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Mike Signorelli | Giving Atheists Proof God is Real

Mike Signorelli is the founder and lead pastor of V1 Church in New York City. He used to be an atheist but a friend led him to the Lord over the course of a year. In today’s podcast, we talk about my new book designed to rescue atheists from hell. The book is called Proof God is Real.

Website: www.mikesignorelli.com 

Proof God is Real is a great book to give to atheists and it is a good book to give to your teenagers before they leave for collage so they will not lose their faith the first time they hear someone challenge Christianity.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Mike Signorelli is the founder and lead pastor of V1 church in New York city. He used to be an atheist, but a friend led him to the Lord over the course of a year in today’s podcast. We talk about my new book designed to rescue atheists from hell. The book is called PROOF God is real.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:23):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King we’re Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:00):
Hi, this is Daniel King and missionary evangelists, and I’m passionate about leading people to Jesus. Recently, I was invited to be on a podcast with pastor Mike singer reli from V1 church in New York city. And we talked about how to reach atheists with the gospel. It was such a great interview that I decided to give it to you on my podcast. So here is pastor Mike interviewing me about my new book proof. God is real.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (01:35):
Hey, this is pastor Mike Signorelli, the lead pastor of V1 church coming at you live from Queens, New York city. I know you can’t tell cause over my shoulders, just a white wall and it usually I’m walking the streets of New York city going live. But I’m in studio today because I have a very special guests and I am so excited for him to jump in here in the next few minutes, Dr. Daniel King, I know many of you have a friends and family members that have stopped believing they’ve left the faith. We’ve even seen high profile theologians recently, renounced Christianity and walk away and post emotional videos where they’re crying and talking about how relieved they are, that they’re no longer a Christian. How many of you know that it is more important now than ever that we get the word out and that we confront the spirit of atheism? You know we know that we are fighting a spiritual battle and yes, we must be equipped on an intellectual level on an emotional level, but we cannot forsake the spiritual reality to what we’re seeing today. Guys, I know today is going to be off the charts and here’s why I am only 40 seconds in and we have 110 people watching already. But if this is a spiritual battle, I need everybody to do their part because we don’t have audiences. We have armies, okay. And all have a position and they all have an assignment. So here’s your assignment right now. I need you to hit the share button. If you’re a part of this army who believes that we need to put the truth out there for the entire world to hear and confront atheism because this spirit has robbed so many people of their destiny.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (03:18):
So many people have their calling. So many it’s ravaged families, and we’re going to make the devil pay today. Like we are literally going to fight back. We are not just a defensive army. You know, when you look at the the armor of God, it is not just defensive. We have the sword of the spirit we’re fighting back today. We have almost 200 people watching in the first two minutes. So I need you all to share right now. I’m serious. I need you to subscribe on YouTube, hit that subscribe button, hit the gray thumbs up, make it blue. And then on, on Facebook, any and every group that you’re a part of, like literally, if you’re a part of a mommy’s group in your neighborhood’s share this because we’re talking about atheism and there’s going to be moms in your neighborhoods that are a part of your Facebook mommy group that are like, you know what I used to believe, but now I don’t, I’ll check this out.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (04:11):
Maybe you’re watching right now because someone already shared guys is go time. We’ve got 200 people watching in the first two minutes. Come on. You know, let me just tell you, I want to prophesize just to start this thing off. Okay. And we need to start praying the prayers that sound like prophecy because that’s an activation of faith. Okay? I believe that during this broadcast, a spiritual blindness will, will be eradicated. That eyes will be opened. That scales will be removed. I mean, you guys know my story. I used to be an atheist myself and God, just miraculously and divinely connected me to a man named Lamont King black. This is his real name. And he was an Ivy league, educated theologian. I moved into a house during college. Didn’t even know that I was moving in with a theologian. I brought all of my worries, all of my concerns, all of my problems with scripture, the discrepancies that I saw to this man and over the course of the, of the year, this random guy that I moved in.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (05:16):
But how many of you know, there’s no coincidences in the kingdom of heaven, just divine confirmation, divine appointments. And over the course of the year, Lamont King black, this random guy moved into, but it wasn’t so random. Begin to take me on a journey of dealing with all of my questions, all of my concerns, all of the things that I struggled with in scripture. And I found myself one year later re rededicating my life to Christ. The rest is history. Now you guys know me as pastor Mike, so today’s broadcast. I’m going to prophesied. I’m going to declare it now. Before this broadcast is over, I believe that we will see in the chat, come on. People who are, are literally saying, I started this broadcast in atheist and I left a believer, a true believer. So we are on a mission today, guys.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (06:07):
