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Benjamin Gabriel | Businessman from the Middle East who Loves Jesus

Benjamin Gabriel (not his real name) is from the Middle East. He has been a highly successful businessman but now he is passionate about Jesus and  excited about telling people about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

He was sent to prison for becoming a Christian.

He was beat up for preaching the Gospel.

Key Quote: 

If you read the Koran, you will find that Islam is a very controlling religion.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Benjamin Gabriel. That’s not his real name is from the middle East. He has been a highly successful businessman, but now he’s passionate about Jesus and excited about telling people about the father, the son, and the Holy spirit.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:16):
Jesus said go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:52):
Hi, I’m Daniel King and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. Today. We have a special guest Benjamin Gabriel. Now that’s not his real name. It’s a pseudonym. He is from the middle East, and you’ll recognize from his accent that he is from over there. But I can’t even tell you what country he’s from because his family still lives there. And they would be in danger. He’s been a highly successful businessman, done very well in business, but his heart, his passion is for reaching people for Jesus brother. Thank you for joining me today.

Benjamin Gabriel (01:33):
Thank you very much. And I’m honored to be here, pastor Daniel.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:38):
So tell me about your life as a businessman. You’ve made lots of money in your lifetime, but now you have a heart for preaching the gospel and telling people about Jesus. Tell me how that came

Benjamin Gabriel (01:52):
To be my life, my whole entire life. Since 1987, it’s still, what are they called for to reach the unreached people and to present Christ as the real Messiah, the one who comfort you, the one who saved you and through, I want to, I started being in business at the age of six years old. Believe it or not. I was six years old. When my daddy took me to work for him. At the age of 12, I was running two businesses. I had a horrible childhood with my father, an absolute the worst image of fatherhood. I forgive my dad. I love him. That’s what I learned. That’s why I learned that in Christianity, that the father God, but so much healing in your heart that you can live and forgive the people that hurt you. And I found so many things in Christianity that helped me out to reach the business side and my life I’ve been in all over the country.

Benjamin Gabriel (03:02):
I mean all over the country, meeting people, I mean, billionaires, millionaires people, I don’t know the, the know how much money they have. And in the last 26 years of my life, it’s been ma I’ve been a missionary in my field and a very successful businessman. I took one of the business. I ran to number 11 over the whole entire country. And I say very humbly, nobody before me in this state, I live in and nobody after me still beat that record ever. Nobody ever. And that glory is to God because God was with Joseph. Because of that, he was a successful man. Seeing the Bible, you can see a lot of promises from God that he will bless everything you touch, just believe just except him in your heart as a personal savior. Jesus Christ is the true God. He is the one that said I am the life that there was a reaction and the who believe in me will be resurrected.

Benjamin Gabriel (04:13):
They will never die. Why? Because he saves your spirit. He saves your soul. He saves your body. He saves all of you. And then that in his day he will come and take it to the everlasting life. He is alive. Jesus Christ is alive. Then in my business, I did this and I I’ve, I’m always bald. I I’ve never been scared of anyone. I mean, none. I prayed for customers. I prayed for employees. God gives me a world of knowledge about people suffering financially can pay their mortgage. I obeyed God. And in my thigh, I obeyed God in everything I do every morning. I said, God, I want it to be with me because without you, I can do nothing. But with you, father, God, I can do everything. I was able to preach the word of God in a very intelligent way and spiritual way to them.

Benjamin Gabriel (05:15):
Iffiest to the Muslims, unbelievers, Hindu. I mean all the religions of the world. Have I seen life said absolutely, absolutely. One of my businesses that I I’m sorry. One of the places that God told me to go on work, I work for probably $3 a month, but it wasn’t the money. It was the mission that I was on. And in this particular place, God said there’s 25 souls. I have ordained them. I have anointed them. I love them. And I want you to share my love to them. I said, God, you got to teach me. And I God so much because God, the father, God, the son and God, the Holy spirit. And without the Holy spirit, this is the mechanism of the Trinity. The Holy spirit came to me and taught me wisely. How to reach the unreached people. And all of a sudden, I, you know, the lunch hour or the 30 minutes lunch, I, I started with one person.

