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Elias Annacondia | Invasion of Hope

Elias Annacondia is the son of Carlos Annacondia who is one of the best known evangelists in Latin America. Today we talk what made his father’s ministry so successful for so many years. We also hear about what God is doing through Elias’ ministry, Invasion of Hope.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Elias Annacondia is the son of Carlos Annacondia who is one of the best known evangelists in Latin America. Today, we talk about what made his father’s ministry so successful for so many years. We also hear about what God is doing through Elias’ ministry, Invasion of Hope.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:33):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary, and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:57):
Welcome To the Evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. Today I have a very special guest with me, Elias Annacondia, thank you so much for being on the Evangelism Podcast.

Elias Annacondia (01:08):
Thank you, evangelist Daniel’s a blessing to be here.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:11):
Now you come from a very rich heritage of evangelism. Your father is Carlos Annacondia who is known all over central and South America for doing crusades for many years. Yes. He has been telling people about Jesus. What was it like to grow up with a, a father who had a passion for reaching people for Jesus?

Elias Annacondia (01:39):
Well, for me it was a blessing. As a family, I have we are a big family. We have eight eight siblings. We are, so, it’s, it’s been a blessing to see my, my, my parents mom and dad serving the Lord. So what I can say, like for me, they, they set an example of being a team. While my father was preaching the crusade, my mother was taking care at home. So, and you know, the balance that I that is so at home for me was such beautiful, beautiful, to, to be part of, of a move of God that we have lived as a family.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:16):
And what are some of the greatest lessons that you’ve learned from your father? You know, a lot of people can see a minister from the outside. Yeah. But, but you grew up in the family. Yes. And, and so what were some of the greatest things you learned from your dad?

Elias Annacondia (02:32):
Well, there’s so many things from mom and dad because they were, like I was saying, they were a team. While my father was preaching thoroughly in different nations, even within Argentina, my mom was taking care of the family and the balance that they have. That was one of the things that I learned that the ministry boss both worked. While my mom was at home with nine kids, he was preaching sometimes we used to see him. Remember that back in the day, that was 40 days crusade back to back from Monday to Monday to 40 days. The longest one was 62 days crusades. 62 nights.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:07):
That’s really amazing because today, often crusades are two nights. Maybe if you go really long, four nights. Yeah. But can you imagine going 40 nights that gives you a chance to really change people’s lives.

Elias Annacondia (03:21):
And in, and even more, like I remember cities were transformed that the move of God, after 40, 30, 60 days, you say, like, the whole city will change. Cause you be, you started Cru say with 20,000 people, but the day 40, you have a hundred, 150,000 people. And the whole city villages were transformed cause it was such a move of God that was increasing every night. So for me, I remember experiencing being a kid, running around and seeing the move of God, how the Lord through the Holy Spirit will change like cities.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:54):
I think it’s so amazing that you are serving the Lord and your brothers and sisters are serving the Lord. Like God is a generational God. He’s the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And now your, the, your brothers and sisters and you, you’re serving the Lord. You still love Jesus, which is so beautiful to see.

Elias Annacondia (04:16):
Yes. For me, it’s just like you were saying, it’s, we have experienced a coherent gospel at home. So the same mom and dad that were sometimes preaching were the same at home. And you know, for me, that’s a legacy that I want to take to my kids. I have two kids and, and, and my wife. So for me, it’s just, I learned that, that that is beautiful as a family to see a coherent gospel. The same mom and dad that we’re at preaching to a hundred thousand people, the same character, the same hearts with us as a family, with us as a family.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:49):
Now, one of the things that your father is known for is deliverance. Yes. I read his book, “Listen to Me, Satan.” Yes. And he was known for, for saying that, listen to me, Satan. And he would start to, to cast out. Yes. All the demons. Talk to me about the deliverance ministry. Why is that so important? And and how did your father do that?

Elias Annacondia (05:10):
Yes. Like we have seen people focus on deliverance, but there’s so many healing that happened. And salvations the same amount in the crusade. So what happened when he got safe, he was 35 years old. He was a prosper businessman. So he got safe in a crusade from an evangelist from Panama that came, or Crue to Argentina. So in that crusade, he received the Lord. So what happened after he got, say he had his business, he will go back to his business and start sharing with people about the Lord, about the transformation of his heart. He will enter to some places like markets or restaurant and people would be begin to manifest. So he didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t ask for a start happening. He start falling in love with the Lord, praying, spending time reading the Bible, the pastors, he start going to the church and then read the gospels, the gospel of John.

