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Sean Smith | Prophetic Evangelism

Sean Smith believes in Prophetic Evangelism. He calls it “the Jesus model of evangelism.” What is prophetic evangelism? Will prophetic evangelism work for you? How can you use prophetic evangelism to lead people to Jesus? Find out on today’s podcast.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:01):
Sean Smith believes in prophetic evangelism. He calls it the Jesus model of evangelism. What is prophetic evangelism? Will prophetic evangelism work for you? How can you use prophetic evangelism to lead people to Jesus? Find out on today’s podcast.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:32):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:57):
To the evangelism podcast. I’m here with Sean Smith, the author of the book called prophetic evangelism. Thank you for being with me on the evangelism podcast,

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (01:07):
Daniel, it’s great to be with you super excited to unpack this subject. I, I believe it’s very relevant and it is the now time.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:14):
Let’s start by finding out a little bit about yourself, where you from. Tell me about your ministry. What do you do?

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (01:20):
I’m from Northern Cal, California. It’s Oakland, San Francisco bay area. And that’s where I was born. And I gave my life to crisis a little north there, but my wife and I we’ve got a ministry, Shawn and Christa Smith ministry. So we travel. We evangelize we’re in other nations, we equip the body of Christ in evangelism. We go after the lost preach, open air write books, we try to just in way we can serve the body of Christ, that’s kind of our hearts.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:45):
And so you wrote this book called prophetic evangelism. It’s the integration of the gift of prophecy and evangelism. Can you unpack that a little bit and tell me what is prophetic evangelism? You

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (01:58):
Know, the best way I could describe that Daniel is, is simply this way. When, when gets his friend Nathaniel and brings him to Jesus Nathaniel’s obviously skeptical. So on the Ingels law of recept, this dude is negative. You know, meaning that he is not predisposed, he’s a good Hebrew, but he does not believe that Jesus Messiah. So he says, can Ethan Good come out of Nazare? But upon meeting Jesus, Jesus says behold, a man whom there’s no guile. And then his immediate response is how do you know me? And he says, Hey, I saw you underneath the fi tree. At that point, he confesses him as the Messiah later on, this guy would be martyred for what he believed. But even Jesus says, you believe me because of what I’ve said to you, he says, truly, you’re gonna see angels, us sending and descending upon the son of man.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (02:43):
And he on to say so anyway, his way of moving him from this negative disposition to a positive of confessing Lord is to have a word of knowledge followed by a prophetic word. And in, in that whole process, it led him to encounter. So then here is Nathaniel. He goes from getting anything good. Come out of Nazareth to you are the Messiah. So Jesus modeled this. He modeled it at the well acts chapter nine. This guy Anais, not the Anai and safari that lied and died. But this other guy, he was led to the street called straight led to a specific person, soul of Tarsis and one of the greatest Christians of all time, apostle Paul. So prophetic evangelism. I like to say it’s receiving an audio visual download from heaven, that where you receive the heart of the father, that could be used to bring people into a counter with Christ. So hopefully you’re praying with someone and leading them to the Lord.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:36):
So let’s talk about prophetic evangelism in a, a practical sense. How can people use prophetic evangelism to reach somebody who’s lost?

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (03:47):
Well, a lot of people today, there’s a skepticism. So how do I distinguish Christianity from philosophical bins and ideas that sit on the cosmic shelf of what people are believing today? And one of the things that is, I believe that a word of knowledge causes a person to feel known, and everyone is reaching for information we’re reaching towards supernatural. And so I think it would be on our parts, a a, a grievous mistake to not tap into the supernatural. When I’m flowing in prophetic evangelism, the way I’ve seen it is that God first gives you a revelation. So he may give you a word of knowledge. Hey, this person’s back has a problem. Hey, this person grew up without a dad. Hey, this person’s name is I’ve had all of those things happen. And so when that happens, all of a sudden that introduction of supernatural brings the encounter.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (04:35):
So now they’re open, my mentor would say this comment and, and this phrase and principle, and, and I love it. He says, the miracles of God make the demands of God, not seem so unreasonable. So when you’ve encountered a supernatural God through supernatural means a revelation. So word of knowledge is what God revealing something about your past or present that a person would not have acquired that information naturally. So if the Lord told me your name was Daniel, I didn’t know your name was Daniel. That would like, wait, I don’t have a name tag on how would you know that? And so now that leads to an opportunity. There’s an opening. God, God’s got your attention for me to share the gospel. So usually on the front end, there’s a word of knowledge because that’s something that’s it’s proven by the person. And so God says, behold, a man in whom there’s no, God, that’s a current state, then Nathaniel’s in.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (05:23):
But he goes on to say, Hey, you’re gonna see angels ascending. So sometimes words of knowledge will lead towards a prophecy. But, and I don’t know if I’m going too deep on this, but my whole thing is words of knowledge on the front end cause you to become authority of what things will will come to pass later. So I usually try to start with a word of knowledge and then that opens the door and I share with him, Hey, the God that knows your name, the God that just let me know. You have a back condition. We prayed, you got healed. That same, Jesus loves you. He’s pursuing you. He sent me here for you. Now. Here’s what you must do to be saved. So the prophetic simply is kind of that open door to get them to the door who is Jesus, but you still have to repent.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (06:05):
Of course, they still need to know the gospel imperatives. They still need to make a commitment to Christ. So it is a synergistic blending of these two gifts because we live in a date of, of skeptics in the day of people that have been hurt and wounded people that have been hurt by Christianity or what have you. And so this is a way to all of a sudden, I like to say that Peter cut off Malcolm’s ear. That was the Roman came to apprehend Jesus. But the first thing Jesus had to do is pick up that ear and put it back on a lot of zealots in north America and nations, the world, we cut off the ear of people. We’ve cut off the ear of the people of our nation. Prophetic evangelism helps put their ear back on. So now they can hear the message we’re gonna share with them.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:46):
Now I’ve heard you use the term treasure hunt. Can you explain to me what is a treasure hunt and how could a church go on a treasure hunt?

