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Patrick Mmuokebe | Nigerian Evangelist Who Saw Jesus Four Times

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe is from the nation of Nigeria. When he was 19 years old, he saw a vision of Jesus four times. Ever since, he has dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel and he has now visited 51 nations to tell people about Jesus.

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Miracles are to draw souls to Christ.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Bishop Dr. Patrick Mmuokebe is from the nation of Nigeria. When he was only 19 years old, he saw a vision of Jesus four times ever since he has dedicated his life to preaching the gospel. And now he’s visited over 50 nations telling people about Jesus.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:22):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King we’re Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome to the evangelism podcast.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:01):
I’m Daniel King and I am excited telling people about Jesus. Today. We have a special guest. He is a evangelist from the nation of Nigeria, and he has now traveled to over 51 nations around the world, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to large crowds of people at the age of 19 Bishop Patrick McGee, baby had a vision of Jesus, not just one vision. He saw Jesus four times. So brother, tell me how that vision of Jesus impacted your life.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (01:40):
Praise be to God is a pleasure to be here today, to share with you what great things God is doing in the now they visioned that I had impacted my life because it took me from smoking drugs, from Ganga five boys from living in this, you know, lifestyle of Michael Jackson, because I was playing him. I used to dance this Cobra dance like him. It was my mother and my idol. And but after that experience, when everything changed from that moment, I began to tell Jesus is alive. I told my family and my friends, people around me that say I’m crazy or mad. They said that, you know, does not appear to anybody anymore. I said, buddy, that he spoke to me. He said, I am Jesus Christ. This is a life on power. They couldn’t understand. My family was like, I’m going crazy. They wouldn’t take me to psychiatric hospital to look at my brain too much.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (02:30):
I’m still walking. But I said, Oh, he’s real well. Within three, four, five months of coming and talking to me in four different times, everything changed my life. Miracles, healing began to happen. Cancers heal people. I pray for say that heal. Everybody began to notice that God is really doing something. And then I knew that God called me to preach the gospel to others, with the testimony of Jesus Christ. Because the testimony of Jesus is the power of the Holy spirit. And it is what brings change to people today. People don’t believe that Jesus is real. So don’t believe that Jesus is arrive. Some don’t believe that Jesus is who he say the word of God he is, but I’ve been to 52 different countries. I’ve talked to people, millions of face to face with healings of cancer. Also HIV AIDS with doctors, reports, ballerinas that doctors can never be healed, healed people that are going through poverty, being financially empowered miraculously by the vision of Jesus Christ. As I said that I’m a preacher and also a witness of his power today.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:36):
Oh, you’re from the nation of Nigeria. Yes. How did you first become an evangelist? Was your first crusade there in Nigeria?

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (03:45):
Yes. My first crew said, I’ll try it. It was in Nigeria. I in March, 1998, five, as I said, I smoked drink with my gangs and even love match. It didn’t be Monday night. I came home to sleep as usual. I wake up in the morning, looking at the street of my house, thinking about what I’m going to do that day. And as I shared my book on my messages, you know, suddenly I look like this on my left-hand side, Jesus was standing there. When I saw him, I want to run away. I couldn’t run. I want to move. I want a little move. I want to say, who are you? I couldn’t open my mouth. The glory. And the power of his presence is beyond human description. Nobody can describe the awesomeness and the greatness of who Jesus is. And from that moment, everything changed for me.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (04:28):
When he spoke to me, I went to the restroom and tears were coming out of my eye. I feel like a burden lifted from me. I decided that day I gave my life to the Lord. I came out of the restroom and began to preach this Sunday. My crusade started December month because I was a colleague baptized, but I was a baby as Patrick, but I never take a church serious. I don’t believe in God at temple that God does exist. That churches lit in blue Bible is of the bad people, that churches, just a organization like lottery club and other clubs. But after that experience and encounter, I began to preach the reality of Jesus. I went to the Reverend father, told him about Jesus, who appeared to me. I went to so many people telling them that Jesus is real because it was so real. To me, it changed my life. I would say I’m trying to stop smoking. I used to smoke 20 stick or pencil, midnight hedges in two hours with my gang, my friends, I used to drink six bottles of beer CCL. And it came beer, all kinds of beers. But instantly after he spoke to me, the desire for sex desire for dancing, disco, the desire to smoke and drink, everything died instantly. And I began that day to tell people that Jesus can change lives. Instantly.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:42):
You started your ministry there in Nigeria. How did the door open for you to start to go to other nations?