And I want you to lift up your faith, like never before. Somebody says in the chat, look at this comment, a Saul becoming Paul, come on watching from Mississippi. I even saw some of the comments right now. I can’t even keep up with them. They’re going crazy. I even saw some of the comments right now saying that you jumped over to Facebook just to share and that you are and, and now you’re going back to YouTube. So some of you guys are, are such powerful warriors that you’re going over to Facebook, literally, just to share it to all your groups. And then you are coming back to Facebook or YouTube rather. So wherever you’re watching from now, thank you guys for texting and sharing. Man, this is going to be such a powerful broadcast today, man, we’ve already got almost 400 people within the first five, six minutes, which is so powerful.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (06:59):
I believe many more are coming in. Here’s the woman to do Dr. King Daniel King. I’m about to bring him in there. He is. And so here’s what I want you guys to do live at lunch family. I want you to give a warm welcome. I want to see the chat absolutely blow up. Dr. King is an international evangelist missionary. He’s spoken, I believe in over 70 countries. He’s an author. He is a powerful voice of the gospel to all people. And I just met him for the first time minutes ago. But I can tell you this, you are in for a treat today. So I want to see the chat go. Absolutely buck wild, crazy, welcoming him to the family today. Dr. Daniel King. Welcome.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:46):
Wow. It is good to be here with you. Thank you so much for having me on

Pastor Mike Signorelli (07:50):
Ma tell everybody where you’re watching from today.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:53):
I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I am on a mission from God to lead atheist to Jesus Christ. I believe that God loves atheist. God wants atheists to go to heaven. And so we need to do everything we can to reach them and tell them about Jesus.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (08:13):
And I absolutely believe that he loves atheist because I was one of those atheists that he loved. Matter of fact, things to everybody in the chat for showing so much love to Dr. Daniel King. So you don’t tell me a little bit about this burden that you have for atheist. You know, where did that come from? What’s the origin story, you know how did that get birth in your heart?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:37):
Well, I am a missionary evangelist. I’ve traveled to over 70 nations around the world, preaching to people about Jesus. We’ve seen over 2 million people come to Jesus in our services, large evangelistic crusades like Billy Graham used to do. And we would go to Hindu nations and Muslim nations, and we would see God do tremendous miracles in those places. Then I came back here to America and I was speaking at churches here in America. And one time I was at this little church in Missouri, this, this woman came up to me. She says, please, please, can you pray for my son? I thought her son was sick or something. And so I said, well, what does he need prayer for? And he says, he is an atheist. He started watching videos about atheism on YouTube. He started following different atheists on Twitter and they influenced his thinking.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:33):
And my son who was raised in a Christian family, wandered away from God and I grabbed her by the hand and I began to pray for him. And then she gave me his, his blog site. I went and looked at it and it ended up having some, some conversations with him about Jesus and about Christianity, about why he felt pulled away from growing up in a Christian home, into becoming an atheist. And he asked some really good questions. And so I began to research, why is it that some people are turning towards atheism? And because of all these questions, I began to research. I wrote a book it’s called proof. God is real. And so many atheists are looking for proof. They want proof. They said, if you can give me proof that all believe in God, but without proof, I just dismiss all of it.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:23):
So I said, well, what proof is there that, that God does exist? And that Jesus Rose from the dead. So I took all that proof. I put it in this book in this book actually has a two fold purpose. The first purpose of the book is to lead atheists to Jesus, to help them come into a to knowledge that there is a God, that Jesus is his son, that Jesus Rose from the dead to pay the price for our sins. But then also I wrote this book for people that are raised in Christian homes, young men and women who maybe they went to Sunday school, their whole life. Then they go to college and they fall away from their faith because of the first time experiencing it and hearing different questions that would challenge their faith. And so there is a disease called atheism and we need to inoculate our young people against that disease, vaccinate them. And, and the way to do that is by reading this book proof, God is real well. I’m so good.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (11:26):
