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Do Lal | Missionary to Myanmar

My friend Do Lal is being used by God to reach people for Jesus in Myanmar, also known as Burma. This nation of 54 million people is 89 percent Buddhist and it has 135 distinct people groups, many of them are completely unreached. Today he shares about innovative ways he is reaching out to the people of this nation in the middle of the 10/40 window.


How did you start doing crusades in Myanmar?

What fruit have you seen in Myanmar?

What was it like to leave your job as a car salesman and launch out into ministry?

How are you using the Internet to reach people in Myanmar?

How many unreached people groups live in Myanmar?

What does John 3:16 mean to you?

What happened when a witchdoctor put poison in your tea?


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/do.lal.9


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
My friend Do Lal us being used by God to reach people for Jesus in Myanmar, also known as Burma. This nation of 54 million people is 89% Buddhist, and it has 135 distinct people groups. Many of which are completely unreached today. He shares about innovative ways he is reaching out to the people of this nation in the middle of the 10/40 window.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:27):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:02):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I have a very special guest Do Lal is from the nation of Myanmar. Thank you so much for being with me today.

Do Lal (01:18):
Thank you brother Daniel. Thank you very much. I’m so blessed.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:21):
Well, let’s start by talking about how we became friends. You have a son whose name is go. Yes. And he is friends with my son, Caleb ever since they were both in preschool together. And so one day both of us were attending parent teacher day at victory where our kids were both in school. And I sat next to you and you introduced yourself. And, and I introduced myself and I asked you, where are you from? And you said, you’re from Myanmar. I said, Oh, I always wanted to go to Myanmar because I’m a missionary. And I want to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and every nation. And you said, well, why don’t you come to Myanmar? What prompted you that first time to invite me to come to Myanmar?

Do Lal (02:14):
That that moment is like I’ve been questioning God a lot to going to full time or in a [inaudible]. but I don’t know how to go in when, and, but I, my grandpa and my dad, they already in the ministry, they are being in there. but for me, it’s like always want to be there and doing something for the pupil for Jesus. And, but I know it and I need someone and it will be partner. And I’ve been praying for that during this time. And when you bring it out with you, praying for me and my, and I also asked in God that he will be or when I can, the new and how so you are my prayer answer. So, so good to

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:00):
Be an answer to prayer. And I find that when, when people start praying and say, God helped me to go into full-time ministry. God makes a way for that to happen. It’s that time you were actually a car sales menu or just working normal jobs, selling cars, but you were a little bit dissatisfied. You wanted to help people, not just sell cars, but to help people make their way to heaven, to change their eternal destinies. It is. And so you and I went together to Myanmar your father, there is a pastor has a wonderful ministry. Your grandfather was a ministry in Myanmar as well. And your father’s name is go, your name is Do, and then your son is Go. So Go Do Go. Yes. but you invited us to come to the city where your father lives. And we went in and did a crusade there. What do you remember about that crusade? It’s just

Do Lal (04:01):
For my life and my my whole life that is first time that I saw a large crowd that you, or first time that I host that much, or like in drew during, or, or everything that I did my whole life, that is one of the largest crowd that it’s just every night miracles and wonders happen, and pupil coming more and more and Dade and night seminar and the campaign it’s, it’s so amazing. First time that I saw that, like that happened in my whole life. So it just so problem what it call and so good for me that make me too hungry guru more for Jesus. And that is the first step that makes me, I’m going to do this for my whole life.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:58):
Really caught a vision for preaching the gospel and bringing people to Jesus. I remember that that was a really wonderful crusade. God did many miracles, even some young teenagers that were drug addicts say came off the street. They say prayed to Jesus, Jesus set them free from drugs. It was tremendous. We also had a little bit of opposition in that crusade. I remember the last night, there were some teenagers that were Buddhists and, and maybe they were, they were mad that some of their friends had gotten set free from drugs. And so they started to throw rocks and stones and actually had a little riot. And your uncle was there trying to protect the gate. And one of the stones hit them on the head. And we went to the hospital the next day to visit him because he was really quite seriously injured.

