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Imran Fazal & Mehwish Imran | Organizing the Largest Prayer Meetings in the History of Pakistan

Description: Imran Fazal has organized some of the largest prayer meetings in the history of Pakistan. One of his events attracted over 1.4 million people. On this podcast, Imran and his wife Mehwish share about some of the amazing miracles they have witnessed in this predominately Muslim nation. 

Website: https://harvestgospelministries.org 

Show Notes: 

Hear the amazing story of a dead child who came back to life! 

Imran answers these questions: 

You have organized some massive events in Pakistan. What is the largest crowd you have seen?

 Jesus often does miracles for people in Pakistan, tell a story about the greatest miracles you have seen?

 Tell me about Fazal Television. How many homes does it reach in Pakistan and what is your vision for the station?


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. So delighted that you could spend some time with me today. I have a very special guest from the nation of Pakistan, and he has organized some of the largest events in history that have preached the gospel evangelistically. And so I’m so happy to have you here, brother, Imran, Fazal welcome to the


Speaker 2 (00:26):

Amen. Praise the Lord. Thank you so much, brother. Daniel King. So we it is an honor for us to be with you in this podcast. And today we had a great day and we are looking for a great signs and miraclesl and wonders in Jesus name.


Speaker 1 (00:47):

And that’s wonderful. And I love your accent. You are from the nation of Pakistan. Pakistan is a very big nation. There are over 233 million people in the nation of Pakistan. And according to some statistics I’ve seen around 3% of the nation currently is Christian. There are also some Hindus and the vast majority of Pakistan is Muslim. So there’s lots of people in Pakistan that need Jesus. Tell me, what is it like when you preach about Jesus in Pakistan?


Speaker 2 (01:26):

Praise the Lord. First of all, we give all glory to God. And this is me, pastor Imran, Fazall from Pakistan and I am in ministry last 21 year. And then we are doing vandalism church planting and also discipling people, equipping train, and sending. So this is all because of him because we don’t have any abilities. We nothing have anything. So this is for his glory and the grace. He uses us for his, where can we saw in our life, tens of thousand, the miracle signs and wonders. So this is we give all glory to God.


Speaker 1 (02:09):

Wow, that’s tremendous. And you have organized some of the largest evangelistic events in history in the nation of Pakistan. Tell me what is the largest prayer festival that you’ve ever done?


Speaker 2 (02:25):

Praise the Lord. We did that three time, 1.4 million people gathering in Pakistan.


Speaker 1 (02:32):

1.4 million people on one field in one place


Speaker 2 (02:36):

In Pakistan. So praise God, there is thousands of thousands people that received Jesus salvation, and a lot of like thousands of thousand people get saved and receive their miracle healings. And we give all glory to God. So this is the history of the largest


Speaker 1 (03:00):

We did in Pakistan. Wow. That’s amazing. And you regularly do events that have a hundred thousand 200,300, 500,000 people at a time in the, the pictures are so beautiful. All the people that are coming to hear about Jesus and to receive a miracle from Jesus. Tell me what are some of the miracles that people come expecting to receive? So this is my wife, she’s with me. So she’s going to speak, Oh, we’re so glad to have you on the podcast. My name is may way.


Speaker 3 (03:40):

Yes. My name is [inaudible].


Speaker 1 (03:42):

Well wonderful. Thank you for being here.


Speaker 3 (03:44):

It’s an honor for us to be with you on the podcast right now. So praise the Lord. As you said that what brings the people to the prayer festival? So praise God, we saw a miracle working God and our Jesus. He do miracles 2000 years ago. And as the word of God says, Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever. So the miracles he was doing 2000 years ago, he is still doing the miracles and the, in the preface. Well, hundreds of thousands of people, they do come with a great expectations for the needs they have for the healing, for the physical need, for the financial need, for the emotional needs. And as the word of God says that they will know the truth and the truth will set them free. So praise God, when they come to the professional that know the truth, they listen the word of God, not only they received their healing, their received their salvation as well. And they’re received their savior as well. And praise God, we have seen blind eyes opening. We have seen, and the prayer of festival lame start walking. We have seen tremendous miracles. We have seen tumor has been disappeared the right away in the prayer festival. And we have seen many people who have been demon possessed, God set them free. And the prayer festivals


Speaker 1 (05:01):

People gather on the field and they’re coming because they need a miracle in their lives. And so you call it a prayer festival.


Speaker 3 (05:10):

We call a per festival because there we all together prayer for the needs of the people we pray for our country. We pray for everyone.