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (05:49):
It was a miraculous intervention because in 1991, the Lord came to me and said, I’m taking, I’m sending you to Bennett Republic and took a Republic to possess the land by the Holy spirit. By then I was a pastor going to Bible school in Nigeria, in Abba and pastoring the church because the church I was pastor was founded by about six years ago by a pastor, a leader who had issue with the church because of some, you know, you have some moral issue like fornication with two members of the church ladies. And they went to church, find out he and I went by not the church. I was in Bible school as a student, a few months into geology, two years theological school. And I saw demand. One of the elders I was passing by the voice said to me, go and minister to him.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (06:36):
I said, I don’t know him. What would I tell him? He said in his shop, in his business office, then the first one said, it’s dead for three months. Every time I passed there, I had the seven voice final. I go in and talk to him. He told me that that same week, the Lord told me to go is the wind. The pastor left that they have no pasta that he one meal time. And he said, please come and preach for us. I went there and preach. After I flipped reaching, the whole of the church says, can you be our pastor? That’s how I become a pastor going to school. I was like 23 years old. You know? So going to school, preaching pastor in the church, become the senior leader with the assistant pastor, working with the other guy being on that. Me. And that’s how I started pastoring. And the Lord said to me, go to Benin Republic and Togo in 1991 to preach the gospel. And I went, that was the first day I left the country to go and preach this country’s miracles, healings, deliverance. And from there we have seen so saved by the part of God.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:28):
So you went first to Togo and Benin, and now you’ve gone to so many different nations around the world. Recently you were in the nation of Haiti. Tell me what miracles did you see God do in Haiti,

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (07:42):
In Haiti, we have a lot of testimonies. So for healing, for example, there was a woman that has a heart problem. The doctor says that they’re going to give her a new heart or something. And she’s in pain. She’s suffering. Like she kept to the crusade. When we prayed in the name of Jesus, when I’m in a big crowd or crusade like that, I can’t touch anybody. I can’t touch everybody because we touch one person. Everyone wants to touch him. So if I stay the whole night, I can’t touch everybody like some 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, 200,000 people, my crusades. So I was like, okay. I D I spread, put your hand where your sickness is in the name of Jesus. When I pray, I’m going to blow your hand to let her handle you in agreement and the inches of the water. What we me is going to touch you and you be healed.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (08:25):
When I prayed this prayer to whom I says, she put her hand where the problem in the heart part of God came and he was shaking chicken, chicken. When I was praying. And after that, she feels like her fire [inaudible]. I used to loop. There was no fire. So she went home, wake up in the morning. That’s the end of the pain. Went to the doctor, touched, touched nothing, examine everything, no more pain. The cancer is gone. And she came to testify. The whole people, we are so happy people. We are jumping on a Joycean because I tell people this miracles are to draw souls to Christ. Miracles is not advertised. The preacher miracle is not advertised. The program. Miracle is authorized Jesus to let people know that Jesus is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. And what he did yesterday, he can do today. And that’s how people are so excited. We have people come in. Hundreds of people come in every day, every day for one week, thousands of people where there to be blessed by the part of God, by the word of God,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:23):
Over the course of your ministry, how many people have given their lives to Jesus because of your,

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (09:30):
Well, I would say is uncountable in the Nim that sometimes when I go on programs, I may not be able to record everybody. You know, like I said, in May 20th of 2016, I was alive on TBN. Mindy started that said we reached 118 inches over a hundred million people watch us live. And after that, I caught oughta call and asked me to give their life to Jesus. So I don’t know how much of the media, so Buddha watch me alive. I remember when they give their life to Jesus, you know, but what I know is that one of micro cities in Nigeria in 2002, we have 50,000 documented salvations in a desk who said Sunday to Sunday. And one crew said every night, wherever have a hundred thousand people. People came from everywhere and we have documented decision card for 50,000. Plus I come to the program after end of the program.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (10:21):
So where I was sitting, literally thousands of meters of people come to Jesus Christ. And we continued to go. I was in India in 2019, this November, we have incredible thousands of people. We have touched many of them here. And there was a mine that the first person I prayed for my guest, even just Francis Xavier, who was with me, Haiti, who said does the last few weeks ago, he, when we come in, he said, that’s their family for 80 years, they’re married. No Chinese doctors have done everything to help them. They spend thousands of dollars in doctors. He said, please, will you pray for them? They want you to come and pray, but it has some testimonies of miracles that happen and they’ll prepare food. And where come. I said, okay. I went there to pray for them. When I was there. I said, by the Holy spirit in one year, today, it child, we cry in this house. Miraculously, not because of what doctors have done, but because of what God who sent me to India have spoken exactly one year to have that boy to that, that child was born last October, then about, so God is fitfully and God’s the answer prayers.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:24):
What evangelists have really influenced you? What have you learned from other evangelists?