Benjamin Gabriel (06:21):
I said, Hey, let’s pray over the food. Then let’s pray to the heavenly father. God, just God, because they believe that they’re God, it’s like art. It’s a fake God, but this is not what we’re talking about today. It’s a fake God. Please study the Koran. It’s a very controlling religion. When a religion tell you that if you ever doubt the Bible, if you ever doubt the I’m on, you’re going to go to hell. Versus the Christ said, search all the books to find a reason for your belief. Anyway, then I started working there and the guy said, I would pray five times a day. I can do this. And I told him, my faith is, God is unlimited. You will leave that. He said, yeah. I said, then you can talk to him. He said, you think I can. I say, yeah, you can watch what I will do.

Benjamin Gabriel (07:17):
And I prayed my thank God and the joy of God and the peace of God was all over me. And he go and pray because he never done that. He, the prayer is a repeating prayer. Five times a day. It doesn’t change. It’s the same prayer, five times a day. And you can talk to God because in the Koran it says it can’t, you can’t talk to God period. End of the story. And if you do talk to him by accident, he’s not going to talk to you. Who are you the thought for him to talk to you? Anyway, then I shared the shared about God, the father with him as the Holy spirit commanded me. And then I start believing that God will do something. And he one gets saved and born by the Holy spirit and baptized by the Holy spirit. Then our lunch hour, this people see us sitting together and we have a very wonderful time together.

Benjamin Gabriel (08:12):
Then two people, three people, four people. It became literally exactly what God told me. 25 people received Jesus Christ as a personal savior. Number 25 was a lady. Am I going to mention her name? Because whatever, but I told her as I discipled all of them, you can’t, you can’t. I know that you have so much joy because now you born again. And the Holy spirit is upon you and God talking to you. And you’re going to enjoy a true person relationship with the true God, God, the father, God, the son and God, the Holy spirit and the Holy spirit will fill you up with so joy that you can comprehend. And she didn’t listen. And with a sail heart that she got decapitated by her own fiance for believing in Jesus Christ. It broke my heart very bad. And at that time, the, the, the man that was the big boss of this place and he came to me to purchasing.

Benjamin Gabriel (09:19):
I said, I need human office. And I went to his office and he said, brother you’re talking about Christ to people. I said, yes, I am. I’m talking about the father God. And he said, you know that I can report you right now to the secret police and all of the brotherhood and your life will end. But the fact that your mother and father are very willing, well known in the city. And I know them personally, I’m going to just fire you and don’t ever come back here. I did that. And I lived the place that God commanded me to go there and do his work. God has

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:13):
Moved tremendously in your life. And it’s amazing where God has brought you to. And I know that your testimony is very long. You could spend a long time sharing everything that God has done, but just share with us a little bit about how God has brought you to where you are today.

Benjamin Gabriel (10:33):
I walked into church and I stood in the end of the church and the pastor was preaching and I understood zero from what he, he let us, he was afraid of me. I don’t know. The church just started one after the other leaving because it’s how I looked. And toward the end, which is, I still don’t know. I still don’t know how this happened. I still don’t know it’s the power of God because I seek the God all my life. I wanted to know where the truth is. And I did walk by this particular church so many times, and every time I walked by it, there’s people shouting and they’re happy, happy the other religion nobody’s happy. I mean, nobody has happiness in their heart, zero. I mean, they get out of bed at two in the morning, three in the morning and in their heart, they’re cussing God, why you make it?

Benjamin Gabriel (11:37):
They were doing all this. But anyway, on some of them are grateful because you know, it’s just taught. I mean, I wish I have the time to share with you about the country addiction and that book, how many mistakes and I can prove it to you from that book that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Anyway, toward the end, he he asked if you want to receive Jesus Christ as a personal savior, come to the front. Now this is, this is what I don’t understand. And I still don’t get it. How did I go to the front? I didn’t, I don’t know. I mean, I still questioning. God is like, did you push me? Did you actually carry me and make me go to the front? What happened that day? And all the, the leaders in the church and the pastor prayed for me and all the sudden I’m crying like crazy.

