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The Story of Mohammad the Cripple

Ethiopia is in danger of becoming a Muslim nation. Surrounded by radical Islamic nations like Sudan, Somalia, and Eritrea, this nation has been targeted by radical mullahs to be the next conquest of Islam.

Jessica and I traveled for two days through Ethiopia over dirt roads to reach the site of our Soul Winning Festival. As we passed through dozens of villages, I was shocked to see a mosque in almost every village…and very few churches. Our festival team worked hard to put up over 20,000 posters…and almost every poster was torn down by the Muslims.

Muslim youth rioted and threw rocks at our local team. A rock went through the window of one of our publicity vehicles and shattered it. When the police arrived, the Muslims falsely accused our team of starting the riot. Thirteen members of our team were unjustly arrested and thrown into jail. But, the truth was revealed and our team was released the next day.

With such strong opposition, very few Muslims came to hear the Gospel on the first night of the festival. But, on the second night, a miracle happened to change everything.

A cripple named Mohammad was miraculously touched by God! He was well known in the city and when he walked across the platform to testify that Jesus had healed him the news spread like wildfire. Jesus was healing the Muslims!

By the final night, the crowd had swelled to five times the size of the first night’s crowd. Thousands of people were saved, including many Muslims who were drawn to the festival grounds out of curiosity to see if Jesus was really healing people….and He was!  Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.