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Sierra Leone

In this video you will see what God did on my recent mission trip to Sierra Leone. Witness the amazing miracle of a deaf ear being healed. Hear the testimony of a Muslim camera man who gets saved. Watch new believers get baptized. Learn about the impact of this trip on eternity.

Welcome to Sierra Leone in West Africa.

The history of this nation goes back to when slaves from America, Canada, and England were set free and sent back to Africa.

They were dropped off where the city of Freetown now stands and the former slaves spent their first night as free men under a giant cotton wood tree that still stands to this day. The cotton wood tree is a symbol of freedom and it is on the money of Sierra Leone.

I was invited here by Will Jones from Awakening Ministries International.

Our team travelled seven hours across the country to do outreaches in rural villages in the eastern part of Sierra Leone.

We preached the Gospel in schools.

And in villages.

One village said they would give us a piece of land in order to plant a church.

Sierra Leone is 78% Muslim and Muslims attended all of our services.

In one service we were directly across the street from a Muslim Mosque and as they called people to Muslim prayers, I called people to Jesus.

In one village two Muslim Imams came to the service. Both of them prayed with us for salvation.

At one service, there was a young boy. He was deaf for two years. I asked the people to lay their hands on the part of their bodies where there was pain. The boy’s mother laid her hands on his ear and as we prayed, a black growth fell out of his ear and into her hand. Now the boy is able to hear.

We did a pastor’s conference for church leaders.

We trained local evangelists, provided them with resources, and gave them sound systems so they can go preach the Gospel in every town and village.

We hired a Muslim cameraman to take pictures. He heard us preach about Jesus all week long. At the end of the week, he said, “I want to be baptized.”

We baptized a total of 152 people who decided to live for Jesus.

Thank you for helping us reach the people of Sierra Leone with the Gospel.

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