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Jonatan Proietti | Nueva Generación de Evangelistas

Jonatan Proietti is organizing evangelism groups across Latin America for the Global Network of Evangelists or as it is known in Latin America, the Nueva Generación de Evangelistas . His father worked with Luis Palau for many decades and now Jonatan is continuing the family legacy by working with Andrew Palau. Today we talk about what God is doing through Spanish speaking evangelists.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. Today I have a very special guest with me, Jonathan Prot. Yes. And he is the Latin American Coordinator, director of the Global Network of Evangelists. I am the, the group of evangelists, which is under the ministry of Luis Pau. And I have the honor of serving on the cabinet of the global network of Evangelists along with you. And I’ve been hearing so much about what God is doing here in Latin America among the evangelists. Thank you so much for being on the Evangelism Podcast. And, and tell me what is God doing?

Jonatan Proietti (00:46):
Daniel, thank you for having me. Thank you for this time. It’s an honor to share here. And yes, we are by the grace of God, serving the Lord directing the laing ex laing expression of the global network of evangelists. You know, God gave Luis a vision to serve all the evangelists after him. We call, we call the, the Latin expression, the Spanish expression which the translates a new generation of evangelists. This is the same, but we changed the name and the Lord gave Luis that vision and, and he gave us the way of doing like the model. And it’s to raise a network of evangelists in each city coordinated by the local team. So thanks to the grace of God through the Louis ministry and my dad’s ministry for many, many years, faithfulness confidence and all that.

We know people. So we can go to them and say, Hey, this is the vision. This is, this is what God gave us, and we want to serve you. What do you think to the, you know, the alliance’s heads and, and leaders and stuff. So they, they, they embrace the vision and they help us find faithful people that, evangelist pastors, leaders that can take this vision and just serve in their country because they know their culture. They know the people. They love their people more than we had my, my love them. They, they know them. So who, who would be best to serving than them? So we invest in a local team. We coach them, we guide them, and, and, and we help them serve their evangelists. So that’s what we do. It, we affirm, we equip, we, we mobilize and we identify evangelists all over the Hispanic world in that way.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:34):
And you are perfect for this. You are from Argentina. I am. And of course brother Luis Pau was from Argentina, and today we had the opportunity to go to a historic spot. Yes. It we are in Bogota, Columbia. And so we went to the presidential palace. We, we saw the, the Senate house, and right in front of the Senate house, there are some steps, and then there’s a, a big plaza there. Yeah. And it was in that place. Yeah. That Luis Pau did his first big crusade back in 1966. And I’m a student of evangelism. Of the history of evangelism. In fact, I did my, my doctorate and we studied some of the history. And I remember seeing the picture of Louise Plow standing on those steps. And he’s got his <laugh>. He’s out there preaching the gospel. He’s young. Yes. And he’s preaching. And, and so, but from right here in Bogota, Columbia mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, the ministry of Louise Palau went all over the world. And in Latin America, of course, everyone knows who he is. And, and he’s done crusades in al in festivals in almost every Yeah. Yeah. City all over Latin America. And your father actually was connected with him, very instrumental in helping to organize the events here. Sure. So tt talk to me a little bit about the partnership between your father and brother Palau.

Jonatan Proietti (03:58):
Well, they were intimate friends. I mean, best friends, they were that good friends that they went to be with the Lord in the same year with si six months different, you know, in 2021. So yeah, we were here everything started for Luis in 66. Can you

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:15):
Imagine what a time they’re having in heaven? Yeah. Right. <Laugh>, I, I mean, they, I’m sure they’re sharing stories. Yeah. They are so excited. <Laugh>, you know,

Jonatan Proietti (04:23):
The only thing you can’t do in heaven is evangelism. So they

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:26):
Did, they have no job. This is the real

Jonatan Proietti (04:28):
Retirement. They gotta a whole alive to evangelists, what they’re doing now. Right. Who are they bordering? So Andrew Palau was born here, two in 66 and 52 years later, 2018, Andrew Palau and a servant, because I interpreted for him in all his Hispanic events, were in that same plaza, preaching the gospel wow. To a lot of people. So that, that is history, and that is amazing. And that is a privilege. But coming to my dad, he joined the team in 78 when, when the Louis Palau Evangelistic Association formally started like that. So we can say that Luis and my dad were together for, you know, when everything started formally for them from the very, very beginning. And they were so good great friends. My dad directed the ministry for the Laing world. And, and, and when I was born, I mean, I, I, I, I was born breathing evangelism in my

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:31):
House. You were born into the ministry. Yeah.

