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Billy Bimba | From Liberia to the Nations

Billy Bimba is an evangelist from rural Liberia in West Africa. In 1986, he attended the Reinhard Bonnke Fire Conference in Zimbabwe. His life was transformed and ever since he has been on fire and he preaches about Jesus all over Africa. On today’s podcast you will hear about how God healed him from cancer and about how God has used him raise up spiritual sons like Rob Enge.

Connect with Billy Bimba: https://billybimbaglobalministries.org/


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Billy Bimba is an evangelist from rural Liberia in West Africa. In 1986, he attended the Reinhard Bonnke Fire Conference for evangelists in Zimbabwe. His life was transformed, and ever since he’s been on fire and he preaches about Jesus all over Africa. On today’s podcast, you will hear about how God healed him from cancer and about how God has used him to raise up spiritual sons that are continuing to impact the world.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:44):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary, and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:12):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. Today I have a very special guest with me, Evangelist Billy Bimba. Thank you so much for being on the Evangelism Podcast.

Billy Bimba (01:26):
Thank you. I am so excited to meet you and to have this opportunity to be on your podcast and to share my experiences since, uh, God saved me and called me to ministry.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:38):
Now, Evangelist Billy, you have been an evangelist for many, many years now. Yes. You were born in Liberia. Yes. And God has called you and anointed you to take the gospel around the world. Tell me a little bit about your testimony and how you became an evangelist.

Billy Bimba (01:59):
Praise the Lord. I was, uh, born in Liberia, the northern part of Liberia, um, in the largest country from Liberia is, uh, Lofa County. And I was born in foyer district. That’s where, um, Jesus met me and saved me. And, uh, it was under the Swedish Pentecostal mission that was established there and a church. And my dad happened to be the senior pastor of that church during the great revival that broke out there when the Swedish Pentecostal mission sta established there. That was, that was when I received Christ through the preaching of the Swedish missionaries that that started u uh, youth services for the young people in the rural era of Liberia.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:41):
Now, how old were you when you gave your life to

Billy Bimba (02:43):
Jesus? Oh, I would say I was probably 14 years old. Okay. Yeah. 14 years old. So God arrested me when I was in the very early age because he had a great plan for using me in the earth. So I was, I received Christ 1972 and 74, I received a baptism and the Holy Ghost. And man, from that time forward, it was just an explosion in my life. I began doing village evangelism. I began to go from village to village, and I started, um, establishing teams to go with me. So who could go to villages, to towns and preaching the gospel everywhere. It was like a daily thing. One week after the other month after month, I was having this burning desire. We didn’t have vehicles to do that. No bicycle, no mo a motorbike to do that. We would go mine sometime 20 miles, sometime 30 miles, and sometime we’ll cross over to the border between like, uh, Liberia and se Leon and Guinea. So I started evangelism at a very early age.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:45):
And tell me, what are you seeing that God is doing in Africa?

Billy Bimba (03:50):
Africa is right now at a place I, this, it seems that God is shifting a move to Africa. It’s like there’s a concentration of God’s effort to bring source out of darkness into the kingdom. I mean, everywhere I look around, there’s people that are going there to do, to do evangelism, to preach, to start churches, either to equip pastors, to, to equip evangelists. I just recently came from Zambia, uh, one day to do a church girl conference. And man, the Holy Ghosts was moving so powerfully. The, the young pastors, the older pastors, they were just pouring into the meetings and God was just transforming their life through the team that I carried there, they were teaching and I was preaching revival as well, and salvation healing. And they were just on fire. And they immediately, before we left the bishop who was our host, he said, This month I’m gonna have evangelism all over my city. In, in Luaka. Before we left here, he already organized a, a great evangelistic efforts. I mean, and they were before even we left, they started, they started evangelism. So Africa is really ready right now. There’s a level of expectancy, there’s a level, there’s a shift right now in evangelism in Liberia. I mean, in, in Africa as a whole. I believe that this hour is a special hour for the harvest in, in Africa as a whole.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:22):
One of the things I love about African evangelists is you are full of red hot fire, full of the Holy Spirit, enthusiastic about preaching the gospel all over the world. And in years past, people from the United States and from Sweden went to Africa as missionaries. Yes. But now God is raising up Africans Amen. Who are full of the Holy Spirit Yeah. That are bringing Holy Spirit fire. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> to, uh, the parts of the world where they’re used to send out missionaries. And so you have now come to the United States, and you’ve been here in the, the United States

Billy Bimba (05:57):
For since 1993 for,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:59):
For quite a while now. Yes. And, and tell me, what have you done in the area of evangelism here in the United States? You’ve built lots of relationships.