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (11:31):
They forced the evangelists that impressed me so hard is TL Osborn

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:35):
Of course, Dr. Osborne is a great missionary evangelist from right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (11:40):
Yes, sir. In 1986, after I was up here at the minute 85, I heard about him through a book I read and I wrote him. He sent me his book, healing, the sick, they live in classic. Then I saw pictures of crusades. So he did that African another wall. And that has been impacted my life. I’ve listened to him. I’ve been with him and I’ve been in his crusades and I vetted Africa to been in the public. He came in 2005 and we have a wonderful time together before he went to be with the Lord. So TL Osborn is number one, number two, Reinhard Bonnke in 1987 for his false crusade in Nigeria, I was there and there, the final goal was born in the mid two more to go to full-time. After I, in that meeting, I decided to go full time. January 4th, 1988, I went full time with the Bible school to become a full time. Preacher, God.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:32):
God told me one time that “the mission field shall become a mission force.” And for many years, people have viewed Africa as a mission field and many missionaries from the United States and other places have, have gone to Africa to preach the gospel. But now it’s amazing because God is raising up great preachers from Africa, great evangelists that are very bold in sharing their faith that are bold in sticking to the scriptures. And I think now missionaries from Africa are being sent out to, to other nations. What advice would you give to someone from Africa? Who’s called to be an evangelist

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (13:18):
Man of God. You are very, very, very perfectly correct. I’ve said this about 15 years ago, the last would be the first and the fourth would be the last. I believe that the last gospel we preach by Africans. Amen. Why? Because they’re the last of course, the sons of, you know, unsolved, Heim, shim, Jeff ethanol that story. But anyway, what do I say is exactly what God is doing? The mission field has become the mission force because when Christianity come to Nigeria to re Christianity in the 1960s and seventies, it came with reality of power of God through read through. [inaudible] tell us what, in 1957, he wasn’t named, but I don’t Nigeria. It has over 500,000 people came over 40 crippled and blind people got healed. I got delivered till I was born 1957. I was not born yet. So people that were there, like my spiritual mentor [inaudible] he was put on people that were impacted.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (14:20):
And that crew said almost every body that was in that crew said at that time that I sit up believers, be called grid, men of God, today that God used it in Nigeria and Africa, I said, Oh, and I want to set this. God has given the African people the burden to carry the reality of the gospel of Jesus with the power of the Holy spirit, to other nations of the world. I said to people that did see that America saw in Nigeria is affecting the whole world right now because the two days that the church and never die and the church can never die. They get off hell. I never stopped the church. If the church is good, we can hear it gets stronger. That if you’re going to struggle, you get to church very soon. When he leave Africa, you go to China because China is rising up to power for right now where the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I believe if you have black minds to the people, if you’re a black man, this is your time to cut it. The anointing, this is your time to create the presence of God. This is your time to preach the gospel with authority and audacity because it works.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:19):
You mentioned Benson Idahosa, who is in heaven now, but he was a great evangelist from Nigeria. And you said that he mentored you in some ways. What did you learn from Benson?

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (15:32):
He inspired my faith. The first time I met him, when I was in Bible school, 98, did he come to bridge in my locality, the authority and the audacity that come out of his message and the miracles I saw changed my life forever. I know that if tell us when he’s doing it, he’s a white man. You know, can the heck. And he’s doing it. He’s a white man, but for me too, after reading about these wonderful people for 98, five seven, and see a black man, but you’re busy. And I was standing in front of me, manifesting disempowered on top of the Holy ghost. I was like, Oh, if I can do it and brought out with, to tell you by the grace of God, I’ve done it in many countries to the glory of God, I’ve challenged, DiMasi hate to face to face.

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (16:20):
And many of them said they would kill me. I said, bring it on because it will kind of knock. If I said before you come to, came in, right. Your wheel, because we don’t kill me. If I don’t die, you die. Because when you bring the sword, the highest sword will be there to challenge you assault. And I don’t think you can stand, go. So, or doesn’t have the authority. The boldness he has, which came from God, because if you know his life story, when he was bought bet bunk, he wants to be thrown away in a trach because he was not Britain. He thought he was dead. The father said, Hey man, where is nothing? I would have songs that I was sick. It was sickly. But God, the devil wants to destroy him from China. But God raised him up to become a mighty force. Almost every ministry you’ll see today in Nigeria, big ministry. So I called in about Nigeria now a hundred thousand $650,000. We all came out of it. The house

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (17:10):
God is no respecter of persons. He is a respecter of faith. And so any man, no matter what color, what religion, what place they’re from, if they will put their faith in God, God will use them for his glory. And so brother, you are a great example of an evangelist. You are a great African evangelist and I pray that God will raise up many more people, men and women of God, just like you. Thank you so much for being on the evangelism podcast. Could we finish with you praying for our listeners, please pray for them. Father in the

Bishop Patrick Mmuokebe (17:50):
Name that is above every other name, the name Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He who appeared and change and transformed my life and give me the power and authority to do December. His name. I come to declare, Oh God, that you bless every man. Every woman that is watching and listening to us right now that the momentum of your presence will be made available to them. That wherever they are, you begin to touch them, your spiritual life, their financial life, the material life, the marital life, their children, their husband, or children or wife, let your glory be revealed to them. Let them begin to connect to the supernatural power that is available today for winning souls. While your watch says he, that wind sowed his Weiss, let them become Weiss in the spirit and let it become active in reaching out, bringing source to the kingdom. Father bless them as they come to know that you are. Will you say you are in your woods in Jesus’ precious name? Amen. Praise the Lord. Amen. Thank you, Bishop. My prison. Be blessed. Hey, thanks so much for listening.

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