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The Call of the Evangelist

Recently I was invited to speak at the EVERYONE conference in Amsterdam23. 5,000 pastors, missionaries, and evangelists gathered together from around the world for this historic conference on evangelism. In my workshop I taught on The Call of the Evangelist. If you are called by God to be an evangelist, you need to listen to this message as I look at the only person in the whole Bible is called an “evangelist.”


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:03):
I am so excited to be here because I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. How many of you love telling people about Jesus? You are in the right place. So my name is Daniel King. I’m a missionary evangelist. I go all over the world telling people about Jesus. When I was 15 years old, I was reading a success book that said, if you want to be successful, you need to write down your goals. And one of the goals they say would be good for young people is to try to become a millionaire by the age of 30. How many of you would like to be millionaires by the age of 30? What about by the age of 60 for some of you? Well, I realize that because of my upbringing as a missionary in Mexico, that money was not what was important to me. What was important was souls.

And so at the age of 15, I wrote down, I Daniel King, want to lead 1 million people to Jesus Before I turned 30 years of age, instead of trying to become a millionaire, I wanted to lead a million heirs into the kingdom of God to become a soul millionaire. And so God started opening up doors in different nations around the world. And I’m excited to tell you that before I was 30 years of age, we led over 1 million people to Jesus. Isn’t that exciting? Praise God. And so since then we’ve led another million. And, and I was praying, said, God, what comes next? I felt like God said, go for a million souls every single year. And so in the natural, that’s impossible. But with God, all things are possible. And so I believe that God is raising up many of you to become so millionaires.

How many of you would like to be so millionaires to lead over a million people to Jesus in your lifetime? I believe that God will bring it to pass in your life. If God can do it in my life, he can do it in your life. And I see in this room many people that are called by God to be great of evangelists. All right, so let’s talk this morning or this afternoon about the call of the evangelist. What is an evangelist? How many of you feel you’re called to be an evangelist? Raise your hand. All right, wonderful. Well, you’re in the right place now. The word evangelist is mentioned three times in scripture. Paul mentions the call of the evangelist in Ephesians, chapter four, when he mentions the, the fivefold ministry gifts, the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and the teachers, and each of these gifts are given in order to equip the saints for ministry.

And then of course, Paul writes to Timothy, who was actually serving as a pastor in Ephesus at the time, and he tells him in second Timothy four verse five, to do the work of an evangelist. Everyone will look at the prison next to you and say, do the work of an evangelist, Evangel. And some people think that being an evangelist is just standing up on a stage and, and preaching. But that’s only one small piece of it. It’s actually a lot of hard work being an evangelist. And so all of us are called to do the work of an evangelist. And then in Acts 21 it says, leaving the next day, we reached Caesarea and stayed at the house of Philip the evangelist, one of the seven. He had four unmarried daughters who prophesied. So Acts 21 verses eight and nine, and it specifically calls Philip in evangelist.

He’s the only one in the entire New Testament who is specifically called an evangelist. And so I believe that God has given us a picture of what an evangelist is called to do in the life of Philip the evangelist. Now, in the beginning of his life, he was not an evangelist. In Acts 21, he is called an evangelist. But his story actually begins over in Acts chapter six. And so this is going to be an interactive session. So if you have your Bible open up your Bible. I need, I need y’all to get out your Bibles. We’re gonna be talking about the word of God. Look at Acts chapter six,

Verse one. It says, in those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Grecian Jews, among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. So the 12 gathered all the disciples together and said, it would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the Word of God in order to wait on tables. Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word, this proposal, please the whole group. And they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit and also Philip. So in the beginning of his ministry, Philip was not a great evangelist. He was simply a person who had a heart to serve.

And I believe that every great ministry begins with having a heart to serve. They needed someone to wait on the tables. And Philip raised his hand. He was full of the Holy Spirit. He was full of power. He raised his hand. He said, pick me. Pick me. He says, I’m willing to serve. And so if you want to do great things for God, the first step is to find a place to serve. And so if you feel called to be an evangelist, find something to do in your local church. Do something, help clean toilets, serve tables. Go to your pastor and say, what can we do to reach out to the community, find a place to serve. And as you begin to serve the Lord, God will open up the doors for you to reach thousands of people for his kingdom. Amen. Can you say amen?