Benjamin Gabriel (12:31):
We’ll talk on this, this particular time. It was four hours, snot and tears. And it was like a pub under me and I’m crying. And I’m like, all the sudden I, while I’m crying, I stopped. And it was, it was a vision. I was in the desert where there is no food, no water. And I was a baby. I was just a baby. And Christ came from heaven, was amazing, peaceful, light, and amazing peace. He put upon me for the first time in my life. I experienced peace, not excit and depression. And that’s the God that I worship. He will heal you from all the depression of the past and anxiety to taking steps toward the future. That’s the God we worship. And all of a sudden I had peace that I’m not kidding you. It is overwhelming peace. And his hand that he held me, he hugged me.

Benjamin Gabriel (13:35):
And he said, you are mine. I’m going to anoint you. I’m going to be with you all the days of your life and not, you’re not going to save hundreds of thousands. You’re going to save millions of life in your lifetime. Oh, what? The experience or the presence. And I, without a doubt in my mind, without a doubt, I knew Jesus Christ is the son of man. The son of God. He is part of the Trinity, the father, the son, the Holy spirit. And they are one, not three as others belief. And my life was so touched that that night I wanted a house and I couldn’t sleep. I start like one, I have a Bible list. That’s almost 40 years old, but I’m going to stop reading the Bible. And the Holy spirit came to my room and I couldn’t stop crying about all the sins and all the things I committed in my life, including converting to Christian, to fam.

Benjamin Gabriel (14:40):
And I cried. And I said, God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I will do whatever it takes to bring them back to you. I want it be your servant. And from that point on my life was never the same. You know, when I went to prison, I was so thankful to God. I actually praise the God said, man, this is amazing. I get persecuted for the name of Christ. When I got beat up for preaching the gospel, I was so happy because he said, come to me all your burden and have heavy heart. And I will give you freedom. I will give you peace. Jesus Christ is a personal savior and he is alive. Not like the other religion. The guy is dead. He died. He’s gone. What do you worship a lifeguard? Or you follow a dead one, dead, dead with a whole bunch of idols inside his coffin. I mean idols. Why would a guy guide sin from God, be among idols. I wish I have the time to destroy that book. I really do.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:47):
What is it that is unique about Christianity that makes it so attractive to you.

Benjamin Gabriel (15:55):
That’s a big question. And I’ll do the best to answer the fact that you can talk to God. You can talk to God any time. You don’t have to have five times of prayer. And I wish I have the time to share with you. Why it’s five times not 50 as God told the guy anyway, but you can talk to God. And the beautiful thing about it. It’s not like the other, all the other religions. Oh, I mean, when I say, Oh, I mean, all of them, all of them, none of these gods talk back to you. They have no power, none because they are the he’s alive and he’s, this is alive. And he will talk back to you. And through the Holy spirit, he will give you power to do things that incredible, super natural things that you can do. The Bible is alive.

Benjamin Gabriel (16:53):
The word of God is still alive and he wants to touch your heart. He wants to bring you to his kingdom. He was sick. All the wilderness, all the fear, all the anxiety, all, everything that is stopping you from being who called you to be, God is opening his arm today. And he wants you to come to his kingdom. He loves you so much. And I say the truth in love. He sent, he sent the part of the Trinity Christ, the son, the Messiah, the son of God to die for your sense. Then you can go through Christ as the righteousness of God, not condemned by your sins. You don’t have to work like the other religions say, you have to work for your salvation and no guarantee for Ghana, which is the garden of no guarantee. None, zero, because God is a deceiver. What a funny thing.

Benjamin Gabriel (17:53):
How will you believe that? But our God wants you. Once you receive him, your book is written in the book of life. That’s why I love Christianity. That’s why I have a passion for Christianity, the gods so much. He loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for you. Why don’t you take the step of faith right now in Jesus’ name? I break anything, stopping you from taking a step toward the things of God is study for yourself. Read for yourself. He asked us to read the books to have evidence for all. Believe he didn’t command you not to read nothing and be controlled by one book and accept them as his personal savior. I promise you life will change their happiness. You’ve been looking for all your life. That joy, that peace will never come with money, authority and power will never, ever come.

