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“It is 4:15, we have to turn off our sound system,” a pastor at our village campaign in *********  told me. Our worship team had just finished singing simple Christian tunes like “This is the Day that the Lord has Made” and “Hallelujah.”

“Why?” I asked, “I am ready to preach to the crowd.”

“Because it is time for Muslim prayers and we do not want to offend them,” the pastor explained to me, “Five times a day the Muslims call people to pray from the Mosque that is next to where we are holding our Gospel campaign. If we make noise during their call to prayer, we might offend them and they will force us to shut down the meeting.”

Our village campaigns took place on the front lines of Gospel work. We were standing on the enemy’s turf trying to take new territory. We were in a majority Muslim country. While I was there, the war between Israel and Gaza was raging. The head of Hamas called for a world-wide day of anger and Jihad against Jews and Christians. In the capital there were demonstrations where mobs of people burned the Israeli flag and the American flag. Thank you for praying for my safety!

Once the Muslim prayers were over, I began preaching. My sermon had four main points: God Created You, God Loves You, God Saves You, and God Heals You. When I gave the altar call hundreds of people prayed with me for salvation right in the shadow of the Mosque!

The amazing miracle is that on the same day when Islam was calling for anger, we saw the love of Jesus manifested in a powerful way. It was on a Friday. Not only was it the day of our biggest attendance at the campaign, but it was also the day when we saw the most people get saved.

Our team did two village-size Gospel campaigns. Each campaign was three days long and also included a conference for discipling young people. We deliberately kept the events small because we did not want to attract too much attention. Even though the events were small, they will produce a big impact. The ministry we are working is sending a pastor to each of these villages to plant a new church so that the new believers can be discipled.

Each of these villages have never heard about Jesus before. Before we came, there were no churches and no Christian believers in these villages. But now there are!

A total of 1,211 decision cards were filled out. Many people were saved and every night people testified they were healed.