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What does the Bible say about Grace?

Daniel’s new book about the Grace of God has been published by Harrison House.

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What does the Bible say about Grace?

Grace Wins #1: What Is Grace?

Grace Wins #3: Why Study Grace?

Grace Wins #5: What is the price for spiritual success?

Grace Wins #7: The story of Peter Rodriguez

Grace Wins #9: 9 More Reasons You Need God’s Grace

Grace Wins #11: You Are Blessed!

Grace Wins #13: Don’t be a Pharisee!

Grace Wins #15: Jesus Fulfilled the Law

Grace Wins #17: The Only Sin that Can Send You to Hell

Grace Wins #19: How Saul became Paul

Grace Wins #21: How Should Grace Filled Leaders Deal with Sin?

Grace Wins #23: Grace in Galatians

Grace Wins #25: Why don’t Paul and James Agree about Grace?

Grace Wins #27: What Fruit is Your Life Producing

Grace Wins #29: Grace to do Good Works

Grace Wins #31: Does God Remember Your Sins?

Grace Wins #33: What mountain are you standing on?

Grace Wins #35: Is Grace Fair?

Grace Wins #37: What does one have to do to earn grace?

Grace Wins #39: Is Receiving Grace based on our performance?

Grace Wins #41: Is God’s Grace a License to Sin?

Grace Wins #43: Don’t Be Afraid of Grace

Grace Wins #45: Walking in grace requires humility

Grace Wins #47: Why do people covered by grace still sin?

Grace Wins #49: Is God Angry at Me?

Grace Wins #51: Should we condemn people or set them free?

Grace Wins #53: Should we preach law or grace?

Grace Wins #55: The Law of Love

Grace Wins #57: What are the 2 Commandments that Replaced the 10 Commandments?

Grace Wins #59: What is your church known for?

Grace Wins #61: Think Outside the Box

Grace Wins #2: Why is Grace Amazing?

Grace Wins #4: Why are Religious Rituals Dangerous?

Grace Wins #6: The story of Martin Luther

Grace Wins #8: Grace Top Ten Scriptures

Grace Wins #10: Am I Forgiven?

Grace Wins #12: What Part of the Law Should be Kept?

Grace Wins #14: Are You Perfect?

Grace Wins #16: Jesus is the Grace of God

Grace Wins #18: How Peter Found Grace

Grace Wins #20: The Jerusalem Council

Grace Wins #22: Grace in Romans

Grace Wins #24: What Does Circumcision Teach Us about Grace?

Grace Wins #26: Why Should We Do Good Works?

Grace Wins #28: Grace Changes your Motivation for doing Good Works

Grace Wins #30: Why is the New Covenant Important?

Grace Wins #32: Should the Believer Confess Sin?

Grace Wins #34: The Law Does Not Work

Grace Wins #36: Is Grace Cheap?

Grace Wins #38: Is Grace a Reward for Pleasing God?

Grace Wins #40: Is Grace earned?

Grace Wins #42: Five Reasons to Avoid Sin even under grace

Grace Wins #44: How does the Grace of God turn into lewdness?

Grace Wins #46: How does grace empower me to live a holy life?

Grace Wins #48: What should be our response to those living in sin

Grace Wins #50: Is God Judging Me?

Grace Wins #52: Under grace, does it matter what we do here on this earth?

Grace Wins #54: What is the most radical verse in the Bible?

Grace Wins #56: Why is the Law of Love the Strongest Law?

Grace Wins #58: Should we keep the Ten Commandments?

Grace Wins #60: Does the Holy Spirit convict us of sin?

Grace Wins #62: Why do we need both grace and truth?

Grace Wins!

The Ultimate Fight Between Religion and Relationship

Why is Everyone Fighting over Grace?

There is a battle being waged right now. It is a struggle between:

Legalism vs. Liberty – Religion vs. Relationship

Law vs. Grace – The Ten Commandments vs. the Work of Jesus

Who will win in your life? Will you be a hypocritical Pharisee or a liberated lover of Jesus?

In this book you will learn:


  • God is not mad at you.
  • How “legalism” will destroy you.
  • Why you don’t have to do anything, because Jesus did everything.
  • Grace is not a license to sin.
  • The “grace way” of confronting sin.
  • What real Christianity is all about.


After reading this profound yet easy-to-understand book, you will be free from sin consciousness and have a deeper, more intimate, more meaningful relationship with Jesus.

Do you strive hard to please God? Does sin cause guilt and condemnation in you? Are you trying to become a “better” Christian? If you answered “yes,” then you need to discover the power of grace.



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