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International Evangelism

Frankie Cortez | Raising Up Influencers for Jesus

Khon Khan | Turning Killing Fields Into Harvest Fields

Kevin Hardin | Building Destinies in America and Asia

Wild Expectance | Bryan Citrin

Brigada Today | Hacks for Great Commission Christians

Jared Buswell | Transformed Hearts Transform Nations

Billy Bimba | From Liberia to the Nations

Calling All Evangelists | Global Evangelist Alliance

Shawn Brann | Ignite Europe & Flower Evangelism

Jabran Inayat | Mission to Asia

Richard Gunning | From Belfast to the Ends of the Earth

Andreas Cucca | Open Heart, Open Home, Open Heaven

Daniel Bäckrud | What to Do When God Shows You a Vision

Evan & Madeleine Threlkeld | Is a Gospel Awakening Coming?

Tamran Inayat | Gospel Vision for Pakistan

Morgan Hill | The Merging of Business and Ministry

Andres Hartanto | Evangelism in Indonesia

Emmanuel Kwizera | Mission Director for African Enterprise

Raphael Anzenberger | Evangelism in the French Speaking World

Samuel Chiang | World Evangelical Alliance

Keith Cook | On the Go with Jesus

Mark Swiger | Reaching India with The Gospel

Josh & Chelsea McManus | Missionaries to Mozambique

Lee Saalfeld | Knowing Him in Cuba, Ecuador, & Colombia

Matthew Helland | Prophetic Evangelism in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

Benny Moses | Evangelism in the Villages of India

The Love of Christ for Iran | Elam Ministries | Dan & Carmen Hale

Simone Puccinelli | Educating Children in Uganda

Daniel Amare | Evangelism Strategies in Ethiopia

Mohammed Seid Ali | Muslim Becomes a Church Planter