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Calling All Evangelists | Global Evangelist Alliance

Daniel King & Siegfried Tomazsewski talk about the Global Evangelist Alliance and why every evangelists should be a part. We also talk about the online Evangelism Masterclass designed to train and inspire evangelists. Plus we invite every evangelist in the world to come to Amsterdam 2023 on June 21-24 for an amazing event that will launch a new era in evangelism.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:01):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. Today I’m with a very special friend, Siegfried Yes. Well, you are the director of the Global Evangelist Alliance, the GEA. Tell me a little bit about the GEA and what the purpose of it is.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (00:31):
Yeah. Well, this is something I’m, I’m getting excited about because, you know, as an evangelist, we have been focusing at individual places. We have been preaching. Now, suddenly there is the vision of the Global Evangelist Alliance. That means we are networking and trying to build a net with many evangelists. Actually, every evangelist from all around the world can join the ge, whether it’s a large crusade evangelist, a street evangelist, a church evangelist. We want every evangelist, actually everyone who has a heart and passion for the lost to join in so we can reach the globe for Jesus.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:10):
Amen. And so if an evangelist wants to join the GEA and be a part of what God is doing through the Global Evangelist Alliance, how can they join?

Siegfried Tomazsewski (01:20):
Well, number one, there’s no entrance fee. Because what we want to do, we want to offer help for every evangelist by networking with, with street evangelists, one on one evangelists, large crusade evangelists. So we can benefit from one another. We can learn from one another. We can pray together. We can encourage one another. We can collaborate, we can cooperate. Everyone knows what’s going on, where and when. And we can strategically plan also where nothing is happening. So joining is very simple. Go to the website, www.joinge.org or global evangelist alliance.com. It’s the same thing. And you will find the website and you will find how to join on your click on there, and you apply from membership.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:10):
All right. And so if you’re listening, I want to encourage you right now, go to joingea.Org. Join with us with the Global Evangelist Alliance. And together, I think that we can reach the world for Jesus. We must do it together. We cannot do it separately. Now, one of the very exciting things, which the GEA is doing, is a conference coming up in June of 2023 in the city of Amsterdam. What Yes. Will be happening in Amsterdam.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (02:45):
This is truly exciting because we not only want to network, but we want to really work together with every evangelist on the world. Now we are calling evangelists from all around the world, representatives from every nation, every region, every continent to come for four days, three days are in death conference. It’s not like the old day conference where there comes a speaker and we are all blessed, and then we go back home. No, we really want to sit together. We want to discuss, we want to pray. We want to seek the, the Lord, how we can reach every tribe, every culture group, every language group so that we can learn from those people from the different regions, and then we can see how we can work together and help those people who are out in the bush or out in a rural city, out in the major cities from around the world.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:34):
So this is going to be June 21, 22, 23. Yes. Of 2023 coming up very, very quickly. And we are calling all evangelists from all over the world. We’re going to have delegations that are coming from Africa. You have worked in Africa for many years, first with Reinhard Bonnke. Yes. And now through one God, one day, one Africa, and, and you have done so much building networks of evangelists and Africa. So we’re calling the Africans together. Yes, absolutely. Right now we are in South Korea and we have just finished a conference with the Pentecostal World Conference where we called the Asian evangelist to come. Yes. We also have a brother, Jean-Luc Trachsel. He is one of the leader of the Global Evangelist Alliance, and he is from Switzerland, and he is working so hard putting the invitations together for the evangelist of Europe, and of course, North America, Central America, South America, anyone who has a heart for evangelism, we’re calling them together.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:43):
Yes. Because we feel that this is going to launch a new era of evangelism. Yes. And what’s really significant about the conference in Amsterdam is it’s going to take place almost to the day. Exactly. 40 years after Billy Billy Graham went to Amsterdam in 1983. Yeah. And of course, I was just a small boy at that time, but I’ve read the transcripts, the books that they put out from that conference. And, and at that time, Billy Graham had thousands of evangelists come from all over the world. And it really set a focus for evangelism for this past generation Yeah. Of evangelists. I mean, for 40 years almost every evangelist that’s elderly that I know had some type of impact that came from Amsterdam. And so now God is calling us together as evangelist in Amsterdam to strategize and to plan and to think about what God is going to do in the next decade. And God has given Dr. Billy Wilson, who is the head of Empowered 21, they’re helping to sponsor this conference in Amsterdam. And he’s also the President of Oral Roberts University. God’s given Dr. Billy Wilson this vision that we could reach everyone on Earth before 2033. Yes. Which is the 2000 year anniversary of Pentecost.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (06:22):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:23):
Yes. And the goal is to reach every person on earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Yes. What a great vision

