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Buddy Bell | How to Build the Helps Ministry in Your Church

Buddy Bell loves being the “Pastor’s Friend.” He is the world’s foremost expert on helping churches to build their ministry of helps. His passion is to activate the body of Christ to serve. If you need help training your ushers, greeters, or your nursery workers, Buddy Bell is the minister to call.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Dr. Buddy Bell loves being the pastor’s friend. He is the world’s foremost expert on helping churches to build their ministry, of helps. His passion is to activate the body of Christ to serve. If you need help training your ushers, your greeters, or your nursery workers, Buddy Bell is the minister to call.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:39):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now, here’s your host, missionary, and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:04):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. And today I have a great friend with me, Dr. Buddy Bell. Thank you so much for joining me on the Evangelism Podcast.

Buddy Bell (01:19):
Good to be here, Daniel.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:20):
Well, you and I have been friends for quite a while now. And the thing that I love about your ministry is that you love helping churches help people. Amen. And building the helps ministry. So tell me, how did you get started in helping churches build their helps ministry?

Buddy Bell (01:42):
Well, I think the big thing was realizing that I was in the ministry of helps. You know, my wife and I were involved in church and, and back then, no one had ever heard of the Ministry of Helps. And we were you know, people would say we were strange, we were weird, we were different. They told us, you know, God broke the mold when he made us. And I remember one day in church on Sunday morning, my pastor at that time opened up the first Corinthians chapter 12 verse 28. And he began to read it. It says, in God has set some in the church. And I thought, well, you know, that’s where I want to be. I want to be in church. I just don’t want to go to church. And it goes on. It says, first apostles, secondary prophets.

Thirdly, teachers after that miracles, then gifts of healings. And then he said, helps. And he stopped. And for 60 seconds, he expounded on the ministry of helps. And I sat there in church with tears in my eyes, and I said to myself, you know, buddy, you’re not weird. You’re not strange. You’re not different. And God didn’t break the mold when he made you, but the mold is still in the Bible. And I found my place that day in church. I was in the ministry of helps. And and so that began to, you know, develop on the inside of me. I be begin to s you know, seek more information on the ministry of helps. And because, you know, like one Mr said to me, you know, people want to see their place in the Bible. You know, am I on the team or am I just sitting in the grandstand watching the game?

People want to be in the game. You know, am I really important? You know, my, my greatest reward, I guess traveling and teaching on the ministry of helps is, and I’ll never forget her, this nursery worker walked up to me and she had tears running down her cheeks. And she, she said, you know, brother Bell, I really didn’t thank God, knew I was back there in their nursery. And I’ll never forget her. And, you know, and, and people think that, well, you know, I, I just work in the nursery, or I’m just an usher, or I’m just a, a greeter, or I, I just do what Pastor once done. And they don’t realize how valuable and how important they are. I mean, if it wasn’t important, then why did God, that created the heavens in the Earth set into the church helps. You know, there, there’s a rumor going around the world today that, that Buddy Bell made up this ministry of helps.

I didn’t make it up. I read my Bible, you know, and I, and I see I have a part in the body of Christ. I’m valuable. I’m important, you know the definition. Now, if I get preaching, we’re gonna take an offering <laugh>. Okay? But the definition for the ministry of helps is the Greek definition. It’s as one of the administrations in the local church by way of rendering assistance, or especially of help minister to the weak and the needy. So if you’re rendering assistance in any way in the church, if you’re giving help to the weak and the needy, you’re operating in this supernatural ministry. The ministry of helps. Now, listen to me, it’s a ministry as just as valid, just as anointed as if God had asked you to be a prophet. I think I heard an amen out there. Amen. Maybe a couple amens out there.