Glad you mentioned the book because here’s the reality. Our kids are being exposed to the YouTube videos because unfortunately the, the church didn’t get to him first, right? It’s like, you know, and what my story was being raised in, you know, really like a charismatic Pentecostal church where man, a lot of good hearted people, but they didn’t speak to matters concerning the intellect. And primarily we spoke about things, you know, emotional, overcoming conquering things in our life, getting free from things. But I didn’t know that the Bible could stand the scrutiny of, you know, scholarship. I didn’t know that there was an intellectual side and from my, my story, and this may be, I featured some comments. People were saying, you know, this is my kid. This is my son. You know, I have the same story. It was like, if in my mind, I literally said, ignorant people believe God exists and intelligent people don’t.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (12:23):
And that was when, when I became an adult, was that simple because I had that cliche experience where I went to a secular college and I took the biology courses. I actually had a girlfriend at the time who was a pre-med student. And so I took the bio courses with her and I had professors use their position at that college to tell an auditorium full of students. Literally, God doesn’t exist. Just like the movie I witnessed that God’s not dead type of experience if you guys have seen the movie, but that led me on a journey myself of really wanting to know whether things are real. And so for me, my story again, and I said it in the beginning of the broadcast was meeting this, this, you know, Ivy league educated scholar who said, no, actually the Bible can stand the test intellectually as well. And so, as you were compiling and researching for the book, what were some of the things that you looked at and said, okay, this just needs to be known people aren’t talking about this. Maybe they’re not preaching about it from their pulpits on Sunday, but I’m going to put this in the book. What are some, some highlights?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:30):
Yeah. So much preaching is emotional, which is wonderful. We need to love God with all of our hearts, but we also are challenged to love God with all of our mind. And so I think there is an intellectual side to loving God and in knowing who God is and in thinking. And so the three biggest questions that I think that our generation is asking today that I answer in this book. The first question is, is God there? The second question, does God care in? The third question is, do I dare to follow him? Now, the first thing we have to answer is God, there is he really there in before you can believe in Jesus or believe that Jesus died for our sins or that Jesus can save you first. You just need to accept that there is a creator who created everything, which we can see.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:26):
And so the first step is dealing with this question is God there. And then once you find out that God is there, then start to deal with the question. Does God care? Sure. Maybe there’s a God out there in the universe somewhere, but does he care for me as an individual that does he look at me or is he like a, a giant man looking down at an aunt? It doesn’t care about us as individuals. And I think the proof that God cares is in the life of Jesus, Jesus was God manifest here on earth and everything that Jesus did came from his father. And so when we look at the life of Jesus and the death of Jesus, and then the resurrection of Jesus, we can see that God does care for us as individuals. Then we come to that point where you have to make the decision.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:14):
Do I dare to follow him? Okay. Yes, there’s a God. Yes, he does care about me. Can I take that step of faith? And that’s a really difficult step to make, to, to, to actually trust God, to help us to save us. And so what’s really interesting is that all three of these questions are answered in one verse in the Bible, Hebrews 11, six says, without faith, it’s impossible to please God, because everyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who diligently seek him. And so this verse tells us that he exists. That answers. The question is God, there in this verse tells us he’s a rewarder of those who seek him. And that tells us he rewards people. So he does care about you as an individual. He loves you, pastor Mike, and he cares about you. That’s the reason he saves you. So, and then the third question, do I dare? Well, it says, well, faith, it’s impossible to please God. So we have to put our faith and trust in him. We have to say, God, I trust you for salvation and cry out to Jesus. They, Jesus saved me. And when we do that, then he saves us and he gives us the reality of his presence in our lives. That’s it.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (16:30):
I love this comment in the chat while you were breaking that down, Amy says I’m a biology major. And I see God under the microscope. I can’t deny him. And I know for me, there’s a quote that I often reference. It says like your first, your first gulp from the glass of science will make you an atheist. But if you drink the entire glass, you’ll believe in God. And for me, that was my story. It was like the first time I started to delve into science, I thought, Oh wow, God doesn’t exist. But the deeper I went on that journey, I began to discover that in fact, science is pointing to God. You know, we talk about the fine tuning of the universe and how, if we’re like, you know, one degree off in any direction, then we would either the planet earth would not be able to sustain life at either be too hot or too cold.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (17:19):
You know, we talk about astrophysicists like Dr. Hugh Ross that can say, Hey, when we, when we look at the cosmos, we see the intentionality of God. There’s just no way that this could be random. And he breaks down these very in-depth long mathematical equations, which we will not get into today. And so, as I continued my journey in science, I realized, wow, science was actually confirming what the Bible said the entire time. And just because my local church did it talk, it didn’t mean that there weren’t resources out there, like the book that you have. And so, you know, for me, the reason why we’re doing this broadcast, the reason why I have the YouTube channel, the reason why we have this book resource available today is because I’m reading dozens upon dozens of comments of many of you saying, this is my family.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (18:10):
