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Evan Herrman | The Whole Person Podcast

Evan Herrman has a passion for revival and he is using his Whole Person Podcast to influence people for God. He talks about Faith, Family, Finances, Friendship, Fitness, and Fun. Listen to this podcast to hear how he uses business interviews to draw people closer to God.

Show Notes:

Learn how Evan puts the Evan in Evangelism.

Listen to Evan’s story of how he wanted to be in ministry and finally decided that God could use him through a podcast.

How is the anointing for evangelism often similar to the ability to be an entrepreneur?

Key Quotes:

Your business will grow to the extent that you do.

People need a place to meet God.

Website: http://www.thewholepersonpodcast.com

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Evan. Herman has a passion for revival and he’s using his whole person podcast to influence people for God. He talks about faith, family, finances, friendship, fitness, and fun. Listen to this podcast today to learn how he uses business interviews. To draw people closer to God.

Host for The Evangelism Podcast (00:20):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:56):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m excited about telling people about Jesus and I’ve got a special guest today. His name is Evan Herman. Evan. Thank you so much for joining me as great to have you here. Thanks,

Evan Herrman (01:10):
Man. I appreciate it so much. Daniel.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:12):
Tell me a little bit about your podcast and how you got started doing your podcast.

Evan Herrman (01:19):
So this idea for starting the podcast came five, six years ago, and I just never felt comfortable doing it. Never like I had arrived and I didn’t feel qualified. I wanted to be a pastor. I wanted to teach. I wanted to preach, but who would listen to me on a podcast? I don’t know. And it wasn’t until I had a mindset shift where I realized, instead of trying to come off as a guru, as a personal growth expert, as a biblical scholar and try to tell people they should listen to me because I have some wisdom or nugget. I decided I’d come from a place where I’m not arrived, where I’m broken and I’m in the position of learning. And I interviewed people who are arrived. And in that process, I make myself vulnerable about who I am and where I’m at in my own journey. That helps me to relate to my audience in all the areas that you mentioned and that we get to journey together and grow. So that’s the idea. And that’s the concept behind my specific podcast.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:20):
Now, you and I both we’re both graduates of Oral Roberts university. And when I hear the name of your podcast, the whole person podcast, it really reminds me of, Oral Roberts university because of course Oral Roberts, he talked about the whole man going out into the, the whole world to preach the gospel. Is that where you got the inspiration for the name of your podcast?

Evan Herrman (02:46):
It 100%. Yeah, 100%.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:49):
Tell me about your, your time at Oral Roberts university. What, what did you study while you were there?

Evan Herrman (02:54):
So my degree was theology, local church, pastor with an emphasis in a minor kind of admissions. It’s an unspoken minor cause there wasn’t one. And I just took more classes. And overall my experience at ORU was really healing in many areas of my life, socially, mentally, financially, educationally God did a number in my life. And through that process, knowing that I wanted to go into ministry, it really motivated me to overcome some of the educational disabilities that I’d struggled with my entire life. And so when I graduated, I was gung ho and ready for ministry and then boom, flat on my face, nothing happened. And from one failed attempt to another failed, attempt to another failed attempt from one church plant to another church, plant to another church, all falling on my face. And then I finally like, you know what I give up. I don’t want to do this anymore. You know, God you were supposed to make this happen and it didn’t, and I’m in a place in my life where I surrendered it all back to God. It went from me trying to create something happen to me being in a position that all right, God, I will move. When you tell me I’ll walk through open doors and I’ll listen and be obedient versus just trying to force things to happen.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:14):
I think that’s tremendous how even when things didn’t quite go the way that you dream of and plan for, you’re still looking for ways to influence people, to talk to people about God. And tell me about how you use your podcast to, to influence people and to turn them towards spiritual things.

Evan Herrman (04:38):
Absolutely. You know, so I at heart am also not only just a little bit of an evangelist, but an entrepreneur as well. And I wasn’t an entrepreneur. When I left college, I was very much ministry oriented when I got into the world. And because I wasn’t in ministry, my degree meant absolutely nothing to everyone. And so I ended up going to several different insurance companies trying to get in business and things just wasn’t working out for me until one day I decided to work for myself. And when I was doing real estate, as I am currently still doing, there was this idea that your business will grow to the extent that you do. And then I realized I needed to grow as a person far more so that my business could grow as well. And so throughout the eight years that I’ve been doing real estate, I’ve been focused on personal growth, wholeness and wellbeing, not just spiritually, but in many different areas of my life.