Speaker 1 (05:19):

That’s so beautiful. And then after you pray for people, Jesus does miracles begins to touch the people. And then do you invite them to come up on the platform to testify?


Speaker 3 (05:29):

Yes. Praise the Lord. I want to tell you that we have big lines of the testimony because we saw a living God. And when we solve a living, God, he always does miracles. And not only one, he does miracles and hundreds of thousand even. And even after the prayer festival, we send out our teams to those areas to recall different prayer, different, different testimonies, and praise God, not as it’s the glory of God. And is the Holy moving over there that we received thousands of testimonies after every prayer festival.


Speaker 1 (06:04):

And tell me, what are some of the, the biggest miracles that you’ve seen? What, what really stands out in your memory of someone whose life was impacted?


Speaker 3 (06:14):

I believe what is the biggest miracle for me is when even a single soul come to Jesus Christ, surprise God in our life. In this prayer festival, we have seen hundreds of thousands given their heart first time to Jesus Christ. Other than that, praise God. We have seen a woman. She bring a child in the per festival and she bring the child right away from the hospital. And the doctor has said that this child has died. But the lady she said to the doctor that I saw all living, God, I’m going to the professor will, I’m going to the meeting. And the pastors are going to pray for the child. And I am going to bring back the child to you and the hospital alive. And this is what happened. He went when the lady, when she entered into the prayer festival field, and God has healed his son, the dead child, the doctor said that says dead day, bring him back home, prepare all the things, do it so you can burn it, the chart. But the lady with the great fed bring that child to the prayer festival and has child Rosa get her child Rose again. And the lady bring back the child to the hospital to show the doctor that I told you that I saw while living God,


Speaker 1 (07:28):

What a tremendous testimony. The, the little child was dead, came back to life. And that’s just one of many thousands of miracles that you’ve seen. What are some of the other miracles that God’s done


Speaker 3 (07:44):

In the right in the prayer festival? The, the tumor had been disappeared. We have seen one, man. He came on, not one. We have seen many people that came on the wheelchairs, but after the professional, they go by walk to their homes. And we have seen many peoples that have been delivered by the devil. They have been set free from devil. They have been delivered. We have seen many people. God has restored their eyes side blind. We have seen blinders open. We have seen deaf ear open and we have seen people have been healed from hearts, problem, cancer tumor. Every problem is nothing in front of God. He can able to heal from even a single problem or a big or small. This thing doesn’t matter in front of our God.


Speaker 1 (08:30):

Wow. In your ministry is reaching out to people with every possible method. So you have the home churches. You also have the large prayer festivals where tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people come to those. And you also have the television network that you’ve started. Tell me about the television network and what your vision is for us law. Do our version


Speaker 3 (08:56):

Is to win souls for Jesus Christ. And we want to even go for even a single soul as well, even a single soul matter for God. And so praise God, this thing does not matter to us that we are reaching to hundreds of thousands or rearranging to even a single soul. So praise the Lord. We are very thankful to God almighty for the social media and for the next generation, the technology. And we need to get onto those technology to reach every kind of people. So praise God, we are running a television called futsal television. It is in satellite. It’s called Asia, said seven satellite reaching more than 72 countries. Other than that, we are on IP TVs. We are on apps and reaching all around the world. And in Pakistan, we are on cable stations as well, reaching to the homes of the people. Some people they could not come to the church, but we are going right in their bedrooms and they are lessening the word of God and praise God daily. We are less than in many testimonies, how God is changing their lives, how God is doing miracles in their life by watching television.


Speaker 1 (10:03):

Wow, that’s tremendous. Well, I’m so inspired by you. God has given you such great favor in the nation of Pakistan. In what you’re doing is historic. There are many places in the world that need Jesus, but it’s so beautiful to see what God is doing in Pakistan. God loves the people of Pakistan and Jesus loves the people of Pakistan. And I know that that God has a plan for your nation. God has a plan for the people of Pakistan. And I think it is so wonderful that the favor that you have seen, we have lots of friends who listen to our podcast, who may be someday, would like to come to Pakistan or even maybe be on television and Pakistan. Are there opportunities for people to come and preach the gospel?


Speaker 3 (10:56):

Yes. Praise the Lord. We invite all those who are lessening us, come and partner with us so that together we can build the kingdom of God together. We can expand the kingdom of God in the nation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And we will love to have you on our television network. You can search WW dot [inaudible] dot TV, and you can go to that website. You can see the television network. If you have any program teaching program, you are evangelists. You have passion to do the prayer festival. We would love to partner with you and we would love to work with you.


Speaker 1 (11:30):

Well, thank you so much for being on the Evangelism podcast today. God bless you.

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