Amen. And so that’s what God has done in my ministry. I’ve been preaching to big crowds of people all over the world. But my ministry started when I was 10 years old. My parents became missionaries to the country of Mexico. And one day my dad said, we’re gonna do a drama about the life of Jesus. He says, Daniel, I want you to play the part of Jesus. And I thought that was a good idea because Jesus was perfect, and I was almost perfect. And so my sister Esther, she dragged her leg like this, and she pretended to be crippled, and Jesus would touch her on the forehead, and, and suddenly she could dance. And then my other sister, melody, she’d come up and she’d pretend to be blind, and Jesus would spit on the ground, make some mud, but before he could touch her, she was already healed.

And then my father said, now we’re going to crucify Jesus. And suddenly, I didn’t want to be Jesus any longer, but my younger brother, Steven, he loved this drama because as the older brother, I’d always beat up on Steven. But in this drama, he was the Roman soldier, and he got to beat up on Jesus. And so he’d bring this big, long leather whip and he’d begin to whip me with it. And I gotta be honest with you, I think he over acted a little bit. And one day he went to my dad, he says, this drama is not realistic enough. We need some blood. And my dad thought that was a good idea. So Steven brought a big bottle of ketchup, and he put the ketchup all over the whip. And when he whipped me with it, it looked just like the movie, the passion of the Christ.

There was blood all over my back. And then he crucified me to the cross. And I remember hanging on the cross with all the ketchup on my back. And every fly in Mexico was attracted to the ketchup on my back. And I’d always tell my dad, dad, it’s very difficult to hang on the cross. Could you please preach quickly? But my father did not know how to preach quickly. And so he’d start in the first book of the Bible, genesis, and he’d preach all the way to the last book of the Bible appendix. He’d preach the entire thing, and I’d be hanging there on the cross, we’d catch up on my back, flies crawling up and down my back, and I’d begin to pray. I’d say, God, forgive my father for he knows not what he does. And then I would die. And one time there was a little kid, he wanted to see if Jesus was really dead or not.

So he came up and started tickling the bottom of my feet. I’m telling you, I suffered for the sake of the cross, but Jesus said, take up your cross and follow me. And so the amazing thing is, is that the same messages we used to preach to 30 children in Mexico, now, God is allowing us to preach to 30, 40, 50,000 people at a time. Why? Because of this principle. If you’re faithful with the small things, God says, I will place you in charge of many things. And so what’s the secret to start starting? Oh, great ministry. You gotta buy a bottle of ketchup. That’s the secret. All right, so Philip starts out with a heart to serve God. And then the great chapter about the life of Philip the evangelist is Acts chapter eight. And so look at Acts chapter eight with me, verse four.

It says, those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went, Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Christ there. When the crowds heard Philip and saw the miraculous signs he did, they all paid close attention to what he said. With shrieks, evil spirits came outta many and many paralytics and cripples were healed. So there was great joy in the city. All right, so this, this workshop is going to be interactive. I want you to look at those verses there, and these verses inform us on some of what an evangelist might do. And so just begin to talk to me, what do you see in those verses? What what do you think an evangelist should do? What what characteristics do we see for evangelism in these verses? Brother Bimba, he must go first. He must go. Everyone say the evangelists must go. Yeah. Yeah. It says Philip went to a city in Samaria. Now, Samaria was not Jerusalem. Jerusalem was his own people, but he goes to another people. So he goes, yeah, what else do you see there?

Preaching preached Christ. He preached. So the evangelist must preach. What was his message? Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ. It says he preached Christ. Now, this is how you distinguish a true evangelist. The evangelist will always preach about Jesus Christ. Now, in America, I don’t know if it’s true here in Europe, but in in America, you know, there’s, there’s people that call themselves evangelists, and they, they travel from church to church, but I don’t think many of them are. So, some of them are not really true evangelists because, you know, they go and they talk about marriage. They do a seminar and how to be a success in business. But if you want to identify a true evangelist, amen. His message will be about Jesus Christ. He can star anywhere in scripture, but he’ll get to Jesus just as quickly as he can. And so that’s how you identify a true evangelist.

