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The Story of a Woman Healed in Ethiopia

Does God do miracles today? Let’s ask this precious woman who came to one of our Gospel festivals in the nation of Ethiopia.

Genet Mudjahadin was married to Muslim man. Her first name means “paradise” but her life was no paradise. For eight years she never had a period.

Her husband desperately wanted children but no matter how hard they tried, she was never able to conceive.

Because she was unable to bear children, her husband abused her and told her she was worthless. Finally he divorced her.

In desperation, she gave her life to Jesus. She came to our Gospel Festival because she wanted healing from pain in her back. As we prayed for the sick, suddenly her back was healed. At the same moment, she started to bleed as God gave her a period for the first time in eight years.

Some people question if miracles are real, but not Genet, she knows God does miracles.

God can do a miracle in your life too. Just believe Him for what you need today.

I like to say, “Don’t put a Question Mark where God puts a Period!”

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