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Spiritual Questions

The Power of Fasting

Have you ever desperately needed a miracle from God? Fasting is an important but often neglected tool for releasing spiritual blessing.

Power of Fasting by Daniel King

In this book, you will discover scriptural instructions and practical tips for putting the benefits of fasting to work in your life.

Say “YES” to the supernatural by saying “NO” to your flesh.

In this book you will discover:

* Practical Guidelines for Fasting

* Thirteen Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

* What to Expect During and After a Fast

* How to Pray Effectively

Your questions will be answered:

* Why Must I Fast?

* How Long Should I Fast?

* How Can I Release God’s Miracle Power?

You will read about ten reasons you should fast: 1. To Meet with God 2. To Seek Direction 3. To Appeal for Protection 4. To Increase Spiritual Strength 5. To Repent 6. To Obey Jesus 7. To Defeat the Devil8. To Overcome Temptation 9. To Humble Yourself 10. To Petition God for Help

Your Questions About Fasting Answered

The Power of Fasting

What is Fasting?

31 Different Kinds of Biblical Fasts

Fasting throughout Church History

13 Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Why Fast? Reason #1: To Meet With God

Why Fast? Reason #2: To Seek Direction

Why Fast? Reason #3: To Appeal for Protection

Why Fast? Reason #4: To Increase Spiritual Strength

Why Fast? Reason #5: To Repent

Why Fast? Reason #6: To Obey Jesus

Why Fast? Reason #7: To Defeat the Devil

Why Fast? Reason #8: To Overcome Temptation

Why Fast? Reason #9: To Humble Ourselves

Why Fast? Reason #10: To Petition for Help

6 Different Types of Fasting You Should Try

How Long Should I Fast?

Before You Begin Fasting, Read These Tips

What Should I Do While I Am Fasting? and What Activities Should I Avoid When Fasting?

The Power Of Fasting

Power of Fasting by Daniel King

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Your Spiritual Questions Answered

Over the years, many people have asked Daniel & Jessica questions about God. We have recorded videos to answer the most common questions.