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Stories From The Mission Field

Simone Puccinelli | Educating Children in Uganda

Suli Akoteu | Missionary From Tonga to Uganda

Oladele Isola | Muslim from Nigeria Becomes a Pastor

David Kukoleck | Love Transforms People

Sarah Nyanzi | Can God Save the United Kingdom?

What Do Muslims Think About Jesus?

Escape from Afghanistan

Bernard Sachie | African Enterprise in Ghana

Wesley Paul | Connecting People to Jesus

Mark Young | African American with a Heart for Africa

Marc Randall | Silicon Valley Guru Becomes Evangelist

Russell Abbot | From New Zealand to Africa with Love

Alejandro Arias | Boy Preacher from Costa Rica Used by God

David & Donna Blanchard | One Million Bibles for One Million Souls

Duane & Sue Kershner | Roca Blanca Mission Base

Joshua Freeman | Embark on an Adventure with God

Daniel Smenes | Jesus to All Nations

Winfried Wentland | Risking Your Life For the Gospel

Do Lal | Missionary to Myanmar

Michael Job | He Carries Jesus to the Nations

Michael Ross | Can God Use a Bi-Vocational Evangelist?

Brad Mayer | Canadian Evangelist on Fire for Jesus

Christopher Alam | Born a Muslim, Now an Evangelist

Daniel Keith Amerine | Using Music to Preach the Gospel

Jonathan Shibley | Global Advance on Fast Forward

Michael Lusk | On the Vanguard of Missions

Fredrick Andrea | The Impact of Jessica King on Tanzania

Peter Vandenberg | Organizational Genius Behind Christ for All Nations

Mac Barnes | Fighting the Devil in Haiti

Chris Walsh | Bible Schools, Orphanages, and Native Americans