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (06:54):
Treasure hunt is simply, I think the, the schematic for it, the blueprint for it is acts nine where God speaks to Anani and says, I want you to go to street called straight. There’s a guy there named Saul. He’s encountered me. He’s a chosen vessel of mine. You’re gonna lay hands on him. So he tells him the street tells him his name tells him where to go all while he’s not in proxy. So Anani is not in Roxy. So he has to go to this street. He has to finds this dude named Saul. He has to enter into a conversation. So God revealed to him in advance where he’s going to go. So that that’s a very specific if you will treasure map, but sometimes, you know, I know youth groups and different groups or, or, or adults have gotten together and they’ll pray beforehand because always feel like great evangelism begin on your face.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (07:39):
You gotta pray. So the Lord may reveal, Hey, you’re gonna meet a person in a blue shirt. Hey, you’re gonna, this happened to my son is he was a college student at UC. Berkeley got up in the morning and he said, the Lord spoke to him. You’re gonna see a guy in a blue shirt today. He’s going to be in sprout Plaza. That’s the student union at UC Berkeley. His mom is in the hot spit and it’s critical, but I’m a healer. And he’s gonna know that I’m real and he’s gonna give his life to Christ. So my son goes out and he, he jokes. He says, it must have been blue shirt. Every guy had a blue shirt and he says, Lord, which one? He said, the moment he said it, it was like the crowd parted. And there was one blue shirt guy by the fountain walks over to the guy.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (08:18):
And he says, Hey you know, I love the Lord. I believe God speaks to me. The Lord showed me that there would be this guy. See, I put it on my iPhone blue shirt and mom in the hospital and a guy gasp. And he says, my mom’s in the hospital, critical condition BR says, we’re gonna pray right now. God’s gonna heal her. And when he heals her, you need to let me know. So he prays three days later, he gets a email exchange emails. The guy’s mom is completely healed. The guy commences his life to Christ and starts coming out to my son Brandon’s Christian group on campus. So that was an example of a treasure hunt. But this is what I, I feel like it’s a good place. When you go out in groups for people that are a little bit more intimidated by walking up to the barista and saying, Hey, your, your, your cell phone number is whatever you live on this street. And when you were three years old, you were violated or whatever. It’s easier to say, okay, I’m looking for a person with a blue shirt, looking for a person as a baseball hat on or whatever. And when you start to see that you enter in a conversation with people, you, the gospel

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:15):
Share with me some more testimonies of lives that have been impacted through prophetic evangelism.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (09:22):
I was in Monterey, California. Anybody from Monterey knows that that’s a, a bit of a new age Mecca and a walk past a Ty card, or actually a new age bookstore, but a, a, a gal was doing T cards. She’s reading TYT cards. Now I likely look at it like this. I’m an evangelist. What are the odds? If I walk in and just say, Hey, Jesus loves you. It’s a wonderful plan for your life. For all of sin falls, short of the glory of God. Heaven is awesome. Hell is hot. You need to give your life to Christ. My sense is a woman that has gone that far into divination is gonna blow me off. Anyway, I walk in the store because the Lord tipped me off and says, just you have, you have an appointment there and you go, well, how did that come?

