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El Salvador

Report from Santa Ana, El Salvador

God moved in a powerful way in our recent crusade in Santa Ana, El Salvador. The local soccer stadium was packed full of people who were hungry for God.

Hundreds of local churches participated in our outreach. We asked every church in the city to bring one or more buses to the crusade. Our plan was to fill half of each bus with church members and the other half of the bus with people who need Jesus. Two months in advance, church members throughout the city made a list of seven unsaved people to pray for and to invite to the crusade.

When the stadium doors opened, people poured through the gates. I preached a crystal-clear Gospel message about how Jesus died for our sins. When I gave the altar call more than two thousand people streamed forward to make a decision to follow Christ.

The follow up for these new believers began immediately. On the bus on the way home, each church member who invited someone who got saved used the time to pray with the new believer and to begin the discipleship process. The local pastors were excited to see so many people from their neighborhoods get saved.

The Power of Partnership

Our crusade was one part of impacting the entire nation of El Salvador. I am on the board of the Global Evangelist Alliance. Evangelists from around the world have joined hands together to impact entire nations. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, we chose El Salvador as the first nation to target.

The outreach kicked off with a powerful pastor’s conference. Over 4,000 pastors from all over the nation of El Salvador came together to make a commitment to reach every person in the nation for Jesus. Our team of evangelists, led by Evangelist Nathan Morris, decided to do seven crusades in seven different cities throughout El Salvador. My assigned city was Santa Ana.

The local churches in Santa Ana caught the vision and in the months before our team arrived, they did over thirty neighborhood crusades in our region to reach the lost.

I invited my pastor, Paul Daugherty, from Victory Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (our home church) to partner with us for this crusade. Victory Christian School (where my kids go to school) brought 138 students to El Salvador for a week of ministry before the crusade.

The team of young people ministered in schools and neighborhoods. Before the crusade even started they ministered to 7,091 people, witnessed 1,230 salvations, had 38 confirmed healings, distributed 92 boxes of food, and had 62 baptisms.

Pastor Paul Daugherty hosted a Pastor’s Conference and over 800 leaders from the surrounding area came to be encouraged. I preached on the Fire of God and Pastor Paul preached on the Keys of the Kingdom. We had a powerful time of impartation at the conference as we laid hands of all the pastors and their wives.

The Victory Team helped to lead worship at the crusade and the teenagers performed dramas on stage. Pastor Paul preached on the first night of the crusade and I preached on the second night. Both nights we saw a great harvest of souls.

Many of the people who came were sick and praying for a miracle. One of the highlights on Pastor Paul’s night was when a crippled man stood up from his wheelchair and began to walk for the first time in many years. When I preached, God opened the ear of a man who was deaf in his left ear.


Best Part of the Trip

One of the team members was my fourteen-year-old son Caleb. I was proud of him because he raised most of the money to go on this mission trip by raking leaves and shoving snow in our neighborhood.

During the crusade, we asked the young people to help us pray for the sick during the healing prayer. My son, along with a group of eighth graders from his class prayed for a five-year-old boy who was born with club feet. As they prayed, my son started to cry.

Caleb came to me and said, “Dad, I am crying but I don’t know why I am crying. I never cry.”

I explained to him, “Son, God is allowing you to feel the emotion He feels when He sees hurting people. Jesus had compassion on people and He is giving you the same compassion for the boy you are praying for.” Caleb’s tenderness was an answer to prayer for my wife and I. We have been praying for our teenage boy to have a soft heart towards God and it was so good to see God touch his heart in such a profound way.

Do You Have Compassion for the Hurting?

Caleb’s experience reminds me that all of us need to have compassion for the lost and the hurting. I pray every day that God would fill my heart with compassion and today I pray that God would give you more compassion for others. Thank you for your heart to help those who are hurting!

Your Missionary Evangelist,

Dr. Daniel King

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