This is my friend. This is my dad. These are the people in my life. Who’ve gone down that rabbit trail that they’ve watched these, you know, these, these videos. And I tell this to people all the time. My background is I actually have an English degree and I used to teach advanced placement composition and argumentation. And you can argue the wrong idea in such a way that it’s so convincing that you can deceive people. And we see, you know, Hitler did that. Whereas I clearly Hitler’s ideology was wrong, but he was so good at crafting an argument that he was able to convince an entire nation. And so we see that a lot of these YouTube videos, they’re, they’re so good at crafting an argument around deception. And I like how Dr. King, you, you pointed it back to the knee, the need for faith, because we’ve been teaching about the Holy spirit. And I’m telling you many of you watching right now that you cannot, you cannot do this on argumentation alone. I believe for me, I was able to get the information I needed, but I needed more than information. I needed revelation. And I believe that happened by the Holy spirit who is really breaking it down for me and wooing me. So what, what do you see you know, Daniel’s, you’re kind of on your journeys. How do you see the Holy spirit at work in the lives of people who struggle with their faith?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:34):
Absolutely. We need to have the help of the Holy spirit acts. One eight says you shall receive power after the Holy spirit comes upon you to be a witness to the uttermost ends of the earth. And for many people they’re wondering how can I reach in atheists? My coworker is an atheist and he’s just mad at God, or, or how can I reach my, my son or daughter who, who went away to college and came home and doesn’t believe in God anymore. How can I reach them? And so we need the power of the Holy spirit to, to know what to say. And I think it really begins by listening to people and finding out what their issues are, what they’re dealing with. Often when people become atheists, it it’s, it’s not an intellectual thing. They, they justify it intellectually, but often it’s because of deep, emotional issues.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:29):
Maybe they were hurt by the church. Maybe someone who is a Christian with a hypocrite and did something to them. And then they begin to justify these feelings by, by going to the intellectual side. And so sometimes people get, make a mistake of going too intellectual. It just trying to win arguments with people. But our goal is not to win arguments. Our goal is to win souls. And so that’s where the Holy spirit comes in. The Holy spirit is the one who gives us the wisdom of what to say, how to say it when to listen, when to gently share information. And so we have to listen to the Holy spirit because really it comes down to the presence of God helping us and bringing his presence into these conversations with atheist. And so we can’t come at reaching atheist from a position of intellectual superiority or trying to, to, to intellectually argue someone into Christianity that really works. We have to come at it from a position of love and acceptance and saying, God loves you. God has a plan for your life. And even if they reject the idea of God, say, you know, your creator has a plan for you. He created you with a purpose. And so this book will help people to share their faith in an intellectual way, but also with love motivated by the presence of the Holy spirit.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (22:02):
I love that so much. And I think it’s more important than ever that we show the love of Christ because you’re right, the hurt goes so deep. And once you put someone on the defensive where they feel like they have to actually defend themselves, now you’ve become adversarial. Right now, you’re in an argument. And for me, I’ve learned the importance of listening, being a good listener. You know, the funny thing is, and this is a tool I want to give to the different parents that are watching right now is even when you ask questions, you’ll get people to unpack what they think. I’ve actually had several situations with young people where I said, well, tell me what you believe. And the more questions I ask and the more they try to articulate it, the more they start to come to the realization that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (22:49):
And I’ve actually been able to open people’s hearts to the gospel by just asking a more like, well, I want to learn, I want to learn your beliefs. I want to learn your perspective. Tell me what you think and the deeper they go. They get to this moment where they’re like, I have, I, yeah. I, I guess I never, and the Holy spirit has actually used that. And I don’t go on the attack mode in that way, but it’s just like, Hey, well, it sounds like you’re still trying to figure it out, you know, and I want to be here and I’ve had a lot of great opportunities with that as well. Hey, if you guys are really receiving from this, can you just drop a comment right now and just talk to us, let us know w you know, come on, this is so good.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (23:31):