Billy Bimba (06:06):
I’ve built a lot of relationships God has really connected me with churches. Like when we came as refugees, we settle in upstate New York and in upstate New York. God gave us a lot of connection with churches there, pastors. And we began to preach in 10 meetings. We saw so many, we saw so many souls saved during the 10 meetings. The revival, so many souls save. I mean, America is ripe for the hav. And you know, you just mentioned you send missionaries. Yes. Hundreds of years. You send missionaries to Africa. But you know, what you saw is what you read. I believe there’s a ho there’s hope for America, regardless of what is going on. I believe there’s hope for America, because there are, number one, Africans are praying for America. And two, there are sincere remnant dedicated Christians in America that are praying for this nation.

So no matter what the enemy is trying to do, we will win because our gospel is the power of God onto salvation. And I’m so happy that I met you, that you are on fire. And when I saw your pictures of the countries, the Lord is touching through you. It’s just excite me. I can’t wait to bring you to our country Liberia so we can, you know, work together and spread the gospel. But there’s hope for America, no matter what they say. There’s hope. Because this gospel we preach is the power of God onto salvation.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:24):

Billy Bimba (07:25):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:25):
You and I have a mutual friend. He works for Christ for All Nations. Oh, yes. He is the personal assistant to Evangelist Daniel Kolinda. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, who is the successor to Reinhard Bonke, great evangelist, leader of Christ for All Nations. And so our mutual friend, his name is Rob Enga. And your ministry actually had an impact on him. Tell me that story…

Billy Bimba (07:51):
To God be all the glory. I went to visit, uh, I was invited by his local pastor, his mom, local pastor, and uh, and I had a revival service there. And one of those, in one of those services, Rob Enge, the laws saved him, deliver him and set him free. And he was transformed in a, I mean, just like God just did it in one second. Rob was transformed. And after Rob became a Christian and born again, he wanted to just follow me. He said, I want to follow you. I want to carry your back. Whatever you want me to do, I want to go with you. So I said, Rob, I wanna, I want you to stay with your local church and get inside house training. And he said, Whatever you say I’m gonna do. So I said, Okay, Pastor, let Rob Enge stay here for some time and serve in the local church.

Immediately I give you an assignment. I said, Rob, you are supposed to clean all the bathrooms in this church. He said, No problem, I’ll do it. And the pastor told me every Friday, when young people are going out, you know, messing up their life, that’s the time Rob took to clean all the tallest, to clean all the, you know, to make the place look ready for services. And when I called the pastor to check on him in Tulsa, I was living here in Tulsa. I called the pastor, Pastor Bob, How is Rob doing? He say, Man, you can’t believe it. Rob is doing a tremendous work in the church. God’s using him. He’s cleaning the toilets, his bathroom. Sometimes when I go in to look after him, I can almost see my face in the commod. That’s how diligent he is. So we kept the relationship going, and later on, my wife and I decided to go and visit.

We went back and then the mom and the pastors said, It’s time for you to take Rob. We say, we need Rob now to come on the road with me. So Rob actually is my son. He, he was birthed out of my ministry. And God gave me the grace, my wife and I, to receive him as, you know, as if he was my biological son. I, we took care of him. We help him guide him, pray for him. And I said, Rob, you’re gonna be my assistant. He said, No problem. He drove me all over the United States, here, everywhere I went to do camp, uh, Crusades revival. Rob was the one who was serving, driving and doing everything, taking appointments and making sure that everything is okay before I preach. So Rob is, is, is, is a gift from God to the kingdom of God. And I’m so blessed to see him serving as an executive assistant to this wonderful brother whom I have met, which is Brother Daniel is one of the most humble men of God I’ve ever seen. I have met Daniel and he took good care of me when I went to Florida. I’m so grateful that God, you know, move him on to go and serve Daniel. And I believe his future is greater, better than what he can see.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:38):
What a tremendous testimony, you know, Jesus said, If you’re faithful with the small things, that’s it. I will place you in charge of many things. That’s Rob. And so now, uh, Rob Inga is helping to reach literally millions of people all over the world, the ministry of Christ for all nations. They’re sending evangelists all over Africa and other parts of the world. They’re, they’re going and doing youth crusades and all that. Wow. They, they are having such a tremendous impact. And it all started with just cleaning the bathroom <laugh>. And, and, and you trained him how to be a personal assistant. And now God is using him in such a tremendous way.