Do Lal (05:55):
He was in a hospital for five days up to that. He able to discharge from the hospital.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:02):
Yeah. And so your family has really paid a price for preaching the gospel there in Myanmar. And I’m so proud of you because you took that experience, doing that first crusade and use it. I want to do more crusades in Myanmar. And so you started inviting other friends. You actually quit your job here in Tulsa, and you joined why wham, you went out to Kona, Hawaii and went through the discipleship training school that has which what a great place to go. Beautiful. Yes, yes. And you, you decided to launch out full-time into ministry and you’ve been doing other crusades since that, that first crusade that, that you and I did together. Tell me some of the crusades that you have organized and what God has done in those events.

Do Lal (06:53):
I mean, it just, before we doing the first campaign or the first crusade you call in me and my, you and I, and Kevin, Kevin stock that our friend yeah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:03):
Going to start from team extreme, he’s also works with Y wham and has a team of, of strength guys who rip up phone books and lift heavy things and

Do Lal (07:15):
Frying pan, or you rip

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:17):
A frying pan and hammer or twist it up. Yeah, there, there, there, there blow up hot water bottles. And, and of course, people love to come see those feats of strength, but then along with every feat of strength, they preach the gospel and tell people about Jesus. Yes. So before

Do Lal (07:34):
The first campaign that we did I saw it, the full American hand is raising and I’m in the middle of that in my vision where I’m praying in ORU prayer tower. And I did seven days fasting and prayer and ask the Lord what he wanted me to do for for me and my, and for moderate pupils. I mean, out of country. And I saw the tons of little like heals and Valley fool. He was a Valley harvest, beautiful coming back to Jesus and former can hand raising my hand. And I didn’t know what is that men, but Opta, we, when, to me and ma you and Kevin for America and become to American racing, like I felt like they raised me up to do these. And I really felt that his his, his first step and it just gave me, teach me a lot.

Do Lal (08:26):
And also it encouraged me to go in more so to debt. I saw him visa in the first campaign that we did, and I totally understand what is that reason mean for American hand, raising my hand. And from that started hungry for a gospel. And I want to see in our country for more campaign and I praise and honor the Lord. And I felt to join in Weiwei before I joined Weiwei on, we did it three, four auto campaign. And why one, we did a five, six, seven, eight, nine camping, total Woodway one. So it’s like, everything’s, every time is different, every location, but anytime we want to do campaign and me and my pupils who are hungry, they are ready for Jesus. And people come up in a phone and willing to give their life to Jesus and people got healed. And that meant me excited. And so right still today, I really want to go back and do campaigning again. And, but all that happened right now, it just kind of stopped me and then stopped me here.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:40):
Yeah. So how many campaigns have you done since that first campaign that we did together?

Do Lal (09:46):
17 total in 14 different locations and yes,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:50):
That’s amazing 17 campaigns, many different places across Myanmar. Approximately how many people total do you think have come to those 17 campaigns? Do you know? It’ll

Do Lal (10:04):
Be 300,000. Wow.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:06):
Yes. So in our first event that we did, it really wasn’t that big. We had maybe about 8,000 people. So since then you caught the vision and over 300,000 people in Myanmar have come to hear the gospel. Many people got saved, many miracles. Yes. many tremendous things happen. And you’ve also recently started to develop a very innovative way of reaching out to people in Myanmar. And it’s using your Facebook page. Tell me a little bit about that. Yeah.

Do Lal (10:43):
That is I want to give a credit to whoever started that. But, but he don’t want to bring it up his name in a public, but I will give him a credit who started his one of my friends is in from us and he walked in some kind of engineering and cyber, and he find out the idea that that he can like the business pupils using advertised system, like the ad system in Facebook and YouTube. And he kind of realizing that, and he try it like some out of country seven years ago and he selected locations and that it’s all working. And when we look at me and my every 5 cents can read like a thousand pupil would every 5 cents.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:28):
Wow. That’s amazing. Like here in the United States, Facebook advertising is pretty expensive. I mean, you could pay a dollar for every click here in the United States, but in Myanmar, there’s probably far fewer people that are using the platform. So it’s much more economical. So for 5 cents you can have a thousand people see the ad. That’s amazing.

Do Lal (11:55):
So when we spent a hundred dollars from the app, we put in a Facebook advertise system and we pay a hundred dollars. It can reach up to almost 2 million pupil and we put it up like one month and we selected the locations with a Goggle Google map until we select the location. Everyone that use Facebook in that area have to see that advertised gospel. So when they open up their Facebook, even though they don’t want to see it, they cannot skip it. They have to seeing it, that gospel man.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:30):
And not just once, but over and over and over again the whole, my whole month.

