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The Story of Elena Maria Romero

Elena Maria Romero remembers the day she fell out of a tree as a nine-year-old girl. She can also recall the stabbing pain that shot up her back, and the consequent chronic pain she experienced for the next twenty-four years. When she heard about the Jesus Festival in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras, she gathered her husband and small daughters and travelled from her home in San Pedro to the state capital to attend.

Anxious for relief from the debilitating pain that prevented her from lifting anything high, even her children, she watched the singers and dancers and speakers from her position on the soccer field. Elena Maria listened intently to the preaching, and prayed aloud with thousands of others that Jesus was her Savior and King. She asked Jesus to take away her back pain, and make her well again. As the pain left her body, and she began to stretch and twist and bend her back without pain, she grabbed the hand of her little girl and rushed toward the platform.  With tears in her eyes, Elena Maria testified that Jesus had made her whole, and to prove it, lifted her little girl high in her arms, and danced and praised the One who had healed her.


Watch her dance in this video.

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