Amen. Why? Because God is not a respecter. We’re in this thing together. You know, I thank God for prophets, but also thank God for nursing workers and ushers and greeters. You know, I’ve <laugh>. I’ve had people, when I get done ministering on helps will take me off to the side. I don’t know how many times this happened. And they say, now, brother, buddy, I want to ask you a question, but I want you to be honest with me. Like I’ve been lying to ’em the whole time. You know? And they, but I want you to be honest. Nobody’s around, you know, but you’re really not that excited about nursery workers, are you? I say, excuse me, I’m gonna back up. The wrath of God is coming in here. You know? And, and I see it on people’s faces when I’m teaching on the ministry of helps. You know, do, do, do you really believe that brother buddy? Well, let, let me help you out. When I look at a nursery worker, I don’t see a nursery worker. I see Jesus. When I look at an usher, I don’t see an usher. I see Jesus. When I look at a prophet, I don’t see a prophet. I see Jesus. And that’s why I can be excited about every member and every part of the body. Cause I’m excited about Jesus. Amen. All right.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:41):
Amen. Amen. Let you do something. Well, I think your perspective is so valuable, cuz sometimes when people think about being in ministry, the picture that comes to mind is the fivefold ministry gifts. You got the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor, the teacher, and they envision a platform ministry where someone’s up on the platform. And, and a lot of people are actually scared to do public speaking or get on a platform. They, so they say to themselves, oh, I could never be in ministry. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. But what you’re saying is that you can totally be in ministry by finding a place to serve in the house of God. Amen. And by helping out with what needs to be done, because the pastor is not the only one called to serve the Lord. Every single believer can find a place to help in the body of Christ. Amen. Would you say that’s

Buddy Bell (07:35):
True? Daniel? You used the word just a moment ago that I don’t use. Okay. And because it’s a word that causes division within the body, and that word is fivefold. I don’t believe in the fivefold. Okay. You can’t find it in the Bible, that word. You know? And so I tell people, I’m in the sevenfold now I’ve got you on that one. Cause seven is God’s number and what’s the other two helps in governments. But then that don’t leave anybody out. Okay. And so, I, I I don’t use that word fivefold. Okay. And because when you said it, you know, there was a division there, you had a group that was up on the platform, and then the rest of of us over here, you know, we all want, we’re all, we’re all in this together, you know? And so you know, I, I just don’t use that word, <laugh>.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:29):
All right. Well, I will amend my vocabulary. Yeah. And, and I actually agree with you. I, I think helps is a, an extremely valuable ministry in the church. All right? So let’s say you, you go into a church, right? And you’re, you’re helping their, helps ministry, challenging people to serve the Lord with excellence. I’ve heard you talk some about King Solomon and the excellence that his helpers serve the Lord with. Talk. Talk to us a little bit about that.

Buddy Bell (09:00):
Yeah. When the Queen of Sheba and from Ethiopia visited her, him, you know I point out the things that she noticed, okay? And you know, a lot of, a lot of times we don’t realize when people walk into the church that they see things and they’re moved by what they see. Okay? She was moved by what she saw. She saw the food the, the, the meat on the table. She saw her, the building. She saw the ministers and their apparel, the cup bears and their apparel, the way he carried himself in, up into the house with the Lord. You know, 85% of communication is done through body expression. You know, you ever had anybody ask you, Hey, what’s wrong? And they go, well nothing. Well, you need to tell your face cuz your face is telling everybody that there’s something wrong. You know? And so, you know, I, I talk about ushers, that they affect people’s giving by the way. They, they come down the aisle with the buckets. You know some of ’em look like they’re in a funeral. You know,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:08):
If an usher is me, no one wants to put anything in that offering bucket right here. Throw, put your, put your offering in there.

Buddy Bell (10:15):
Right? And, and, and some do that, some think, well, maybe we shouldn’t be taking an offering right now. They don’t have to say nothing. You can see it, you know, when a pastor has to coax them to come down for the offering, okay, we’re, we’re gonna have an offering here. Okay. You know, God loves a cheerful giver, a hilarious giver. Gonna need some ushers ushers Fred come on down, Fred. Come on, Fred. You, you can help out. You know? And, and, and like, we’re trying to coax them in, into giving, okay? When they ought to come down for smile on their face. Well, Daniel, how come they don’t smile when they come down? I’ll tell you why. They’re not givers themselves. I wouldn’t have a non-GI person as an usher in the church. A actually, I wouldn’t have a non tither as an usher.

