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Why do we wear ties in church? Find out in this video from Croatia.

Did you ever wonder why people wear ties to church? I heard one pastor say that it is Biblical to wear ties in church because the Bible says to bring your “tithes” into the storehouse.

According to Wikipedia, “in 1660, in celebration of its hard-fought victory over the Ottoman Empire, a crack regiment from Croatia visited Paris. There, the soldiers were presented as glorious heroes to Louis XIV, a monarch well known for his eye toward personal adornment. It so happened that the officers of this regiment were wearing brightly colored handkerchiefs fashioned of silk around their necks. These neck cloths struck the fancy of the king, and he soon made them an insignia of royalty as he created a regiment of Royal Cravattes. The word “cravat” is derived from the à la croate—in the style of the Croats.”