Do Lal (12:35):
Or like pupil mocking and playing with that day kind of mad at some Buddhism. And they kind of upset, but some Mo like two third of them are hungry to know more and accept Jesus Christ. And they replied back. They willing to accept Jesus Christ through message. And we have also seven teams in the nation right now 40 Bupa it’s team. We put it like five and some kind of a team leader. Totally. We have like 40 pupils walking every day. And we sent him out the golfs gospel message, advertise system after the customer, what they call the pupil rest bond. And we applied it back with

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:18):
Can you start a conversation with them? You begin to talk to them and is it all on, on Facebook or do you also use telephone to reach people we can do as a WhatsApp.

Do Lal (13:28):
Okay. Right, right now. But we use only Facebook and it’s fine

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:33):
Starting a conversation with them. And, and maybe it’s somebody who’s never heard about Jesus before, but you can begin to share the good news about Jesus share Christian songs with them. Yes. And what a tremendous impact that has had, how many people do you think have seen those advertisements and then how many people have responded

Do Lal (13:58):
Right now? It just 3 million pupil already seeing it seen last year that we start doing it. And almost one years now, during this one year period, three millions in a nations, Burmese, people already seen it. And we see like 70,000 people bore very impressive and like three thousands already accepted Jesus Christ for their Lord and savior through that. So it’s a very,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:22):
You’ve trained up these teams yes. About 40 evangelists in different teams and different places around us that are actively every day evangelizing using the power of the internet. You know, Jesus said to become fishers of men. And in order to catch fish, you need to use a net. So I think God created the internet just for evangelists to use. You know, sometimes you can go preach on the street corner, but you can also use technology in innovative ways to reach people, even in nations, that that often are closed, that are very difficult to go into is, can have an impact using the internet. And so I thank God for every tool we have available to us. Yes. It’s amazing that that even people here in the United States could invest in reaching people and me and Martin. And it doesn’t take very much, just a few hundred dollars. You can have millions of impressions. It is

Do Lal (15:24):
A hundred dollars. You can read up to 2 million pupil through Facebook. So it’s just like,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:32):
So you have launched out into full-time ministry. You’ve made that commitment to serve God, you have a family. How many children do you have? Four children, two boys, two girls, two boys, two girls. So that’s a huge step of faith to do that. Talk to me a little bit about how that has happened and how God has honored your faith.

Do Lal (15:54):
Well that is a huge challenge. I mean, it’s, I’ve been considering and thinking about my family since August 14, 2015, God, and I encounter with the Holy spirit that night horror spirit raped me out, what it call whole night crying for the source and crying out. And my whole life had changed from there. And I see the way that I, the way that I see the war and the way that I see things, and I believe God has given his eye for the pupil of Myanmar and our pupil group in a word. So up to death, I’d been like thinking and ask the Lord, God, I want to go serve you. But when I look at my family is kind of a challenge with the children’s and live in America as Asian America, what they call a Burmese America first generation.

Do Lal (16:49):
And so I don’t look in my family, but I really want to go, but I have no idea how I’m going to live like it. So I’ve been thinking the whole year’s of 2000 fifteens and also the whole year almost uptight thinking about 2015, January, 2016, February, 2016, March, 2016, that March 16, 2016, that morning med two eight. And I think Luke NEI talking about that one guys Oxy, Jesus, I think I think it just, the guys told to Jesus and Jesus, I want to follow you, but first let me bear in. My dad died. Jesus. I want to follow you. But first let me talk with my family, that, that kind of Bible verse, that Bible verse hating me in that morning, March 16, 2016, Wednesday morning. And I up my Bible in Carlo salesmen, my office in South point Chevy, you know, and I opening up and then what I look at, I read it before, but that morning it’s like, it seemed like that Bible verse pointing me.