Are they preaching about Christ? All right, what else do you see here? They cast out demons. They cast out demons. So yeah, we’ve seen that in many of our crusades, that there’s demon manifestations. And so with the authority in the name of Jesus, we cast out the demons. What else? What else? What else do you see? Signs, signs, signs, wonders, miracles. And so this is according to Acts eight, this is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Philip the evangelist. He did miracles. Yeah. What else do you see? Great joy. There’s great joy in the city. And we see that great joy comes when the evangelist preaches the good news, because peoples get saved. Their lives are completely cha changed. What else do you see captured the attention? They captured the attention of the people. The people listened. Yeah. What else do you see? He went where others didn’t wanna go. He went where others didn’t want to go. Amen. Yeah. What else? How, how many people does he minister to here in Samaria? Is it just a few multitude? It says a multitude. And so these are two of the distinguishing characteristics of the evangelists. He, he ministers to multitudes, and we see miracles cast out demons. There’s great joy in the city. He proclaims the Christ.

Yeah, we can learn a lot from this passage, and that’s what we want to see God do in our day-today. We want to cast out demons. We want to see God do miracles. We want to hear that Christ is being preached. We want to see multitudes. Can you say amen? Amen. All right. So let’s continue on. It says now for some time, there was a man named Simon who had practiced sorcery, and he was amazed at what was happening. He went from being amazing to being amazed. And then look at verse 13. It says, Simon himself believed and was baptized, and he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw. And then the next verse, it says, when the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to them. And when they arrived, they prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit had not yet come upon them.

They had simply been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. Then Peter and John placed their hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit. So we see here that a great revival is happening in Samaria. People are being baptized, miracles are happening. But then he sends word to the church in Jerusalem, and Peter and John, the apostles come and they come to work with Philip in this great revival that’s happening. And so the number one question that I receive as an evangelist, if any of you are evangelists, you probably have heard this question before. It’s what do you do for follow up? Have any of you ever heard that question? Anyone ever ask you that? What do you do for follow up? And they say, maybe they never, ever led a single person to Jesus in their whole life, but they stand with their arms. Folds are, well, what do you do about follow up? I always like to, I want to say like DL Moody said, well, what do you do about salvation? What do you do about leading people to Jesus?

Yeah. What do you do about follow up? Well, here, I think we have a biblical model for follow up. The evangelist does not minister alone. He ministers with other ministry gifts. And so the evangelist is especially anointed by God to break into new territory, to be a pioneer, to go where the gospel has not been preached to be, to preach before, to be entrepreneurial, to look for opportunities. And so that’s a unique gifting of the evangelist. But the evangelist is not called to minister alone. Along with the evangelist comes all the other ministry gifts. And so we need the apostles, we need the prophets, we need the pastors, we need the teachers, we need administration, we need helps ministry all these different gifts. We bring them along with us. And I think that’s the secret to follow up, is the evangelist is not called to do it alone.

You always work closely with the local church. We love the local church. We work with the local church. We want to partner with the local church. And, and so along with the evangelists, we bring all the other ministry gifts. And I think that’s the answer to follow up. The evangelist is cannot do all the follow up on, on his own. If someone says, what do you do about follow up? I say, come, brother, you come and help teach, come and help us follow up and disciple the new believers. Amen. Amen. All right. So they’re having a very successful ministry there in Samaria. And then this guy Simon, he comes, he asks if he can buy the gift of the Holy Spirit. And, and unfortunately in the body of Christ, there’s been a problem with people selling gifts of the holy experience.

But in fact, in English, we have a word called simony. It means to, to buy the gift of of God. And it actually is named after this man, Simon. But it, and and unfortunately there’s some people in the body of Christ that if you asked to buy the gift of the Holy Spirit, they might offer to sell it to you for a thousand Euro. You know? But you see, Peter, he rebukes the spirit. And so the, the evangelist is never called to be driven by money. We’re driven by souls. Amen. And so we’re not after money. We’re not after a service. We’re not after our ego or just having big crowds. We’re gifted by God to care about people and to go after souls. And so that’s what we’re called to do. Amen. Amen. And then in the midst of this extremely successful, amazing revival happening in Samaria, God has another assignment for Philip the evangelist.

