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Billy Thompson has been my friend for over twenty years. His ministry plants churches and Bible schools in a hard to reach area of Ghana. You can benefit from his teaching on Billy’s podcast and YouTube channel called Heaven’s Frequency.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Billy Thompson has been my friend for over 20 years. His ministry has planted churches and Bible schools in a hard to reach area in the nation of Ghana. He started a podcast and a YouTube channel called heaven’s frequency, where you can listen to his powerful teaching. Jesus

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:21):
Said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls in the name of the Lord shall be saved. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:55):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I have a special guest with me, my good friend, Billy Thompson. Thank you for being with me today. Thank

Billy Thompson (01:08):
You for having me,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:10):
Pastor Billy. It is wonderful to be with you. You and I have been friends ever since we were both students at or Roberts university. Yes, sir. And we had a very unique job. Both of us while we were at Oral Roberts University, both of us were employed by the Holy Spirit Library, right? And we got to listen to cassette tapes of famous preachers talking about the holy spirit and talking about God. People had sent these cassette tapes in from holy over, and then they cat catalog them and put them so that people doing research. What were some of the things that you learned while in the holy spirit library? Oh, that was

Billy Thompson (01:54):
The coolest job. I don’t think I’ve had a cooler job than that. Being able to be paid to listen to somebody preach. Some of them did put me to sleep to be honest with you, but some of them were amazing and had lots of nuggets. I think the one thing that stood out to me was William bra. He’s one that has been an interesting character in, in the charismatic movement. And we listened to lots of his sermons. But one thing I found that every sermon that he did, there was one, one sentence that he always said, and it was right from the scriptures where he says, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. And so no matter what his message was, he always said that. And then God would break out with miracles and confirm that word that Jesus Christ is the same. If Jesus healed, he still heal. If he saved, he still saves. If he delivered, he still delivers. And that was one nugget that just stood out

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:42):
To me. Now, he, you graduated from or robs university and then your wife also finished her master of divinity there. I, I think I learned as much from the holy spirit library as I did in classes at U, but it really is such an awesome place full of the holy spirit. Tell me kind of what that was like going to oral Roberts university.

Billy Thompson (03:09):
I knew when I was 12 years old that I wanted to go oral Roberts. I used to watch oral on TV. And when I got a chance to visit on a college weekend, when I was a sophomore in high school, I fell in love with the place and knew absolutely. That’s where I wanted to go. And one thing about oral Roberts university is God told oral to raise up your students, to hear my voice. And I remember going to classes and just trying to figure out when do we get to hear the voice of God? When’s the voice of God class. And one of the professors Dr. Brad young, he said, you are in the right atmosphere to hear God. And that’s the one thing I took away from ORU. The most, it was that atmosphere that was like no other. And I really began to hear the voice of God clearer than any other time in my life when I was at ORU, because the professors there, they, they were like family and they really just poured into you. Everything that they had. And it was just a great atmosphere, built some of the best relationships with my life. Some of my best friends came out of ORU. They are more like brothers than just friends. And so it’s been a great time. That’s a great school. I highly recommend anyone who’s thinking about going to, to college. ORU would be a great place to go.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:13):
Now I remember many years ago you pastored a little church. Yeah. Right in, in Dallas, Texas, right? Mm-Hmm the mid Dallas, Texas. And it was a church that had been planted by your grandfather is that, great-grandfather your great-grandfather. And so this is being in ministry is a legacy that has been passed down through your family in, and is now resting in, in your hands. And I remember when we went to that church, you had me come preach one time. And, and you were such a, a powerful preacher anointed man of God. And to this day, you continue to, to preach the gospel. Talk to me some about what that legacy means in your family to be following after God. That’s

Billy Thompson (05:01):
Awesome. My great-grandfather, he actually was my spiritual father and it kind of skipped two generations. My grandfather, another my, nor my father actually entered into the ministry. My grandfather was a deacon, but my great-grandfather, he really adopted me. And he was more like Abraham and I was his Isaac. I was his son of old age. And and I had a special relationship. It with him, probably even more so than his own son had because of that spiritual connection. And he’s gone now because he was already up in years when I first was coming into the Lord. But he’s the one that really poured into me. My legacy. I find myself sounding like him. I find myself preaching like him. And I hate the fact that we didn’t have recordings in those days to, to keep that leg. See, but I know that I am an extension of what he did. And so I do thank God because he definitely was a spiritual father that, that really poured into me, all that he had. And, and I am his Isaac.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:54):
Yeah. And you’ve been pouring your anointing and all the things that God’s been showing you over the years into your, your brand new YouTube channel. Yes. It’s called heaven’s frequency. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. And I’ve seen some of your videos have beginning thousands and thousands of views, really connecting with people. What are some of the, the messages that you have been sharing on your YouTube channel heaven’s frequency? So the

Billy Thompson (06:21):
Title is heaven’s frequency and we came, well, why did

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:23):
You choose that title?

