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A Report from a Healing Festival in Pakistan

The city where we conducted our Festival in Pakistan was founded back in 1901 as a Christian village. Today, many of Pakistan’s Catholic priests and nuns come from this city. But even though there is a strong Christian presence, there are still thousands of Muslims in the area who have never heard that Jesus saves people from their sins.

On the first night of the Festival, I welcomed everyone by saying, “We welcome our Christian friends. We welcome our Catholic friends. We welcome our Hindu friends, and we welcome our Muslim friends.”

Word began to spread that Muslims were welcome and on the second night of the festival many Muslims were scattered throughout the crowd. As the Word of God was preached, they listened intently. Then miracles began to happen. Men and women began jumping to their feet and announcing that Jesus had touched them. We invited them to the platform to testify.

The first woman to speak had been paralyzed on her right side for ten years. She demonstrated her healing by lifting her arm high over her head. Then she shocked the crowd by saying that she was a Muslim. “Who healed you?” we asked. “Issa ul Masih healed me! Jesus Christ healed me!” she exclaimed.

The next person to testify was also a Muslim, and the next, and then another. Out of thirty people who came to the platform to testify of healing, over two-thirds were Muslim.

The news that Jesus was healing Muslims spread like wildfire. The next night, the mullah from the local Mosque came to the Festival. He had heard that Jesus was healing Muslims and he told his entire mosque to attend the Festival. We gave him a seat of honor next to the pastors on the platform. When I began to speak, the Muslim leader stood up and put a rose garland around my neck and publicly thanked us for coming. The pastors were very excited, as this was unusual.

As the preaching began, thousands listened intently to every word as we explained that sin separates us from God and Jesus is the only way to heaven. When the invitation came for the people to receive salvation, almost the entire crowd prayed to ask Jesus to forgive their sins.

On the final night of the Festival, the size of the crowd increased again. Many more Muslims and Christians were healed by the power of God.