Look at verse 26. It says, now, an angel of the Lord said to Philip, go south to the road, the desert road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza. And so you can imagine Philip getting a little bit upset with God. Say, God, here I am in Samaria. We have a very successful revival happening. He says, why do you want me to go down to the desert road? There’s no one on the desert road. The desert road is hot. Why should I go down to the desert road? Here I am in Samaria. We’re getting very beautiful pictures here in Samaria for my newsletter. Why do you want me to go down to the desert road? But he’s an obedient evangelist. So he goes, and look at what happens. It says, so he started out in, on his way, he met in Ethiopian eunuch, an important official in charge of all the treasury of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians.

This man had gone to Jerusalem to worship. And on his way home was sitting in his chariot reading the book of Isaiah, the prophet. The spirit told Philip, go to that chariot and stay near it. Then Philip ran up to the chariot, heard the man reading Isaiah the prophet, do you understand what you’re reading? Philip asked, how can I, he said, unless someone explains it to me. So he invited Philip to come up and to sit with him. So this Ethiopian eunuch had come to Jerusalem to worship Yahweh, the God of Israel. The Ethiopians had a knowledge of Yahweh going all the way back to the Queen of Shiba who had visited King Solomon. And so King Solomon met the queen of Shiba. She took the knowledge of Yahweh back. So this Ethiopian unit, he went to Jerusalem. He wanted to worship God. But when he arrived at the temple, there was a big problem. And it was found in the law of Moses. Over in Deuteronomy chapter 23, verse one, let me read this scripture to you. Look at Deuteronomy chapter 23,

Verse one. This is the law of Moses. It says, no one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the Lord. And no one born of a foreign marriage, nor any of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord, even down to the 10th generation. And so in Deuteronomy, it said, if you’re emasculated or if you’re a foreigner, you’re not allowed to enter the temple of God. And so this Ethiopian unit, you know what a eunuch is? A eunuch is a man who’s been cut off. Do I need to explain? He’s been cut off. And so he’s maimed. He’s imperfect, and he comes to the temple to worship. And he’s not allowed to come into the temple because he is a foreigner, because he’s imperfect. But yet he has a hunger to know God. And so he buys a scroll, which back then would’ve cost a a year’s wages.

And so that’s, how much would a year’s wages for a man be today? You know, imagine spending 60, 70,000 Euro to buy a copy of Isaiah, and he’s hungry, but he, he’s reading it. He doesn’t understand it. So God sends the evangelist to explain it to him. And so he’s looking at it and says, how can I understand unless someone explains it to me? And Philip, the evangelist is there because God sent him, said, let me explain it to you. And so look at this, it says verse 35, Philip beginning with that very passage of scripture, told him the good news about Jesus. What is the evangelist message? Good news about Jesus, good news about Jesus to Samaria, he preached Christ to the Ethiopian. He shares good news about Jesus. That’s the message of the evangelist. And so the passage he reads from Isaiah is Isaiah chapter 53, the beautiful passage that talks about what Jesus accomplished on the cross about how our sins were placed on Jesus.

And because of him, we can be set free from sin. And so it says He was led like a sheep to the slaughter and as a lamb before the shear is silent. So he did not open his mouth in his humiliation. He was deprived of justice, who can speak of his descendants, for his life was taken from him. So Philip begins in Isaiah 53, but I don’t think he ends there. I think he spent some time with his Ethiopian, and he continued with him until he came to Isaiah chapter 56. So when the writer of the book of Acts wrote this, you know, they would have large portions of scripture memorized. So, so people reading this would’ve, they would’ve instantly, they didn’t have chapter divisions. They put the first couple of verses to remind people of the passage. But it’s, you know, it’s a longer passage that the writer of Acts wants to bring to mind. And so in Isaiah 56, there’s a beautiful passage that talks about what will happen after the Messiah comes, and how there will be a change in the kingdom of God. And so look at Isaiah chapter 56. This, this is, this is amazing. This is so exciting. Every time I read this, I get excited.