What, what, what an honor to stand up and say, now we’re getting ready to take your offering. And these people that are serving as ushers, they’re all tithers in the church. Wow. You know, had, have one usher said to me, well, you better not look at the, at the giving records, you know, if I’m a Tyler or not. I said, listen, sheep are not dumb. I said, we don’t need to look at the records to see if you’re a ti or not. We have our ways of finding out, you know, when we’re down at, I help afterwards, you know, we’ll bring up tithing and notice how quick you change the subject.

So we, we, we don’t need to look at the books. We’re all in this together. We all have a part. We’re all, we’re all valuable. We’re all important. The ushers, the greeters. I’ve seen people get at the door when they walked in. I saw this one gentleman when the greeter reached out to grab him, and he fell on his knees. He said, my God, I need Jesus. Well, doesn’t he know he is gotta wait till the end of the service? That’s when we give the altar calls at the end. You know, first church I was involved in our attitude in the ministry of helps us. We’re going to get everybody saved. Everybody healed. Everybody set free before church. And if we miss any em, pastor can pick, pick him up at the end. But in a lot of churches is well, they see how many pastor can pick up at the end.

You know, where we, you know, were, we were, we were evangelizing at the door and the nursery, you know I tell a story, you’re gonna get me going on the stories here. A mother came to the nursery and worker and said I just wanna know something. What did you do to my baby last Sunday? I, I, I, when I picked up my, my baby and I took her home and I put her in the, in her bed, she immediately went to sleep. She never goes immediately to sleep. What did you do to my baby? And so the, the nursery worker had an opportunity to share Jesus with her. She went out front at, in the service, and at the end, she raised her hand and got saved. Now, was it the sermon or was it the, the nursery worker that realized, this is not a babysitting service back here, but this is a ministry. And she ministered to that mother that morning, and that’s why she got saved.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:31):
Yeah. When you think about a new visitor who comes to a church, Uhhuh, <affirmative>, he drives into the parking lot. He sees the parking lot attendant. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> helps him park his car. Then he walks in the front door, there’s a greeter there. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And then an usher helps the person to find a seat. Maybe if they have kids, they go drop their kids off at the nursery or mm-hmm. <Affirmative> in the children’s ministry. So they’re looking around trying to figure out where they’re supposed to take their kids. Yeah. Finally, they, they get in, they’re the, the usher helps them find a seat. And people are there and, and say, Hey, that’s my seat. I sat in that pew every Sunday. What are you doing sitting in my seat? Right? But, and then somebody greets the crowd, and then you have the praise and worship team get up, and then maybe someone receives the offering. And you can be 30, 40 minutes into the church service before they ever see the pastor, hear the pastor. And probably by that time, they’ve already decided whether they like the church or not, whether that would be the type of church that they would want to be a member at.

Buddy Bell (14:35):
Right. The experts say that first time visitors will determine within the first six to seven minutes if they’re going to return or not to that church. And who do they meet in the first six or seven minutes?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:49):
Usually not the pastor. He’s back there in the, the green room on his face before God praying, probably. Yeah.

Buddy Bell (14:56):
They meet, they meet the parking lot attendant who park it over here. Stay between the lines. Grab your kids’ hands. We need speed bumps out here, nursery, I don’t know where the nursery’s at. Find somebody’s got a baby and follow them. And then they walk in and they see the greeter, you know shake hands with the people in front of ’em there and hug them. But when they walk to the door, the, the greeter just happened to turn and not shake their hand or greet them, you know? And then they go on down the hall and they go to the nursery after they find it, you know? And the nursery worker looks at him and said, oh, no. And not another one. Man, I need some help back here. I hope you brought some clean diapers. I mean, you know, some people bring their babies in here and they don’t bring extra diapers, and they expect us to supply them extra diapers.