He begin to fall in love with the Lord. While he was doing these supernatural things, what happened when he was walking in the street where he was, you know, encountering with people. So that was one of the things. He didn’t look for it, he just came with the package. And that’s why he was seeing things that he never saw before. So that’s why in his heart, he begin to prepare his heart, okay, how, how can I help the people when people manifest people was angry at for no reason. And that’s, I would say, what that was kind of the beginning of him looking after the heart of, of God saying, this is not common. This is not normal. So I have never seen someone like that. So that’s how he started praying and seeking even more the Lord to help that. People that were manifesting for no reason.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:49):
And so what happens if someone manifests? Like if, if he’s preaching, if he’s giving the alter call and people manifest I know that you love to train all the workers who, what, what do they do?

Elias Annacondia (07:02):
So we do, like, we do a training that is now we call it equipping the church. So we teach evangelism, spiritual warfare, intercession, deliverance, and holy spirit. So the thing towards that is we do that in the crusade. We teach the whole volunteers. We have like, sometime we have like 200 people in the deliverance, 10 pastors, leaders that we train like in a, in a practical way, you know how to perform the deliverance in a practical way. We don’t focus on the demons, on the legions. We focus, okay, the person we speak with, the person we take control, we, the thing that we do is take authority. The peoples manifesting. So within the, after the preaching, you know, like the great commission. So they preach the gospel cast of demons, speak new tongues and heal the sink. So what we do is, is as the ministry itself is known for these four things, preaching of the word of God, casting of the demons, failing the people with the Holy Spirit and healing the sink.

Nothing new is nothing different is what the Lord Jesus taught us many years ago. We’ve been doing that for over 40 years. And he worked work in Argentina and Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Europe is the same way. We have seen the same transformation, the same touch of God in people lives. So we believe deliverance is key after salvation. We understand that the people need to be self free. So that’s what we work in a process of, you know it’s not about some, you know, we, we learn throughout the way. Like some people, we throw holy water, olive oil, whatever you name, you know, it’s not, it’s about speaking with the person, taking authority over the manifestation and talking with their person and knowing where is the problem. So it’s communication. And then the people, you know, one who know the problem, the people will renounce.

Okay, I renounce to the hatred. I renouncing what happened in my past. I renounce you. What I did the wrongdoings. And then we take author, we break the yolks, and then the deliverance process begin. It’s beautiful to see eventually Daniel, when the people comes into the deliverance tent, every could say we have like 400 to 600 or 800 manifested people per night. So when we are praying after the, the, the prison of the gospel, the first thing he does is salvation calling. And after salvation is a prayer for deliverance. So we take 15 to 20 minutes praying for deliverance from the altar. So we have a team that is ready, the people that is manifesting, while the deliverance prayer is going on, they’re taken to the deliverance tent. Where carefully we, we, we like to, to take seriously the identity of the person. We don’t wanna expose the demo person. That

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:47):
That’s why you have you take them to a tent. Yes. Because you don’t want to expose the person. No. You don’t want people to, sometimes the Satan tries to take the attention away from Jesus. And so you take them into the tent. And then once they’re in the tent, the pastors, the the leaders are trained Yes. To, to pray for them, help them to renounce. Yes.

Elias Annacondia (10:09):
That’s correct. That’s a process. So we have two people helping. One, well, one is ministry, the other one is praying behind. Forgot to give wisdom, the sermon to the people that is ministering to that person. So we do it in order and we always take care of the people. They are not demons, they are not animals. There’s, there’s a person in need. So carefully. We love taking into the delivery stand. We don’t no.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:31):
Punching the demons out. <Laugh> demo. You’re gentle. Yes.

Elias Annacondia (10:35):
Yes. We are, we take authority when we have, but we always, when the people manifest, we try to make the person come back to the census. No. So we don’t speak with the demons. We understood that throughout, over four years, the Lord taught us the way to do it effectively. And then we understand we don’t, we’re not gonna do a show. We’re not gonna let the enemy do a show. We should stay control. We bound it and take it to the liver stand where the people is gonna be treated. We don’t like to expose anyone sins. And the pulpit is just taking care of the person and the person to be able to work in, in the freedom that the Lord has for them.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:13):
And it’s so beautiful when God sets someone free. I mean, they can go from yelling and being very upset. And, and then once they are set free from the demons, have a beautiful smile. Yes. Like there is a true change that comes in people’s lives.

Elias Annacondia (11:31):
Yes. And that’s, that’s one of the beautiful things after salvation that I seen. Even, even over miracles. Cause when people get set free of the oppression and society abuse so many things from the past, you see them then when they’re coming. The result is a person that is willing, not only happy, not only with the joy of Holy Spirit, but that person is willing to serve the Lord in, in, in another level.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:58):
Yeah. So you explained to me that in your father’s crusades, there’s, there’s five pillars. Yes. You have salvation. Yes. Deliverance. Yes. What else? Healing

Elias Annacondia (12:09):
The prayer for healing. You

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:10):
Pray. Prayer for healing. Then

Elias Annacondia (12:11):
We do testimonies.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:13):
Testimonies. And

Elias Annacondia (12:14):
Then we go down and we pray for the people one by one with the local pastor. So we will call the local pastor. He will pray for them before the crusade the night before. And we get ready to pray for each person. We get down by Father will get down on the field, touching the people. And there’s many other miracles happen while we are with the people praying for them by hand.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:36):
And so often your father would stay for many hours. Three

Elias Annacondia (12:39):
In the morning, start at seven and three in the morning. Sometime he was

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:43):
In until everyone is prayed for.

