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Most people in North America know Madagascar as a funny cartoon with talking animals, but in reality this island off the coast of South Africa is a nation full of people that need Jesus.

Our outreach took place in the city of Sambava. The Prime Minister of Madagascar was on our plane. When we arrived at the airport, thirty people came to greet him. To his surprise, over 1,000 Christians were at the airport to greet our team of evangelists! The believers paraded through the middle of the city to welcome people to the Festival.

Thousands of people showed up at the Festival grounds. On the first night, a woman who was deaf in one ear was healed. Her eardrum was punctured and for nineteen years she was unable to hear in her left ear, but God healed her and she was able to repeat the quietest whisper. On the second night a seven-year-old boy who could not walk began to walk. These miracles prove to the Malagasy people that Jesus is alive today.

Ten thousand salvation cards were distributed to people who decided to follow Jesus. Over 1,500 believers came to the Fire Conference for an impartation from the Holy Spirit. On our last day in Sambava, 41 people arrived at our hotel to be baptized in the ocean. Great joy filled the city as the people rejoiced that so many had been saved and healed!

We also held a youth outreach in the capital city of Antananarivo, a two-day pastor’s conference, and ministered at many different churches.

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. This nation is distinctively different from the rest of Africa.  The people are a mix of Indonesian, East Indian, Arab, and African descent. Plus, the nation has an island feel to it that is dissimilar to sub-Saharan Africa. I found the Malagasy people to be friendly and hungry for God. In the northern part of Madagascar a large percentage of the population is Muslim.