I love these chat. Let me feature this comment. It says Dr. King, you have hit the nail on the head. Intellectual superiority and past hurt equals atheism so many times. So many times you see this, look at this Janice, Dr. King is speaking so much truth and how to witness the non-believers. Someone’s actually watching from Kenya right now. It’s so good to have you watching from Kenya, man. This is amazing. Someone says starting the conversation, my someones in no more and just didn’t know, man, I am so thankful for YouTube. I’m so thankful for Amazon. I’m so thankful for the books as resources like you have, because it’s just an opportunity to open up the door. You know growing up in, in a small, you know, just a small storefront church, it felt like it, you know, we had the Christian bookstores at the time and just so few limited resources, but we live in a time like never before where the resources are out there.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (24:30):
Marissa says this intellectually, my study of science for my master’s degree, led me to know that there was a divine design and we only discover of what God did, man. You know, I know you may not know this Dr. Daniel, but we actually have many members of the medical community that watch every day. As a matter of fact, a shout out to Diana, if you’re watching, she has a whole nurse facility and oftentimes at lunch, they put this broadcast on and we have we’ve even had doctors do surgeries while this broadcast was going, which I didn’t even know you could do that, but I’d rather have the word of God being declared during a surgery than anything. But I want to do this, if you’re all right with this I’d like to ask what questions you have. You guys have two men of God, two, two men that have devoted their life to studying and having conversations and declaring the word of God. So if there’s a question that you have in the chat, I love to create an opportunity for those questions to be answered. Is that, are you okay with trying to take a few questions?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (25:33):
Sure. Let’s go for it. And another thing I’d like to do is I’d like to pray for people who are atheist. And so if you know someone who’s atheist or someone who’s dealing with doubt, throw their first name up there in a comment. And in just a few moments, let’s pray for them and pray that God would make a way for you to reach people who are dealing with atheism.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (25:54):
Yes, absolutely. Unbelieving. So many of you have come to this broadcast on a daily basis, and you have seen me pray for people. Medically verifiable miracles happen right in the chat. It’s very hard to remain an atheist like in these kinds of environments. So many of you have received a word from God where I read your name from a screen and said something that there’s no way I could have ever known. And I’ve even met you in person, whether it was in California or Chicago at our events. And people came up to me, pastor Mike, there’s no way you could’ve known. And so I’ll ask you to do this put their name in there. We want to pray for them, but even tag them on social media, because something may or may be happening even in their heart. Even while they’re watching. Peter says, you know, Jacob, someone says my son, Tristin someone else says to Stephanie, I see these names.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (26:46):
We’re getting ready to pray. And I want you to just stir up your faith, tag them in the chat. Now come on. Somebody says, Travis, Eric crystal, these are precious lives. Yvonne says, pray for Larry. My brother come on, Melanie, just tag Latitia. Andrew, come on, look at all these names. This is incredible guys. It’s so important. It’s so important. We’re getting ready to pray here in a little bit, but before we pray, I want to take some questions. And here’s why I want to give the next couple of minutes for the people that you tagged to join into this broadcast. Because I believe that some of you who have come in doubting some of you who are in doubt, or maybe you’re like pastor Mike I know that God is real, but man, I was hurt by a pastor. I know God is real, but I allowed a couple of YouTube videos or whatever to, to rock me off of my foundation.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (27:37):
But man, I’ve seen too much and I need to come home. I want to create that space for you to say, that’s me. That’s me. So let me see if there’s any questions. Let me feature this one, this question it says, where do I go to find the in between a culture and the Bible and biblical history? Also, what do we say when people say that there’s lost books of the Bible. So Dr. Daniel King, what, you know, people oftentimes will say, you know, the book of Enoch, this loss book, how do I know people refute the Bible? Like where do we find good resources to really study the scriptures and study the Bible historically?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (28:17):
Well, first I’d recommend getting my book proves God is real. This will help you deal with many of the most common questions which are asked. And I think a lot of the questions that that people ask sometimes are red herrings. They’re, they’re, they’re not actually interested in knowing about the, the book of Enoch. They’re just interested in, in opening up a conversation. And so be patient with their questions. Say, if you don’t know, just be honest about it and say, I don’t really know, but let me, let me go look, you know, let me, let me look something up on it for you, but then just stay, keep that friendship going, keep that conversation going, you know, answer their question, but keep bringing people back to the, the big ideas that there is a God and Jesus is his son. And that Jesus loves you cares for you. He has a plan for your life, that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. You can have a wonderful future with Jesus that everyone who calls on Jesus will be saved from their sins. That Jesus died on the cross to pay their price for our sins and that he, he Rose from the dead. And so wherever people are, I’ll start with them with their question, but then I’ll keep trying to bring them back to the, the main truth, which is trying to introduce them to Jesus.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (29:38):