Elias Annacondia (12:45):
Yeah. Along with the pastors of the city.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:47):
Wow. And, and then praying for the Holy Spirit as

Elias Annacondia (12:51):
Well. Yes. Yes. We do the, like even in the deliverance, like we were mentioning, after the person get set free, we stand up the person and we start speaking and never be baptized by the Holy Spirit. Starting, you know, taking the person to, to get to know the Holy Spirit and be baptized Yeah. With the Holy Spirit. And they moved, you know, in the Spirit. Cause we wanted the person to weave, fill for the Holy Ghost.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:13):
Yeah. Right now we are here in the nation of Nicaragua. Yes. We’ve just finished a beautiful crusade with evangelist Nathan Morris. Yes. And God has opened up the nation to the shake the nation’s ministry of, of Nathan Morris. And so you have come down and in, in your role in this crusade was to, to help train Yes. The different groups. And so te tell me about the different groups that you organize. You have the ushers. Yes. You have security. Yes. What other groups? We have

Elias Annacondia (13:45):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:46):

Elias Annacondia (13:47):
We have protocol.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:48):

Elias Annacondia (13:49):
We have deliverance intercession team. We have the prayer team. The prayer team is the one that are prayer for the sick people. We put the sick people in a section. So there’s a prayer team that will take care of them throughout the, they crusade. They will be constantly praying for the sick people. So, and that’s the groups that we mainly manage, you know, to, to make the crusade like, you know what, we have sometimes 30,000 people, sometimes, like in Gene Dega, we have 60, 70,000 people. So we wanna, in a way have a order. So throughout the trainings, we’re able to help the people and to, you know, otherwise it become a chaos. But we don’t want that. So that’s where the training, how to manage the messes. When evangelist Nathan is making the call to have order, the, the, the Asher’s security, everything is in, in order. So that’s the same way the intercession team will pray throughout the night, you know, and the deliverance team will be ready. Some people, when, yesterday, for instance, the last night while he was preaching, people was manifesting. We took a few people to the north stand where we love, we carry, we minister to them. So that’s, for me, it’s so important, you know, the groups that, that we bring order and also we try to, to help every person that gets there.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:04):
Yeah. Last night when I went out into the crowd and was praying for people, one boy I was praying for began to manifest a demonn. And so the ushers grabbed him and they took him over to the tent. And then later I saw that he had been set free. Wow. And so it was so beautiful. And then I saw last night there was one woman, she was holding her crutches up in the air, like during the prayer for healing. Jesus touched her. She, she was healed. And, and the, the crowd was so thick that she had a hard time getting through. So she just held both her crutches up in the air. And I saw you went out to her, you grabbed her and said, come on, come share your miracle. And so I took a picture of you with the woman she’s walking. Yes. And you’re holding the crutches because Jesus had healed her. And so Yes.

Elias Annacondia (15:49):
It’s beautiful to see that. I mean, I love it.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:51):
It, it’s so neat to see God do great miracles among the people. Now you are living in Houston, Texas. Correct. And so God has brought you to the United States. Yes. Which is good. The United States needs some fuo. Yes. <laugh>. We need some anointing from Argentina in the United States. So, and, and you, you have your own ministry Yes. As well. Tell me about your ministry and what you do.

Elias Annacondia (16:17):
Yeah. Like two years ago, the Lord was like, actually started almost seven years ago. I was in Mexico, chias in different cities. It’s six different cities near Guatemala and was poor villages and areas. And we minister with the crusades. And then I came back from that trip with a bird in my heart. And the Lord gave me this word, invasion of hope. So throughout the years I was praying, Lord, what is invasion of hope? What is that? So two years ago, while I was praying, the Holy Spirit showed me a word that says, you know, invasion of hope is bringing hope to the whole place. And the Lord start putting my heart, how can we bring love in action? So we, the Lord, begin to gimme like a plan of doing social work, medical work, and right the same week doing the present.