And then they, they leave there and they, they go down to the, the youth room. And the youth leader comes out and said, oh, you’re new. Well let me explain some things that go on down here in the youth ministry. We cast out devils down here, and if your little boy’s got a devil, we will cast it outta him. And then they come on down the hall and, and they walk into the sanctuary. Now I’m talking about typical churches. Okay? And they walk in the sanctuary, and the ushers and the elders are holding up the back wall, you know, for six days. And six nights. The back wall stands by itself, but it becomes a seventh day. It takes all the ushers and all the elders to hold up the back wall, you know? And, and they just say, well, just, just find a chair somewhere, you know? And so they go, they, they sit down, you know? And and then they watch the, the worship team and the, and the musicians. They’re up there arguing which song they’re gonna sing. Now, would you go back to that church? Would you go back to that church?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:52):
Not that church. No. Actually, I probably preached to that church one time.

Buddy Bell (16:56):
<Laugh> <laugh>. I’ve been in a lot of those churches. You know, I, I have, I’ve been in a lot of those churches. But what if, what if they walk in or drive into the parking lot and, and the parking lot attendance out there. He’s got a smile on his face. He welcomes them to the church, you know, and it says, Hey, you know, the door is right over here. You know, the greeters are at there. They’ll help you if you got questions. They’ll show you where all, where your children need to go. And the greeters there got a smile on their face, you know, they find out they’re new. See, greeters should be walking information booths, you know. So they take that family and they take them down to the nursery. They introduce ’em to the nursery worker and let ’em know that they’re new here.

You know? Then they take ’em down to Children’s Church and they let ’em know that they’re new. And then they take ’em up to the sanctuary and tell the usher, these, these people are new. Well, knowing that the usher’s gonna make sure that they have a real good seed up front so they can see everything, hear everything that God wants for them to hear, you know, tells ’em more about the church, tells ’em to get excited. You know, our pastor’s been into Word, he is been teaching this series. I mean, it’s really, the people are really excited. Now, you tell me you’re gonna come back to that church.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:14):
That sounds like a great church to go to.

Buddy Bell (18:16):
And there are churches like that. Yeah. There are churches that like that. And and so

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:21):
And so when you go into a church and they’ve asked you to, to help their ushers, help their greeters, what are some of the things that you say to them to, to help them to be the very best ushers and greeters and ministers that they can be?

Buddy Bell (18:40):
Well, the most important thing, again, is to show them and teach them about the Ministry of Alps. Once, you know, it’s hard to teach someone something if they don’t realize how important it is. And they are okay. And so, you know, the, the f the very first thing is to teach them, you know, the importance of the ministry of helps. But also, you know, I’m not just there for people that are serving, but the leaders need to understand it. Okay? People never go beyond their leadership. However, the leadership is in the church. That’s the way the people will be. You know, a a lot of times it, it’s not the people’s fault, you know? Pastor said, well, I can’t get anybody involved. Well, my first question is let me talk to your leaders. Do they believe in the ministry of Hels?

You know, do they realize how valuable the people are? You know, that their ministry is a, is a supernatural ministry. Do they understand that? You know, and so, I, I always say, let me talk to your leaders. You know, let me, let me minister to your leaders and show to them how valuable the ministry of helps is, and that it’s an important ministry. You know? And they need to get that across, you know, <laugh>, you I had a a minister years ago when I was young. And he asked me, he said, brother Bell, you ever listen to yourself preach? I said, oh, no, no, no, no. He says, you need to listen to yourself. Preach. There’s two attitudes in preaching. There’s a want to attitude and a half, two attitude. He says, we all know we have to. He said, but Brother Bell, what’s missing in people is the want to, you know, we tell ’em, you have to be saved.

You have to, you know receive Holy Spirit. You, you have to, you have to. You have to. When we ought be saying to, no, you want to get saved, you want Jesus in your life. You want to serve God, not you have to serve God. You know? No. You want to serve God. You want to be every, everything that God wants you to be. You wanna do all that God wants you to do. You know? And, and that’s what’s missing before a lot of people. And so, you know, that’s one of my main goals when I go into a church, you know, is put the want to back into people because they, all they’ve been hearing is the have to, you know, when I go to a church, I guarantee a pastor. I guarantee him that 10% of the people that are in front of me will step out and want to serve God that have never served God before.