Billy Bimba (11:17):
I mean, I, God was just using me to train. I never had somebody from another culture get saving my ministry and train. He was the first American, you know, to, for me to serve because that you, you understand culture difference. If it’s an African, I know the culture, but he, he was going against everything in his, in his culture. But he was men. He was serviceable, he was open to God, whate. I mean, Rob would sleep on the floor, Rob would sweep, love, would, would wash, Rob would pray. As long as I want him to pray, he would pray. Whatever we told him, he did it. And I’m not surprised that God has elevated him to that. You know, at one time I sent him to Africa. I said, I’m want to test him. Let him go to Africa and represent me. And when they, he went to Africa to book enough Faso, the president of the, uh, of the assembly of God, then who’s not our father, he who’s not in law, to my daughter, he called me and said, Man, the drop is a very, very diligent, humble and and powerful man of God.

When he came here, he did everything you told him to do. And he went beyond, you know? So I’m very grateful to go and give God all the glory that he brought us, our ministry in his life, and, uh, that he’s, uh, developed now. He’s a great man of God.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:34):
Let’s talk a little bit about your testimony, cuz you were attacked by Satan with cancer. Yes. But now you look very healthy. You look very whole. <laugh>. Tell me, what did Jesus do to set you free from cancer?

Billy Bimba (12:48):
I was attacked. I was attending Oral Robert University and I was almost about to graduate and I got hit with cancer the first time and they say it was a lymphoma. So I was to the point of death and my wife, Queen Elizabeth, she’s a prayer warrior. She’s decided like, I’m gonna pray for my husband. I don’t believe it’s time for him to go. God has plenty your work for him to do. I’m gonna stand with God to get this thing out of his body. And she is also an herbalist. So she was praying and using her, praying and using herbs. And God gave us a direction to go to Mexico in South America. I mean, uh, Mexico right across the border with San Diego went to Oasis a hope for treatment. And while we’re there, I went for treatment. It turned into a mission field.

The owner of the hospital said, I read your record. I found out that you are an evangelist. And these patients that are coming from all over the world, they don’t know Christ. I always come and give them Christ yet. So today you are gonna preach for me. I said, Wow. My wife came and told me, say I sick. I mean I was sick. And then my wife said, You thought you came here for treatment. But today I was told by the, the, the, the owner of the hospital that he wants you to preach his chapel. I said, Okay. I pray to the Lord. The Lord said, Go and do it. And when I stew on that platform, I was so thin and so sick, I I stew on that platform, the power of God hate me. I began to preach and miracles started happening. People’s lives were just transformed.

After this, after the service, a Buddhist was in the service, came to my wife. He said, Hey, Mrs. Biber, can you, can I talk to you? Miss be said? Yes. He said, I was in the meeting yesterday when your husband was preaching, I’m a Buddhist, I’m not a Christian, but what he had to say, Touch my heart. Can you please come and pray for my mom? And then we said, Okay, before we pray for your mom, we want to introduce Christ to you. She sat down, she received Christ and went, and we pray for her mom. Those were some of the miracles that were happening in the, the hospital and the patient. And all these patients now are going bring, I mean all the, uh, the caregivers that carry their patients were in the meeting. They were bringing their, their, their, their patients out of the, their room, their their hospital room to come to my room to for prayer.

This was the miracle that was happening. And then the pastor in Mexico, who was a chaplain in that hospital, when he saw the move of God, he said, I’m a pastor in town here. I work in this hospital, but half my church, the move of God that is in this hospital, I would like you to come and preach in my church. I said, This is crazy here what God is doing. So I said, I told my wife, what can we do? She said, Well, let’s go. We went there. I, I mean, two months, you could see two months. I mean, my stomach was. So I went in, preach and people, God bless people, God deliver. And it just, the story went on and on and on and on. And at the end of the day, and an American missionary who was in that survey was so touched with what God was doing in that service.

He said, I know you came here for treatment and you are sick. We just had an earthquake in that part of, uh, Mexico, way down in the Border of Mexico. The pastors are devastated. I believe your ministry’s going to encourage them. Can you imagine that? We drove how many hours, honey? We drove about two, three hours in the Border of Mexico. We went there 110 degree. So hot. And I mean, they have to open all the doors in the, in the building because in the church building, because there’s no way you could, you could stand the heat preached under that intense temperature and the power of God move, miracle took place. And then we drove back to the states. So these are someone saying God was doing in Mexico, and God just opened that door. And many, many people were riched with the, with the gospel through the hospital and, and the church that I minister to.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:41):
Wow. Well, let’s talk about Africa. You were born in Liberia. Yes. You have ministered in Sierra Leone, in Bukino Faso ,Guinea, many Pakistan, many other places, Sweden, and Africa. But, uh, what is it that God has put on your heart? Tell me about your vision for reaching people for Jesus in Africa.