Jonatan Proietti (05:33):
Right. Like, you know, a Christian and the little PA association. So I came formally and full-time and officially to the team in 2018. I’m an accountant and, and I had a, you know work on that, but always in the ministry and always wanted to serve the Lord full-time. And I didn’t never imagine that this was going to be the, the, the call and, and, and how he would do so. So yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s 43 years together. My dad and Louis just, you know,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:02):
That’s one of the things I so love about the Palau ministry is this legacy of ministry that extends across decades. And the longer I’m in ministry, the more I think that God honors faithfulness. Yes. And Brother Pau was faithful. Your father was faithful. And then God is also a generational God. He’s the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And so it’s so neat now to see Kevin Pau and Andrew Pau taking up the baton. Correct. And you also, I am taking up the baton here in Latin America. What a privilege. Yes. To continue to serve the Lord for the second generation. Yes. And I believe for many generations to come, yes, we will see God do amazing things. It’s a

Jonatan Proietti (06:51):
Privilege. It’s a privilege. There are pictures of my, you know, my, my dad and Louise, and me and Andrew, and, and they say, oh, you know, you’re taking on your dad’s steps. That’s a lot. You know, I, I sometimes can’t just get what that means. And, and just praying the Lord, and just saying, Lord, what do you want? I mean, make me humble. Make me all, all the time, look for you and just, you know have that intimacy with you to all the time understand what I have to do and, and, and how to do it. But, but yes, I mean, the future looks amazing. And then that’s

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:25):
Privilege. I mean, they say that God has no grandchildren. He only has children. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And so every generation has to choose to serve God for our generation. Yeah. And our generation has so many needs. Things are changing a lot here in Latin America right now. Yeah. And what you’re trying to do is to raise up a new generation of evangelists. Yeah. I I mean, we, we need many different expressions of evangelism Yeah. In order to, to reach people in this day mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. And, and so let’s talk more about like what you’re doing to, to raise up evangelists mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, we’re here in Columbia. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you’ve gathered together people that have a, a gifting of evangelism. How, how many people approximately here in Columbia that we

Jonatan Proietti (08:10):
Know, we are counting like 200 and, and plus. 200 plus.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:14):
And so these are people that they have a, a calling, a gift for evangelism on their heart. And sometimes evangelists, they, they, they have a heart for evangelism, but they don’t quite fit into the church. The church doesn’t quite understand them. And, and they need the fellowship. Yes. And, and that, and I think God is actually raising up Latin America in a new way. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, that Latin America is going to send out missionaries. Amen. God told me years ago that the, the mission field shall become a mission force. Years ago, Latin in America was considered a mission field, but now there are stronger churches here than sometimes in America.

Jonatan Proietti (08:56):
We’re, we are experiencing that already. We were, last year, we were in Manchester, in the uk. And, and the, and we gathered the Latins. There, there were a few, not much. And they were saying, the Lord called us to the, to the, to the land that first came to us and gave us the gospel. So we are coming back to just, you know, to do with them what they did with us. And that was amazing. I almost, I was crying, you know, it was binge of laing people from different countries here. And that’s happening. That’s, that’s, that’s happening. We are, I love that. The Laing feel is now Laing four.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:34):
The, the mission field. The mission shall become a mission force mission.