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (10:01):
All of a sudden I had this thought that I’m supposed to go in a store. And I’m, I’m, I’m on an assignment from the Lord. And I, I, I tell people often is it, it sounded like a thought and impression, but it, it had the presence of God on it. And years ago, Dave will Orson wrote a newsletter here, hearing the voice of God. He says, God does not speak apart from his presence, felt his presence going to store well, at this point, I don’t have a word of knowledge. I have nothing. I don’t even know who I’m supposed to witness to. So I’m in there and I see the Touro card lady and she says, you, do you want a reading? I said, no, no, no. I just like to have a word with you. She says, well, just wait here for a second.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (10:35):
And I’m gonna finish with this person. I can your word. So to speed this up while I’m waiting on her, the Lord speaks to me and says, I want you to say to her, I am your sign. Number two, when she was young, she had a bad experience with Christianity. She ended up moving in with the Eastern guru that she thought was gonna nurture her. But he said, he ended up abusing her number three, tell her she’s doing this and living her life by default. This wasn’t that the dream and this Z that she had. And I had for her when she was young, tell her if she gives, gets rid of the default, let’s go of the default. I’ll give her her dream back. Well, all this came in a flash like, and, and the word of the Lord often sounds like your thoughts, but we know signs of the mind knows that our thoughts come in by way of what’s called cognitive association.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (11:17):
I think of one thing makes me think of another thing. Makes me think of another thing. When God speaks, it interrupts our thoughts and it, and it’s like there there’s like out of no place as usually the turn people say, I, I say the voice of God is a sudden awareness associated with a unique conviction. When you want to hear the voice of God, you tune in to what came towards you out of no place. Well, that’s not the only checklist, obviously in his land, the word of God, he to end up with the character of Christ because the devil can speak to you and it could be a spontaneous thought. So I’ll go over to the lady. And I first ask her, how do these cards get you in touch with the spirit realm? Well, not that I wanted to find out how it did it, but I know if I saw listening to her, when it comes time for me to talk, hopefully she’ll start listening back.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (11:56):
And I said, well, Hey I believe there’s only two doors to power and one door might as well be marked other, because if you don’t go through a door of relationship with Jesus Christ, all of the doors will close on you. And there’s a bondage and there’s a ultimate, you know, price to pay for that. Well, she’s, she’s blowing me off. Like immediately. You could tell, she’s putting her hand up, like get outta here. I said, well, you know, Lord just gave me something for you. Would it be okay if I share with you? What is in the mind of God for you? And she leans and says yes. And interesting. When I was sharing with her, you know, your door that you’ve taken is wrong. She’s gonna blow me off. But when I tell her, now that God’s spoken to me about her, she leans in.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (12:31):
She says, well, what is it? And I I’m supposed to tell you, I am your sign. She turns her head from me down. You. She begins to weep. Well, what I didn’t know is the night before she cries out to the cosmos and her exact verbiage was show me a sign. Well, I didn’t know. I didn’t even know. Honestly, when I first heard I am your sign, I’m thinking like, Lord, I know is not astrology is I’m like, Sagitarian got going. Like, why would I be telling a strange woman? I am your sign. But all the more I knew it was God, because that’s not how I would think. I would never walk up to a, a woman. I don’t know and say, I am your sign. And so I had her attention because she cried out to a sign for a sign here. I’ll walk up.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (13:08):
That’s exact verbiage. I said, the Lord spoke to me and wanted me to tell you that he is here for you. But because when you were young, you had a bad experience with the church of Christianity. She was nodding her head. And I said, you moved in with the Eastern guru that you was gonna nurture, but ended up abusing her. She starts sobbing. She tells me sure enough, she had a bad experience. Christian Church. When she was young, moved in with the Eastern guru, he abused her sexually, physically, emotionally only thing she got out of the relationship was how to read to RO hard. That’s what she’s doing. And then finally I said, the Lord says, you’re living fault your life by default, not by design. If you surrender this repent of this, he’ll give you back your dreams. She says, oh my God, ever since a little, always wanted to paint, but I never paint as an art, never thought I could pay the bills.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (13:51):
Painting. Are you kidding me? And he loves me like that yet us. And so I said, Hey right now, do you want to give your life to this? Jesus showed up. And she says, yes, I lead her in a sin prayer. Now we’re in a new age, bookstore, Daniel with people lined up to get her, their fortune read by this woman. She put them all on hold. She renounces witchcraft. She repents her sin. She acknowledges Jesus gives her life to Christ. She says, do you know a good church? I can go to. I said, absolutely. I actually with a pastor and his wife. And that’s the reason why I was in there. I was preaching at this church. So she stands up. They’re contracting her out at this new age bookstore. She gets her last check and she says, I will never do this anymore.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (14:32):
She’s announcing to the people. And she walks out when I walk out. And so I’m go, what is the odds of me going into a new age bookstore and walking out with a convert? The only way that happens is Jesus. The only way that happens. And I think people would ask perhaps what is the key to prophetic evangelism? And I found a key that I’ve never heard of anyone else share, not like I’m trying to say, I’ve got this exclusive revelation, but I think it’s, it’s often overlooked. And Jesus said, behold, I send you out a sheep in the midst of wolves. And he says, don’t worry beforehand, what you will say. It’ll be your father in that moment. I will give you what to say. I will bring you in front of magistrates. I’ll bring in front of councils. It be as a testimony to them.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (15:12):
The key to prophetic evangelism is being willing to be a sheep in the, in the midst of wolves. And that’s the wrong end of the food chain for much of us as, as English speaking. And, and for that matter believers all over the nations of the world is that we don’t want to be because what are wolves in this context, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, wolves, metaphorically represent marketplace resistance. It represents a threat. It represents religious spirits that were not like what you would say, but it represents maybe what’s politically incorrect. It’s all kind of areas that you can feel like you’re on the lower end of the food chain. But God promises. If you’ll be sheep in the midst of wolves, you don’t have to worry beforehand what you’ll say. It’ll be your father in that moment who will give you what to say?