Billy Thompson (06:24):
Yeah, it’s because a lot of times people are trying to find the voice of God. Just like when I was saying about going to oral Roberts university, people are always looking for direction. What does God want me to do? God is a speaking God, anyone who calls himself, the word has a lot to say, that’s what Mike Murdoch would say. And so people want to hear the voice of God and know exactly how God speaks to them. And that’s something that people kind of struggle with. And so the whole point of the heavens frequency is to teach people how to tune in to God, how to tune out the world, how to tune out the devil and tune into the voice of God. So what I do a lot in this podcast is talk a little bit out the ways God speak different ways. We can tap into the voice of God, how to know when is God, you know, it’s easily also to be deceived and think it’s God.

Billy Thompson (07:05):
And I talk about some of my own struggles and my own growth, where I thought it was God. And it wasn’t God. And I try to help people understand the process of hearing the voice of God. Because learning to hear God is a process. It’s a lifelong own journey. No one can come to the point where they’ve already mastered it, but God wants to speak to us. He wants to be in a relationship with us. He wants to conversate with us. And so part of our podcast is really talking about getting people to understand how God talks and how to connect with God at that level. He’s a speaking God, if we pray and we just give God everything we have and say, amen, and walk out, that’s a monologue. God wants a dialogue. God created us for conversation. And so that’s what it’s about tuning into that frequency, just like frequency, a radio station.

Billy Thompson (07:50):
You know, there are radio signals are always being transmitted, but you have to be tuned in to pick up that particular station. And God is always talking, but we’re not is catching the signal. Sometimes what God is saying is going right past us is going right through us. And it’s not because God doesn’t have a lot to say, but we’re not necessarily tuned in to what God is saying. And so God wants us to be tuned in. He says, my sheep, know my voice and a stranger. They will not follow. And I talk about a lot about the mistakes I’ve made and learning to hear the voice of God hope, hopefully to cut somebody’s learning curve down. And so they don’t have to make some of the mistakes I made on the journey.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:25):
Now you’re actually BI vocational, you’re in ministry. But you’ve also earned your doctorate of education and you are serving in the, the education realm. And so talk to me kind of about how God uses you as a minister, but also being in the realm of education.

Billy Thompson (08:48):
I love education. Education gives me a chance to impact people that ordinarily wouldn’t go to church. You know, as an educator, particularly as a principal, my job is to oversee the school to make sure that everyone is physically safe. That’s number one, academically safe, spiritually safe, emotionally safe. And a lot of times my students and my teachers, they go through all different kinds of things, just like we all do. You know, the Bible says it reigns and adjust as well as the unjust. And there are certain things that we can only get through with Christ help. And so when the world goes through things, they need to know that Jesus is there for them. And so I love working in that secular arena, working in the public school, you know, we’re kind of limited in that realm. We can’t really preach the gospel freely because it is a public space.

Billy Thompson (09:33):
However, we can be a light shining in the darkness. And I believe that my presence there is pushing back the darkness. And I find myself having lots of opportunities to share Jesus with families, with parents, with teachers as they go through life crisis. And I find myself being very pastoral in that environment because one thing a pastor does is he walks through life with you. He doesn’t just preach on Sunday. That’s part of what he does. He doesn’t just do Bible studies with you, but he also is there for when you are, when you’re hurting, when you lose someone or you’re going through, or you’re contemplating marriage or you’re contemplating divorce, or you’re trying to make decisions about the next step in life. And a lot of my students, particularly my seniors, they’re trying to figure out where do I go with my life. I I’ve been trained since kindergarten to, to, and to write, but now what do I do with all this knowledge?

Billy Thompson (10:18):
What do I do next? And I get a chance to sit with them and counsel with them and not tell them what to do, but to help them to think and to consider God always before they take the next step. And again, even with my parents and my teachers, they come in my office. Sometimes parents break down crying because they’re overwhelmed with the challenge of raising children today. It’s hard raising and today, especially with all the forces that the world is throwing at them even more so than even when we were coming up. And so I get a chance to be able to give parents advice, not necessarily telling them how to raise their children, but telling them different ways that they may not have thought of. And I try to give them biblical counsel. I will use scripture if it’s appropriate, but sometimes I’m not allowed to use scripture, but I just give advice.

