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The Story of a Hindu Family in India

Pastor S******** K***** is building the kingdom of God with painstaking patience. He pastors a church of forty people in V********, India and leads several additional congregations that meet in people’s homes. Pastor K***** has no car; he uses a motorbike to travel to a different village every week for an evangelistic outreach. He only has two rooms in his rented home, but he has dedicated one of those rooms as a prayer room so that Hindus from his neighborhood can come for prayer.

There is often a great price to be paid for winning souls. In broken English, Pastor K***** explained to me how he leads Hindu families to Jesus. First, he finds a Hindu family that is in need. He builds a relationship with the family by visiting their house on a weekly basis. Once he is a friend, he starts sharing the Gospel. He tells them stories about what Jesus did in the Bible. When a member of the family gets sick, he prays for a miracle. Pastor K***** explains, “When the family sees the power of God, then they are willing to become followers of Jesus.” In many cases, six to twelve months pass before the family asks to be baptized.

Pastor K***** took me to visit one of the Hindu families that recently decided to follow Jesus. They showed me the alcove next to their front door where an idol once stood. Now a picture of Jesus has replaced the idol. The whole family decided to be baptized into the Christian faith. Now they are inviting neighbors over to their house to hear stories about Jesus.

I asked the father of the family about his journey to Jesus. He replied, “My brother’s daughter was sick and in the hospital. She needed an operation that cost one Lakh rupees (about $2,000). Pastor K***** came and prayed for her in the Name of Jesus and she was miraculously healed. When I saw the miracle, I wanted to know more about Jesus. I invited Pastor K***** to visit my home and when we heard about the power of Jesus to save and heal we decided to forsake our idols and become believers in Jesus.”

Why is Pastor K***** a success? First, he genuinely cares about people. Second, he builds relationships that become bridges to share the good news. Third, he relies on the power of God to convince people of the truth of God’s Word. Fourth, he is willing to work in difficult conditions to lead people to Jesus. We can learn from some of his methods to reach people right in our hometowns.

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