Billy Bimba (17:03):
I really believe that through the local church, we can have good substantial evangelism. We can go out there and have these cru says, and hundreds or thousands of people show up. We believe that building the, and strengthening the local pastors in any region is God’s strategy for, uh, uh, uh, preserving the harvest. Because when you build relationship with pastors and show them how important they are in their region and work alongside with them when you go and harvest, they’re the one that going to preserve the harvest. Yeah. So one of the strategy for Africa is I like to, I like to build relationship with pastors. I like to encourage pastor, I want to help them, them to see the bigger vision, just, just than just their local church that God has called them to, to carry the kingdom further than their local church. And, and, and when we do that, we do the intrude, the seminars, they are build up, They see the vision, they are excited.

So when we do the crusade, people get safe. Now they can, they can disciple those people. So in Africa, I’ve seen that when you go make pastors your best friends, help them encourage them, pray with them, and, and share the vision that God’s giving you, enriching their community for them. When you do that, when you leave that place, there’s going to be greater testimony to the glory of God. So right now for me, as your question is God is specifically calling me to back to Africa, but my base is Liberia right now, my wife and I in preparation, trying to raise support to go back so that we can reorganize things because I got sick with cancer and got miraculously heal me. I mean, have cancer in my lung, cancer in my, in my small power, cancer in my boom boom, marrow cancer in my bones. I was a dead walking man. Hard. I was alive for these two and a half years. It’s only the resurrection power that was sustaining.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:01):
And now Jesus has healed you

Billy Bimba (19:03):
And I touched my body.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:04):
And you’re gonna go tell everyone what Jesus has done.

Billy Bimba (19:06):
Yeah, man. That’s what I, I immediately, the doctor released me. I went to booking a Faso, thousands of people in, in churches, buildings, in cities, two cities. We, we, we touch in Burkino Faso, God moved so mindly in science and wonders and, and we have created a base there to reach the francophone countries in West Africa. But Liberia is going to be my concentration. And in next coming, uh, yes,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:31):
If someone is listening and they want to help to support your ministry and help send you to Liberia and to the rest of Africa, what is your website? How can they find out more about you?

Billy Bimba (19:43):
They can go to www.billybimbaglobalministries.org. www.billybimbaglobalministries.org.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:53):
Okay, So that’s B I L L y. B I M B A, Billy Bimba. Well, it is so wonderful to have you on the Evangelism podcast. I love your passion for Jesus. Amen. Your enthusiasm for serving him. And I know that God is going to do amazing things through your ministry in the years to come.

Billy Bimba (20:14):
I wanna mention one more thing. I want to give the credit to, to who the credit belonged to. I thank God for, uh, uh, uh, late Reinhard Bonnke when I started my ministry in the ruler eras of Africa. He didn’t know me, but I, somebody who saw what God was doing through me, send my name to South Africa to Reinhard Bonnke. And he pray over the names that were, you know, presented to him. And I was choosing as one of these delegates, participant of the fire conference that took place 19 19 86 in Zimbabwe. Wow. In Zimbabwe. American preachers came. European preachers came. That’s what, that was my first time I saw Kenneth Copeland. That was my first time I saw Mohan, and, and saw African preachers from Rhema. It was just an awesome conference. It was there. God really transformed my evangelistic ministry.

Reinhard Bonnke released the anointing upon the evangelists, and he said, Right now under this tent, I want you to go and practice any sick person you find. Lay your hand on them. I met a person whose nose was black on this side. He could only, they could only breathe through one nursery. And I lay my hands and the stuff came out and the person began to breathe normal right in the tent. The fire fell in that tent. From that day when I came home to Africa, Miracle started happening in Liberia in our home church. One of our church worker daughter was scraper, and the missionaries were having a, a meeting. And God spoke to me to go and pray for that, for that young lady. And she got, she got raised up and I saw some cripples, some blind. It was just an awesome fire that I, that, that ran Bonky ministry released into my life.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:01):
What a great testimony. You know, I have read stories about that great gathering of evangelists in Zimbabwe in 1986.

Billy Bimba (22:10):
I was there,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:11):
But it’s so wonderful to hear the testimony of what God has done. And all these years later, you continued to have that same fire for

Billy Bimba (22:17):
Eventually Oh man. It’s just going on and on and on. Wow.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:20):
Yes. Well, Brother Billy Bimba, you are a great evangelist. It is so wonderful to meet you and to hear your story. Thank you for sharing today on the Evangelism

Billy Bimba (22:30):
Pipe. Thank you so much for having me. Jesus. Bless you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:33):
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Evangelism Podcast Host (23:54):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches, visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.




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