Listen to this, this, this is a prophecy. So you remember, Deuteronomy has the law. It says, no one who’s emasculated, no one who’s a foreigner may enter into the kingdom of God or enter into the temple. But here in Isaiah 56, listen to this prophecy about what will happen after the Messiah comes verse three. It says, let no foreigner who has bound himself to the Lord say the Lord shall surely exclude me from his people. And so he’s talking to a foreigner, he’s talking to this Ethiopian. And then it says, and let not any eunuch complain, I am only a dry tree. So he is talking to a foreigner, and he is talking to a eunuch. For this is what the Lord says to the eunuchs who keep my sabbaths, who choose what pleases me and hold fast to my covenant, to them, I will give within my temple in its walls a memorial, in a name better than sons and daughters. I will give them an everlasting name, and they will not be cut off

Speaker 2 (25:35):
Glory. Amen. Glory

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (25:40):
And foreigners who bind themselves to the Lord, to serve him, to love the name of the Lord, and to worship him and who keep the Sabbath, who will fasten my covenant. These I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar, for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations. And so imagine the Ethiopian looking at this passage in Isaiah 56, and he had just gone to Jerusalem. They kept him out of the temple. Archeo, archeologists actually have the stone that was at the gate of the temple that said, any foreigner that goes past this point will be killed. They found that in Jerusalem, that stone. So he came there and he is not allowed to enter into worship Yahweh, but Philip is telling him, because of Jesus, everything has changed. Jesus changes everything. And where there used to be lines of separation, they say, now we have a circle of inclusion. And you are included. There is a place for you. Even if you are imperfect, even if you have made mistakes in your life, even if you are a foreigner, even if there’s something different about you, there is a place for you in the house of God. The house of God has room for every person, every nation, every people. There is a room for you because Jesus changes everything. Amen. Amen.

Hallelujah. Amen. Isn’t that good? Powerful. Jesus changes everything. And so look at this, as they traveled around along the road, they came to some water. And then eunuch said, look, here is water. Why shouldn’t I be baptized? Or is there anything stopping me from being baptized? And Phillips says, no, there’s nothing that prevents you from having a relationship with God. Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sins. He broke the wall of separation. And now there is a place for every single one of us to come and to have a relationship with God. And so the Ethiopian says, stop the chariot. And they get down out of the chariot, and they go into the water.

The Ethiopian is baptized. And then it says, when they came up out of the water, the spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away. And the eunuch did not see him again, but went on his way rejoicing. Now, someone today would say to Philip, well, what did you do to follow up on the Ethiopian? Well, the Holy Spirit followed up on the oath, Ethiopian. And it’s a miracle what God did in the life of this Ethiopian. And it says, Philip, however, appeared at as ptosis and traveled about preaching the gospel in all the towns until he reached Caesarea. And it’s in Caesarea that we find him. And he’s there in Acts 21 with his four virgin daughters who all prophesy. And so Caesarea was a city built by Herod the Great and given as a gift to Caesar, the emperor of Rome. And so he built it.

And it was very controversial cuz they included temples to foreign gods, even though he was a Jewish king, they allowed temples to be built. And so it was where all the ships came from, the Roman Empire. And when sailors come off the boats, what did they do? They, they behaved like drunken sailors. But in the midst of this sinful, wicked city that has foreign temples and, and sin on every corner, I don’t know, maybe is a little bit like Amsterdam, I don’t know. But in this place, God sent Philip the evangelist, and he’s there and he’s ministering, he’s evangelizing, telling people about Jesus. And then he has four virgin daughters who all prophesy in the body of Christ. Recently there’s been a controversy about whether women can speak in church. Well, it’s hard for them to speak if it’s hard for them to prophesy if they keep their mouth closed, because I believe God’s raising up women evangelists.