And I want to add to that because I want to tell story right now in this story, just a quick story, that was going to illustrate what Dr. Daniel King is saying. So I got invited to do a funeral for a Satanist one time. This is a true story. It was many, many years ago. And I showed up, you know, in a suit and I’m pastor Mike and I do this funeral service. Now, when I showed up this young, you know, this young woman had passed away tragically and on the television where a series of pictures of her, you know, in her entire friend group, all in black drinking, Jack Daniels whiskey, you know, and, and they’re living their life. And I thought this is probably one of the hardest funeral services that I will ever have to do in my life. And I was just trying to, to really do, do what the family wanted me to do because they were not Satanists obviously.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (30:32):
And when I got done with it I, I felt, I, you know, I saw all of the people you know, all the young people and they had, they were covered in tattoos and they were wearing, you know, they were goth. And I remember telling one of my friends at the time, I said, you know, I have tattoos from my time in my rock and roll days or whatever. I wish I would have showed up looking like them. I wish that I could have related to them more. And maybe they would, would’ve let their guard down. And he said something to me that was so powerful. He said, don’t think that you can add one ounce to the power of the gospel by your appearance. And I believe that I needed to hear that because oftentimes we think, well, if I could just look a certain way, or if I can sound, if I could just dial it in and say it perfectly, but we try to add to the power of the gospel by our appearance.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (31:23):
Or we try to add to the power of the gospel by our presentation, if I just know more scientific facts or more biblical historical facts and those things help. But I love what you’re saying, Dr. Daniel King, because it’s like, Hey, we don’t add to the power of the gospel. You know, because ultimately a Holy spirit is going to do it. So I, so many of you I think are paralyzed by like, Oh, but my son is so much smarter than me or my husband is so much smarter. They they’re, I can’t compete. No, you just keep bringing it back to the gospel because the gospel in and of itself is powerful because the Holy spirit will do it. I wanted to feature a comment real quick, and then we’re getting ready to pray. Here’s a question though. And this one, I know that I get all the time. I’d love for you to try to tackle. It says I’m new into dating and should I not be dating an atheist at all? There are so many good people, but they’re atheist. And I get this question all the time. Doctor, would you try to tackle this one? It’s a tough question.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (32:26):
Well, the Bible says do not be on equally yoked. And so if you are standing on a chair and there’s someone down below, what is easier to do for you to pull the person up to the chair or for them to pull you down from the chair. And I think there’s a real danger. Sometimes when people start dating atheist, they think, Oh, I’m going to be able to reach this person. And then they end up falling in love with them and have years of heartbreak because they’re still atheists. And so what I would do is stay friends with the atheist, lead them to Jesus, and then after they get saved, then start a relationship with them. Come on down

Pastor Mike Signorelli (33:09):
Is so good. So yeah, I completely agree. I just wanted you all to hear it from someone else. Okay.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (33:17):
Sometimes it’s really hard to be in a dating relationship with someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you. And so if you’re going to be with someone and you’re going to live a godly life you need to make sure they’re on the same page of the Bible as you are.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (33:33):
Absolutely. I just want to, I want to speak to, you know, a lot of you, I was jokingly telling Daniel before we started that many of you call me Papa SIGs, you know, cause my last name is Cigna rally and I’m really like a spiritual father. And I want to speak to many of the daughters that are watching right now. Many of the sons, you know, spiritual sons and daughters, I show up every day, noon Eastern standard time. I’m going live. We’ve built such strong relationships. And I just want to say, don’t believe the lie that there are no other believers out there. You know, the dating field does it doesn’t have to be your mission field. And you actually, you need to believe in faith that God’s going to bring that person your way. So don’t compromise. And, and, and, and don’t try to convince yourself that you can make it right, or you can justify it because they have it in every other area. Matter of fact, the Bible says, seek first the kingdom, and then all these other things will be added onto you. And so just seek first the kingdom and find yourself somebody who’s also seeking the kingdom first and all the all those other things will be added. Okay. Are you mad at me? Don’t be offended.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (34:41):

Pastor Mike Signorelli (34:42):
Here’s what I want to do though. I want to create a little bit of space for the Holy spirit to minister, because you may be watching and somebody tagged you and you’re like, why in the world did they tag me in this? I have no idea who this baldheaded dude in, in Queens, New York city is you know who this guy, Dr. Daniel King is like, why am I even watching this? I believe that you may have stumbled upon this broadcast by divine appointment. And maybe just because a pastor hurt you, or maybe because other preachers have used the name of Jesus to make money or get famous. Maybe because you watched a couple of YouTube videos that confused you on your faith, or maybe you were just burned out by religion. Maybe you went to a parochial school where they forced religion on you and put a bad taste in your mouth.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (35:29):