Siegfried Tomazsewski (06:33):
It is. It is. You know, and, and what’s extra ordinary on that conference? You mentioned it three days collaborating, strategic planning, prayer and so on. But you have not mentioned the, the cherry on the cake. I mean, that, that’s the, the highlight because the last day, the 24th, the fourth day on Saturday, we are not only going to reach out to the city of Amsterdam and all over Holland, but this is going to be an impartation and anointing and sending or commissioning meeting in the stadium. There will be gospel preaching, there will be healing and everything. But we want to send everyone back to their nations filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and then do what we are called to do so we can reach the globe by the year 2033, as you had said.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:20):
And I think this is going to be so significant for so many, especially young people who are looking for a calling. Yeah. They’re looking for what their assignment is for God. They’re crying out, say, God, I want to be used by you, but I don’t know where I’m supposed to go or how I’m supposed to be used. And if they will come to this conference and then to this great commissioning service in the stadium right there in Amsterdam, I think that question will be answered. Yes. And they will, they will have visions. They will see dreams. They will, God will speak to them. They will have the sense of calling to know that this is the time for the harvest, that Jesus is coming soon. We need to make every second count for God. And the greatest harvest of history will happen in this next decade. Yeah. And the Global Evangelist Alliance is going to be very involved in helping to strategize and plan ways of reaching every person on Earth. Can you talk

Siegfried Tomazsewski (08:26):
About that? Y yes. What what truly excites me is in the past there was some individual great men and women of God, and we honor them. We respect them. I mean, I love them. They are great examples for us. But there is a, a young generation, I tell you, there is a, a young generation on the horizon. They are standing up there rising up, but they don’t know what to do and how to do it and so on. And in the past, the individual in evangelists, they were doing their, their job wonderful and fruitful and everything. But what I see now in the conference and in the Global Evangelist Alliance, now suddenly the evangelists of the old are connecting with the young generation. We don’t want to stand there as the big teachers. We want to mentor, we want to encourage, we want to train. We want to be there to encourage and to, to send them ours expo, send them into the harvest, and then be with them every time they have a need. They can, we can have zoom calls, we can have regional meetings where we invest in the new generation so that the work of one evangelist is not only expanded, but it’s multiplied. And I believe in multiplication and investing in the new generation, in the young generation, in this generation to come. This is the, the secret of the revival of this decade.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:46):
Now, one of the resources that the Global Evangelist Alliance offers to those who join is a great training course online.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:57):
It’s called the Evangelism Masterclass. Yes. And already involved in the Global Evangelist Alliance. We have 30 of the leading evangelist from around the world, from many different continents and context that are really expert in telling people about Jesus to this new generation. Yeah. And so we gather them together and each one of them recorded a 45 minute training session with the very best of their anointing and their, their insight and their understanding. And we’ve put this together into the Evangelism Masterclass, which is available in, in two different versions. So we have one version, which is offered for free on the website for anybody who joins the Global Evangelist Alliance. Yeah. And, and they can have access to this. And it is on personal evangelism, learning how to witness one on one Yeah. To those who need Jesus. And then we also have the second part of it, which is a series of videos specifically recorded for those who feel like they’re called by God to the office of the Evangelist. Many people they know they’re called to be pastors or maybe they’re called to be a professor. But I think that in this day, God is raising up more and more people who will be called to be evangelist. And so we want to train them. And so that’s available for a very small fee for people who, who want that calling and, and want to learn the very best practices Yeah. In how to operate in their calling as evangelists. Yeah.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (11:38):
I, I need to add to that because this is something I believe the world has not seen before. Number one, because we know from statistics that the majority, I don’t wanna say a percentage, but the majority of the church people don’t know how to witness. That’s why they don’t witness, They go to church. But inside they would actually love to, but they don’t know. And that’s why nothing happens. They leave it to the evangelists. But here, for the first time, they have a tool they can learn. I, I don’t want to say, you know, gospel sharing for dummies, you know, forgive me. But, but that’s so simple. The barrier is so low because it is easy. And it’s not from some scholars teaching in the university from the, from the books. But what I see in both courses that are high experts from around the world, they are not coming from the pulpits. They are coming from the, from the fields. When we teach, for instance, about witchcraft, demonn possession, how to deal with different,religions and so on,those are people who not talk about what they have been doing. They are doing what they are talking about. So they are evangelists who are doing right now, what they teach. And from the,from the practical point of view, they are teaching. So everybody can identify with what they are doing. I truly say, I, I’m excited. I’m excited. <laugh>.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:59):
Amen. Well, if, if you have a heart for evangelism, I encourage you to join the Global Evangelist Alliance. Yes. Go and sign up for the Evangelism Masterclass. Yes. This will benefit you in great ways. You will learn so much. And another part of the vision is building networks of evangelists in each country. Now, I actually have many people who listen to the Evangelism podcast in Africa, in Asia, and in different parts of the world. And, and so there is a desire to, to build networks Yeah. In each of these countries of evangelists who will work together, who will encourage one another. And you have really been at the forefront of putting that together. Can you talk a little bit about how those networks are being set up?

