviting Daniel King to Minister?

This is Dr. Moses Muguro, a pastor in Kenya, Africa, and yesterday we received Dr. King, Daniel King, into our church and he ministered to us on Obed Edom. My goodness, that was a powerful message. The Lord ministered to us, my leadership, this morning. This was Monday, they told me. We have never had him before.This was powerful and he took us step by step. The Lord bless you, Evangelist Daniel King, and welcome to Kenya on behalf of my church, my leadership. My church is called All Nation Gospel Church PEFA, Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa. Dr. King, I want you to know you are welcome. We love you. We appreciated you. – Moses Muguro, pastor of All Nation Gospel Church in Kenya 

I just wanted to say that we invited Daniel King and the King Ministries to be here with us and Daniel and his wife Jessica and Caleb and Katie-Grace have been here with us for the past three days and we have had a wonderful time with them. The Lord has been so present and we just thank God and praise Him for their wonderful ministry in our midst. They truly have brought revival to us. – Pastor Serene Samuel, United Methodist Church

We invited Daniel King Ministries to come and participate in the revival for the town and minister to the people of our community in our county and he is bold, clear, and unashamed in his message. He was such a blessing to have come and we recommend him highly to anyone who wants to have him come and share the love of God in Christ. – Pastor J.B. Sikes, First Christian Church

We have just finished up a wonderful three days of a revival here in Burwell and Daniel King in King Ministries was a huge part of that. We had several people come to faith in Jesus Christ and he taught us how to share Christ with others. It was just a great experience and so I’d highly recommend their ministry.”  – Pastor Joel Wentworth, Burwell Baptist Church

I want to say how much I love and appreciate Daniel King and Daniel King Ministries. All that this man and his ministry is doing to reach souls for Jesus around the world – it’s remarkable. He is a valuable tool and a weapon in God’s hands in the kingdom and our church. We love him so much. We’ve had him minister for us. We support him monthly and are so excited to do so because he is good ground. He’s a powerful man of God and if you’re a pastor I want to encourage you. Your church can be a part of a global harvest and I would encourage you to reach out to Daniel in his ministry. Have him come and minister at your church and speak into the lives of your people and I would also encourage you to support him monthly to help him go around the world and continue to do a great work for the kingdom of God. – Brad Sullivan

What are Pastors Saying about Evangelist Daniel King and His Gospel Festivals?

I would like to, from the depths of my heart, sincerely say thank you to evangelist Daniel King. I’m very very grateful for your teachings. Your sessions were very very encouraging. Thank you for coming to my country at a time like this. There is serious need in my nation for us to spread the Gospel to the rural areas. You came as far as Pendembu and Kailuang, hundreds of miles away from freedom, to help us understand the Gospel and spread it. I say thank you to you, to your family, and to all those who supported you to be in Sierra Leone. My sincere thanks go to all of them. Thank you very much for coming to my country. I pray you will come again. – Mark Sesay

I’ve been organizing the crusade here in Iringa and I thank God so much because it has been very effective. The result is very encouraging. We have about 15 thousand converts. One of the preachers in this crusade was evangelist Daniel King and I really loved his ministry to the extent that I just want to invite him to Tabora. I’ll be willing to organize a big crusade there because he’s a man of the Word of God. He can really teach and come to simplicity so that every person can understand. He uses illustrations in his preaching and God is using him in a very mighty way with miracles. So I just want to say he’s the man of the hour, he’s the man of the season. I thank God for him. Thank you very much. – Bishop Paul

This week we had a very good crusade. Daniel King was a very good, powerful preacher, a very good one and we enjoyed it with him. Maybe he will come again and preach in Tanzania, especially in our town near Iringa. People, more than 15 thousand, they have decided to follow Jesus. So it was a very powerful crusade and we loved it and we are just looking for another crusade if they could come, it will be good to see them. – Bishop from Tanzania Assembly of God

I serve at the Kihesa T.A.G. church and I was one of the interpreters of Pastor Daniel King. I really enjoyed working with him and the meeting was so good. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was there. People got their healing and infilling of the power of the Holy Ghost. We had many many people – thousands of people were there listening to Mr. King preaching and other preachers as well. We really enjoy, especially myself, I enjoy working with Mr. King and I would like if possible for him to come back again, especially to our area, Iringa Tanzania. – Pastor Haggai