Evan Herrman (05:38):
And as I’m around all these other business people, I’m seeing the real estate agents divorce like crazy. I’m seeing people have very unhealthy habits. I’m seeing self-destructive patterns in my industry and in other careers. And I’m thinking to myself, why is this? And it’s because just like Zig Ziglar talks about, you know, we have this wheel and on this wheel, there’s many different spokes. And if one is overinflated and one is under inflated, it creates for a bumbly lifecycle. So how do we get wholeness and all these different areas of faith, family, finances, friendship, fitness, and fun. How do we even this will out so that it’s not so tumultuous that people will survive and live through the hardships. And that was the context of how do I do this? And then I just realized I can’t preach this. I can’t teach this. All I can do is live by example. And hopefully people will catch the things that I’m learning in my own life versus trying to shove it down someone’s throat. And that’s the approach that I’m going for.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:40):
I really like your approach. It’s very vulnerable. It’s very authentic. You’re very honest about your own weaknesses and flaws which sometimes when you see people up on the platform and they’re preaching a lot of the vulnerability doesn’t really come through, but it seems like you are going on a journey with people you’re, you’re, you’re taking them on much of the same journey that you are. As you’re looking for answers, you’re saying, let’s go, go, go do this together. So have you had some, some testimonies come out of, of how people have been impacted through the podcast or, or, or through your ministry?

Evan Herrman (07:22):
You know, it’s crazy. I’ve had a few people reach out to me. I would love to say in this year and a half that I’ve been doing it, I’ve had a large number, but honestly, like what I’ve learned is not a lot of people reach out to you unless if you have overwhelming numbers and that that number will increase because it’s the law of averages. But I have had some people reach out to me in the aspect that they felt alone. They felt that no one else understood where they were in life and they didn’t know how to go from where they were to where they wanted to be. And when they came across the podcast, for one, it felt like it brought healing and relief to some of the areas of their life, because now all of a sudden they’re not alone. And they got to follow my journey and hear my stories and hear my hurts and my pains and my struggles. And then that became relatable. And when it became relatable and then all of a sudden they get to see some of the successes that I have, then there’s this belief, well, if he can do it, I can do it. And through that process, it created a out and for several different people that have reached out to me that have brought healing in different areas, through different podcasts of their life.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:37):
So I’m an evangelist and I go to different nations around the world doing large evangelistic campaigns. I just returned from Ethiopia. And we had over 10,000 people in our largest service there, but doing large crusades doesn’t necessarily here in America all the time, especially during times of COVID you know, they will, they will. Amen. but there are other ways to, to reach people here in America. And so podcasts of course is one way another great way to reach people is, is YouTube. And you’re developing your, your YouTube channel talking about personal growth and bringing in a biblical perspective to that. Tell me what you’re doing to reach out to so many people that watch YouTube.

Evan Herrman (09:32):
Right. So right now I don’t have a large subscriber base because I haven’t put a lot of emphasis on it. And we’re just in the start of really putting more emphasis. So now I have lots of videos that would just kind of store them there in the past, but now in order to reach people, here’s the thing. So often we get the idea of like, all right, here’s a message that I have, I’m going to say, and it’s going to be meaningful to someone. But in reality, YouTube is amazing because people are searching for answers. And so what I’ve done is I’m going to find what are those key search phrases that people have and what they’re wanting to know in terms of personal growth, wholeness, wellbeing, and Christianity. And then I’m taking what I find in creating material around that. So I’m answering questions based off of my own experience that people have yet had to experience in are still felt like they’re left in the dark. And because I’m doing that, not only do people become more receptive to that, but it creates a better video because it’s being more searched and more sought after in the YouTube algorithm versus me trying to come up with an idea in my mind and a hope that someone will search for it. So I’m taking a strategic view on how I want to grow my YouTube channel.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:48):
That’s outstanding in my conversations with you, you’ve really expressed a huge passion for revival and for the next move of God here in America. Talk to me some about what God’s put in your heart concerning revival.

Evan Herrman (11:07):
Yeah, absolutely. You know, it’s a new thing for me because before I just wanted to be a pastor, I just wanted a church. I just wanted the congregation. And as God has been leading me in this journey, he’s been telling me more about no, no, no, not pastor evangelism revival. I want to do something across the nation, which is a lot more daunting than just being a pastor and my mind. And so for me,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:41):
Well, we actually need more evangelists. I mean, especially here in Tulsa, it seems sometimes like there’s a church on every corner, which is why church planting sometimes is difficult, but evangelists are more few and far between. And so I think God wants more evangelists raised up in the body of Christ.

Evan Herrman (12:02):
I agree. So it’s funny. I’ve always made this joke just to be funny, but my name is Evan and I tell people I put the oven than evangelism. But when it comes to what God is wanting to do, we have a generation right now, I would say from the millennials and, and younger that don’t know God like past generations, you know, our government, our society was built for a moral people. And the reason why we’re seeing such a breakdown in our government is because our government was designed for moral people. And as our society has eroded, as our society has become more self-centered in a way from God, the government in of itself becomes less effective. And what I’m seeing God wanting to do, not just on a governmental level, but on a relational level, there’s, there’s Americans that don’t know anything about God, but yet have the greatest access to him.