I, I just want to bring you back to the place where none of that, none of that can silence. Jesus, who speaking to you now through the Holy saying, I love you. I have a destiny for you. I have a plan for you. I have a purpose for your life just because your mom forced you to go to church, just because you know, your dad maybe forced. You doesn’t mean that that God is not real. And I believe in this moment right now, he’s ministering to somebody who’s been struggling. Maybe it’s a father wound. Maybe it’s a pain or hurt in your life, but there’s healing right now. And some of you have been on the brink. Like I want to, I want to encounter God. I know he’s real well, he’s here real right now. And he’ll use a broadcast like this. If that’s you, would you just drop a comment and say, I want to come home. That’s me, pastor Mike, come on. I know we’ve got hundreds of people watching right now. And I believe that there’s, this is a divine appointment. If that’s you, will you just drop a comment and say, me it’s me right now. I want to come home. Maybe you’ve been doubting. Maybe you’ve been struggling with your own doubt because you’re just sick and tired of church people, but don’t let church people stop you From coming into a relationship with Christ from knowing your heavenly father right now. So just drop a comment and say, that’s me. Cause we’re getting ready to pray right now. That’s me. Maybe you just needed a confirmation. Maybe you needed somebody. Oh man, come on. Look at this. Vicky says, that’s me, pastor Mike. Janet says, that’s me, man. You guys are gonna make me cry. Come on that somebody else look at all these cards,

Speaker 4 (37:02):
Comments that’s me right now. That’s me, man. I live for this.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (37:08):
Come on. Danielle says, I want to come home. Joy says that’s me. Y’all I’m John. I’m literally getting ready to cry. This is so powerful. I did not expect that many people. It’s so real. I want to come home to

Speaker 4 (37:19):
Our real home. Wow. Me. Come on, come on

Pastor Mike Signorelli (37:25):
Formation. So many of you, this is powerful. I’m just featuring your name’s on the checks. I want everybody to see on the screen, across Facebook, Periscope, YouTube. This is what digital revival looks like in the middle of the day in New York city, you could be doing anything. Many of you tuned in, and this is a Holy spirit divine appointment. Look at this, come on guys. Just continue to share this broadcast. This is going to happen for the next several days. We’re getting ready to pray. But when I ask you to share into your Facebook groups, when I asked you to text the link, this is why we do this. Because for the next two, three, four days, people are going to keep commenting me. Come on. For many of you who sow into the ministry, this is what you’re sowing into. Look at this. Even on YouTube, it says me, who else I want to come home, please.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (38:09):
You know, Dr. Daniel King is getting ready to lead all of you to Christ. I’m going to turn it over to him in a few. But I wanted to just, I just wanted to just set it. Look at this Kim on YouTube. Me, come on, guys, keep, keep on commenting. This is what we do this for. Somebody says me, I’m coming home. Some of you for the first time, some of you you’re rededicating, come on. Somebody says, my mom is crying. Wow. This is so powerful. Listen. There’s no, there’s no music. There’s no, there’s nothing emotionally provoking you. This is just the Lord. This is the Holy spirit drawing you to him right now. Somebody helped me count what some, one of our team members to all the people who said, that’s me go in and count it. I want to get a count of how many people are coming to Christ. Guys. This is powerful. Keeps here. Now we’re getting ready. Man, look at this. Somebody says, get him, Jesus. Wow.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (39:09):
Well th this is absolutely amazing. And the thing that I was amazed at as how many people earlier were posting the names of atheist, sons, and daughters or friends that they are praying for, this is a real issue in our country. And I think this is what God wants to do. God loves atheist. God loves people and they’re desperately crying out for proof. And so I’m going to pray that God would reveal himself to you right now. Maybe you’ve had doubts. Maybe you’ve wondered. Is there really a God? Can I really trust Jesus? Is there really someone who, who loved me so much that he, he died to pay the price for my sins? Or is that just really religious made up junk? Well, if you’ve had those doubts right now, I’m going to pray that the presence of God would come with you right now and would fill the place where you are at.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (40:04):
And I believe that if you will cry out to Jesus, Jesus will save you from your sin. The Bible says that all have sinned. All of us have made mistakes. And the Bible says that the price for sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. Jesus. He died on a cross to pay the price for all the mistakes that you and I made, but he didn’t stay dead. After three days, Jesus Rose from the dead. And today Jesus is alive. He is not dead. He is alive and he will meet you right where you are at. And he will give you a wonderful future. And so right now, if you want to come home to God, the father, if you want Jesus to become a reality in your life, I’m going to lead you in a simple prayer. And I want to ask you to just repeat these words after me.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (40:57):