I guarantee it. It happens everywhere I go. If there’s a thousand people in front of me, over a hundred will come forward. That’ll want to serve God. People want to serve God. And you’ll never talk me out of this. Every Christian, every Christian, deep in their heart desires to serve God, but they’ve never been told, you know, that cleaning the church being a greer, being an usher, going on an evangelism trip with Daniel King Ministries, you know, and carrying your bags, you know, helping to set up the, the music the sound, you know, at, at your meetings. It’s a ministry. It’s a ministry. It’s just as important as you standing up there and ministering the gospel of those people. Because if you had to go and do everything that you just did, that happened in your trip in Ethiopia, y you wouldn’t have done it.

You, you, you couldn’t have done it. Okay? But you had a lot of people around you, a lot of people doing other things, you know, and they weren’t in front of the people. Okay? But they’re valuable, and they’re important, you know, every member, every part of the body, you know, no matter where it is, okay? You know <laugh>, if I was to reach inside of you right now and pull out a part of you and showed it to you, you know how you would react? You would react. Like some people, some people react when they see people that walk in the church. Oh, no, what’s that? You know, where did that come from? But if I told you it came from you, what would be your first response?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (23:22):
I need that.

Buddy Bell (23:23):
Right. Put it back. Put that

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (23:25):
Liver back. I need that

Buddy Bell (23:26):
Liver. Yeah. You didn’t ask. Yeah, but you didn’t ask me what it was. You didn’t ask me how important it was. You didn’t ask me how it helped other parts of my body. But when you found out that it was part of you, all you knew was it must be there for a reason. It must be there for a purpose. And that’s the way everybody is in church. You’re there for a reason. You’re there for a purpose. Maybe I don’t understand you. Okay? I don’t realize right now how important you are, but you’re part of the body, and I need every part of the body.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:03):
Yeah. When we were just in Ethiopia, one of the most important team members we had was, was someone who was just taking pictures. Yeah. Because without those pictures, you can’t tell the story back home of everything that, that God did. And so I had a, a wonderful man of God who came and, and he was just servant taking pictures and mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, you’d never taken pictures before. But I put a camera in his hands, I think God can use you. And he, he captured some good ones. And then thinking about Ethiopia, they traced their spiritual heritage back to the Queen of Sheba. Yeah. And so, the, the fact that to this day in Ethiopia, there are people that credit their spiritual heritage all the way back to the impression that the Queen of Sheba had with the, the people that attended to King Solomon. It shows the importance of the ministry of helps.

Buddy Bell (24:55):
Yeah. When I was my teaching that I do called winning first time visitors, and I talk about the Queen of Sheba and everything that she noticed, you know, and while she was there, there was a, a young lady that was sitting on the front row. I was in San Francisco, and she was really into this teaching. I, she was saying, Hey man, she was rocking back and forth in her chair, you know? And so when I got done, she walks up to me and she says, brother, buddy I don’t know if you noticed this, but I was really into your teaching day. I said, well, yeah, it was pretty noticeable. She says, you know why I said, no, why I am from Ethiopia. And the Queen Shiba was responsible for bringing the teachings of God to our country. And that’s why I got all excited about that. Amen. But I, I, I teach that. I’ll go into a church to show everybody just how valuable and how important they are. Let me let’s see if we can find it here somewhere in my Bible.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (26:01):
I like your Bible. It’s full of marks all over the place. You know what they say? Dirty Bible, clean living, clean bible, dirty living. Yeah.

Buddy Bell (26:09):
But I, I wanna, it’s falling apart. And I, I’m wanting to go get a new Bible and but it’s all marked up, you know? And you know, so I don’t know what I’m gonna do. But you know, one of the things that you know, I tell people this now. I, I say this, curiosity is the number one evangelism tool in a local church. People think that they’ve got, you know, people say, well, you know, I, I, I can’t get people to come to church. Well, you just told me something. You don’t talk about your church outside of the four walls. I said, you know, you don’t have to preach the people to get ’em to come to church. You don’t have to quote scripture. You don’t have to act spiritual around. Just talk about your church. Talk about what’s going on, what’s God is doing in your church.