Evan Herrman (13:03):
And that breaks my heart. And the reason why is because through processes and through systems, God has been taken out of America. God has been taken out of schools. God has been taken out of homes. And so how do we put God back in homes? How do we put God back in school? And at first comes by pudding in allowing a place for people to meet God and people aren’t going to the churches anymore. One COVID, but two, because there’s been a stigma about church for so long. And so there needs to be a new way of doing things in terms of reaching people. And, you know, I think tent revival will be probably something that we see here in the U S in the coming, coming years. You know, I mean, just here’s a perfect example. I’ll look at what Kanye West, when he was on fire for the Lord, like early in 2020, you know, he started doing I don’t know what he called it Sunday church or whatever. And people showed up to mass gatherings outside. You know, we see mass gatherings for Antifa and BLM and Trump rallies and all these things. There’s something about gathering outside for an event. And if we, as a church can angle that, I think we can really take advantage of that moving forward.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:30):
Amen. Well, I believe with you that that God can bring people together here in America, that we can see another great awakening of people turning to God and having a heart and a passion for God. And I believe that God is raising up people like you, Evan, to bring about that revival. So let’s just finish up today with praying for our nation and praying for revival to come

Evan Herrman (14:58):
Before we do. Can I ask you a question, go for it as someone who is at the beginning stages of realizing the call of evangelism on my life, what advice or guidance would you give me?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:12):
I love coaching evangelists and I love helping evangelists become everything that, that God has called them to become. And I think being an evangelist, probably the greatest advice I would say is, is, is start and just don’t quit it. Just start looking for ways to evangelize and then just don’t stop doing that. And with persistence and over time, you’ll find that you have impacted many lives and, and, and made a huge difference for the kingdom of God. So that’s a little simple, but start and don’t quit. Can’t go wrong with that advice. Perfect. I appreciate it. Yeah. So, so let’s pray for America. Would you lead us in a prayer, Evan, and just pour out your heart for what you, you feel God wants to do here in our nation?

Evan Herrman (16:08):
Absolutely. God, we just come to you in Jesus’s name, thanking you for who you are and what you’ve done through him, by your son, shed blood because of the cross, we are offered salvation. We are offered forgiveness of our sin. So God, we thank you for the power of the Holy spirit, that through his death and resurrection that you have sent us the Holy spirit as us as believers, we have access to this Holy spirit. So God, we thank you that our hearts become more sensitive to the indwelling of the spirit and the guidance that you have for us, so that we may be salt of the year, that we may be the light of the era and reach others for you right now in this time of great politics and, and a lot of stressfulness in COVID and the vaccines and masking and all the chaos and all the disruption at the end of the day, you are God, and you sit on the throne and Jesus wins.

Evan Herrman (17:02):
So let us be eternally focused, let our hearts and our minds not be frantic about what today says and what the news media says, but let our hearts have true peace in the midst of chaos. In the midst of adversity, that only comes through Jesus Christ and let us be eternally perspective, father God, so that we are not worried about our circumstances, but we’re worried about the hearts and lives in the salvation of those that are around us, that we become salvation focused, that we become salvation, hungry and salvation driven so that our friends and our neighbors in our family and our cousins and our coworkers might hear the gospel. I speak a guess the spirit of fear, fear that you might lose your job fear that might get canceled by the culture, fear that there might be an uprising against you. If you just utter the name Jesus.

Evan Herrman (17:58):
So we tell that spirit of fear to be gone. And we say, boldness of rise, man, and women of God arise in Christ Jesus, because you have the power and the authority of God through the Holy spirit to go break demonic strongholds, because you are a child of God and you were equipped because you have the Holy spirit and you have the Bible and you have the anointing of God on your life to go spread the news. You know, the great commission go into all the world and preach the gospel. He’s not saying that to just Evan or to just Daniel, but to every single listener of my voice. So what does it look like to be a minister of the gospel? It means to be the salt and the life to share openly where you are at in your life. You might not be an evangelist in front of 10,000 people, but you can be the evangelist in your home.

Evan Herrman (18:52):
You can be the evangelist on your street by loving your neighbor. As Christ loved the church by sharing meals with others, by giving, by praying, you will never know the importance of asking how can I pray for you to someone and what that means to them. And if they get offended, let them be offended. But there are those that are hungry. There are those that are thirsty. So God open our spiritual eyes, our hearts, our minds, our ears, so that we can see the way you see love the way you love, hear the way you hear and speak the way you speak so that we may see these people who are ready for harvest so that we may see these people who need seeds planted. And that we may see these people that need water, that need growth, that need nurturing father and Lord in the due season of where these people are at. We pray that we are cognitively aware, spiritually aware of where these people are at and what you have called us to do for them in that time in Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen.

Host for The Evangelism Podcast (19:54):
Amen, powerful prayer, Evan. Thanks for joining me today on the evangelism podcast,

Evan Herrman (20:00):
Take care. God bless

Host for The Evangelism Podcast (20:05):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit King ministries.com. Again, that’s King ministries.com.


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