Jonatan Proietti (09:38):
It’s, it’s happening. I mean, the Lord p he’s grace is using us to, to enlight the rest of the nations and just to, to bring them back to what it was their, the, their, their, their ancient glory. So, so it I’m seeing it. My, my generation is, is, is, is is witnessing it.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:55):
Now, the Palau team just did a great event in Costa Rica. Yeah. Tell me about that. What happened in Costa Rica?

Jonatan Proietti (10:01):
That, that was amazing. I mean, you can just see the pictures. I mean, thousands of people, the church in Costa Rica is really unified. I mean, we, we got surprised of how they, they worked and, and how they served and came together. And that’s pretty much the festival means. I mean, we don’t go if, if we don’t receive an invitation, and the Tention needs to be reflected in unity, because if not, there’s no festival, because there’s no unity. And that’s the key. That’s the, the secret sausage of, of, of salvation. You know John 17, Jesus asking for unity, but he’s not asking for unity. He’s asking for the lost, you know, the unity is, is a, is a meme to, to salvation. And, and that’s what we do in festivals in Costa Rgo is amazing. Be bu Ours was in November last year. We

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:48):
Yeah. Tell me about that. That that’s your hometown.

Jonatan Proietti (10:50):
Yeah. And, and that was the first festival without dad, my dad and without Luis. Wow. And after pandemic. So it was the first one in many, many. Were you a

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:58):
Little nervous?

Jonatan Proietti (11:01):
We were like, business, Jesus, please help us, bring them lords. Breathe them from, yeah. Yeah. And, and it was a blast. It was, it was amazing. And we were, we, we saw a lot of, of harvest. Yeah. The Lord’s good. Lord’s good. That’s awesome. He, he’s, it was a, it was a sign of, you know, supporting, I mean, from him, you know, without Louis, without my dad in Argentina, the leadership there is, is great, but, you know, is, is complicated in some ways. You understand what I mean? I’m from there. So so it was, it was so, the Lord with a lot of other things is saying, you know, I’m here. This is not, this is not a name thing. This is not a some people thing. This is my thing and I support it. And, and I’m with you. And that’s what we saw. And then Costa Rica came after and there was another great, great success. And we’ll see that. That’s what we are seeing.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:04):
That’s so awesome that the Palau team is continuing to invest in Latin America. And Brother Pau was so loved here by so many people. Yeah. And, and now a new generation has come.

Jonatan Proietti (12:21):
Amen. But

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:22):
I believe that in our day, we will see just as great a harvest and even a greater harvest Yeah. That the evangelists of the past only dreamed of. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, I think the greatest harvest of souls in history will happen in just the next few years. Amen. Amen. And I believe that God will raise up an army of evangelists all over Latin America that will have a heart for evangelism, a heart for reaching people. And so I’m, I’m so excited about what you’re doing. I pray for God to give you wisdom, to bring the right people alongside to help. And what would you say to evangelists? Maybe someone is listening, they, they’re in Latin America and they want to get connected Oh, yeah. To the g and e. How can they get connected to the Latin American expression of the g and e? Yeah.

Jonatan Proietti (13:09):
You should come on board. I mean, we all need to be together. We need community, and we make a great emphasis in community, having relationship with people alike that has the same challenges, but also the, the similar strength and, and, and and, and abilities and the unique you can share with them. And they understand what you’re thinking, what you’re going through. So common on board, we are trained to go to every country and just raise an army. There a network there where you can feel a good and you can just maximize your efforts for the Kingdom website, www dot nge palau.org social media at Nge Palau, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. And when you go to the website, go to a place called Community Nge, and you can just fill a form. It’s quick, it’s, it’s fast. And you can know where the others, the other ones are. Just get connected, get in touch, and get in touch with us so we can serve you best. Don’t waste this opportunity to be part of what God is doing, and we are so blessed with us.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:18):
Well, brother Jonah, thank you so much for being on the Evangelism Podcast. Thank you. It’s so great to have you together. And it’s so good to be here in Bogota, Columbia together, and I’m excited to see what God will do, raising up evangelists here in Latin America. Thank you. God

Jonatan Proietti (14:35):
Bless you. It was an honor. Thank you, brother.


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