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My grandparents worked in Afghanistan back in 1950’s. My mother was born in Afghanistan and lived there for the first eight years of her life. Because of her love for Afghanistan, our family has prayed for the people of Afghanistan almost every day of my life.

My parents started a school in Kabul, Afghanistan but when the Taliban took over the country in August of 2021, the school was forced to close. All of the students and teachers were in great danger and because of a series of amazing miracles, we were able to rescue 53 of our friends from Afghanistan.

Now, the US government has sent 800 Afghan refugees to Tulsa, OK, our hometown. The vast majority of these Afghans are Muslim and it would be very difficult to introduce them to Jesus in Afghanistan, but we see an opportunity to tell them about our Savior now that they are here in the United States.

At this time it is not possible to do large evangelistic outreaches in Afghanistan, however, we are praying the day will come when thousands of Afghans will turn their hearts to Jesus Christ.