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Evangelist Daniel King gave away over half-a-million salvation books in the nation of Honduras. Trained counselors at eighteen massive Gospel Festivals throughout Honduras distributed the books to new believers. This massive distribution of literature was part of “One Nation, One Day,” a nationwide outreach to this Central American country.

The book entitled “Welcome to the New Honduras” covers the topics of salvation, healing, the Holy Spirit, faith, and how to walk with God. In the back is a decision card that will be filled out by each recipient and given to the local churches so they can follow up with the new believers.

Daniel King has visited sixty-three nations around the world and seen over one million people receive salvation in his services, but this is the biggest outreach he has ever participated in. He says, “We are asking God for the entire nation of Honduras to hear the good news of Jesus Christ in just one day. Many different ministries are joining hands together to make this unprecedented evangelistic outreach possible. God is calling us to work together to change an entire country. It is amazing what can be accomplished for the kingdom of God if we do not care who gets the credit. No logos. No egos. Just Jesus.”

Eighteen evangelists joined together to conduct Gospel crusades in the capital of every state in Honduras. Almost two thousand short-term missionaries invaded the nation for a week of ministry making this one of the biggest mission trips in history.

The president of Honduras personally invited the teams to come. The legislature of Honduras passed a law declaring the day of the outreach to be a national holiday. The missionaries have been invited to visit every public school in the nation to present the Gospel. Two hundred doctors and nurses will be offering free medical exams. Eighteen containers of food have been shipped to Honduras. Almost five million meals will be given away to poverty stricken people.

Honduras was chosen for this outreach because of the great need in the country. According to the Associated Press, the largest city in Honduras is the murder capital of the world. 1,218 people, an average of over three people every day, were killed in 2012 in San Pedro Sula. This violence is caused by drugs, criminals, and gangs. It is hoped that this massive proclamation of the Gospel will cause a decrease in crime and change the future of Honduras.

The goal of reaching an entire nation for Jesus was birthed twelve years ago when Daniel King and his friend Dominic Russo were both students at Oral Roberts University. Sitting together in a dorm room, they started dreaming about what it would take to present the Gospel to every person in a nation in one day. Now, under the leadership of Dominic Russo, this dream has become a reality. Other ministers involved include John Bevere, Tommy Barnett, Myles Monroe, Kari Jobe, Tommy Tenney, Sharon Daugherty, Mark Chironna, Jack Myers, and Rick Ciaramitaro.

Isaiah 66:8 asks, “Can a nation be saved in a day?” The leaders of “One Nation, One Day” believe that for the first time in history, this prophetic question asked over four thousand years ago will be answered with a resounding “Yes.” They are asking God for the entire nation of Honduras to be changed in one day.