Do Lal (18:03):
You always saying, no, I, I w I, I invite my disciplers when I invite them. Some are denying like against what I invite. But summer that one, my disciple work, all of them saying yes, right away in the midst of they are aware, they yet I called Matthew. He’s a tech collector. He’d say, yes, I’ll follow you. Are you willing to follow me that morning? Or are you going to keep saying, my kids are still so young and I might still need to pay you keep saying like that, or are you going to follow me? I felt that morning. And I I’m calling. I called my wife and I talked to her and I asked her how you think, honey? And she said, I felt these. So so long, it’s up to you. And I believe God provide provided. So from there I quit my job. I told my manager today’s my last day, without giving 20 days notice from there, it’s kind of a challenge, but every month God is faithful and God is providing until today.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:08):
Yes. Wow. What a tremendous miracle. And you have a vision to say, organize lots of ministry for the nation of Myanmar. I remember the last time we were there I went a second time to do a crusade in, in Tetum about a year ago. And when we were there, you showed me a piece of property where you have a heart to, to, to build a facility, to reach out to young people. And, and you’re actively doing ministry in, in the nation of Myanmar. You along with your father. Tell me some about what your you want to do.

Do Lal (19:46):
Yes. what I look me and my God is giving, as I said, God has given me his eyes. What I looked Myanmar I seen as Myanmar for Saudis has like a Brit, me and my is holding the most important country in Southeast Asia. When I, when I look today where it’s 10 40 windows and where’s the most unreached pupil is next to me and ma like Bangladesh, India, China, Taiwan, Taiwan, and everywhere. When we look at, and when I pray to me and my God is showing me the way the land. Yes. And the more you change in Myanmar, the impact will come into Saudis, Asia, China, and India. And I seen it very important to change me and ma so when I look at two things, one like one nations or a country, we need to change from a next generation from kindergarten to high school, high school to call each and all generations.

Do Lal (20:51):
So I find out, and God is giving me some strategy how we can train, train and change the next generation. So we start making some we call a sport ministry. And also we have school that is, is kind of often school. But when you call orphan is like three different kinds of offerings. Some are no more parents. Some are single parents, some are both parents, but they all have a hard time to go in a school or their own budget. But we provide two seasons in night class and they, we hire nine teachers, some kind of ministry. We have like five different ministry. We running, helping the community. And also we have food packet care, food packet cares, giving out. As we given out, we share. So we training and sending out and also sharing with the community and my heart. It changed me and ma to become Christian nations and becoming a ascending nations. So as me and my become a Christian nation, God would change the urine pupil and to go out to the next country like India and China and Bangladesh and Thailand and Laos that ceramic.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:07):
So me, Omar can become a light to that entire region of the world. I believe that’s possible. Myanmar in many ways is very odd unreached. There are tribes in Myanmar that have very few Christians that would be considered unreached people groups. And so last time that we went, we, we went to a museum in Yangon, and I remember up on the fifth floor of the museum, they had different displays from the different ethnic people, groups, different language groups in Myanmar, and each different ethnic group has a different costume, has different cultural practices. They look different, they speak different language. They are uniquely different. And there’s actually over a hundred different distinctive groups. Yes.

Do Lal (23:04):
GMR, yes. A hundred, 135,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (23:07):
135. So that’s a lot. And some of the tribes in Myanmar have turned to Jesus. So, so what’s your ethnic background? What’s your tribe? Zomi Zomi. And so the zoomies, yes. They were reached by some Baptist missionaries back in the late 18 hundreds. Yes. And to this day, many zoomies are serving the Lord. And, and in fact many of them live here in, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There’s about 15,000 Burmese people here in Tulsa. Many of them are Zomi that came here, fleeing religious persecution over the last 50 years. Yes. And so, so some tribes, you know, you would have 30, 40, 50% of the people in the tribe that are Christian, but there are other tribes in Myanmar that there is not a single church in there,

Do Lal (24:05):
Which group by 58, five are not hearing about Jesus yet in a nascent mid-May.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:12):
And so I’m really praying that God will raise up those who are reached yes. To reach out to these other people. So thank God for these missionaries that came in minister to the Zumiez back in the late 18 hundreds. But now I think that like the, the, the Burmese people that are here in Tulsa, they have a responsibility to raise up missionaries, send them back to Myanmar. Yes. And even also to, to help with funding the gospel, sending it back to me, EMR. Yes. Because somebody paid for those missionaries back in the 18 hundreds. Yes. So come to me, Omar. Well now we have Burmese people that are doing very well here in Tulsa. They drive nice cars. They like driving nice cars. And you know, they’re, they’re, they’re very successful. They work very hard. They’re a great blessing to, to America. But now I think God has blessed them and they can be a blessing back to the nation of Myanmar. Yes. Who will reach those unreached people, groups, someone needs to go. And so I believe God will raise up people from within the Burmese community here in America to go to Burma and to preach the guy