Cause sooner or later, their curiosity is going to peak. Okay? And, and what’s go, what happens to ’em is the same thing that happened to the Queen of Sheba. She says, how be it, I believe not their words, until I came and my eyes had seen it. And behold, the one half of the greatness of thou wisdom was not told me for the exceeded the fame that I had heard. So somebody was talking outside of the four walls, you know, and she’ll, she, she said, well, I just got to go see it with my own eyes. But there was something else that she experienced, okay, while she was there that she would not have experienced if she hadn’t went. She says, happy are thy. Amen. And happy are these I servants with stand continually before the they hear thy wisdom. The spirit of the place touched her, even though she saw all these different things.

Okay? It was the spirit that was, everybody was happy. And then she said, blessed be the Lord I God. Now I tell people she got saved. Now I know nobody can get saved in the Old Testament, but it’s a type in the shadow of the new. She said, there is a God. Now, I don’t believe an unsafe person should have to go to church five or six times to realize that there is a God. They can realize it in their very first visit, just like the Queen of Sheah. And then she makes his statement, this confession. She says, blessed be the Lord thy God, which delight indeed set the only throne to be king for the Lord thy God, because I God, love Israel to establish them forever. Therefore, many king over them do judgment and justice. What a statement. From a first time visitor, there is a God, you’re a man of God. This is the house of God. God’s hand is upon you in her first visit. And I’ve seen that happen with other people that, that it just, when they walked in and just realized there is a God. But what would happen if they had to go through that parking lot, attendant that was grumpy, the greeter that didn’t greet them, the nursery worker that told ’em off the, the usher looked like, looked at him like, what are you doing here?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (29:31):
You think the usher that didn’t us.

Buddy Bell (29:33):
Yeah. Right. You’d think they, that, that there is a God in Israel. And then she writes a check for 130 million and dropped it in the bucket. I tell churches, you need money. There’s no telling how many Queen of Shebas have walked into your church, could have wrote you one check and paid for everything. But they thought, you know, it’s kinda like this. I asked people that, that invest in stock. Do you just ran randomly pick a stock and invest in it? No. You, you, you find out about that company and if you’re gonna invest a lot of money, you go and you visit that, that company, you want to meet the employees. You want to meet the, the, the up in the office area, you know, the executives. Cause you’re getting ready to put a bunch of money into that. Well, it’s the same way in church. Some people wonder why people aren’t giving well. Cause they, this don’t look like a good company to invest in.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (30:38):

Buddy Bell (30:39):
Now you got me preaching

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (30:40):
<Laugh>. Well, you’ve written some great books on the ministry of helps on ushering, on greeting, just different ways to, to help churches with the, the helps ministry. And on your website you also have some online courses that can help train churches in these different areas. They could sit all their ushers and greeters down and they could go through some of your material. And you’ve also traveled and spoken at over 3000 churches, which is an amazing statistic. Yeah. Helping a lot of different churches from every different type of denomination. So if someone wants to find out more about you, they want to buy one of your books, go through one of your courses, or maybe even invite you to come to their church. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, what is your website that they can find out more information about you? Well,

Buddy Bell (31:34):
They can number one, they could type in Buddy Bell in any search engine. Okay. It’ll come up.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (31:41):
You know, I did that earlier. Some baseball player came

Buddy Bell (31:44):
Up. Yeah. Me and the baseball player. Yeah. People always ask me, are you Buddy Bell, the baseball player? I said, no, gimme a dollar. You know, I tell everybody, you gotta gimme a dollar. If you think I’m Buddy Bell, the baseball player, and he has four daughters and I have four daughters. You know, I, I wonder if people ever ask him, are you Buddy Bell, the preacher? You know, but

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (32:02):
Yeah. So type in Buddy Bell, the ministry of Helps and you’ll come

Buddy Bell (32:07):
Right up. Yeah, you can do that. Yeah. Or go to mo i.org that stands for Ministry of Helps international.org or Buddy Bell Ministries. Okay. And you know, I went 21 years straight every weekend for 21 years. Wow. And

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (32:26):

