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A Little Boy in Haiti

In Haiti, we took our team of twenty-seven Bible School students to a small fishing village next to a lake. The village is within sight of the main road but because of the rocky terrain, our vehicles bumped and bounced for thirty minutes to get there. When we finally arrived, we saw the worst poverty I have ever experienced.

About thirty huts made of sticks and mud were clustered together. The children had bloated bellies and most of them were not wearing clothing. Normally children would run to greet us with shouts, but these children silently watched us through sunken eyes. We gathered them together under a single tree that offered the only shade in the village.

We started by singing some songs in Creole. The children timidly joined in by clapping. Our team sat among the children, holding them in our laps. One little boy was fascinated with the blond hair of one of the girls on our team. He kept touching and stroking her shiny hair.

We told the kids how much God loves them. We laid hands on each little fuzzy or bald head. We picked them up and hugged them. A few of the children shyly smiled at us. All of the children prayed a prayer of salvation with us.

One little boy caught my attention. He was naked. He looked about seven or eight years old. I prayed for him by laying my hand on his head. He looked up at me with big round eyes. After I finished praying, I took my hand off his head to walk away. He grabbed my hand with his hand and refused to let it go. From then until we left, he stayed right by my side. He gave me a tour of his village and showed me the dirt floor hut he called home.

At the end of our visit, we were able to give the entire village enough high-protein food to eat for two weeks. We were able to positively impact that young boy’s life and I believe that I will see him again in eternity.

One in a Million: The Testimony of Wilnack

Spiritual Earthquake Hits Haiti – Haiti Miracle Crusade

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Haiti Shaken with the Gospel

In January of 2010, Haiti suffered from an earthquake; this past week Haiti experienced a spiritual earthquake. Evangelist Daniel King traveled with a team of twenty-seven Bible school students to the Caribbean nation for a massive Gospel Festival. Their ministry impacted thousands of lives in Kawdá Bouké, a suburb of Port-au-Prince. In addition to conducting a five-day crusade, the team visited orphanages, poverty-stricken villages, and conducted a women’s conference, a pastor’s conference, a Kid’s Fest, and a healing conference.

Thousands of people made a commitment to live for Jesus. One life that was changed is a twenty-seven-year-old man named Wilnack Saint-Fort. One month before the Gospel Festival he saw team members putting up posters around the city. He asked if he could help. At first, the team refused his help because he was obviously drunk.

Something about the team’s attitude attracted the young man. Every day for a month he followed them. After several days of building a relationship, they allowed him to pass out flyers and glue posters to the walls. After the festival platform was built, Wilnack volunteered to sleep under the platform to help guard the sound equipment.

He said, “One night I dreamed a dream. In my dream, I was in a beautiful place and I saw many beautiful houses. I saw a man in a white robe walk toward me and just as He opened His mouth to speak to me, I woke up. I knew that Man was Jesus and so I decided to live my life for Him.” On the second night of the Gospel Festival, Wilnack gave his life to the Lord. When he heard the question, “Do you want Jesus to forgive your sins?” he responded by raising his hand. He prayed the prayer of salvation and Jesus became his Lord and Savior. He plans to attend a branch of Victory Bible Institute that is being planted in his neighborhood.

“Follow up for new believers is extremely important to me,” says Daniel King, “We work closely with the local pastors and we distributed 10,000 “Life of Jesus” books to the new believers. My home church of Victory Christian Center, led by Sharon Daugherty, wants to plant Bible schools in every town in the nation of Haiti.”

One night, Daniel King preached on the story of the paralyzed man who was let down from the roof. In Matthew 9, Jesus says three things to him: be encouraged, your sins are forgiven, and take up your bed and go home. Jesus healed the man emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Daniel announced that Jesus wanted to heal the people of Haiti in the same three ways. He invited everyone who needed healing to come to the front and the team laid hands on them. God touched many people and they testified from the platform. Arms, eyes, necks, backs, stomachs, and emotional problems were healed by the power of God.

The earthquake in 2010 devastated Daniel Vallon, the translator for the crusade. His house was severely damaged when the earth shook. For several months his family was forced to live in a tent. Due to the generosity of a Canadian church, Daniel King was able to send him money to rebuild. He used the money to fix his house and the house of his neighbor. Now, two years later he served as a translator for the outreach.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. After the earthquake, millions of dollars were poured into Haiti to help people. But the nation continues to need help. The pastors of Haiti need encouragement; the people need an outpouring of compassion, and the children need food. Daniel King says, “After the earthquake, the world’s attention was focused on Haiti for a short period of time, but now many have forgotten to care. Please don’t forget to pray for Haiti or stop giving to the ministries that are working there.”