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During our recent Gospel Festivals in Uganda we saw a total of 14,918 precious people fill out decision cards for salvation! I am sure all the angels were partying for days because of this epic harvest of souls.

During our time in Uganda, we did two five-day Gospel Festivals and two five-day pastor’s conferences. Thank you for helping us lead people to Jesus and equip local leaders. Now I want to share a story that will strengthen you.

Stay Away from Sin

Our festival in Kihihi was thirteen hours away from the capital. To get there we had to drive on narrow mountain dirt roads. On our right was a hill and on the left was a steep cliff.

Our driver’s name was Jack. He was a good driver, but he tried to prove how good he was by recklessly driving too fast. He kept driving closer and closer to the cliff. I asked him, “Jack, why are you driving so close to the edge?” He replied, “I am trying to avoid a rut over here.” I countered, “But, Jack, there is a very big rut on this other side that goes straight down for a thousand feet.”

As we were going up one side of the ravine, we met a huge truck coming down the other side. There was not enough room for both vehicles, so Jack started to back up. He backed closer and closer to the edge. Our team members in the back of the bus started to shout, “Jack, stop! You are going to fall off.” Jack kept backing up. The girls yelled louder, “Jack, STOP!” But, Jack did not stop. Finally, Jessica opened the side door of the van and everyone piled out. When we went around to the back of the van, his rear tire was within two inches of disaster.

I was inspired by this near tragedy to share an illustration at our pastor’s conference about the dangers of sin. I said, “Once upon a time, there was a bus owner who wanted to hire a bus driver. Three men applied for the job and the owner took each of them for a test drive. The first man decided to show how good he was at driving and drove within one foot of the edge of a cliff. The second man was even more of a daredevil, he drove within an inch of the edge. The third driver proved he was a good driver by staying as far away from edge as possible.”

I explained the spiritual parallel, “Some people try to get as close to sin as possible without falling but as men and women of God, we should stay as far away from the devil as we possibly can.”

I finished by asking the pastors, “Who do you think the bus owner hired?” All the pastors replied by shouting, “The third driver.” I looked over at Jack our bus driver, and he was sitting there holding up two fingers!

I encourage you today: Stay as far away from the danger of sin as you can.