In fact, I think some of the greatest harvest will see will come from women evangelists. Can you say amen? Amen. Amen. Yeah. And so these four virgin father, they ministered right alongside their father. And in the midst of this sinful city, they kept themselves pure and holy. And it would be so tragic to, to lead thousands of people to Jesus, but for your own son or daughter to go to hell. And so this is part of the calling of an evangelist. You go, you travel, you minister in different places, but I believe also we’re called to be ministered together as a family. Today I have my son Caleb here, everyone say hi to Caleb. He’s helping me run the, the program here. I also have my daughter Katie Grace back here. Everyone say hi to Katie Grace. Now this is my beautiful wife, Jessica. Jessica has been a missionary for, for many years. We actually met in Goma Congo, right on the border of Rwanda and Congo. And at that time she was a crusade director. She was helping to set up crusades in, in Africa. And so I was a crusade evangelist. She was a crusade director. When I saw her, I said, wow, this is a match made in heaven, <laugh>.

And when she saw me, she was checking me out. And after 10 seconds, she says, no, I’m not interested. <Laugh>, she didn’t like my haircut. But a year later I went to preach her church in Canada and I had a new haircut. And then we started to date, date <laugh>. And, and I was anointed that day. And so <laugh> now we’ve been married for 15 years, but you know, God doesn’t just call individuals. He calls families. Amen. And so to be part of the family was to be in my life growing up, was to be part of the ministry. And so we’re called to reach the masses, but we’re also called to, to raise up godly children. Amen. Amen. And so let’s finish with some prayer. Could you all stand up to your feet, lift up your hands to heaven, and let’s begin to pray. I believe that in this room we have many who are called to be evangelists. And I believe that today God is going to strengthen that call in your life.

Speaker 3 (33:06):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (33:11):
And I believe that God is going to give new creative ideas for evangelism, new ways to reach people. And today, my prayer is, is that the same anointing that’s on my life for evangelism will come upon your life. Lord, I pray for an impartation right now upon every person here be filled with the Holy Spirit. Yes, Lord, I pray that all the, the signs of an evangelist would be present. Amen. For every evangelist who is here, I pray that they would preach Christ, give them a passion for preaching about Jesus. Lord, I pray for miracles to happen in their ministries. Come on, lift up your hands to heaven. Lord, I pray that their hands would be healing hands, that every person they touch would feel the touch of Jesus. Lord, I pray that they would be able to cast out demons that through the authority of the name of Jesus, amen, that they would be able to take authority over every demonic power. Lord, I pray that wherever they go, that great joy would follow them. Lord, I pray that none of these evangelists here would ever be driven by love of money, but they would be driven by a love for souls and for going after people, for bringing people to Jesus.

Oh, hallelujah. Father God, pour out your spirit upon this place. Oh, hallelujah. Lord. We call for mighty evangelists to be raised up out of this room.

To go to the nations with boldness, even closed nations where it’s hard to preach the gospel. Lord, I pray that you give us the right strategies to go to the hard places, to be pioneer. Evangelists, just like Philip went to Samaria, cross-cultural ministry, cross language groups. Lord, I pray that you would enable us to reach even the one that we would be able to preach to the masses, but that we would also be able to preach to the individual who needs Jesus. I pray that we never take our eyes off of each individual. Lord, we pray for the the every one vision. That’s the theme of this conference that you’ve given to Dr. Billy Wilson to reach every person on earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit in the next 10 years before 2033, the 2000 year anniversary of the day of Pentecost in the natural. It’s impossible. But God, we know that through you all things are possible. And Lord, I pray that we would be able to reach everyone, everyone throughout the earth, that every person would have a chance to hear the gospel.

Speaker 3 (36:52):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:54):

Speaker 3 (36:55):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:57):
Oh, hallelujah.

Speaker 3 (36:59):
Hallelujah. Jesus.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (37:01):
Come on. Give a great big round of applause to Jesus. Can you feel the presence of God here?

Speaker 3 (37:12):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (37:13):
You are God’s best.

Speaker 3 (37:16):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (37:17):
God chose could have chosen anyone but he chose you. Yes, you are God’s best. Amen. And God has amazing things in store for you. I encourage you to go after souls. Go after people. I pray that your heart would beat with God’s heartbeat. For souls. For souls. For souls. For souls. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Daniel King is on a mission to save 1 million souls a year, but he can’t do it alone. Would you consider sowing a financial seed today to give? Please visit www.kingministries.com.


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