Benjamin Gabriel (18:45):
He’s the only one that said before you with the sentence, the heaven that I will leave my peace to you will not like the peace, the word give, but overwhelming peace and the Holy spirit on fire. You want the Holy spirit. You, when God started speaking to you as how you do it, you accept Jesus Christ as a personal savior. That’s what I love about this Bible is still alive. He still can listen to you. And all of a sudden, when you receive him, this is what the Holy spirit will come right with him because he said, I am leaving and I have to leave to send the helper. And the Holy spirit will assist you as why God is the father. God, the son and God, the Holy spirit and the Holy spirit is where you at right now in Jesus’ mighty name,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:33):
Brother. Thank you so much for sharing. I love your passion. If you’re listening and you have been stuck in religion, trying to make God happy through your works right now, I’d encourage you to cry out to Jesus. That’s right. Ask Jesus to save you, brother. Would you pray a prayer with my listener right now? Who wants to give his life to Jesus has been stuck in religion, but right now wants to cry out and experience a true relationship. A life with Jesus Christ,

Benjamin Gabriel (20:07):
Totally father God come to you. And the name of Jesus Christ. He said everything. Everything you ask the father in my name happened. He said if two and three gathered in my name in agreement that the prayer will be answered. And we’re praying to you, father God through the Holy spirit. Oh, Holy spirit. You are so powerful. Oh, Holy spirit. You can change lives right now. We are so welcoming you among us. Come and start moving with power. I pray right now in the name of Jesus

Benjamin Gabriel (21:01):
Through the, what they call their self Christian. And they have no relationship with you, non father, God, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ

Benjamin Gabriel (21:14):
The Holy spirit father, God will start touching their lives in a different way. Try them to your body, to the church where they can see the Holy spirit moving. God is still alive. God hears about you. Oh God. I, I see somebody, somebody right now is suffering with drugs. I mean, right now you are listening and you are suffering with drugs and God is standing you right now. Get in your knees and ask me, and I will heal you in Jesus mighty name

Benjamin Gabriel (21:53):
Jesus name. I see another woman. She is so, Oh gosh, she’s so down on herself because of all the abuse, sexual abuse G when through God is telling you, forgive your enemies.

Benjamin Gabriel (22:08):
The biggest commandment to love the Lord, your God, from all your heart, all your mind, all your understanding and love your neighbor as yourself. This will all, all the apostles, all the profits. That’s what he said. This is it all the old Testament, the new Testament. This is, and this is the greatest thing it can do. And I’m telling you for give them that you shall be forgiving and you can walk in the freedom of Jesus Christ. You are no guilt. There is no shame, father God. I pray to the nations that they don’t believe in the Trinity of God. Nothing is impossible for my mighty God, nothing. I mean nothing. And I pray right now, father God, but the nation for Africa, I see the blood of Jesus Christ is wiping the whole entire city under the blood. That is as massive at knowing thing from the head all the way to the end of Africa.

Benjamin Gabriel (23:12):
I see God right now, raising the church in America in Jesus mighty name, don’t fight God like Paul don’t fight God. You might not be Christian. You might be Muslim or Confucius or Hindu or Buddhist. Don’t fight the voice in you that is telling you read the Bible. And in the Bible, you’re going to find, answer for everything because the Holy spirit will help you to light up your mind. Like Paul, the apostle said, he said open their eyes. They are blind eyes. They can see they have eyes, but they can’t see. I pray for the God that you opened their eyes of understanding that your world will shine and the salvation will come. Nothing is impossible for you for their God, because you’re the alpha and Omega. And you are a loving God. Yes, you’re a loving God. Not in the other book. Not one time said that the God of love.

Benjamin Gabriel (24:13):
I think our book, he’s a loving God. He wants to love you. He wants to, he wants to you to love him back. He wants to trust you, and he wants you to trust him with your life. Because when you give him your life, your prosper and be in good health, psychologically, mentally, physically, you’re going to go into paradise on earth because God is with you. And when God is with you, who can be against you in Jesus’ mighty name, we pray and we expect miracles and testimonies to be happening in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. Amen. Thank you for being on the evangelism podcast. Thank you very much, just honor.

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