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (15:56):
So I say, and you’ve, we’ve all heard. It’s evangelists. If you’ll break the chicken line, if you’ll put yourself in position in the marketplace, if you open your mouth and begin to speak, if you’re able to go beyond your point of your comfort zone, there’s a Harvard zone. And is when you put yourself out there, the words of knowledge, for instance, back to my story, I didn’t get the word of knowledge. When I was walking past the new age bookstore, I didn’t get that specific until I got in the store and began to ask. I was just gonna ask her some questions. I didn’t know I was gonna, I was just gonna start asking her questions because I feel like in this, God will begin to speak. So entering a redemptive conversation, just love on people. But if you will focus on loving the person in front of you, the God who says follow the way of love yet eager desire, spiritual against, especially E may prophesy that the prophetic comes on the wings of love. If I can love people. And yet that’s how evangelism starts. It. It’s about receiving the love of the father for that person. So I feel like both anointings are catalyzed through compassion, through love. And so that would be a question. I think a lot of people ask me, how do I start it? And I go, step out. Risk is no such thing as risk free maturity. You gotta step out. And if you’ll step out, gotta meet you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (17:11):
That’s awesome. If someone wants to find out out more about your ministry or get a hold of your book on prophetic evangelism, what’s your website. How can they find out more

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (17:20):
About you? Our website is www.seanandkristasmith.com. I got several books, but prophetic evangelism. We even have a eCourse to go along with it on our site right now. And obviously Amazon, but the book is out there and it’s brand new. It’s like two, three months old. And we really in this book try to give you nuggets and equip. And my heart is to mobilize an army in the prophetic with the heart of Jesus, that reaps. I believe that we’re gonna see a third grade awakening. I believe it’s underway. I believe they’ll be incredible number of people because like council Zandor and the Morian revival, the lamb is war. They were the, of the rewards of his sufferings. The father is doing this to crown, the sufferings of Jesus. There is going to be a mass harvest. And then John wrote revelation looked up in heaven. He says there was a number multitude. No one could count. Not just him, no one. So between the number of believers now, maybe we’re south of 2 billion, maybe we’re stretching it. I, I I’ve heard lower figures. I believe that in order to get to a number that no one count, we are gonna, billions of people come to Christ billion, soul harvest. That’s who we’re bleeding for.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:32):
Amen. Well, I am all for the billion soul harvest. I know God is raising up an army of evangelists in an army of prophets, an army of young people who are excited about sharing their faith all over the world. And it’s so much a privilege to be a part of that brother. Sean, thank you. Being on the evangelism podcast.

Sean Smith – The Prophetic Evangelist (18:51):
Absolutely love it. Love it. Love it. And all of you that are listening just step out, God is gonna use you Mindy.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:56):
Thanks so much for listening to the evangelism podcast. I am excited about telling people about Jesus and we could not preach the gospel without your help. Over our years of ministry, we found that we’re able to reach one person for Jesus, for every dollar that people give us. And so that means that if you would give us $1, we could start a party in heaven. In fact, I’m asking people to join our partnership program and give at least $1 every single month to help us to lead more people to Jesus. This is the greatest investment of your dollar that you can make. It’s the only investment that’s gonna matter 10,000 years from now. So if you would like to help us lead people to Jesus, please visit king ministries.com K I N G king ministries.com and help us lead people to Jesus today. God bless you

Evangelism Podcast Host (19:56):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.


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