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The Story of a Woman in Brazil

King Ministries

She was sitting on a park bench in the central plaza of Crato, Brazil, waiting for a bus. She looked up as I approached and I noticed tired desperation in her eyes. I handed her a flyer about our Gospel crusade. Her eye immediately went to the words “Miracle Festival” and she asked, “Do you really believe in miracles?”

Through a translator, I said, “Yes, I believe that Jesus will do many miracles here in this city.”

She said, “My daughter needs a miracle, can you pray for her?” Before I could lay my hand on her shoulder and start praying, she stopped me and pointed to her purse. She unzipped the top and fumbled around for a few seconds before pulling out a picture of a young girl, her daughter.

She said that her daughter was partially blind and could not walk or talk. I took the picture in my hands and prayed for her daughter. She cried as I prayed and when I finished I asked her, “Do you want to make Jesus the Lord of your life?” She nodded and so I led her in a salvation prayer. After we prayed with her, she wiped away her tears and we left to continue passing out flyers on the other side of the plaza.

One hour later we were about to get on our bus to head back to the hotel when this same woman came running up to us. She was shouting, “My daughter’s healed! She’s walking!”

When we got her to calm down she said excitedly, “After Daniel laid his hands on my daughter’s picture, I used my cell phone to call home. The baby-sitter told me that at the exact moment that Daniel started praying for my daughter, the young girl stood up and walked across the room and spoke for the first time in her life.”

Even though her daughter was far away, Jesus still touched her with His power. There is no distance in prayer.

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