I thank God that we have had a very good crusade and in that crusade, I was chairperson of the board of advisors and the executive committee. Actually, the crusade has had very good impact on our ministerial work here in Iringa. We have seen many people be excited to come and hear the Word of God. Most of them were healed and were committing their lives to Jesus, so I thank God for that. I think that if this goes on, many people, perhaps most of the people in Iringa, may come to Jesus Christ. Daniel King was the first preacher at the conference and many people were actually excited. That’s why the next day, there were many people because they wanted to hear him again. It was very nice. Not just that, but many people were healed. So we understand that God was in work through the ministry of His servant, Daniel King. – Bishop in the Anglican Church

I want to thank God about what Daniel King has done. He was teaching us about discipleship and he told us don’t be a sitter but a goer. So you have to go out and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that people can come to Jesus Christ. So I got that message from Daniel King and it was so interesting and I believe that God is going to do amazing things through this message. Starting from now, I’m not a sitter, I’m a goer. – Pastor in Balaka, Malawi

I want to say thank you to Daniel King. We saw you preaching and you told us a lot of things. The conference was so empowered – what you taught – and I’m sure that I was, myself as a person and my fellow workers in God’s vineyard together with those who gathered there, we learned something that will help us to run the business of our Lord Jesus Christ and that’s soul winning, in as far as soul winning is concerned here in Malawi. So I did appreciate what Daniel did here in Balaka. I saw you and I can testify that you are a leader and a powerful man of God thank you very much. – Methodist Pastor in Malawi

Thank you, Daniel King, for coming to Malawi. Now I am happy indeed with your ministry. – Baptist Pastor in Balaka, Malawi

Thank you Daniel King for coming to Malawi with your friends. We have really enjoyed working together with you. It was a blessing. May the good lord continue blessing you. – Pastor in Balaka, Malawi

We had the privilege of having Dr. Daniel King in our church. He was the trainer of pastors in the meetings that we had and right now I just want to say – Dr. Daniel King, thank you for coming. Your teachings and the illustrations you used in all those classes have made the message to leave with the people – leave along the message on the three voices – the voice from hell that says, “Don’t come here,” the voice from the heathen that says, “Cross over here and teach us the Word,” and again the voice from heaven that says, “Go ye and make disciples.” I tell you, that was so close-cutting and the maximization of everything. Daniel King, please come again. We need you for more discipleship trainings and a lot of impartment. In our church, we need you for a week-long revival on how you can empower and move us through the evangelism circles. We learned about evangelism by using diagrams. I tell you, that is something new to me. So thank you, Daniel King, for coming, and may God continue to use you in the nations of the world. – Apostle Andrew in Malawi

Thank God for Daniel King who came here in Luchenza particularly. He was one of the main preachers on the crusade and, by the grace of God, I was the interpreter for him. He preached so powerfully and we saw the mighty hand of the Lord upon the people. We enjoyed with his ministry and we saw the people and how they responded to his preaching and there were so many souls that have come to the Lord and received Christ. We thank God for this man of God. He’s so humble and he preaches the Gospel in a simple way, whereby people will be able to understand and can capture the entire story. We thank God for this man of God. We thank God for his life and for his family and everybody who is behind him. – Apostle in Luchenza, Malawiv

My name is Bishop Mike. My church is Hope of Glory Christian Pentecostal church here in Mulanje, Malawi. We think God for what he has done during the Love Malawi Festival. It was amazing. It was powerful. We saw God moving in the midst of us. We have a learned a lot how to win souls, to reach out to people, and also to be so courageous to know that the gospel has the power to save. Because during the festivals we saw sex workers coming and surrender their lives to Jesus. The bar owners coming and surrendering their lives to Jesus. It was so amazing. And some of them have started coming to our churches…To my church. They started coming and they have given their life to Jesus. It was so powerful. We are encouraged as ministers, knowing that really the harvest is plenteous, and the laborers are few. So we have been helped that we can go and reach out to the souls and preach the gospel. And this Love Malala Festival, it has brought in revival to our areas because our areas are no longer the same. Everyone is speaking about the revivals and speaking about coming to Jesus and is speaking about “How can I grow spiritually?” And this is amazing. We thank God for what God has done through Love Malawi. God bless you. God bless you. Thank you so much. – Bishop Mike from Mulanje, Malawi