So we, we began like two years ago doing, we founded the ministry Invasion of Hope. And then we start working, you know, Mexico and, and with this and this village that I’ve been there seven years ago. And what happened, we have seen a move of God just loving on people without asking for nothing. Taking care of needs the medical work and then the crusade. And we have like, it was amazing to see the three crusade we have, the stadiums were packed and disabilities. We, we saw a move of God. And that’s pretty much how we began. You know, we are so excited for what God, God is doing for, you know, not only what our, our goal is the salvation going from death to eternal life. But in the process, the Lord’s teaching me, it’s not gonna be this, but also this loving people and taking care of their needs and then meeting their needs.

And then the Lord, we have seen in families and kids how they open the heart. Cause it’s just love in action. We are not, we are not saying, I’m gonna give you this, but you need to receive the Lord. No, no, no. It’s just, just loving on them. And with that conversation, they open the heart to say, why are you doing this for us? Why are you guys different? Cause Jesus is with us. And then we explain to them and they receive the gospel so quick. And not only that, the next days when we do the crusade, all of them come. So for, for us it was like, it was beautiful to see that.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:30):
And so just recently you were in Chapas, Mexico?

Elias Annacondia (18:33):
Yes, yes. Yes. We have two crusade. Last year, November we did an <inaudible> and then in, in Chilon, which is like five hours up in the hills in the mountains. But it was beautiful people, they speak salt seal and cell other, you know, native languages. I mean, it was beautiful to work with them to see the Lord movie. We have over four or 5,000 people every night. It was four nights, two nights in each city. So Wow. The studies were like, you know, they never don’t. In, in Chi never happened in the soccer stadium. So it was beautiful to see this, the soccer stadium feel of new people <inaudible> moving. So for me it’s just an, a beautiful experience.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:16):
And you took some evangelists you partnered with Yes. Some of the evangelists from the, the Christ for All Nations Evangelism Boot camp. Yes. Yes. Who, who went with you?

Elias Annacondia (19:26):
Caleb w was one of them that came and Elliot Martinez. So the, we, we were, we were friends for years. And then we were talking about it when I, we gonna do something together. So I felt, when I received this invitation from the pastor, from Chi Chias, we want you to come to do another crusade. That was like six years ago. So let me pray for, let me pray, please. And then after three months, I fell for the spirit. That was the right time. So we went there and before we went, I called EB and Elliot said, Hey guys, this is the time. Let do it together. Said what? It was beautiful. Cause we preached it each night. It’s one of us. And it was beautiful to see God moving in the gifts of evangelism, the gift that the Lord put each one of us. So for me, I believe that we are living a time like here in Nicaragua time of, of getting together. It’s not about myself. It’s about how can we, how can we do it together and make it, you know, better, greater and bigger.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:18):
Amen. Well, if someone wants to invite you to come preach at their church or to come to a crusade, or, or if they want to support your ministry, how can they find out more about you? What, what’s your website?

Elias Annacondia (20:31):
Yes. The website is www.invasionofhope.com. So they

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:37):
Invasion of hope.com. Yes,

Elias Annacondia (20:38):
Sir. Yes. So they can, they can send invitation, they can know what we’re doing. They can pray for us as well as we are continue moving and growing in the Lord.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:47):
Yeah. I believe God is raising up the Hispanics of North America. Yeah. I mean, there’s so many people just in my city of Tulsa. There are so many people that have come from Nicaragua, from Mexico, from other parts of, of of Central and South America. And I believe God is raising up the, the Hispanic church in North America because they’re, they’re on fire. Yes. And, and I believe that God has brought you to America to help bring revival. Amen

Elias Annacondia (21:20):
And amen. I’m, I’m excited about it. I came like 2008 as an international student. I remember I didn’t speak English, but then, cuz I went to Italian school in Argentina. So and it was a whole process of me learning English at 27 years old. But I’m, I believe I made

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (21:38):
It. I’m like, your, your English is excellent. You’re doing great job with your English. Well, let’s finish by praying for revival. Amen. And why don’t you pray in Spanish, pray Yes. Pray for God to, to send revival. Amen. Let, let’s pray for Central America. Yes. Nicaragua, where we are. Yes. South America. And let’s also pray for North America. Amen. Amen.

Elias Annacondia (22:01):
Let’s join us and let’s pray. Father, were coming together with, in any national, in every nation, we wanna be part of the move of God on the Lord. Father, we’re gonna be part of the move of God that you’re gonna bring throughout the Lord. Father, we pray for those who are watching, that are hearing this podcast, Lord, that have been, that might be filled with the Holy Spirit Lord, to go out, Lord and to be witness of Jesus throughout the year. Lord, thank you for this time. I bless Evangelist Daniel, the ministry where, where everything and the great things that you are doing throughout his life. Lord, I bless him and I bless his family. Thank you for this time, Jesus.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:06):
Amen. Well, thank you Elias for being on the Evangelism podcast.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:10):

Elias Annacondia (24:11):
You, thank you. Thank you for inviting me.

Evangelism Podcast Host (24:12):
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