Billy Thompson (10:58):
And sometimes I just see them break down. And I’ll just say, do you mind if I pray for you? And they’ll say, yes, I’ve never had anybody once refuse prayer. And so I find myself ministering in every setting, even though I’m a public school administrator. And I’ve been before that, I was a public school teacher. I taught English and I taught history. And just being able to impact those students day by day and watch them grow. There’s nothing like that. So I see my bivocational ministry, not as two separate entities. We were taught at oral Roberts university to go into every man’s world. Every man is not going to come into our churches. We wish they would, but they not ne they necessarily will not. So we have to go to where they are. And everyone had asked to put their kid in a school, whether that’s private school, public school, or even a homeschool network, they’re still connecting with other people. So children, everyone has children, and everyone wants their children to be loved, to be respected and to be cared for. And so I find myself being able to be pastoral to people who are not necessarily

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:56):
Churched. Now you’ve taken your passion for education and your passion for ministry mingle them together and used it to reach people for God in Ghana, Africa. Yes. And so in Ghana, you have, I’ve developed a, a network of churches and ministries. You have some Bible schools there kind tell us, what is God doing in Ghana? Ghana is a

Billy Thompson (12:21):
Place that really has my heart. God called us to Ghana several years ago. We’ve been there over a decade now. And as you were saying, I am an educator at heart. And so one thing we also have is Bible schools. I believe that we have to train up the next generation. And so what we do in Ghana is we go into villages where the gospel has not yet been preached. We preach the gospel. We start Bible studies. We eventually develop them into churches and we have 10 churches now that have been established. And then we also train people in ministry so that they can go out and bring more people into, into the fold. And so we really do that by education. And so I see myself as an educator, both in the church and outside of the church because Jesus was a teacher. I mean, he didn’t, he wasn’t working any kind of a school system, but he is the great teacher. And so I want to emulate Jesus, the great teacher. And I find myself doing that in as well as in the church.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:17):
Well, my wife, Jessica and I have great appreciation for you and for your wife, joy, you both have been very good friends. And you also serve on the board of king ministries, which I’m very grateful for and helping to provide vision direction and prayer for us over the years. And I just want to encourage anyone. Who’s listening to go to YouTube and find heaven’s frequency, frequency, and subscribe to Billy Thompson’s channel. You will be blessed. He has just nugget after nugget. That is, is like gold. It it’s look on YouTube. You can find all kinds of videos, but you gotta find the gold nuggets in the midst of all the, the, the junk that’s there. And every single video that you put up is just a gold nugget. And then also go and subscribe to the heavens frequency podcast. You find can find it on apple iTunes and on other platforms where’s, it’s available. So, so look for it. And I’d also encourage you to support the ministry of Billy Thompson and what he’s doing in Ghana, Africa. There’s always a need for building new churches. Yes. Which king ministries we’ve had the opportunity to help with building one of the new churches that, that you’ve built then building Bible schools and then training up people. And, and so if, if someone is interested in impacting lives in Ghana, how can they find out more about you and find a place where they could give and participate in that? So

Billy Thompson (14:50):
You go to our website, Christ, disciples, churches.com, Christ, disciples, churches. So in Ghana we have, like I said, 10 churches right now, we’re constantly expanding. All of our churches have the same name. They’re just Christ disciples church, but they’re in 10 different locations throughout the city in V region, which is where we’re based is a very hard area. There’s a lot Satanism. There’s a lot of witchcraft, a lot of leaning on witch doctors. There’s a lot of idolatry. And so it’s a very hard area and God has been with us because we’ve planted churches in areas where others have tried to plant churches. And for whatever reason have not been successful, we spend a lot of time praying over everything we do. And so the people are surprised at the churches that we’ve AB there, that that are actually thriving. And so we just thank God for what he’s doing.

Billy Thompson (15:35):
We covet your prayers for what God is doing throughout the nation of Ghana. Ghana has a lot of Christians. It’s not a nation that does not know God, but we are in an area of Ghana that actually has a lot of resistance to the gospel. And we’ve targeted that area of on purpose, which is the Balter region, which is next to the country of Togo. But actually in Ghana, west Africa, Ghana has 12 regions. The Northern Africa is another part. The Northern part of the Ghana is where we want to go to next. There’s a lot of other religions there, a lot of tribal religions, a lot of other major religions besides Christianity that we want to kind of go into those territories as well. So there’s a lot of work to do in Ghana, but that’s a place that God put on our heart.