Thank you, Pastor Daniel King, for coming and preaching in Luchenza and the entire team. Yes, we thank the Lord for your preaching. We know that God has given in you a burden to reach more people. We have seen the way you have been teaching and sharing the Word of God with the people. Continue to visit us. Continue to equip us. May the Lord richly bless you and continue to bless you so that you have to reach others also. We need to extend this kingdom of God together. Yes, it is written in the book of Matthew chapter nine verse thirty-seven that the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. So your coming has equipped us so that we have to teach others also. Thank you so much brother Daniel. – Apostle Livingstone from Malawi

Thank you, Daniel, for coming to Luchenza. You have been a blessing to us here at Luchenza. Your message has equipped us, has encouraged, and has changed us. Our spiritual status indeed has come up because of your teaching. Thank you for what you are doing. Please, please come again here at Luchenza so that we can be also blessed indeed. Thank you. – Kingdom Life Christian Church

Thank you Daniel King for coming to minister to us. You’ve gone to most of our towns in Malawi to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ you’ve been to Mzuzu, you’ve been to Luchenza, Balaka, and many others preaching the Gospel. We are very very thankful and people are excited with the way they’ve been ministered to during your time in Malawi. Thank you, thank you. – Francis Mkandawire, Evangelical Association of Malawi 

Daniel King is an amazing evangelist. Yesterday he preached the Gospel at the pulpit and many of them got saved and the same day – he’s so energetic – he preached the Gospel to the pastors. The pastors got to be reawakened and they know their purpose. I myself got to know that I am supposed to be preaching the Gospel and not just singing but preaching the Gospel to each and everyone. Whoever we are, we are in search for souls and God wants us to have souls and it’s always good to win souls and that’s all. Daniel King, I want to thank you so much for everything. God bless you. Love Malawi, one Uganda, one Africa, one everything reunited for Jesus. – Artist from Uganda

 Last night, my heart was so touched and blessed as I listened to evangelist Daniel King. Man, he preached the Word of God with passion, with zeal, with excitement. He captured the hearts of men and women here in Africa. He’s a great evangelist. He’s a man of God. I love his humility and integrity. He’s given to preaching the simple Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I beg you, listen to his podcast and, if you can, stand with him, support him, pray for him, and do whatever you can. He is blessing millions of people here in the continent of Africa and I recommend him to you. This is a man of Yahweh and I pray that we stand with him and pray for him and support the work that he’s doing for the kingdom of God and God will bless you. – Dr. Stephen Mutua, Kenya 

“I want to tell you about Rev. Daniel King. Great evangelistic ministry reaching out to million of souls. I encourage you to listen to his podcast.” – Oladele Isola, Pastor from Nigeria 

 I want to thank evangelist Daniel King for coming to Kemba and to make this great crusade. I praise God and I thank evangelist Daniel King. – Pastor from Kemba, Ethiopia

 Please, Daniel King, come for a pastoral conference and crusade to do with us. God bless you. – Lako Bedasso, Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers 

 Thank you evangelist Daniel. We are happy that you came to Kemba for a crusade. We are very very happy. – Rev. Isak Daniel

What are people saying about Daniel King’s books?

I am so excited to tell you that we’ve been sitting here under the ministry of Dr. Daniel King. He’s been sharing with us about the healing power of Jesus and we’ve learned that there are many ways that Jesus ministered healing: with the laying of hands, speaking the Word; Jesus was full of compassion and He is the peacemaker, He is the healer, and He lives and dwells in us. So I encourage you to take time to read this book and learn for yourself how to minister healing like Jesus did. – Patricia

 Today, Daniel King came and taught us about the healing and the miracles of Jesus, and it really touched my heart because he taught in such a way that was so easy to understand. So I’m just really excited to read his book and I can’t wait to get into it and learn more from him. – Kira

Today, I got to sit under the ministry of Dr. King and he was teaching us about, you know, Jesus’ ministry on the earth, how He went about preaching, healing, and teaching everywhere he went. So I just want to encourage you – a lot of times, you know, the healing gets left out of that but Dr. King just really stirred our faith today to believe God to perform His Word. So I just want to encourage you, if you’ve not operated ever before in healing and seeing people get healed, then I want to encourage you to read his book Healing Power because it’ll really stir your faith to believe God to perform His Word and to be part of that threefold ministry of Jesus that you go about preaching, teaching, and healing; that you bring the very essence of God everywhere you go. – Eliana

