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Top Books on Evangelism

Below are some of the best resources on evangelism that have been written by my friends. Reading these top books on evangelism will be a transformative journey that will equip you with the knowledge, insights, and practical strategies needed to effectively share the life-changing message of the Gospel. These books will serve as invaluable resources, offering you guidance, inspiration, and a wealth of experiences from seasoned evangelists. By delving into these literary treasures, you will gain a deeper understanding of the theology and principles that underpin evangelism, allowing you to engage with others in a more informed and impactful manner.

Whether you are a seasoned minister, a passionate believer seeking to reach the lost, or simply curious about the power of evangelism, these books will provide you with a roadmap, unlocking the secrets to fruitful outreach and igniting a fire within you to boldly proclaim the Good News to a world in need. From practical strategies to theological foundations, these books are a must-read for anyone desiring to make a lasting impact and share the hope and love found in Christ with those who need it most.

Moving in Miracles and Healing: A Supernatural Handbook – Jean-Luc Trachsel

Slaying Dragons: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Warfare –  Daniel Kolenda

Unlocking the Miraculous: Through Faith and Prayer – Daniel Kolenda

Live Before You Die: Wake up to God’s Will for Your Life – Daniel Kolenda

Living a Life of Fire – Reinhard Bonnke 

Holy Spirit Are We Flammable or Fireproof? – Reinhard Bonnke

Holy Spirit – Revelation and Revolution – Reinhard Bonnke

Life is Short – Leave a Legacy: The Todd White Story – Todd White

Healing the Sick: A Divine Healing Classic – T.L. Osborn

Soul Winning: How to Share God’s Love and Life to a World in Despair – T.L. Osborn 

New Miracle Life Now – Ladonna Osborn & T.L. Osborn

How to Preach the Gospel: Learn the Secrets of Effective Evangelism – Daniel King

Proof God is Real : Is God There and Does He Care for Me? – Daniel King

You can Become a Master Soul Winner – Daniel King

The Gospel in Pictures: Communicating Eternal Truth Visually – Daniel King

Healing Power: Experiencing the Miracle Touch of Jesus – Daniel King

Soul Winning: Inspiration for Leading People to Jesus – Daniel King

The Lightnings of God: How to Be a Transmitter for the Power of God – Joe Oden

How to pray for healing: A practical guide for answered prayers – Rubens Cunha

The Jesus Book: Fall Recklessly in Love with Jesus – Michael Koulianos

Created to Believe: Be Bold, Brave & Brilliant – Mikel French

Reset: Jesus Changes Everything – Nick Hall

Spiritual Avalanche: The Threat of False Teachings that Could Destroy Millions – Steve Hill

Unlikely: Setting Aside Our Differences to Live Out the Gospel – Kevin Palau

The Secret Life of a Fool: One Man’s Raw Journey from Shame to Grace – Andrew Palau

Palau: A Life on Fire – Luis Palau

The Anointing for Miracles: How to Partner with God’s Supernatural Power – Donna Schambach

Capturing Heaven’s Attention: A Lifestyle Saturated in God’s Presence That Releases the Miraculous – Chris Overstreet

A Practical Guide to Evangelism– Supernaturally – Chris Overstreet

(re)Discovering The Ministry of The Evangelist – Raphael Anzenberger

Prophesy & Heal the Sick : How to Grow in Prophecy, Words of Knowledge, Healing & Power Evangelism – Matthew Helland