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Benny Moses | Evangelism in the Villages of India

Evangelist Benny Moses explains how he reaches people for Jesus in the villages of India.



Benny Moses (00:04):
My name is Benny Moses from Hyderabad, India. I’m an evangelist when I was very young, 20 years old, I, I don’t know anything about emissions. Some of them, my brothers, who came to my church, who was doing evangelism and asked me to join with them a couple of days, I took her off my work and joined with them, and I started to distribute tract and sell literature and share the gospel the way I know. But these brothers are enraged. Me. The Lord has called you for ministry. And I resent my job when I was 20 years old and joined with an, a mission organization and getting a training, how to share the gospel while I’m I’m doing my ministry. I attended a, a, a Koolaid where one brother from Australia sharing about the lost ones. And the Lord started to speak to me from a ation chapter, three words, 27.

Benny Moses (00:58):
And through that word, I confirmed the Lord has called me to be an evangelist. And I’ve been doing that one last 33 years, even though I was working with the different organizations as an administrator or leader, but still my heart was the least the lost one. Therefore I made a programs, not not to people to work to reach the last one in, in India. I I like evangelism in two ways. One is a personal evangelism. Another one is a house to house visa evangelism. Plus we can do open evangelism, some villages in India. I go to different churches and call the villages for two days of training program. And I train them how to share the gospel, how to share the testimony. And I divide them by two by two and send to the villages and they go house to house and share about the faith.

Benny Moses (01:51):
And the method I use is of five points. God man, sin, Jesus, and judgment. And you can explain full gospel using these five points and they will do they’ll go to house to house and share the gospel in this method and share the testimony also how they come to know the law. I went to a church and of course the pastor together, 15 ERs. After that training, I give them a goal for reaching five people for a year, each one, catch five. They went back to their re places. Along with the job. They start to share the gospel with the colleagues using these five points of methods and they want to, they started to come to the church and within three months, 45 people added to the church. And within one year around 75 people came to the church and one man as a pastor cannot bring these 75 people.

Benny Moses (02:50):
But when he trained 15 billers, they brought these billers to the church. A great revival and pastor was extremely happy about it. We have some opposition, some villages, even some houses, they won’t accept us. Some persons, they completely reject. They have a great misunderstanding that Jesus is not a Asian is a Western God. And therefore some places we have a great system. And if I do have full calls for Bible colleges, I cover 15 subjects, church planning, church growth, introduction to the gospel part is a message of gospel. The method of gospel, the qualification of evangelist, the how to get out of the fear and shy of sharing the gospel. Door-To-Door evangelism, personal evangelism, Ary, evangelism, literature, evangelism. And I covered this subject five days in Bible college. But if I do for <inaudible>, I do it for two days, that seminar is just for how to share the gospel.

Benny Moses (03:55):
They only need to know how to start, how to end, how to approach a person, how to begin sharing the gospel. Sometime people share their testimony in the beginning and share the gospel. Sometime after sharing the gospel, they share their testimony and they ask them to come to the church and people just to come to the church to listen the word of God, strain them these five methods points. They know how to share. Therefore, the shy is not there. Fear is not there because they know the methods. The most of them are, did not know the methods. Once they learn the method, they don’t fear. They say you have a life, which is God wants to use for your is glory. And you, now we can do it because boldness, because you know how to start an out end in that way, I encourage them.

Benny Moses (04:42):
And I tell them each believer call to be an evangelist because Bible says, go, Jesus said to his disabled, go and make a discipl. It’s not for only the pastor, but for every believer, everyone who knows Jesus Christ personally, they can share, but did not know how to start, how to end, but the methods help them to get rid of the fear and shine. The main things. The believers has a very negative idea that this share in the gospel is a duty of a pastor. It’s not my duty. Therefore I want to delete that thought from the mind and train them to share the gospel and they can do wherever they are placed. Maybe they’re government office, maybe in a private company, maybe they’re doing daily wages wherever they are. They can share the gospel. In that way, more believers can be trained and more believers can share the gospel.

Benny Moses (05:34):
In that way, the India can be reached train believers for evangelism. I made a program called beep believers, evangelism, equipping program, acute them for the evangelism, a equipping means, train them up. How to start, how to approach a person, how to share your testimony. And when they are, when we train believers, definitely without fear and shy, they’ll be able to win the souls. That is the main method I feel. And this person, because India has a lot of oppositions and lot of problems, we cannot have big, big Cru sets in India, but still we can have it. But I, I believe that more believers need to come for this ministry as not as a full-time ministry, but along with the job they can do it. Evangelism is the only best to work in a Christian work Christian ministry. You can do, you can do anything. There’s nothing wrong on that. But under, unless you see the last world, if you are not having a vision, your ministry has not success.

Benny Moses (06:46):
Success of your ministry is reaching the lost world. The Lord gave me a vision to start a mobile team. Well, team have one automobile vehicle with the Cuban of public’s addressing system, LCD projector for a film show, maybe little vessels for cooking. And they go to we can have a two people on the team. They go to a local church, maybe where there’s a 50 or 60 billers and they can stay in that in the church. Before beginning the ministry, I will go and train the billers, how to share the gospel billers. Evangel. Doesn’t make you in program and billers can join the team and go to different villages, go house to house person, to person and share the gospel evening. They can screen the film man of conversion, which acted by Indians and that through that movie, they can also come communicate the gospel for a day three to five.

Benny Moses (07:48):
Villages can be covered in a short time and per a month around 750 to 800 villages can be covered. If they work 25 days per a month, one year, you may have more than 800 to thousand villages can be covered. I, I, I only need a vehicle. The Lord provided me LCD projector. Maybe I will make it a sponsorship for a public addressing system. I do need a big system, a small system where we can cover a hundred to 200 people. That’s more than enough. Then we can buy some cooking vessels for buds can cook, but most of the churches will provide food for two people. That’s not a big problem. And maybe we need a gas money for a month to run. Then maybe we like to support $7,200 for two brothers who are serving the Lord with us. That’s my vision. If you have a vehicle new brand vehicle, 15 years, we can run without any much problem. I’m guaranteed that 10 years, we don’t need to do any maintenance. Therefore, we, we are safe on spending money with the short money we are reaching millions.

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