I’m very excited about my friend Daniel King. He’s so prolific. He keeps writing best-selling books and he’s spoken in over 70 countries, so follow him. He’s got great content. His podcast, The Evangelism Podcast, it’s just a resource; a toolbox for people that want to be involved in changing the world for the better. – Michael D. Butler

I have the book, The Power of the Seed by Daniel King and I love it. It’s powerful; you should get it. – The Power of the Seed Endorsement

Hey, my name is Pastor Joseph Wilson. I am from India. I’m so excited to speak to you today. You know what? I was going through the roughest time of my life. My life was broken. I had no vision. I had no life. I had no one to guide me or tell me. At such a point of time, I wanted to die. I wanted to give away my life.

But God touched me, God changed my life, and He gave me a future, He gave me a vision and a hope. When I received that word, I began to pray. And I was praying, you know what happened? In one of the conferences, a great evangelist came to India in 2007, November the 11th, I still remember. November the 11th, when he was speaking in a conference with more than 500 people. I was sitting on the first row, when I was seeking, he was speaking about a book, Obed Edom, and when he was speaking the life of Obed Edom, it was fascinating, from where to where God brought Obed Edom, it’s listed in the book. And when he was preaching, he just saw me, the word of the Lord came to me through that man of God, and this is what that man of God said: Joseph, your story has not finished yet!

And that word blessed me tremendously and I said, Lord, come on. And that’s the new beginning of my life. And that is how the Lord has been faithful in my life, taking me from the uttermost parts of my life, from brokenness to the place where I am right now: Preaching the gospel, planting the churches, raising up young people, having a vision to reach 1.4 billion people. That’s my life. 

I tell you my story is not finished yet. And even I want to tell you, that man has been blessed tremendously. And that man is none other else than Dr. Daniel King, who came to India, left everything, sacrificed. preached the Gospel, raised up young people like me, planted the churches through his thousands of crusades. Thousands, millions of people gave their life to Jesus.

When I saw him, I was influenced so much and his word impacted my life and I want to tell you because of his life. His word, today, I’m so inspired to do what I am called to do. My friends, I want to tell you, this book blessed me so much. It gave me a hope. It gave me courage. It gave me strength. It gave me so much energy to do what I am called to do.

And I tell you, the prophetic word that I received in 2007, continues even till today, step by step, and this book speaks about those prophecies. This book speaks about the process that God would take one man. I am the perfect example. I’m telling you, my life is never the same. I encourage you to get this book.

I have this book as a gift that from mighty man of God, Daniel King. He is such a wonderful man, releases the treasures. You might have never heard about Obed Edom, who he was, but I tell you, your life is very close to him. Get this book. Get to know Dr. Daniel King. Your life will never be the same. I want to tell you this statement.

My story has not finished yet. Neither your story will finish. Believe in the Lord. Get to know this book. Your life will never be the same. Thank you. I’m thankful for Dr. Daniel King doing crusades in India. I am one of the products of his crusade. You know, began my life as a broken one, but now being part of his kingdom and being a friend with Dr. Daniel is such a blessing. Friends, God bless you. This is my life where I say my story is not finished yet. – Pastor Joseph Wilson, India 

My name is Dr. Jim Burkett, and I’m very excited about commending to you,  for not only your spiritual growth, but also equipping you in terms of how do I share the gospel from a factual basis? How do I deal with doubts? How do I deal with my own doubts? And so, Dr. King has written this book, Proof God is for Real. I really encourage you, first of all, for your own benefit, and then sometimes, you’re going to encounter atheists, agnostics, or even a Christian who’s doubting saying, well, how can I know that Christianity is a factual faith? This is the book to get. And so, Daniel has written in a very understandable, in a very encouraging way, how you can give an answer like 1 Peter 3:15 says, be ready to give an answer of the hope that’s within you with meekness and reverence. So I encourage you, grab a copy of this right now. – Dr. Jim Burkett, Apologetics on Fire 

What are Listeners Saying About The Evangelism Podcast?