Do Lal (25:34):
Possible. Yes. And that it’s, I agreed that. And also ongoing training under my dad organizations from Zomi Baptist conventions they have a mission organization called Gaetan mission. They sending out like 78 full-time mission evangelism. What do you call their full timer ongoing right now? And they winning every day soul winning and also our ministry in my dad and me. We have a mission school. We call Asian international mission school. We training 40 next generation youth people hungry for the gospel. So through Junes and also in in Atlanta, they training. And also they go out and going out practical every weeks and everywhere they yet. So it’s just ongoing right now. I’m so excited. What is God going to do in a nascent of Myanmar?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (26:33):
I really love what your father is doing. Raising up missionaries. These are Burmese missionaries that are being raised up and in Burma to go out to the reached tribes of Burma. And most of their support comes from within Burma and from the Burmese churches from around the world. Yes. Which is a miracle it’s, it’s really amazing that God is doing that. It easily

Do Lal (27:01):
Beautiful. Yeah. God is providing. Yeah. Yeah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (27:06):
I love John three 16. He has an evangelist. What has God been sharing with you about John three, six

Do Lal (27:13):
16? I mean, it’s just, I one, I, I mean, John three 16 is as I’m going up in increasing family. I memorize that verse when I was little. I, I believe every Christian Love that verse and I’m in it just like, it’s always been a verse in my life that, but during this time as, or pandemic and what happened in my life and what it’s, I’ve been through, what is bringing through in my country, what is going on wrong? So the more I things and di and ask the Lord, and first I find out who is God, I’m starting there. Who is God? And like, I’m like, keep thinking the suns and moon and all kinds of creation. And I found in the Bible, God is like Sue bright and no one allowed to see, or no one can see it. God is super powerful. And even Moses say, I’m Sue scare. And I’m an Israel I told Moses, please tell your God, stop making that noise. We will be die if we hear that noise again in a Bible. So God is when I, when I think about who is God, and that sends come out, God is a God that God is a God Kings up King.

Do Lal (28:40):
And he is our creator. He is controlling. Everything’s his Mo the most powerful God that he created us. So the more I think it’s something that’s come out somewhat the greatest, the greatest God, there’s a lot of gods in the, or like pupil believe in different system, but he is the greatest. He is our creator. So the greatest doing something to a pupil, what he did, what he does is that great testing, John three 16, God. So loved the world. First. He did. He does lop. Sue laugh.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (29:34):
God loves the world. So laugh. So love. God loves me, Omar. Yes, God loves me. And God love

Do Lal (29:42):
Me. And so love. And because he’s so loved, he questioning himself and what it can do for these unique pupil, beautiful pupil, all the prize that will be matched with only, only my B only son will be matched their parts. So he gives the great test, give to us one of the only that he have the greatest gift up to debt, whoever belief, and he give the greatest fake. So whoever have that greatest fate and believe have the great test life, which mean internety life it turn into life is not like something that we are feeling cold yesterday and feeling warm today and heart yesterday. Good. A little bit better today. Internally live it all the time. The same in good life with Jesus and with God, I think it’s what I’ve been through in this is like God Sula the war. And he gave his only son and who served believe or have internety life. That is just speak to me a lot. So,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (31:11):
Amen. That is a good verse for, for every evangelist. Now, right now the nation of Myanmar needs

Do Lal (31:20):
A lot of prayer. Yes.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (31:22):
There is a lot of political turmoil going on. If you watch the news, you can see us some of what is happening there. And so if you’re listening today, I would encourage you to pray for the nation of Myanmar. Yes. Pray that there would be peace in Myanmar. Yes. Pray that the gospel will continue to spread, pray that there would be open doors to be able to share the gospel with people, pray for protection for the servants of God that live there in the nation of Myanmar. Yes. And I’d also encourage you to pray for my friend dough with me. He has a heart for me, Omar. He is actively working to, to minister in Myanmar to, to coordinate different groups that have a heart for ministry in Myanmar. And so even though there’s political turmoil, the gospel continues to move forward. Amen is still, and I’d encourage you. If you have a heart for me, Amar, get connected to DOE. If you want to support him, support his family, I’d encourage you to get connected to him. I’ll put a link to his Facebook page in my, my website, so that can connect to him. I heard that one time which doctor put poison in your tea? What happened?