Siegfried Tomazsewski (13:47):
Yes. Number one, it’s not only one network that we are aiming for, but there is already wonderful existing networks. They are many times not known. Some are known. There’s the African enterprise talking about Africa. There is the African network of evangelists with Dr. Steven Matura. There is the global network of evangelists. There’s the global evangelist network and, and so many networks already existing. And we want to get all those networks together, number one. Number two, I’m on my way to ka maroon right now. And in, in three weeks, I’m down in Africa again, seven countries. We want to join the evangelists to to come together as an a network. We have 24 regions in the globe. And, and every region has about 7, 8, 10, 12 countries under them. So we want representatives from in, from each country under the leadership of the, of the regional, under the leadership of the continental representative, and the whole ge a global executive team.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (14:52):
Now, it’s not a hierarchy, it’s that everyone can connect with everyone who is specialized in some field. Now, the, the beauty of it is we will have common zoom meetings where we can share, where we can encourage, where we can learn from one another. And since we are focusing on Africa, on Asia, on Europe of Latin America, so we can have groups specialized for those areas. And when we speak about networks, I’m not only talking about the evangelists, but if we really are serious about reaching everyone by the year 2033, the evangelist is kind of the body who, who carries the gospel out. But we need the wings. So we have connected with the world’s largest intercession and prayer networks, but also church prayer networks, because they need to prepare the ground. When the evangelists come, they need to pray. Why? While the evangelists are going out, we are connecting with the apostolic ministry, with the churches.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (15:53):
Because Jesus never said go and count raised hands. He said, Make disciples. So we are very much after souls to be discipled. We work together with the church planting networks. So then when evangelists comes, there is no church. We plant churches, but not the evangelists. But together with the church planting and unreached people groups, I just was just on an email together with Wcl Associates. They are a part of it. They are doing Bible translations in areas where there is no Bible translation yet. So when the evangelist comes, we know that people are have the Bible ready for them. You see, I’m getting excited because when we are serious about reaching the globe, all the evangelists, small, big, known unknown, can come together, learn from one another, have the support of the intercessors, know the people who come to Christ will be followed up by the churches. I, I mean, it’s exciting.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:45):
<Laugh>. Wow. What a great blessing. All right. So if you’re listening, I want you, first of all to join the Global Evangelist Alliance. You can do www.joingea.org. Yes. Second, I want you to sign up for the Evangelism Masterclass. Yes. And you can get advanced level training in different areas of evangelism,

Siegfried Tomazsewski (17:05):
Really important.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (17:07):
Third, I want you to come to Amsterdam. 2023. Yeah. June 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Come to Amsterdam, there’s going to be thousands of evangelists and ministers that are going to come together for that. And the inspiration, the information that you get there, I think will help to launch you into the stratosphere with what God wants you to do. This really is a, a new era of evangelism. God is moving in a great way.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (17:39):
Absolutely is. And

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (17:39):
God is speaking to many different ministers and ministries around the world saying, This is the time to go after a harvest. Yes. This is the time there, There has never been an initiative before that really was able to reach every single person on Earth, Everyone. And that is the goal, everyone on earth to encounter Jesus Christ. Yeah. It almost seems impossible in human terms, but with God, all things are possible.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (18:09):
You know, somebody said to me once, If, if God tells you to do something that’s possible, you know, there is nothing needed, He doesn’t even need to tell us. But if I receive a vision from God, like this one, what Bill Wilson received, and we know it’s impossible. We know it’s from God. We know it’s from God. Because he would never tell us something that’s impossible. If we wouldn’t, He be in it and he is in

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:34):
It. Amen. Well, thank you for being on the Evangelism Podcast.

Siegfried Tomazsewski (18:37):
Thank you for allowing me to be here. Dr. King. I, I really love for everyone evangelist to join and to reach the globe with us. Amen. Amen.

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