Buddy Bell (32:27):
Amazing. I’ve never written a letter. I’ve never called a pastor cold Turkey and asked for a meeting. Never. And they still keep coming in. You know, Fred Price said something one time at, at Bible’s. He says, you know, if you’ve got a word from God, God will open the doors. I remember sitting there thinking, oh, come on now, how they gonna know unless I hound them on the phone? You know? And, but it’s true. I’ve got the, one of the littlest words in the Bible, and it’s opened over 3000 doors around the world. We’ve been in 29 countries. And right now I met a gentleman, oh, about 30 years ago the International School of Ministry, Baron Gland. Today, every year he was telling me between two to 300,000 people around the world will hear my teachings on the ministry of helps in 150 nations in over 80 different languages.

They hear the teaching on the ministry of helps. And and so I remember before the internet, the Lord spoke to me and said, you know, you’re gonna be on the staff of thousands of churches around the world. And I thought, well, you know, that’s gonna take a lot of money to do that. You know, but one day I get a phone call from Baron Gland, and I’ve never met, met him before. He says, I’m in Tulsa, I like to take you to lunch. I thought, Hey, free lunch, I’ll go. And he says, I, I’m setting up these Bible schools in local churches. And he says, I like to use some of your your teachings that was on VHS tapes. And I said, sure. And today it’s in a, they’re in 150 nations around the world. Wow. 80 different languages. And so yeah, we have a book, the books we also have ’em in Spanish we’re working on French coming out because we have 10 teachings that come in, what we call the School of Helps.

School helps, has 10 teachings 10 30 minute teachings with notes and quizzes and discussion questions. That’s in English. It’s in Spanish. And just a few weeks ago they converted it into French. Wow. And and so get ahold of us. Yes, I I love traveling. I love coming in the churches. Doesn’t matter what size they are. I’ve been in churches that run 30,000 and I just came from a church that had 15 on Sunday morning. Doesn’t matter. You know I love it, Daniel. I love what I do. I love it. And I love to see people light up and realize, you know, if Jesus comes back and I’m in the nursery, he’s gonna let me in. If Jesus comes back and I’m an, I’m out in the parking lot, he’s gonna let me in. Cause we’re all valuable.

We’re all important. And, and I can’t leave without doing this. So let me give you one more definition. This was, this is becoming pretty famous around the world. It’s by a man by the name of God Bay. He was a Pentecostal Holiness preacher back in the 18 hundreds. And he wrote a commentary on the New Testament. And this is how he defines the ministry of helps. He starts off with the word o h o. It’s not, oh, that’s how simp some people respond to rendering assistance. But he’s excited. He starts off, oh, the infinite value of the humble gospel helpers. Thousands of people have no gifts as leaders are number one helpers. How Grand revival work moves along When, when Red the heart platoons a fire baptize helpers crowd around God’s heroic leaders of the embattled hosts.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:41):
Woo. That’s powerful

Buddy Bell (36:43):
<Laugh>. What a definition for a dirty diaper changer. Amen. <laugh>, what a definition for an usher. What a definition for those who serve in our outreaches outside of the church for those who clean the church. Why? Cause we’re in this together.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:59):
Amen. Amen. Well, Dr. Buddy Bell, thank you so much for being on the Evangelism Podcast. Ah-Huh. I love your ministry and just love your heart for helping pastors and helping build up the helps ministry in the church. God bless you.

Buddy Bell (37:14):

Evangelism Podcast Host (37:15):
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Thanks so much for listening today. I am excited about telling people about Jesus, and I want to invite you to be a part of helping us to rescue people from Hell and take them with us to heaven. There’s two things you can do to help. First of all, can you go find the Evangelism podcast on Apple iTunes and leave us a positive review By giving a review, you will help other people find these valuable resources about sharing our faith. And second, would you become a financial partner with King Ministries? Every single dollar that people give us enables us to lead at least one person to Jesus. And so that means for only $1, you can help start a party in heaven. And so today I want to invite you to become a monthly partner. You can start out for just a dollar, but if God puts it on your heart to do more, of course you can do more. But please go to king ministries.com and become a monthly partner with us today to help us to lead more people to Jesus. Thank you so much, and God bless you.

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For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches, visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.


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