Just repeat them loud enough that you can hear them with your own ears. And as we say these words, I believe you’re going to feel the presence of God. And when you feel the presence of God, you will have all the proof that you need. That God is real. So let’s pray right now. If you want to know that God is real and you want Jesus to save you. Just say this prayer with me. Say, dear God, in heaven, I cry out to Jesus. Jesus save me. I believe there is a God. I believe Jesus on the cross for me, I believe that Jesus Rose from the dead God helped me to overcome. Every doubt helped me to overcome my unbelief. I choose to believe in you. Jesus saved me now. A men, amen. You someone who’s an atheist. I’d encourage you. Go get them a copy of this book.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (42:00):
Proof. God is real. This will answer some of the questions. This will help you to answer their questions. I’ve also got the study guides. You can get the book. You can get the study guide, go to my website, King ministries.com. And I want to help you with reaching people. I’m a missionary evangelist. I go all over the world, telling people about Jesus. And I know that God cares about the atheist in your life. And so if you want to reach them for Jesus, go check out the book. Proof God is real. It’s on amazon.com. Go to my website, King ministries for help on how to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to pastor Mike.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (42:40):
I, yeah. I just want to tell everybody how thankful I am for Dr. Daniel King and his ministry to all of us today. And you know, just such a powerful, powerful call in his life. I mean, look at how many people came home. Here’s the thing. I, I’m asking that somebody from my team get a tally of how many people said me, how many people read dedicated or dedicated their life to Christ in this chat, in this, in this broadcast? Because it was insane. I mean, just seeing the names, I mean, so many of the comments where I’m crying right now, my mother’s cry right now. My dad’s crying right now and I was just watching it go by. And here’s the thing. I know that there’s many more of you that still have questions and it’s a journey. You know, a lot of times we have to, we have to be aware, come on, hear me that this is a journey.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (43:28):
Jesus himself said, nobody builds a house without first calculating the cost. And so when you’re laying that foundation, go on your journey, get the book study and know that you know, that you know that you’re building a firm foundation. So today is was awesome. Like I absolutely off the charts. I’m just, I’m, I’m so encouraged to see how many people on a Tuesday afternoon here in New York are getting saved through this broadcast. We want you guys to stay connected though. It’s so important that you stay connected. You guys can see the chat just going by right now. Why don’t you guys just put a big, thank you to Dr. King in the chat right now, so he can see and I just want to give an opportunity for you guys to you know, find the book, find the resource we’ve been pinning, the comments in the chat so that you guys can go out and get that and just go on your journey, go on your journey.

Pastor Mike Signorelli (44:24):
One thing I love about this family, this spiritual fam that we’ve got is you all love to learn. You love learn. You love to take notes. One of my favorite things every day, really, as I come out of the broadcast and I see your guys as notebooks and I S you know, it’s just, and I get to see your notes from each day because you’re so hungry to learn. And so man, this is so amazing. Well, Hey, I’m going to spend a few more minutes with you guys. Dr. Daniel King. Thank you so much for being a part of the broadcast today. This was off the charts.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (44:58):
Wow. Well, thank you so much for having me on, make sure you go and get Proof God is real. Check out my website, King ministries.com K I N G King ministries.com. And if I can do anything to help you reach people for Jesus, I want to do that. Pastor Mike Love what you’re doing. Thank you so much. It’s such a privilege to be on the podcast with you today. God bless you. Awesome. Thanks so much for coming out. I’ll see you soon.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (45:27):
Thanks so much for listening today. I am excited about leading people to Jesus. And I want to ask you to partner with me, to help me lead people to Jesus. You know, over the course of our ministry, it’s taken an average of about $1 for every person. We’ve been able to preach the gospel to, as we go to different nations around the world, we invest money in renting a sound system, plane tickets, printing literature in order to follow up on the new believers and for every dollar that people have given us, we’ve been able to lead at least one person to Jesus. And so what I’d like to ask you to do is to go to my website, www.kingministries.com and become a monthly partner. If you could give just a dollar a month, give $1 a month to help us lead people to Jesus. You could be responsible for starting a party in heaven every single month. The Bible says that all of heaven rejoices when one sinner gets saved. So there’s no better use for a dollar than to lead someone to Jesus. So go to my website and become a partner today. You can start with just a dollar a month, just $1 a month, or you could give more whatever God puts on your heart, but please join with me and help me to reach people for Jesus.

Evangelism Podcast Host (46:50):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches, visit King ministries.com. Again, that’s King ministries.com.


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