Do Lal (32:47):
Yes. that is right. That is 2018 at blue. First outreach DTS team from Y one corner. Then we went to Myanmar and [inaudible] and mounting and kind of him heme liars villages in Nepal. If anybody hear or see it before. So small village, 35 household, and we are hosing 18 villages together in that relay. We inviting people from a wrong that’s surrounding village. So eight, 10 religious 18 villages coming together in that village. There is a witchcraft doctor that we didn’t know, and we did his first night. We arrive. And when we arrive, before we arrived, we are about to arrive that village life 4:30 PM. But the witchcraft doctor already know ahead. We are coming. So he make it something. And I think he can literally make some water to becoming that water. So it had kind of jungle village.

Do Lal (33:59):
When you have a bad winter the road become a muddy and you cannot drive in a car and our car is stuck and a lot of your people are helping us. And even they post, we able to enter into a village 11:00 PM at night. So with beak rains and bigs kind of storm and Woodmont, all of our shirts wet and so cold, almost freezing. So the time the local people providing us local milk tea with a small cup and kind of would milk and smell good and hot. And that moment is so good. And I even told him, this is the best tea ever that I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. This is the best tea. And I didn’t know that that witchcraft doctor is there. So he put a poison in that night and the next day he come and meet us in a morning with a smiling face and kind of checking what had happening around here.

Do Lal (35:01):
So that day we starting at 10:00 AM for what’s it called a seminar. So the morning session, two of my friend did it and optimal and says that I’m about to start doing giving out people a whole authority believer of God, like how, how, like authority of believer. And I’m about to share that. And the moment I am about to share what I prepare and I fold the horror speech saying that the horsepower is telling me that there is someone doing witchcraft. I like Sue string in my money. That’s maybe what? Maybe for my flesh or no, it’s just like a lot of people that seem like very excited for Jesus. So maybe, maybe my thought, and I’m trying to pray over it, but again, it’s coming again. So I’m like, okay, God, I’m here. Just me, whatever. So that moment I felt to us, everyone, and I let everyone like closing their eyes and asking them, no one raised their hand.

Do Lal (36:03):
If anybody doing witchcraft stuff or anything, please raise your hand. No one raised their hand and opposite that people look at you. Like you are like getting the of knowledge in a local, small village. Everyone eyes look at you like in something kind of wrong looking, you know, like, what is wrong with this guy? Something I’d have to dead. I let everyone bow and Aston again. And no one raised their hand. I’m like, God, I knew it. That is you. But what happened? No one raised their hand. Did I just make it up? No, I didn’t make it up. I know this from you Lord. I’m like, okay, maybe no one here, maybe somewhere. So as I’m continuing doing my preparations, my no. And going back and my no, try to give them a similar, I personally, five minute, but that is the longest five minutes I ever felt I can go with.

Do Lal (37:05):
It’s something it stopping me. And like, I try to talk, my throat is di I try to do it. I can get it. And even though my notes becoming like blinking, boring, and I can’t really add. I’m like, what kind of feeling is at the moment, God, what should I do? And I felt inside of me saying, just let it finish today. So I’m S I’m about having another 45 minutes to go, but I let finish that on the time. Then I tell everyone soon as you guy from a different village, let have fellowship time, good time. And we’re going to finish by here. So I just pray. And Lily’s everyone up to everyone gone. That was scrapped. Dr. Wood here is coming from the back until me, my friend, everything, what you had share that is me. You know what, yesterday I put an, a poison in your tea.

Do Lal (38:06):
I would like to ask your forgiveness. Every time I did something that is happened instantly. Like I saw it in front of my eyes, but today I know I, and I knew it. My witchcraft is kind of powerful, but your God is more powerful. I want to trust that. And I want to believe, can you pray for me and me? And two of my DTS team leaders, we over for him. And we went to his house and we give hemo chins. And he brought down all of his witchcraft stuff. And I have a video here with me today’s and from that day he gave his life diseases. And till today is make a difference. And he he leave a life with Christ and wow,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (38:58):
In Mark 16, Jesus says, if you drink any deadly thing, it shall not harm you. So the witch doctor tried to put poison in your tea, but it didn’t affect you. You just drank it and said, wow, that was the best tea I ever had. And then the next day you were preaching, gave the word of knowledge that there was someone doing witchcraft. No one responded until after everybody left. Yes. As men came up and said, no, that was me. I was trying to put a curse on you. I was trying to kill you to witchcraft against you. And he got saved because of that and destroyed all of his witchcraft items. What a tremendous testimony. Now, God also did a great miracle for you last year. You were in the hospital because of Corona virus, but you survived. It is praise the Lord about that miracle. Yes. I’m only in the hospital for two months. Wow. Only two months.