 I want to encourage you to listen to The Evangelism Podcast with Daniel King. It’s awesome. – Dave Gibson

I want to challenge you to listen to The Evangelism Podcast with Daniel King. – Greg Stier

I just want to encourage you to listen to The Evangelism Podcast with Daniel King. – Bill Sikma

Listen to Daniel King’s evangelism podcast! – Joel McGill

I encourage you to listen to The Evangelism Podcast with Daniel King. – David Schall

 If you would like to hear some incredibly exciting stories on evangelism, check out The Evangelism Podcast with Daniel King. – John Sorensen, Evangelism Explosion 

I’m here to recommend Daniel King’s evangelism podcast. What an awesome program that is to really get inspired and challenged for the great commission that Jesus Himself gave to us. So listen in! – Young Cho

We are here with evangelist Daniel King and we just finished his evangelism podcast. So I encourage you to listen to the experiences of what the Lord is doing throughout South America and throughout the world. I know that this is the time. If you’re an evangelist, if you are willing to go throughout the nations, I know that this podcast is going to be a blessing to your life. – Elias Annacondia

Hello, my name is Chagy. I’m so excited to be here on the Evangelism podcast with Daniel King. I hope you see it because you’re going to learn a lot. So see you soon. I’m the clown, Chagy the clown. See you later.  – Chagy the Clown

Hey guys, Scott McNamara here, founder of Jesus at the Door. I want to invite you to listen to the Evangelism Podcast with evangelist Daniel King. It’s going to bless you, it’s going to blow your mind, you’re going to be inspired and equipped. Check it out. – Scott McNamara, Jesus at the Door

Hi, my name is Giles Stephens. I’m an evangelist originally from England, but based in Brazil. We’re in the middle of a great move of God, and it’s been my pleasure to get to know Daniel King. And I know that his podcasts will really encourage you and edify you. If you dream of winning many multitudes for Christ, then you should tune in and glean the wisdom that you can from these podcasts. – Giles Stephens 

 Hi, my name is Hans Martin and I’m from Norway and I’m one of the leaders of Evidence of Faith in Norway and I’m part of the ACE Board and I want to encourage you to listen to the evangelism podcast with Daniel King. – Hans Martin, Evidence of Faith 

 My name is Harald Midland from Norway. I’m standing in Norway in the center of a mission in Norway. I have my book here it’s about the entire mission from 1960 until now. I recommend you to listen to the Evangelistic Podcast by Daniel King, and you will be inspired, you will be so touched, and you will be empowered to do the evangelism yourself. – Harald Midland, Norway

What are People Saying About Daniel King’s Evangelism Coaching?

I want to encourage you to join Daniel King. He is an incredible evangelist and whether you have never done evangelism or whether you’ve been doing it for the last 20 or 30 years, I believe that Daniel King has tools that could help you grow and develop in evangelism. The things that he shares are very simple, very clear, just like Jesus, and I want to encourage you to partner with him and have him out to be with you today. – Calvin Hunter

Brother Daniel went to Cuba with me three years ago. I was moved by the Holy Spirit to write a book about a tremendous jungle experience I had in Ecuador and I just couldn’t get the thing started. I spent time in Cuba day after day being coached by brother Daniel on how to put this book together – how to write the outline, how to design the cover – and he would meet with me, look at what I had put together, review it, and coordinate and make sure that it was correct. Now the book is finished, he has reviewed it, and I’m ready to send it to the publisher. I could not have done this without Daniel King and his professional experience and guidance through this. I recommend him if you have a book on your heart, the Lord is leading you to write a book, give Daniel a call. I believe he could help you too. – Lee Saalfeld

I’m at a ICFM conference with Daniel King. I went to the conference yesterday where he spoke and he talked about social media, which is really helpful for churches to understand how the system works. If you can understand how the system works, google then will put you on a higher platform and you’ll reach more people. Without that understanding in particular, you will not go very far. So it’s very beneficial. I felt that class yesterday was very beneficial to help me understand what google was looking for and some of the social media. I believe it would benefit you as a church. – Timothy

I got to attend a social media training with evangelist Daniel King and he did a great job teaching some practical things about how to increase your ministry’s impact on social media. So I’d highly recommend what he talked about. Being consistent – that was one of the things that I learned is every single day – it takes a lot of energy and a lot of effort but it’s worth it and he taught us that and we’re grateful. – James Biddle