Billy Thompson (16:17):
So strongly. We’ve traveled to many different nations every year. My wife and I, when we are able to travel, we go to two countries. We go somewhere else, but it’s always gonna be Ghana. Ghana has our heart. And even now with the pandemic, we’ve not traveled to Ghana in the last two years, but we spend a lot of time online, online in Skype and Google meet meetings, meeting with our pastors there, we regularly try and encourage them and, and empower them. They’re such a hunger in Ghana for the gospel. They’ll sit there and listen to you, preach for three hours. And when you wanna stop this, say, no, continue. We want more. So it’s, it’s a great place. We always have lots of needs there. As you were saying, Daniel, we’re building a Bible school. We’ve had a Bible school there for several years.

Billy Thompson (16:58):
Actually. It’s connected, affiliated with victory Bible college in in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And we use their curriculum primarily. I’ve written some of it, but we primarily use victories curriculum. So it’s a pretty strong established school, but what we’re working on right now is an act, a building. And so it’s going up right now. We could use lots of help with that. We’re gonna have some dormitories in there. So when people can come over and stay, we have pastors conferences there. We do pastors conferences there every year. We also do marriage conferences, my wife and I, we’ve only been married 11 years. We don’t consider ourselves experts by any means. But a lot of times when we’re there, people are praying about their marriage and they’re praying about their relationships and relationships is key. The very first institution that God gave us was the institution of family and the garden of Eden.

Billy Thompson (17:42):
He gave us at before. There was a church he gave Adam and Eve that unit of family. And so churches are just made up of a bunch of families. And so we spend a lot of time working with relationships. And as I, as I’ve said, we’ve only been married 11 years, but my wife and I we’ve shared the mistakes we’ve made along the way. And we try and be candid with where we are in our journey is also sharing with them 100%, the word of God and say, this is what the Bible says. And we try to make sure that the Bible is our standard of how we should do it. And we try to make that as an example. So we do marriage conferences there. We also do medical clinics. My wife is a nurse by traders, as well as I’m being an educator.

Billy Thompson (18:17):
And so my whole ministry is based on educating the church. So the church is not in deception and the church understands the word of God and understands the purity of God’s word. But when we’re also there, my wife is concerned about their physical health as well. So she does clinics and she talks to them about their wellbeing. She talks to the women about good feminine health. She talks to the men about their, their blood pressure and we take medicine and we do all different kinds of things. So those are the three main things that we do there. We do medical clinics, we do marriage conferences. We do leadership conferences and we plant churches. And so Ghana is just a place. It definitely has our heart.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:51):
Well, if you have a heart for Ghana, I would really encourage you to go to Billy Thompson’s website. What’s what’s the website,

Billy Thompson (18:59):
Christ disciples,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:01):
Churches, Christ, disciples, churches.com.com. And so go to his website and, and learn more about what they’re doing there. And Billy is just always such a delight to be with you. Like I, I consider you to be a great friend and you are a powerful man of God. And so I’m very honored to be your friend. Let’s just finish with a prayer for the people who are listening. Just pray for those who are, are looking for what God them to do. You’ve gone through several different areas in your life that God’s been using you. So just pray for those who are listening, that that they’d be able to, to tap into what God wants them to do with their life.

Billy Thompson (19:42):
Father. I pray for everyone listening to my voice right now. I thank you for your wisdom, your grace and your direction coming upon them, father, God, I think you’ve that you opened the way for them. Everything that’s been closed to them. I thank you that you’re opening it. God, I just commit them to you right now. And father God, I asked that you would take away all fog and all confusion that may be there. Allow them to come forth clarity. Right now we counsel the assignment of the enemy over their life. Every stumbling block, everything that has held up and everything that has held them and kept them from their destiny. We remove that right now in the authority of the name of Jesus. And we loose them down to their destiny. We speak peace to every storm. We speak healing to every situation and God, we commit these people to you. God, we love you. And we thank you that you always hear us when we pray. Bless your people and Jesus name.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:30):
Amen. Amen, brother, Billy. Thank you for being on the evangelism podcast with me. Thank you, sir.

Evangelism Podcast Host (20:36):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches, visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.


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