Do Lal (39:57):
Yeah. I mean, it’s just kind of hard with four kids and my wife and, you know, it’s just very, very I mean, it’s rare that virus is, but you know, Jesus, he’s the same yesterday, today and forever. I would say that. It’s just what I was eating this. I won’t make it today. Everyone pray for me. I know it’s sometimes

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (40:18):
I rang every day. I was praying every day for you. Because as like, God, we need DOE we need dope. You’ve given us such a vision for the nation of Myanmar. And I’m so happy to see you now healthy and strong in front of this.

Do Lal (40:33):
Yes. Thank you for all the prayers that from around the nations, that all my good friend and believe in diseases and crying out together. And without that prayers, I’m not going to make it today’s. And I mean, it’s just, again, doctor giving up my life and they call my wife and they told har, this is what we can do. We put ventilator, we could put at moon missions. I don’t know what his moon mission is kind of really, but they call an animal, but it just wherever put using their body for is, is kind of the tough. So opt to debt is still the same. And they told my, my doctor told my wife, his lungs was frozen for 48 hours and not working at all. We try to do it our best, but seemed like he not gonna make it. So we want to let you know that, be ready for whatever, going to be as nicely, but it’s deep and heartful horror.

Do Lal (41:35):
But that moment see cried out to the Lord and see challenge God and everyone that from around the nations, a friend like Daniels, you and a friend from COVID-19, a friend from the part of friend from Pakistan Brazils and not different nations. And [inaudible] my parents, my church back home, everyone crying out to God. The doctor tried to remove the next day, my tubing system that helped me bread. That makes me alive. They decided to remove the next day, the same day that our early in the morning, four 30, my lungs was frozen for 48 hours, but it’s coming back alive, like 40% that day. So Jesus is doing something in a miracle. I knew he’s still moving and he’s still make it different. And I knew it’s. I also saw that to laugh one and my or to call honor pupils in my loved one are gone because of COVID. I don’t know what is going to wrong, what has happened, but I would say, God is not finished with me yet. And he’s still have a plan for you and me. What America? A man. Yes.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (42:55):
Brother Do, Let’s finish up with a prayer for the nation of Myanmar. Yes. Would you lead us in a prayer for, for the gospel to be able to reach these 135 people groups in the nation?

Do Lal (43:09):
Yes. Before we pray, I’ll brief Sharon about me and mommy and my is 54 millions pupil populations and 89% of Buddhists of the whole populations increase. And it’s like 7.5% for the populations. And Muslim is like 2.3%. And so otters or a hundred percent or Hindu Ziems and not a religion. So as we praying for me and my me and my is a very strong war, Buddhism nations. So please pray for that pupil or encounter with Jesus. Yes. Let’s pray just to God. Are we praying for the nation of Myanmar right now? And thank you Jesus, for what you’re paying for the prize for everyone in these art. And I’m so thankful of what you’re doing then for me and my pupil. And right now I pray men must still be safe in the name of Jesus revival happen in Myanmar right now. And father God, I pray everyone everywhere they at right now, there’ll be in cornering.

Do Lal (44:19):
Why would you Lord? And right now I pray for everyone that is staying in under these crisis situations up to pandemic. And after this going wrong with military COF and what is happening in Myanmar right now, I pray for everyone. There’ll be get peace and joyful life and revival in a nascent Myanmar in Jesus name. Amen. Well dope. Thank you so much for joining me today. And we will continue to pray for Myanmar and I know the day will come where we will be able to go back to Myanmar and see God do amazing things there. God bless you. And thank you for being on the program. Thank you very much. God bless you. Thank you

Evangelism Podcast Host (45:07):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit King ministries.com. Again, that’s King ministries.com.



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